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Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 23

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 23

We watched the Conjuring. Mateo had the blanket pressed under his nose the entire time so he covered his eyes on the so-called scary parts.

I have never met anyone so scared of a movie. He was worse than a little girl, jumping Every second and true to his word he fell asleep snuggled beside me.The Alpha passed out about twenty minutes into the movie saying it was boring. Mateo had his eyes glued to the TV too scared to look away and kept asking when the scary parts were over.

Grabbing our empty plates I put them in the bin downstairs before coming back up to find Mateo practically sitting on Alpha Ezra when I returned back to the room. His eyes glowing in the darkness nearly made me jump out of my skin.

“I shouldn’t have drank so much beer” he told me as I climbed on the bed beside him.

“Why?” I ask snuggling under the duvet.

“I need to pee” he says as I flick off the TV that was playing the end credit.

“Go pee then” I tell him and I feel him shake his head beside me.

“Are you serious right now? You’re a godD*mn werewolf what is scarier than you”

“The shadows” he whispers, tugging on my arm.

“Come on Kat, please I need to pee. I’m gonna P!ss my pants”

“The toilet is like three steps away from the bed. Mateo I am right here” I tell him before yawning.

“Can you look under the bed, what if something grabs my feet”

Oh god you’re annoying” I tell him sitting up and hanging my head over the edge of bed to peek under it.

“See nothing, just the woman from the movie under there, she won’t hurt you much I promise” I tell him.

“Not funny Kat, I told you to pick a kids movie”

“No it won’t be funny if you P!ss the bed, should have got you some adult diapers, you scaredy cat”

He growls at me, the Alpha stirring beside him groans.

“What’s going on, go to sleep”

“Ezra my buddy, my pal, my bestest friend come to the bathroom with me” Mateo begs him, reaching over and shaking his shoulder.

“No I am not holding your hand while you pee” he mumbles half asleep.

“Ezra,” he squeaks.

“Fine, just hurry up” I tell him, climbing off the bed. I walk to the ensuite and flick the light on. Mateo shoots off the bed and I go to walk back to bed.

“No wait you need to turn the light off once I’m back in bed” I groan loudly.

“You’re such a man baby” I whine standing next to the door while he takes forever to pee. Two minutes later I was still standing there.

“For real? hurry up what did drink an entire lake how is it possible to pee for so long?”

“I’m like a sponge absorbing everything,” he says, still peeing. When he is done he washes his hands and I flick the light off before he gets on the bed. He squeals like a girl and jumps on it landing on the Alpha who groans before he shoves him off.

“I can’t believe you’re supposed to be my beta you sook” Alpha Ezra says and I climb over him into the middle. I snuggled under the blankets and was just about to close my eyes when I heard Mateo’s voice in the darkness.

“Kat, will you cuddle me?”

“Argh fine come here then” I tell the man child.

“He wriggles over, nestling against me and I find myself sandwiched between them.

Alpha Ezra pressed against my back, his arm draped over my waist. I start to doze off and I was semi unconscious in that part of sleep where you’re not awake but also not quite asleep when I swore I heard him whisper.”My Luna” he mumbles so low I barely heard it.

My brain was not able to process his words as I drifted off into oblivion.

Waking up, I am laying on the Alpha’s chest, my foot over Mateo’s stomach and I sit up trying to figure out how I managed to turn in my sleep. Looking down I find the Alpha’s eyes watching me.

“Morning” he says, pressing his nose against mine. I looked away embarrassed that I was crushing him all night. I go to hop off him sliding my foot off poor Mateo when The Alpha pulls me completely on top of him.

“Where are you going, I was enjoying my cuddles” He murmurs and I look over at the clock. It was nearly lunch time. “When did you wake up?” I ask him yawning.

“Few hours ago”

“And you just let me crush you the entire time” He shrugs, rubbing his hands up my back.

“I didn’t want to wake you, besides I was enjoying watching you kick Mateo in your sleep” He chuckles.

Mateo rolls facing us, rubbing his eyes and yawning. “Good morning love birds” He says while yawning, his mouth opening wide as he stretches, the Alpha moves quickly jamming to fingers in Mateo mouth making him gag mid yawn as he choked.

“Tickle tickle” The Alpha laughed while Mateo glared at him.

“Tickle tickle, you nearly shoved my tonsils out my ass” He says rubbing his throat.

“Well I am starving. I am going to see what Marge made for breakfast” Mateo says before walking out of the room.

I go to hop up too when the Alpha suddenly rolls pinning me beneath him on the bed. He moves between my legs pressing himself against me.

“Now we have the room to ourselves” He whispers before kissing me, his lips demanding as they move against mine before he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth before biting down on it. He pulls away resting on his elbows to keep his weight off me.

“What do you want to do today?’ He asks before dipping his face and nibbling on my ear.

“I don’t know, don’t you need to work?” I ask.

“That’s why I have a Mateo, he can do my job just as well as me” He says, running his nose along my jaw.

“You mean the giant man child who needed me to hold his hand while he peed last night, that Mateo because your pack is doomed if they need to be saved by him” I tell him. He chuckles.

“Yes that Mateo, and despite his sookiness he is actually actually the best fighter we have, has even kicked my a$s a few times” He says before pressing his face into my neck.

“Goddess I love your scent” He says inhaling deeply before sucking on my skin and pressing closer. I run my hand up his side and I feel him shiver his lips nip at my jaw while his hand travels under his shirt I am wearing. He pushes it up slightly exposing my stomach before stopping and pulling his hand back and stopping. I loved the feel of his warm hands roaming so was a little disappointed when he stopped. His lips move away from skin

“Sorry” He whispers, about to sit up when I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him back.

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