Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 219

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 219

Kyan POV

Kaif stirred frantically when he felt pain ripple through the bond. It was worse than before, my pants sticking to me as I walked up the steps to my room, I could feel blood running down my leg, and I cou1dn’t get the fear out of my system as it coursed through me. Kaif wanted me to go to her and check her, urging me to bring her home and mark her to keep her safe, but I knew she wouldn’t be safe here. Marabella believes she is tainted by darkness, but she isn’t a descendant of the god of darkness and descendant of Celeste like I am.

Marabella was granted the touch of death; she isn’t incarnate like I am, isn’t stained the way my bloodline is, tainted and doomed to complete the cycle every twelve generations. Kaif is doomed to relive his mistake and condemns  me along with him.

She fears herself, when in fact, she should fear me. What Kaif could do to her, what he has done to his past mates, every twelfth generation he returns, every twelfth, the curse comes back as a reminder it can’t be broken. Punished for his mistake, punished for killing a demi-goddess.

Stripping my black pants off, I peel the fabric down, the blood making them stick to my pants. My stomach drops at the sight of my leg, her injuries becoming mine like they always did. Black blood gushed down my leg and spilled onto the rug beneath my feet.

“F*ck! ” I whisper, these were so much deeper, I could pry the wounds apart and see the tissue inside, see the muscle it tore through. Does she not feel pain at all? It seemed absurd one would do this to themself.

“You did that; she did that because you upset her. Could you fix it? Fix it now?” Kaif orders, his command rumbling through me, and I grit my teeth, trying to fight him off.

“If I do she will know it us; she will know something is up with us,” I spit through clenched teeth.

“Now! ” Kaif bellows loudly, and I clutch my head, my entire body vibrating with the command.

“I don’ t care. She is ours; mend her now,” he growls. I could feel him pulling on my essence. Pain ripples through my chest. ” Stop, F*cking stop; we are linked to her,” I yell at him. Kaif whimpers, realizing he could have hurt her by hurting me, though not kill her, the pain would be intense until the bond severed. She could feel us if I didn’t keep my guards up. Kaif losing it will make her well aware there was a link in place already, one more than a mate bond.

“I will do it, just stop, Kaif, ” I tell him, trying to catch my breath. My hands become coated in my blood as I clutch my leg, feeling the power build and run through my veins, sickly sweet and icy cold as it writhed in my veins, my hand’s tingle as I focus on her, focus on what she had done to herself.

“a fuil airson m’ fhuil, thoir agus leighis bhuam” The words rolled off my tongue, and magic burst from my palms, so cold I shivered.

My veins turn frosty as a cold rush runs up my leg, and pain ripples through me as I siphon it from her and into me, taking it all from her. Blood starts pouring from me like someone has turned on a tap. I feel light-headed, yet I could feel her healing, feel my teether strengthening her power, coating it with mine. I hated this sort of magic ; it always reminded me of voodoo or necromancy.

We were bonded by death. My power is an old extinct magic, an unused, forgotten kind of power, ancestral omnificent power. I tried not to tap into this sort of magic, it could be dangerous, but it was the most powerful. Only the gods had power like mine. My magic knows no bounds, no limits, and no power exists that is stronger. This is the same power I used for my blood tie to Jonah, the same power that brought Marabella back from the dead, binding her soul to mine.

It was unnatural, addictive, and unlimited but crazed, sadistic, and menacing. Kaif thrived off its use, so did I until the darkness of it came back for us. The room spun violently as I hauled myself to my feet, staggering into my bathroom to grab a hand towel. I press it against my leg, waiting for Kaif to heal me.

“Kaif, now before I pass out, ” I snap at him. He was angry I wouldn’t go to her.

“Kaif ! ” I warn him. I could feel him forward. However, he just watched, wanting to punish me, wishing to weaken me to have control, while forgetting he could also kill us.

“I will message her, just F*cking heal me,” I tell him,

needing his Lycan genes to work and quickly.

I dig my phone out of pocket, sending her a message, my vision blurring. I look for Marabella’s number on my phone before hitting send.

“My father didn’t die for you to toss your life away. “

Kaif watching through my eyes growls, “that is what you sent, that? Unsend it, don’t let her see, ” He snaps at me.

“Heal me, you idiot, ” “Take it back, “

“I can’t, it already sent, now heal me, Kaif,” “No, you die,” He growls.

“I  die, you die F*ckhead, now heal me, or you will never see her again,” I tell him. The room swayed, and I blinked, trying to remain conscious; I could feel the blood draining out of me, feel the color drain from my face as sweat coated me. Using a spell like that, with magic like that, always took a toll on my and Kaif’s sanity and my body. Kaif, unwilling to help, would let me die if he didn’t hurry up.

He wasn’t of sound mind, and I suppose I wouldn’t be either if I repeatedly lived with my mate dying on a never-ending cycle. I refuse to let that be Marabella’s fate; I won’t lose the only person left in this world that I love. I couldn’t live with the torment of knowing she died because she was destined for me.

My hearing went, I could no longer hear the creaks of the house, just the faint ringing in my ears, my blood staining and coating the tiles, and I felt delirious. Time slowed when suddenly I blinked;

Jonah was frantically grabbing and reaching for me, his lips moving but no sound. I blink before his hand connects with my face, my head whips to the side, and my sound returns.

“Kaif, you big F*cking neanderthal, heal him, you F*cking oversized hyena” I try to smile at his words, but it probably looked more like a grimace.

“Jonah, ” I murmur.

“Right here,” Jonah says before I am suddenly moving.

” I came here to kick your ass, not to have it in my face,” Jonah says, tossing me over his shoulder. He starts trekking down the steps, and I feel Kaif fading, his essence dying out with mine because he refused to heal me in time. I could feel his panic at dying like a soft pulse when I was slammed on a table in the conservatory. I stared up at the glass roof covered in vines; I could hear Jonah rummaging around.

“Yeesh, what the F*ck is that? Is that a finger?” I groan, turning my head to see two of him, my vision doubled, and he was holding a jar?

“Oh right, saving your ass, so I can kill it myself,” Jonah says, turning back to the shelves,

“Ah, here we go, so up the bum or down the throat hole,” I growl, but it makes no noise, only vibrates in my chest. Jonah unscrews the lid before grabbing a pair of gloves from the table drawer beneath me.

“Hang on,” jonah says before scooping some out with a spoon and tipping it into a glass of water. I try not to think where he got that water from or how long it was down here. I hardly came down to this part of the house. I fight to stay awake as he mixes the wolfsbane and Belladonna.

“Bottoms up bro, I hope it tastes like shit,” Jonah says before pouring the poison down my throat. I choke as I am forced to swallow the concoction. My heart started beating erratically in my chest, blood pumping in my veins, Kaif being forced to turn, moved forward as the poison worked through our system.

My bones snap and stretch simultaneously, making me groan, which turns to growl. Kaif is thrown forward and forced to merge with me, my body healing, although now I had a new battle as the table gave way under our weight. Standing up, I stagger. Jonah gripping my hairy arm to steady me as I get to my feet. Kaif wired and pulsing through my veins, and I felt high, needing to run, adrenaline pumping around my body and the need to sink my claws into something, tear something to pieces. My vision adjusted, and I could see the heat radiating off of Jonah, his body glowing like a beacon.

“You feel better?” Jonah asks before nodding his own answer.

“Good, good, ” He mutters before he lunges at us, his fist connecting with my face as he springs off the ground. Kaif roars at him before backhanding him, and he goes flying into the glass walls, and they shatter.

Jonah gets to his feet, bouncy on the balls of his feet.

“Pussy, that all you got, you oversized peanut brained mutt,” Jonah says, taunting Kaif, knowing full well he was about to get his ass beat, but he smiles, spitting blood on the ground before running at us, and Kaif charges at him, the growl that leaves Kaif makes the glass roof rattle. Jonah shifts just as we crash into each other.

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