Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 216

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 216

Kyan POV
Kaif growls menacingly in my head when I walk away from her. My mind and heart are at war with themselves. My very essence is calling out for her, my power calling on hers. I wanted to race back to her.
Beg for her forgiveness, but at the same time, I hated her. She was too weak to handle my beast, which is precisely what Kaif is without my necklace.
Though I doubt he would ever be chained down again by my Talisman now that he had been free for so long.
The first time I shifted, I was three, my father realized instantly that the stories of our bloodline were true, they weren’t stories, and I have been looking for a way to fix that mistake ever since.
Distraught with my grief, I did the most foolish thing I ever could have done. I tossed my Talisman in my father’s coffin, burying it with him. Unleashing Kaif.

Kaif was a force that could not be tamed; I barely held onto my control as it was. I could put Marabella at risk. She all brought him forward just by being near; he craved her. For years my Uncle and I have managed to keep him hidden. The only other person knowing what I am is Jonah. He only managed to get out a few times without my knowledge. Both times it almost cost my Uncle’s life, and as he grew older, I had no choice but to trust someone else with my secret. Jonah, I trusted with my life, so I let him out.

His reaction to seeing us was a typical Jonah reaction. After he picked his jaw up off the ground, of course, his smartass attitude came out.
”You look like a dog standing on two legs, ” Jonah said, not fazed in the slightest by the eight-foot monster standing in front of him. We growled at him, and he waved us off.
”When you said your wolf was different, and you couldn’t let him out, I figured you were embarrassed; I expected you to come out like a cute little pomeranian, not like bigfoot, ” Jonah mocked. Kaif took a liking to him from then on, so whenever I needed to let him out, Jonah always came to keep him in check and make sure he didn ‘t rip apart any neighboring towns. I knew he would be angered about not telling him Marabella is my mate. Jonah loved her, he always had, and I didn’t want to upset him by knowing his best friend and the one person that hated her was destined for her.
Marabella couldn’t undo all my restraints ; she made keeping my control unstable. She was unbalanced and far too weak to handle Kaif. I thought she would grow up strong, fearless, but the girl appeared scared of her own shadow.
Growling, a few Alphas jump out of my way when Jonah appears, gripping my arm. ”What happened?” he asks, staring at me. I hated people touching me; besides my Uncle, no one usually dared. Jonah, however, had no fear of me, and I had grown accustomed to his brotherly love.
”Nothing, I need to get out of here, “Kaif?“ he asks, and I nod.

“Do you need me to come with you?“
“No, just go check Maarabella for me, “ I tell him, and he pulls away, staring at me oddly.
“She should be fine, “ I quickly add, but I knew she wasn’t. I could feel her power out of control, festering and on the brink of eruption. She had no control over it; I could contain a Lycan, yet she can’t even control her power, weak, bloody weak.
“What did you do?“ I pull my arm from his grip when it tightens. Would he really go against me for her? After everything, he would F*cking choose her over me? Like my father chose her?
“She is fine; I didn’t hurt her, not physically anyway,“ I tell him. Jonah growls at me, and I glare at him.
“I swear, Kye, if you have hurt her?“
“You will what? Huh, Jonah. What the F*ck will you do? Now go run to your little bitch and move out of my way,“ I growl at him. The words stung, leaving my lips burning my tongue. Yet the darkness tainting me sometimes made hurtful things spill out of me.
Jonah shoves past me, knocking me into the wall. I don’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out. Kaif may force control with my emotions haywire, and the power that moved through my veins was amplified already.
Walking out to my car, I yank the door open, dropping into the driver’s seat. My entire body trembled with the urge to go back and claim her, Kaif growling at the thought of Jonah having her. He always became jealous of their relationship. It was evident Jonah was in love with her, yet Marabella appeared oblivious to his affections. I put the car in gear, tearing out of the parking lot, needing to put distance between my mate and me. It was one thing when she didn’t know; now she knows it had every part of me calling out for her more, making me feel out of control.

As much as I hated her, I needed her, wanted her. So did Kaif, but he could be brutal, cruel, and I know he would forcefully mark her if given a chance, and that was precisely why I needed to get out of here.
Jonah would check on her and then rip my head off about it later, from a safe distance. It may not bother me that Jonah wants her, but it bothered Kaif, though he seemed to accept it, I had a feeling he would give in to anything Marabella wanted as long as he could have her, but that didn’t mean I trusted Kaif not to hurt Jonah out of jealousy.
The highway was thankfully free of traffic, and I had no intention of slowing down anyway. Jonah was going to be livid when he realized why I ran.

Jonah being with her didn’t bother me as much as I thought. Maybe it was because I grew up around them both, observed for so long it now just felt natural. I knew he would give his life her; he almost had on a few occasions, one time when she fell into the rapids and was sucked under the water, she was seven and nearly drowned, they both almost did before I let Kaif take over and pull them out.

Jonah was thirteen at the time, me sixteen, and once I erased the memory from Marabella, he demanded to know what I was and how I was able to take her memories away. I convinced him it was my power, that Kaif was just an embodiment of it; if she wasn’t in a life or death situation, I am sure Kaif would have marked her then and there, but fear for her kept him handled.

He believed me up until he turned twenty, and I finally told him the truth, and he realized that Kaif was, in fact, real and I wasn’t a typical werewolf vessel. I am the twelfth cycle generation, every twelve generations, Kaif returns and doesn’t just inhabit a vessel; he fuses with my bloodline, merging with us. I realize my bloodline wasn’t just a creation of the original Moon Goddess Celeste but something darker.

My bloodline wasn’t just some freak manifestation ; it was to house the king, the king of Lycan’s. Kaif was the original Lycan king, Celeste’s first Lycan created, and when Kaif was reborn, he bound himself to a woman, to his mate, and she was the most powerful witch of all.

It seemed history was doomed to repeat itself, two monsters coining together to create an even bigger monster, forging history. Kaif just happened to be reborn into the twelfth cycle again when another dark entity was roaming the earth; that dark entity is Marabella.

I was nearly home when my phone started ringing. Jonah’s face pops up on my screen. Answering it quickly, I flick my Bluetooth on so his voice comes through my car stereo to free up my hands as I weaved in and out of the cars on the road.

“You lied to me, “ Jonah growls through the phone.

“Is she okay?“

“Were you going to tell me?“

“I didn’t know how; I know you love her,“ “Don’t pretend for one second you don’t Kye, I wasn’t blind growing up, I saw the shit you did for her, saw the way you watched her only to then take her memories away, you know she thinks you hate her, right?“

“I do hate her,“

“Because killing someone for touching her shows that hate; I can’t believe you didn’t tell me, now what?“

“Now, nothing, Jonah. It changes nothing,“

“For you maybe, but I love her, you knew this, and now she won’t want me knowing she has a mate, “

“Well, I don’t want her; it is better this way, “

“Bullshit ! You’re a F*cking idiot; you don’t deserve her, “ Jonah growls at me. My chest restricts at his words because I know he is correct, but the hate I feel for her runs just as deep as the love I feel towards her. It made me conflicted.

“You never answered; how is she, “ “How do you think she is?“

“Jonah! “ I spat through gritted teeth.

“She is in my car; she had an argument with her mother. She is staying at my place tonight,“

“Your place in the City or at home, “
“City, of course, I am not driving home this late, “
“And Kat?“
“Wants your head on a silver platter,“ “You didn’t tell her anything?“
“Of course not; I need to go. Marabella just got out of the car, “
“What, make it quick she is nearly over to me,“ “Look after her,“
“I always will, but you F*cking owe me an explanation, and her, “
“You know I can’t give her one, “Bullshit, you tell her, or I will, “ Jonah snaps before hanging up the phone.
Kaif growls at the idea of Marabella staying the night with Jonah. He always hated how close they were, but he also had a deep respect for Jonah, which Kaif had come to accept him as our brother.
“I still don’t like it,“ He growls at me. “Get over it,“ I snap back at him.
“If he sleeps with her,“
“Shut it, Jonah wouldn’t. Not now he knows what she is to us; Marabella won’t be able to either, she will struggle to go against the bond now that she knows who we are anyway, so remain calm, “ Kaif growls but adds nothing else.

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