Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 215

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 215

Marabella Eighteen-years-old

Having a wolf was so much more than I expected. I never realized how empty I was until Kora came to me, how much I craved interaction, someone to fill the void that resided inside me. How lonely one’s mind could truly be. Then she came along. Kora couldn’t stop the pain, but she kept me tipping over the edge, over the precipice, and into the dark void of nothingness that was me. She kept bringing me back even when I wished she didn’t.

“Up Marabella, we can’t sit in here all day, “ Kora murmurs in my head. I felt like a passenger in my own body these days; something was off. More So than usual, like my soul was searching for something. My days were lived on autopilot, a never

-ending battle with my mind.

“Marabella, get up,“ Kora snapped, and I rolled on my back, groaning; I forced myself out of bed. She would whine if I didn’t, and honestly, I was having trouble coming up with more excuses not to leave my room. Mum was becoming suspicious; I needed to do this. Today was the last day; I just had to get up and go to this meeting, then leave. Yet, that felt like a mammoth task. One I wasn’t up for.

My days blurred into one, barely recognizing my scenery, barely hearing the words spoken to me or around me; I was comfortable in my misery, that was the beauty of depression, after a while, you no longer care, your days turning repetitive, going

through the motions but not truly living the moments, locked within yourself but so familiar with the feeling it becomes your comfort place.

I blink, looking around before looking down at myself. I realize Kora must have taken over before giving me back control. I was dressed in my usual jeans and a black tank top with my leather Jacket. She had a thing for leather; I think she liked how it smelt. But once again, my entire morning slipped by, and I was a passenger, letting Kora take over. It was easier that way. For once, someone else dealt with my daily struggle,  the torment  it is to be the burden.

I was standing in the foyer when I came back to my surroundings, My hand was on the door handle, and I couldn’t even remember walking down the stairs.

“Geez, Marabella, I told you we were leaving; I have been waiting twenty minutes for you, “ My mother scolds as we walk out to the car.

“I don’t understand why I have to go; just take Eziah; this is more his scene; he will be Alpha, not me,“ I whine, dropping into the passenger seat.

“And what’s your scene, Marabella, sulking in your room day in and day out?“ My mother asks as I clip my seatbelt in.

“Yep, sounds good to me,“ I tell her, my voice coming off slightly b-i-tchy.

“Well haven’t you got quite the attitude today, “ My mother says, reversing out. I sigh before muttering an apology. My mother reaches over, squeezing my gloved hand gently.

“You need to get out more honey, experience the

world, your fathers and I worry you are becoming depressed, you have rarely left your room since school finished up. Are you missing your friends already? You know you can borrow the cars to go see them, ” I nearly snorted a giggle at her words.

Friends like I would know what the heck a friend was besides Kora and Jonah.

Eventually, mum gave up and left me to my thoughts and my wolf’s unneeded musings. How she could be so positive was beyond me, she was always trying to find something to cheer me up, yet I saw nothing to be excited about. I groaned when we finally pulled up to the hall where the meeting was held.

”Not many will be here; it isn’ t a big meeting this year, ” My mother rattles on. Like I gave a crap. I wasn’ t Alpha, and I had no intention of being one; no one would follow me anyway. Alpha to the shadows, I chuckle to myself, and my mother raises an eyebrow at me. I always felt awkward going anywhere with her; she looked the same age as me, never changing, and could pass as my sister. Same with both, my father’s never changing and always the same. My father Mateo nearly punched a man out once who assumed I was his girlfriend. Among humans, my mother , and I say we’re sisters, was more believable than the truth, and we would probably be in a looney bin if we muttered about moon goddesses and werewolves.

”Oh look, Jonah is here, ” My mother says, and my head instantly snaps up. A silly grin splits onto my face before it flushes. Please don’t embarrass me, mum! She is always trying to set us up. I know he isn’t related, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward when she shoves me towards him every two seconds.

Jonah never says anything or seems upset about it. A girl could dream, I think to myself. Yet I knew he would never want me; no one ever does. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been easier if Eziah had just absorbed me in utero.

Jonah taps on my window, a big smile on his face before he opens my door. “There’s my favorite girl,“ He says, not even giving me a chance to get out of the car before he was unclipping my seatbelt and dragging me out of it.

“See, perfect couple, “ My mother says, real subtle mum! Jonah says nothing. Instead, crushing me against him. I am smothered in his scent, and Kora purrs content; she said she has always liked Jonah, always found him to be a comfort, yet despite that.

I hadn’t seen him since before turning eighteen because he was away with Kyan across the other side of the country. To say I wasn’t disappointed he wasn’t my mate would be a lie. Jonah had a mate out there somewhere, and it wouldn’t be me, that thought sending me spiraling, for once can’t things be easy on me. My chest restricts as he hugs me; it would be easy with Jonah. Kora is just as upset. She was secretly hoping he would be too.

“We will find him; he will be ours,“ Kora tries to reassure me. Jonah lets me go as my mother walks around the car and hugs him.

“Hey, sweetie, “ My mother says, kissing him on the cheek.

“You gotta stop calling me that; I look older than you, “ Jonah mutters, blushing at her words. I chuckled, shaking my head.

“You didn’t tell me you were bringing Mara,“

“Wanted to get her out of the house, been moping as usual, “ My mother says as she steps away from him.

“Ah, great, Kyan is here,“ I mutter to Jonah when I spot his black sports car.

“What! He never shows up to the smaller ones, “ My mother shrieks.

“His car, it’s right there,“ I tell her, rolling my eyes at her dramatics.

“He isn’t that bad, besides he stayed at home last night, “ Jonah says in his defense before shrugging.

“I just forgot, Marabella. We should head back; I left my paperwork back at home,“ My mother says.

Looking in the window, I see her folder on the backseat.

“No, it is right here, “ I tell her, opening the back door and retrieving it. I wanted to spend time with Jonah; God only knows when I will see him next.

“We need to leave,“ She snaps, and I am taken aback, and so is Jonah.

“Kat? “ Jonah asks, looking at her, startled, but she doesn’t get a chance to answer when another Alpha approaches her.

“What’s wrong with her, “ Jonah mouths to me. Yet, I was just as clueless at her abrupt behavior change.

My mother curses before looking at me, “This won’t take long. How about you stay out here? I will be back as quick as possible,“

“What? By herself?“ Jonah asks. The Alpha calls out to my mother, and she looks toward the double

doors. She seemed conflicted about something as she kept glancing back at the car.

“Fates F*ck up everything, “ She mutters, my brows pinch together.

“Let’s get this shit show over with,“ She sighs before walking toward the doors. Hearing my mother curse sounded odd; she rarely swore around Eziah and me. Jonah shrugs, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door. My mother stalks through the place, and her aura slips out violently.

The moment I stepped through the doors, it was like walking into a brick wall. My senses smashed with the scent of spiced cinnamon and vanilla. My mouth waters, and I find myself paralyzed as I stare out at the crowd of people seated. My mother

walking up to the podium had alphas cringing away a t her aura.

Jonah stops looking down at me, my heart racing, and I swallow.

Jonah leans down toward me, giving my fingers a gentle squeeze. “You ok?“

I shake my head, and he squeezes my hand. Kora stirred excitedly, pacing and impatiently urging me to find the scent.

“What is it, “ Jonah asks, cupping my cheek with a giant hand.

“Why couldn’t it have been you?“ I ask before I can stop myself, fear gripping me.

“What do you mean, “ I blink, shaking my head, trying to regather myself.

“What’s wrong?“ Jonah repeats.

“Nothing, “ Jonah squeezes my hand again before looking over his shoulder.

“Come on then, “ He says, leading me down the aisle toward my mother. No one stood up and acknowledged or reacted. The further I moved down the aisle, the more dread filled me.

What if they don’t want me. My mother stops talking and watches me when I am nearly at the podium.

Movement out of the corner of my eye made me look in that direction. My heart falters, and I gasp. Please no, anyone but him. Kyan stiffens when I walk in his direction with Jonah, his eyes pinned on me. Kora screamed excitedly in my head that we had found him, yet he was not happy to see me by his posture. Jonah led me to the chair beside Kyan, who shifts uncomfortably, leaning away from me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; I always thought finding your mate was meant to be a joyous occasion. However, I wasn’t granted the same joy. Jonah sits down, and I look to the podium to pretend I am not sitting next to my mate. His aura falls over me, and I grip the arms of the chairs.

“How is his aura stronger than ours?“ Kora whimpers in my head. I had no answer to it either, my mother was the strongest one here, or so I thought. Yet his aura would easily match hers as it tumbled and rushed through me. Glancing at my mother, she was staring at me; when our eyes met, she pulled her gaze away, continuing whatever she was saying—stumbling over her words—gritting my teeth as his aura rolled over me again, smashing me. I barely held in the whimper.

“Stop, please,“ I whisper when I feel it drop slightly. Kyan leaned closer on the arm of his chair, yet I was frozen under his aura. Unable to move “Not here, “ his voice a whispered growl before his aura drops, and I suck in a sharp breath. My body was released from the intense pressure threatening to smother me.

Jonah was utterly oblivious to what was going on next to him; as he listened to my mother, glancing around, I noticed nothing out of place.

“He only used it on us, “ Kora says before wandering off.

“Wait, come back,“ I tell her as she slips deeper into my mind.

“It should have been Jonah, “ Were her last parting words before she left me to deal with our mate. Our mate wants nothing to do with us. Turning to

Kyan, he clenches his jaw, his eyes darting to mine. My face whips back to my mother when I lean closer to him. A low growl slips out of him that only I could hear.

“How long have you known,“ I asked him. He says nothing, and I turn to look at him when he speaks.

“Since I was nine, and not here, “

I couldn’ t have mistaken the underlying warning in his voice even if I tried. Yet I felt no comfort at his words, so I simply nodded. He has always known, and still, he hated me. I blink, trying to stop my emotion from showing on my face. Come on, Marabella, you hide from everyone else; just slip the mask back on. Yet I assumed I would never have to hide from a loving mate; how foolish to think even my mate would want me.

I swallowed it down, willing the waterworks away as I gripped the chair with my gloved hands. I lasted half the meeting before I couldn’t handle it anymore. Getting up, I walked off, trying to find a restroom. Jonah grips my hand on the way past, giving me a questioning look. I plaster a fake smile nodding toward the bathroom, and he lets me go.

Hastily I escaped; one bonus of being invisible was that no one but Jonah and my mother seemed to notice my escape.

A soon as I was behind the bathroom door, I sucked in a breath, finally feeling like I could breathe again. Walking over to the basins, I tug my gloves off and wash my face and hands, trying to stop falling apart. I call for Kora, yet she only whimpers.

”Don’ t you leave me too , ” I mutter to her. I could feel her heartbreak. His words might as well have been a rejection. Calming myself down, I forced myself out of the bathroom. I had no idea how long I had been here, but eventually, I walked out only for my stomach to drop when I saw Kyan leaning against the wall. His white long -sleeved shirt had the arms rolled to the elbows, and he had removed his suit jacket.

Was he going to reject me here, right now? He looks away from me, folding his tattooed arms across his chest. I go to step toward him when he turns his face to look at me.

“Remain where you are,“ I froze when all I wanted was to throw myself at him. Does the bond not affect him. All I could think about was wanting to touch him, and he shot me down instantly. Just once, just to know what it felt like, even if it was only for a second so that I could pretend for a moment I could indeed be happy. I swallow and nod, tears burning my eyes.

“Are you going to reject me now?“ I hated how weak and pathetic I sounded, needy. But this was one thing I held out hope for, that maybe my mate would want me, and to have the rug ripped out from

under me proved I honestly had no one but myself. “I should, But Kaif would never let me, “


“My Lycan, “

His words confused me, his Lycan. I know we all had Lycan wolves, but we were werewolves making our wolves werewolves; my mother had explained enough of our history and how we came to be that I knew there were no pure Lycans left. Honestly, I found everything confusing, but my human counterpart changed them to werewolves. Leaving no Lycans, and the world was a better place for it.

“There are no pure Lycans left, “ I found myself

answering before I could stop myself. Now was not the time for a history lesson.

“Not in your blood line; I was born on a 12th cycle, my bloodline is different. Therefore I can’t reject you, “ He growls out. Annoyed at whatever his words meant. I sigh; I wasn’t about to be some side whore when he wanted pups; I would not subject myself to that.

“Fine, I will do it then, “ I tell him, trying not to show how much saying those words truly affected me. I find myself slammed against the wall.

“You will do no such thing, Marabella. You weaken me, and I will kill you, along with everyone you hold dear; I may not want you but don’t for one second think I will let anyone else have what’s mine. understood?“ His words angered me.

It was one thing threatening me but my family. Who the F*ck does he think he is? A laugh escapes me, and he growls, shoving me away.

“You think you could take on my mother?“ I giggle. Kyan smirks, his eyes flickering menacingly.

“She isn’t the only goddess, and she ain’t my god. Blessed, you think that is what she is, blessed by the moon, well my bloodline is something else, and you will find out what that is if you don’t obey me, “ He threatens, the tone of his voice makes goosebumps rise on my arms when his eyes change to a demonic black.

“I will not be some side whore for you to breed with,“ I snapped at him. I usually avoided confrontation, like it was a plague. Still, something about the way he was talking to me and about my family angered something deep within me, even Kora coining forward enraged.

Kyan smirks and steps forward, his chest pressing against mine , and I am forced to crane my neck to look up at him. ”You, my love, are whatever I choose you to be and nothing more, ” Kora growls, and I had to fight the urge to shift as she lurched forward.

Kyan laughs when she shoves me forward, my canines slipping from my gums before I shriek when I pull my teeth from his arm. His breath moved across the back of my neck. Kyan had moved at the last second as he wrapped his arms around my chest, pulling me back against his chest.

”You are no match for the power that possesses me, do well to remember that next time, ” He growls before pressing his face into my neck; he shudders, his grip tightening on me. I tried not to focus on the feel of his body pressed against my back and his strong arms wrapped around me in a vice -like grip, but it affected every piece of me, calling for him, needing him.

”You belong to me, and you will be whoever I want you to be. Is that clear, Marabella?” He says my heart was racing a million miles an hour as fear slithered up my spine, taking root within me. I bit him, I bit him, and he is alive. How was that possible?

I nod, and he releases me, and I turn to face him. He looks at me for a few seconds before turning on his heel and walking away. My legs buckle from under me, and I find myself on the ground. Why him? Why did he have to be my mate? I had no idea how long I

was there, but I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw my mother walking toward me, the same anger bubbling up.

“Marabella,“ She says, racing toward me where I sat in the corridor of the bathrooms. Rising, I glare at her.

“How could you?“ I ask her.

“Pardon?“ She says, stopping a bit away from me.

“You, how could you. Mate me to him, why? “ I ask. She shakes her head.

“I didn’t; I tried to fix it, honey I tried, “

“So you knew all this time, you knew? “ My mother says nothing when Jonah suddenly appears walking toward us. He stops, and I walk toward him, shoving mother out of the way when she steps in front of me.

“Marabella,“ Jonah scolds, looking alarmed. “Marabella, let me explain,“ She calls after me.

“No, you had eighteen years to explain, “ I tell her, not stopping as I made my way only to stop beside Jonah. He grips my arms looking between us.

“Marabella, “ my mother calls, but I ignore her.

“What’s going on,“ Jonah asks, leaning down before he looks back at my mother.

“It doesn’t matter,“ I tell him. “Let’s just talk this out, “

“I am done having you preach your bullshit to me; I a m F*cking done; he doesn’t want me,“ I scream at her; I have never heard the sort of rage that left my lips. I didn’t sound like myself.

“Wait, who doesn’t want you?“ Jonah asks; I rub my eyes, trying to contain my anger.

“Kyan, Kyan is my mate. He doesn’t want me, “ I tell him, and he suddenly lets me go.

“No, wait, he is your mate,“ Jonah says, shocked, looking back toward the hall.

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