Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 228

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 228

Rose starts rummaging through her bag when her phone pings in her pocket; she pulls it out.

“Ten minutes and Maya will be waiting down at the entrance to your place,”

Oh, great, Maya was trouble, but she was Rose’s best friend.

“Whose party is it anyway?” I ask, wondering what to wear. Most of my clothes are sweat pants and oversized shirts. Finding a pair of jeans, I slip them on before grabbing a tank top and Jacket. “Maya’s brother is in a band they are performing in the City than having a party afterward for Henry’s birthday, which was yesterday, “

“You’re wearing that?” She asks.

“Hey, I wanted to stay home, and I am not freezing my ass off,” I tell her pulling my knee-high boots on.

Rose rummages through her bags before pulling out a blue skin-tight little dress and some heels.

” No, you are not wearing that. Where did you even get that?” I ask, pulling my gloves on and flexing my fingers inside them.

” Borrowed it from Maya, pretty, don’t you think? “

“Pretty short, I can almost see your bum,” She shakes it at me. I try to tug it down, and she swats my hands away.

“Don’t, I like it,”

“I can see everything, ” I tell her, while trying to tuck her cleavage back in her dress.

“Kind of the point, it’s a party, and it will probably be the only one I get to go to,”

“You go to parties all the time, “

“Yeah chaperoned parties with Mr cranky pants, you try having fun with him breathing down your neck, and when I do manage to sneak off, I am dragged home within minutes,” Rose mutters. Her phone pings again, and she walks over to the window and tosses her shoes out. They land on the grass with a thud.

“Come on,” She whispers. “We have a door,” I tell her.

“What if someone is awake? ” I sigh before following her, careful as I use the vines and climb down.

It took two hours to drive into the City and took only two minutes to lose Rose amongst the crowd inside the overfull house. I have spent the last hour and a half hunting her down as I walked around. I was about to pull my phone out and ring Jonah or even Casen when I finally spotted her.

Stalking over to her, she swayed, and I gripped her arm, taking the plastic cup from her hands. I sniffed it, finding it contained vodka.

“You aren’t old enough to drink Rose, you are sixteen, “

“Nope, seventeen,” She slurs, tapping her phone. “

And I have been seventeen for an entire, “

She squints at her phone swaying, and I take it from her, glancing around for her friend Maya only to find her passed out on a table.

F*cking hell, she was supposed to be the designated driver, and I was a nervous driver. I hated driving. Walking over to her, I rummage through her pockets for her keys and come up empty. Maya groans, and I tug her up when she shoves me away.

” Leave me. I am fine, ” She snaps, and I clench my jaw, Kora was on edge, and the vibe I was getting didn’t feel right.

“Maya, where are your keys?” I ask her shaking her arm. I would put up with the names, but if she thought I was going to leave Rose in some random person’s house, she was mistaken.

“Hey, leave her be,” says a man who shoves me, and I nearly trip. A growl tears out of me, and Kora pushes our aura out in warning, and he steps back with his hands up. Everyone stops around me and stares. I was not in the mood to deal with this shit show.

“Woah, Woah, it’s her brother Henry, ” Rose slurs, hanging off me completely shitfaced.

“How much have you drank,” I snap at her, and she shrugs.

“I am ringing Jonah or Casen to come to get us. You were supposed to stay with me, not take off,” I scold her.

“She is fine; you don’t have to leave, let her sleep it off upstairs,”

“No! Maya, your keys now, we are leaving, “

“Settle down, just stay. We will drive you both back in the morning. I won’t let anything happen to ya’s you’re freaking out for nothing, ” This Henry person says, and I glare at him.

“Won’t let anything happen? You let two underage girls get shitfaced; what kind of brother are you? She should not be passed out around all these people and all these unmated wolves. Maya, get up,” I tell her shaking her arm. I knew this was a bad idea, and I deserved the scolding I would get when I got home. I just hope Jonah forgives me for my stupidity. Her parents were going to kill me.

“You want to go, go. But my sister stays, Samson, ” Henry yells, and another man comes over.

“Put Maya upstairs for me and make sure the door is locked, ” he tells the man before wandering off. I watch as he scoops Maya off the table, shaking his head.

F*ck, now what? I thought, looking around. I glanced at my phone and knew no one would get here for hours.

“What about that hotel we passed, you have the emergency credit card your father gave you,” Kora says, and I nod to her before gripping Rose’s arm, and she tries to struggle against me.

“No, I want to stay, ” Rose argues. “No, we are leaving,”

“Rose! ” I growled when she tried to shove me away.

She falls silent as Kora pushes the command over her, and Rose whimpers.

“There is a Hotel down the end of the street, we will stay there, and I will find a way for us to get home in the morning,” I tell her.

“So you aren’t ringing Casen or Jonah?”

” It will be too late by the time they get here, and I don’t want to spend hours here waiting, come on,” I tell her, tugging her, and she stumbles, falling flat on her face. I groan, bending down and ripping her heels off before tossing them to the side of the room and hauling her to her feet.

“Lead the way,” She slurs, and I roll my eyes, tugging her out of the house.

The fresh air smashes against me, making me realize how muggy it was inside. I hung on to Rose while walking the path down the street, we passed Jonah and Kyan’s Hotel on the way here, and it was around the block on the main road. I pulled Rose along with me forcing her feet to move.

Kora was on edge and alert as we walked along the path, I had never been on this street before, and it was similar to the main, filled with pubs and clubs. Coming to the pedestrian crossing, I look both ways down the darkened street when a group of men comes up behind us. They were chatting amongst themselves and clearly intoxicated.

The road was clear and I crossed with Rose staggering and muttering beside me. Coming past a small park, I went to cut across it when I heard that voice again, the same voice I always hear, the same one from the video recording. I swear it sounded like Dominic’s, Kyan’s father’s voice.

After learning he died for me, my brain conjuring him up; it must be my guilty conscience. But when I hear it again, I stop. Goosebumps rise on my arms, and the back of my neck prickles.

“Not through there, back to the light, stay in lit areas, ” the whisper says. Rose whines, and I turn to tug her toward the street lights instead of taking the shortcut. The men behind me are still following, but I turn down the next corner when I reach the end of the road.

“Not that way, ” the voice says, and I freeze. Turning around, I looked up at the street sign. I could have sworn I went the right way, but I didn’t recognize this road, and we were only one street away from the main, weren’t we?

“But we zipped up all those alleyways; maybe we are further than we thought. We only saw the rooftop sign. It might have been further away, ” Kora tells me.

“Which way,” I whisper under my breath.

“Maybe we head back, ask someone at the party for directions, ” Sighing, I turn around, the whispering voice telling me to run when I am hit in the side of the head.

My vision goes black for a second, and I stagger, barely remaining upright when I see the men from the crossing, Rose’s scream fills the air, and I growl before stopping.

“We can’t shift; they are human, ” Kora shrieks when one pulls a blade,

” F*ck that, ” I tell her, not giving a damn when the blade is suddenly at Rose’s throat.

“Stay back bitch, ” The man’s voice says as he clutches her hair. I watch the other two men circle around behind me, and Rose elbows the guy holding her in the stomach, he grunts and lets her hair go and she stumbles drunkenly.

I reach for her when the man suddenly punches her, knocking her out cold, and she is left sprawled on the concrete. Kora presses forward, and I scream at her to shift, a growl ripping out of me, but my aura has no effect on humans. I feel my bones start snapping when of them speaks.

“What the F*ck,” he yells when the other two lunge at me at the same time. I scream and swing at one, not given enough time to shift.

“Your gloves, your gloves, ” Kora shrieks as we try to remember our training.

Drilled into us at a young age, yet I was never allowed to train with the rest of the students. It was far different than learning techniques. A foot connects with my stomach, and it winds me. I cough, hitting the concrete, and gasp for breath. I see the other man yanking at Rose’s dress out of the corner of my eye.

The two men laughing and I growl, peeling off my gloves, when one of them grabs my hair, ripping my head back. One glove off, I reach back, gripping his hand, and he gasps, his hand letting go, and I look over my shoulder at him. The other man stares at his friend, grabbing his arms.

“What is it?” He shrieks as the man chokes, black tendrils licking up his arms as he tries to breathe before he starts pawing at his throat like invisible hands strangled him before he suddenly drops on the ground. The other man looks at him before looking at me, his lips pulling back in a snarl.

“What did you do , what you do?” He screams before swinging at me. I duck before coining up and palming him the chest, the motion lifting him with a force that shouldn ‘t be possible as he was sent into the bricks of the building, his body becoming impaled on a piece of pipe going through his chest. Black mist rushed out of me and seeped along the ground, something I had never seen before or knew I could do.

“Pull it back, pull it back, don’t let it touch Rose,” Kora screams, yanking on the power I didn’t realize I had, not at this magnitude anyway.

The mist evaporated, and the man stood up, his mouth agape at his two friends lying dead. Rose’s panties in his hands and I felt the darkness envelop me, feel it searing hot and burning with a wave of anger so violent I blacked out.

“Enough, enough, ” Kora cries out to me, and I try to find her in the darkness. I had no idea what happened or how long I was out for, but I felt it consume me before suddenly I was back in the street. Rose lay unconscious a few feet away from me, and I glanced around, trying to figure out what happened before looking down.

My hands shook, and I could hear my phone ringing in my pocket when I noticed my hands were coated in blood, my clothes drenched in it like I bathed in it. The man’s face was caved in, his brains splattered on the pavement below, completely unrecognizable, his facial features no longer existed.

“What have I done? ” I whisper. Kora tried to soothe me, but I could feel her fear. She feared me, feared us.

“We need to get out of here,” She stutters in my head.

“I killed them, ” I gasp, falling on my butt and scrambling away from the man’s mutilated body.

“We need to get Rose out of here, Marabella, ” Kora stammers, her shock making mine just as bad.

“Marabella, ” Kora roars in my head as I continue to stare at the man’s corpse. I nod my hands shaking as I fumbled for my phone to call someone.

“Ring dad, or Jonah, they will fix it,” Kora whimpers. “They will make it go away, ” She sobs.

I tried to unlock my phone, but my hands were drenched in blood, and the shaking made my fingers slip over the screen. I wipe my hand on my pants and sniffle, managing to unlock my phone.

“I ‘m going to Jail. Everyone will know, ” I sob as I start going through my contacts when I hesitate, coming across his number.

“Call him, call him, he will know what to do. He handles this sort of stuff, ” Kora urges and my finger hovers over the screen before hitting call.

I glance at Rose, her chest falling and rising, and I wipe my face with my hand, listening to the phone ring. Tears trekked down my cheeks and I shook uncontrollably.

“Where are you?” Kyan asks, his voice a growl through the phone. I sputter, unable to speak through my crying.

“Ella, where are you? Tell me I will come to get  you, ” Kyan says, and I could hear the sound of his car’s engine in the background.

“I’ll find you; I can feel your not far, just stay on the phone to me,”

“Kyan, I..I.. I did something bad; I killed them” I looked at the men’s bodies, lives I took as I looked down at my blood-soaked clothes.

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