Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 226

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 226

Marabella POV

Hanging up the phone, my father stared out the windscreen. His mouth opened and repeatedly closed, trying to find his words and I was honestly just as shocked as him.

“I didn’t imagine that; you saw an oversized dog on two legs too, right?” He asks, turning his head slowly to look over at me. I quickly nod, clutching my phone to my chest.

“Good, I thought I was going mad, that your mother’s crazy was rubbing off on me,” He says, letting out a breath. I raise an eyebrow at him.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say, “

“Well, it could have been worse. Kyan could have shifted into a donkey or unicorn, something, at least he is kind of the right species, ” I chuckle at him, and my father scratches his chin, thoughtfully muttering under his breath before blinking rapidly and shaking his head.

“How, though? And he spoke, not well but it could talk, “

“Mum can talk in wolf form, ” I remind him.

“Exactly Marabella, wolf form, he was in… In… like in beast mode on steroids. He definitely ate his weetbix. Did you see the size of him,” I roll my eyes at him.

“Should we tell mum?”

“We should definitely tell mum, wait, are you two on talking terms, I know you had a fight, but you must tell her; she may be able to do her Moon Goddess voodoo crap and find something out,” I sigh. He appeared to be in shock; I had never seen him ramble so much.

“What does Maddox think about him?” I ask.

“He thinks if we gotta fight that monster, we gonna need ya fathers help, will have to tag team that thing, I will get him from the top, ya dad can take the torso, ” he says, and I snort, covering my mouth with my hand to try to stifle my laugh.

“I ‘m being serious; he was huge,” he says, starting the car.

We told mum, well, dad did the moment we got through the door. Both mum and dad sat listening to him ramble on, asking random questions, and I eventually snuck off, unable to listen to them discuss Kaif. I felt they were wrong about him. Kaif, to me didn’t seem that bad.

Kora remained quiet, and I could tell she was actually scared of Kaif. We actually feared something more than our mat. Instead, I feared his Lycan more, yet I cou1dn’t help but think I was missing something, something important. Kyan was a witch, yet a Lycan, apparently. How was it possible to be two things at once, let alone an extinct species. Hearing my door open up, I see my mother pop her head through the crack of my open door.

“Good, you’re awake,” She says, pushing the door wider before stepping into the room. She walks over to my dresser and grabs my hairbrush before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I already brushed it,” I tell her, and she gives me a look, and I roll my eyes before sitting between her legs on the floor. She tugs my braid out when Eziah comes into the room.

“Yes, Eziah, ” He ignores mum sitting on the floor beside me, and my mother sighs. She reaches over and chucks him a pillow, and he lays down on his side propped up on his elbow.

“Take it, dad told you?” I ask him.

“Yeah, he never talks that much, and I have never seen him look frightened before, “

“Great, I am doomed then,” I huff.

“You are not doomed, don’t say that,” My mother scolds.

“Did you know about this too?” I ask, looking up at my mother over my shoulder. She brushes my cheek gently.

“That I did not know, I knew his family came from Salem witches, but that was it, I had no idea he was a Lycan, “

” If you knew she was his mate, why do you always push her towards Jonah? ” Eziah asks, and my face heats at his words. My brother shrugs.

“Well, she does; it’s not like it is a secret; she isn’t very subtle about it,” Eziah says. Gosh, Eziah looked like my father, had the same goofy personality, and was always bubbly. My other father was like the king

of the kids. Eziah gets that outgoing personality from him, while I got mum’s curses and my father’s more reserved nature, quiet but not of my own choosing. I wish I was more like Eziah, not having a care in the world, able to have friends. It sucks always living in his shadow. Still, shadows hide monsters, and that is what I was ; it seems fitting I would be mated to a monster too.

Mum runs the brush through my hair a few times before speaking.

“When Seline was teaching me how to make the bonds, I asked about both of yours. Some fates can’t be chosen; I would have chosen Jonah if I had a choice. I tried to merge your bonds so many times; Jonah’s chased yours, but Kyan always stopped him, merging back with you, and you sought him out too. Another fate seemed to decide for you both, a fate I couldn’t tamper with, “

” So you really tried?”

“Of course I did, so did Seline. She couldn’t explain it either, and I researched Kyan’s bloodline multiple times, looking for answers but found nothing, except that his bloodline came from Salem witches, ancient strong magic, magic that doesn’t exist today, or you would think anyway. I knew it existed, though. Kyan’s father possessed the same dark energy that has always surrounded Kyan,”

“Dad said Dominic was a better man than he gave him credit for, that his father died for someone,” Mum nods her head, and Kora and I had wrestled with it all afternoon until I went back through my text messages, finding the first one Kyan ever sent me and it suddenly made sense.

“It was me, wasn’t it? Dominic died to save me,”

“It’s not your fault Marabella, you didn’t kill him. He chose to save you; he knew you were Kyan’s mate. Dominic knew from the first time he met you that you would both be mates,”

“Is that why her mate hates her?” Eziah asks, and I look at my carpet beneath me. I knew some part of him would hate me for being why his father is dead.

“Kyan doesn’t hate her; you can’t hate your bonded, ” I snorted. That was obviously a lie.

“He hates me, mum, he told me himself, ” “Maybe he doesn’t hate you but hates what you mean to him, what you could be to him, Marabella,

“Then why Jonah than, “

“Jonah should have been yours,”

“But he’s not,” I sigh, already knowing that. My mother stops brushing my hair, and I look up at her when I notice Eziah is watching her.

“What? ” I ask, seeing her expression  turn clouded.

“Fates forgive me; I have to give her something, ” She whispers almost too low for me to hear. Eziah’s brows furrow, and he picks at the carpet, looking down at  the floor with an intense  look on his face.

“Jonah has no mate, Marabella. We never bonded him, we left him to choose his own mate, hoping you would choose him over Kyan and that he would choose you, ” my mother whispers.

“So you left him to be on his own? How could you do that to him?” I ask, pulling away from her; that was my worst fear. I feared it more than my mate hating me. Feared having no one to be mine.

“Because he deserves the one he was chosen for, Jonah deserves you, he is your opposite, and his soul matched yours perfectly; he took away the darkness,

“What about Kyan’s? We must be the same for the fates to decide, “

” Darkness attracts darkness, craves it, Marabella, ” “So you are saying if I don’t choose Jonah, I will turn dark?”

“No, I am saying your future will be dark, “

“Kaif won’t allow it, mum, Kyan would never allow it.”

“That’s the beauty of choice, just because Kyan and Kaif forbid it doesn’t mean you have to accept it,”

“They’re best friends; they have a-,” I pause. Was this something I was allowed to share? I had a feeling it wasn’t. That Jonah and Kyan didn’t want anyone to know about the bond they shared. Kyan already hated me. One secret of his was out, and I wasn’t about to tell another to the world.

“They have a what, Marabella?”

“They are best friends; I don’t want to come between them; who would Kyan have left if I took his friend away?”

“Sometimes the best choices to make are to not make any Marabella, don’t choose then, keep them both. Who knows, maybe their bond will save them, save you,”

My head whips to the side to look at her. “You know they have a bond?”

“I am the Moon Goddess. I noticed Jonah’s aura changed. It had flickers of Kyan’s through it; I thought it might have meant they were like your fathers, but I realized it must have been something to do with Witchcraft because it seemed at certain intervals, Jonah was taking more before returning it to Kyan like he filtered the darkness in a way, “

“Makes sense; Jonah is a guardian. Guardians are made to protect, ” Kora says.

“How do you know?” I ask her.

“I don’t, just a feeling I got, it suddenly came to me when mum talked about the bonds, “

” Can you see my future?” I ask my mother, hoping for some guidance.

“You know I can’t, or Eziah’s, “

“Do you know who my mate is?” Eziah asks. “Patience boy, she will come eventually, ” “So you do know who she is?”

“I know a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean I can tell you, Seline and I choose the bonds, but you both choose your destiny. Choice is a marvelous thing; it can change so much, it can alter the future, and fix the past,” My mother says.

“Damn it, you never tell us anything, ” Eziah whines. “On the contrary, I tell you too much, I am not meant to meddle, and if you keep pouting like that, I may just go meddle with your mate, mate you to german shepherd if you take that whiny tone with me again,”

“What? She gets a cool ass Lycan I get an actual dog? How is that fair?” I laugh at him, and my mother chuckles when he storms out of the room.

“I never said I did meddle, yet,” My mother whispers and laughs.

“That boy, good thing he’s good looking like his dad because he ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, that’s for sure, “

“Yeah, I feel sorry for his mate when he finds her, be like having a kid instead,”

“Your brother’s future is bright, though first, he needs to get past the dark parts. Seline did tell me that much, “

“Well, that doesn’t sound very bright, ” I tell her. She nods but doesn’t say anything more on the matter as she quickly braids my hair again before kissing me goodnight and leaving my room. Climbing in bed, I set my alarm on my phone. Rose was coming over tomorrow, and I was excited to see her.

Mum said Uncle Adrian was having trouble with her, so mum offered to have her for a sleepover, though I wasn’t too keen on her and I sneaking off to the City to some party she invited to, parties weren’t my thing, but she said if I didn’t go, she would go by herself.

Rose also said if I dobbed her in, she wouldn’t forgive me, that I should learn to live a little, so I decided to take one out of the Rose handbook and try and have fun, besides no one will know me there, maybe it would be fun.

Setting my phone down, I hesitate before picking it back up, opening my messages, and sending Kyan a text message.

Me: I am sorry your father died for me. I’m sorry I’m the reason you are alone.

I didn’t expect a reply, so I was a little shocked when my phone buzzed in my hand as I sat it down. My hands shook as I opened the text, wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

Kyan: I’m sorry he died too, but he did the right thing when saving you. I don’t blame you, not anymore. Now try and sleep, and I will see you on Saturday, goodnight Ella.

Kora presses forward and reads the text message, and I feel she has the same strange feeling stirring in her stomach; for once, it was warm and not the usual coldness I got when near him.

Pulling the blankets up, I tuck myself in, for once not feeling so hopeless, only when I drift off, I dream of that voice again, the one that used to comfort me when I was younger. The one that used to tell me it would get better.

“Don’t let him go, fight for him, Bella, and he will fight for you too. You just need to show him you’re strong enough to survive him. Your fate isn’t over yet,”  the voice tells me.

One that was familiar, and I couldn’t figure out where else I had heard it besides my own head, the whispers behind my ear, the nagging voice that kept me from ending my life before Kora came to me. It was that man’s voice that kept me sane when no one would listen, a figment of my imagination, yet something told me it was more than that.

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