Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 211

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 211

Andrei POV

A Month Later

“Jonah! “ Sage called out for the fourth time in a row before turning to me. Sage’s stomach was now round and huge as she looked up the stairs where Jonah had rushed off to his room, slamming the door behind him.

“I don’t understand why he is acting out like this, “ Sage mutters, shaking her head.

Jonah’s behavior had been out of character for him recently, his usually bubbly personality lessened, and more so today, he even played up at the doctor’s visit and stormed out of the ultrasound room, making me chase him.

“Just go; I can handle him,“ Sage says, waving me off. Malik knocked on the door as he waited for me, we were already running late, and I needed to get going if I wanted to get home before dark.

“How about I take him with me?“ I suggest, and Sage shakes her head.

“No, what he runs off again?“ Sage says, worriedly while chewing her lip a she anxiously looked up the stairs; I knew she was also worried about if he ran off from her, she was hardly in the right state to chase after him, all week she had complained about not being able to see her own feet.

“I ‘m taking him. We will be back before dark, “ I tell Sage, refusing to let argue the matter further, pecking her lips quickly before walking up the steps, my boots making the sound so much louder as I made my way to Jonah’s bedroom. I knock on the door before twisting the handle and walking in.

Jonah was lying on his bed with his face jammed in his pillow.

“Come on, buddy, let’s go, you are coming with me, “ Walking into his room and stopping next to his bed, Jonah doesn’t move or acknowledge my presence, and I sigh before grabbing his ankle and ripping him off the bed. He squeals as he flails, dangling upside down, my hand wrapped securely around his ankle.

I start walking out of the room; he squeals and laughs, clawing at my jeans like he thought I would drop him. Sage gasps, her hands clutching her mouth as I walk down the steps.

“Careful, “ She shrieks, and I raise an eyebrow at her; I was not going to drop him, well, not on purpose anyway. Jonah’s hands clutch Sage’s maxi dress as he tries to pull himself upright.

“Kiss your mother. We are leaving, “ I tell him before grabbing his arm and turning him the right way up, and setting him on his feet. His face is red from being upside down.

Sage clutches his little face in her hands before kissing his nose. “You be good for your father.“

Jonah nods before turning to the now open door where I could see Malik waiting out the front in my car. Jonah sulks, walking off toward the car, and I see Malik try to talk to him, but Jonah pays him no attention and just climbs in the back. I sighed, turning to look at Sage, who was watching him.

“I will find out what is wrong with him, “ I assure her, pressing my lips to hers before turning on my heel and walking out toward the car. Getting in, I look over my shoulder and see Jonah had his seatbelt on before starting my car.

“He alright?“ Malik asks through the mind link. “No idea, “ I reply while driving out of the pack grounds. Zane, Casen, and Nora were already there preparing things and left earlier in the day to help pack up while I attended Sage’s appointment with her.

“Pack is excited. A lot of them wanted to come,“ Malik tells me. Glancing in the rearview mirror, I see Jonah staring off out the window with his chin propped on his arm and the window ledge. Turning my eyes back to the road, we continued to drive before pulling up in the parking lot just over an hour later. I stop the car and put it in park, and Malik hops straight out, and I turn to Jonah, who had remained in the same position the entire drive, not saying a word.

“Come on, “ I tell him, and he looks over at me with a bored look on his face. I grip his chin when he goes to turn away and force him to look at me. “What’s wrong? You have been in a weird mood for two weeks now.“

“Nothing, “ he says, pushing my hand away and opening his door, and climbing out. A growl escapes me, and Donnie comes forward at his attitude but isn’t angry. Donnie is just as concerned about his odd behavior.

“Find out. Something is wrong with him, “ Donnie tells me.

“Thanks for stating the obvious, “ I retort, climbing out of the car myself.

“You go ahead, Malik, “ I tell him, and he nods before sending a glance to Jonah, who was kicking loose rocks across the gravel.

“Jonah now, “ I tell him, waving him over to me. He walks over to me, and I reach in the front and grab my water bottle from between the front seats; it was pretty warm today. Drinking some, I offer the bottle to Jonah, who takes it also thirsty.

Locking the car, we slowly follow the path Malik just went down before ducking out of view.

“Why are we here?“ Jonah asks, looking up at the mountain.

“Do you want to go up there and look?“ I ask him as he stops looking up at the mountain that held the cave he lived in before Nora found him. Jonah shakes his head before grabbing my hand. I squeeze his hand, his small tucked in mine. However, his following words shocked me, and I felt my stomach drop as he peered up at me with tears in his eyes.

“Are you leaving me here?“

“What? No, why would I leave you here? Why would you say that?“ I ask him tugging him along the path. Jonah shrugs but says nothing. After half an hour, I stop again when I come across a boulder. Grabbing him under the arms, I pluck him off the ground and sit him on top of it.

“We are not moving, and I am not helping you down until you tell me what is wrong, “ I tell him before leaning on the huge boulder where Jonah was now perched.

Jonah huffs before sitting down and crossing his legs; he starts sweeping dust and dirt off the top of the rock, I try to wait him out, but after ten mins it was clear he wasn’t going to tell me.

“Should I get Malik to drop some water off and a sleeping bag? Do you plan on sleeping on that rock because we aren’t leaving here until you tell me?“ Jonah remains quiet, tracing the patterns on the boulder with his index finger, his chin propped on his other hand.

“Why did you ask if I was leaving you here?“ Jonah mumbles something inaudible.

“Jonah, answer me, or I will command you, “ I warn him, and he looks up at me, alarmed. I never have or ever will, but the threat seemed to have received some reaction from him. His eyes burn with tears, and he wipes his little eyes, and I wrap my arm around him before he bursts out crying.

“Hey, what’s wrong. I didn’t mean it, and I would never command you, you know that, “ I tell him before crushing him against my chest, his little hands gripping my shirt tightly as he sobbed. I brush his hair with my hand, waiting for him to stop knowing I won’t get a clear answer while he is in this state.

After a few minutes, his sobbing turns to hiccups, and I pull away and wipe his face. His eyes went to the mountain trail behind me that led to the cave where he lived for months on his own. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea bringing him here; it seems to have triggered something in him. I hated seeing him upset.

“What’s wrong? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me“ he shakes his head.

“I don’t want to leave; I want to stay at home, “ He whispers before looking down at his hands.

“Why would you leave, Jonah. I don’t want you to leave me, and you aren’t going anywhere, so why would you say that.“

“Because of the baby,“ I blink, dumbfounded by his words.

“I don’t understand Jonah, what’s this got to do with your sister?“ I ask him

“You have a real family now; you won’t want me around anymore; you have a real child now, “

He thought we would throw him away because Sage was pregnant? Jonah chews his fingernail, and his eyes are on the cave in the mountain above us. I tug his fingers from his mouth, wanting his attention.

“Look at me, “ I tell him, Jonah’s eyes reluctantly go to mine with a grim expression on his face, and I could tell he believed his words; he thought he was unwanted because Sage is having a baby, thought he was just a temporary replacement.

“Don’t ever let your mother hear you say that; she may just smack your ass for saying something so ridiculous. You are our son, and your sister does not change that; you are our son just like she is our daughter, you belong to us, and we belong to you. Nothing will ever change that, Jonah“ He looks away, and I grip his face turning it back so I can see his face.

“Understood?“ He nods. “Understood?“ I repeat. “Yes. “ “Yes, what?“

“Yes, Dad, “ Jonah says.

“I never want to hear you say you are not my son again. We were a family the moment I pulled you from the river; I was never going to let you go; you were always going to be mine and your mothers, do you understand me? You are my son, and I am your father, and your sister coming will never change that. We are family, and you are not replaceable.

You’re worth more than my own life, worth more to me than your mother. We will always put you and your sister before ourselves, and we love you both the same. You are my son whether you came from my Cooties or not,“ I tell him. Jonah chuckles, and I smile.

“You are ours, Jonah. I promise you, that will never change; you are the next Alpha and my heir that will never change no matter how many siblings you have, “ I tell him.

“So I am still your heir?“ He asks.

“Always, unless you don’t to be, of course, I will never force that on you, but if you want the pack when you are old enough, it is yours,“ I tell him before grabbing him off the rock. He wraps his arms around my neck, and I hug him close, inhaling his scent.

“You made us a family. You made me want to be a father,“ I whisper to him, and he nods into my neck.

“Now, are you ready to do your first Alpha job? “ I ask him, and he pulls back to look at me. I kiss his little cheek.

“I love you, kiddo.“

“I love you too,“ He says, and I set him down on his feet, grabbing his hand before starting along the trail again.

“So, what is the Alpha Job?“ Jonah asks me.

“Bringing the rest of your pack home,“ I tell him before stepping out of the treeline into the clearing—the rogue’s camp is in the middle of packing up. Zane was already leading people to the buses. Tents and fires were being dismantled, and the area was cleaned up.

Malik rushes toward us, a big excited grin on his face.

“Zane said some were still down the river washing laundry, but this is the first time I have been into the camp itself, and I wanted to wait for you to come. They won’t recognize me,“ Malik tells me, and I nod to him. Usually, Malik waited back or checked the outside camps surrounding this one, but I could see his excitement about new pack members.

Jonah looks around with a huge grin on his face at all the children running around. A group of them stop and stare at him curiously.

“Do you know him?“ asks a little girl with blonde ringlets, looking up at me.

“Yeah, he’s my dad, “ Jonah tells her.

“I’m Lia. Do you want to play?“ She asks Jonah.

“No, I have to help my dad, maybe when we all get home,“ Jonah tells her, and she nods before rushing off after the rest of the group of kids.

“Ah, they are finally coming back, “ Malik says, pointing to the trail leading off into the trees across the other side of the clearing where the river runs through.

The wind shifts, the hot breeze changing direction caresses over us, the trees are swaying from its abrupt assault, when Malik suddenly growls, making me look over at him. Everyone near us suddenly stopped and was staring at him. His entire body is tense, and his eyes are black as his wolf comes forward.

“Malik, control yourself, “ I tell him, and he shakes his head before staring off across the clearing of the camp. The rogues staring at him were frightened, and they had reason to be; Malik’s wolf was a giant for a warrior. His wolf is more prominent than Zane’s. But a huge softy, but if he shifted, he might spook them out of coming with us.

“Uncle Malik! “ Jonah says, gripping his arm. Malik growls, his eyes not leaving the spot he was locked onto, but he does calm hearing Jonah’s voice. Turning, I look in the direction he is staring.

A woman was standing there with a baby perched on her hip, and my stomach sank. Please don’t have a mate already. I thought to myself. Malik turns his head to the side, watching the woman, her dark blonde unruly hair suddenly blowing into her face when she looks up and in our direction, her eyes pinned on Malik instantly while the person beside her keeps talking to her. The baby in her arms appeared only to be a few months old. The little girl Lia comes over again, seeming to want to play with Jonah, who was tugging on Malik’s arm.

Lia hesitates as she approaches Jonah, her eyes stuck on Malik warily.

“Is he ok?“ She asks Jonah.

“Yeah, he is nice, but his wolf is being naughty,“ Jonah says, trying to get Malik’s attention, and Lia nods.

“You want to meet my sister and my mum?“ She asks Jonah, pointing at the woman Malik is staring at.

“That woman is your mother?“ I ask her and her eyes dart to me, and Malik’s eyes snap down to look at Lia. The woman, obviously having overheard,

starts rushing over with a frantic look on her face.

Malik goes to speak to Lia when a feral growl rips out of the woman as she snatches her daughter’s arm, pulling her away from Malik’s outstretched hand that was about to grip the girl’s shoulder. The woman growls threateningly at him, handing the baby off to the girl and placing herself between her children and Malik.

“Mate or not, I will knife you in your goddamn sleep if you lay a hand on my kids, “ She growls and steps forward threateningly, her finger jabbing him in the chest.

“I would never hurt your kids, “ Malik snaps back at her, clearly appalled at her words. Shit, if only she knew he was raising sixteen-year-old twin boys that weren’t even his by himself. She pulls her hand back and takes a step back, watching him.

“Hmm, well. My kids stay; I won’t get rid of them because they aren’t yours.“

“Never asked you to, “ Malik says, an amused grin on his lips as he watches her. She seemed taken aback by that, which I understood most mates wouldn’t be too thrilled about finding their mate had kids that didn’t belong to them, but our pack was not like most packs. We were once a rogue pack, and we understood what it was like being rogue. Most of all, we understood a lot of rogue women also didn’t get to pick the life they were given.

Lia groans under the weight of her sister, who she was clutching, “Mum “ She gasps, and the woman startles, glancing back at her daughter.“ Oh, sorry dear,“ She says, grabbing the baby from her. I sniff the air noticing the two children don’t smell the same, and I see Malik does the same thing.

“Half sisters? “ Malik asks, and the woman nods as Jonah rushes off with Lia, and another boy approaches them.

“Their fathers?“ Malik asks, and the woman blushes before shrugging looking down at the baby in her arms.

“You don’t know?“ He asks her, and she glares at him.

“Don’t judge me-“ She snaps at him, and Malik cuts her off.

“Didn’t say I was, just a simple question, “ But I was getting tired of watching him beat around the bush instead of asking outright. She didn’t know, I knew that she was one of the working girls, but to get it out of the way, I wasn’t so hesitant to ask.

“Have you got Mate, boyfriend, husband? Does he need to go kill someone to claim and mark you? “ I ask her, and she jumps her hand going to her throat, and I know she only just saw me standing there. “ Name would also be good,“ I tell her.

“Heidi, Alpha, and no, no mate or anything,“ She says before looking over at Malik.

“Oh, thank the goddess, “ Malik says before grabbing her and ripping her to him, careful of the baby clutched in her arms. His lips crash against hers, and she squeals before relaxing and kissing him back. I walk over and grab the baby from her arms, and the woman refuses to let her go.

“Not kidnapping her, just letting you talk; I will be over there with Lia and Jonah, “ I tell her, pointing them out.

“He would never hurt her. He is a good Alpha,“

Malik tells her, and she lets me take her child. I nod to her before walking off. I hear Malik introduce himself as I walk off toward my son.

“Hello, cutie, “ I tell the little girl, who gives me a big gummy grin.

“Jonah said we are pack now?“ Lia says as I sit on the grass next to the kids watching as everyone packs up and takes stuff to the buses.

“Yep, everyone is pack if they want to be, “ “And can we all come?“ She asks.

“Yes, everyone in your camp can come home with us,“ She nods her head, seeming to think for a second.

“And you won’t kick us out?“ She asks.

“No, pack is family, family is pack,“ Jonah answers, and the little girl looks over at me.

“Why? Are you going to make my mum leave of a night like the other Alpha did?“

“No, Lia, “ I tell her.

“Then why are you helping us?“ She asks curiously, glancing at her mother behind me.

I could see those little eyes had witnessed more than they should at her age. They held worry for the woman she called mother, worry for the little girl in my arms. Something I will ensure none of them have to worry about again.

“Because I used to be a rogue, my entire pack were rogues once, and now we are family. Packs are family, and we wanted to invite everyone here to be a part of it,“ I told her.

“He must be a good Alpha, “ Lia says, looking at Jonah.

“He’s an even better Dad, ” Jonah says, smiling at her.

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