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Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 21

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 21

I could see the Packhouse coming into view, see the lights coming through the trees, and was very aware of his paws on the earth as he chased me down. Quickly sidestepping and darting between two trees, I knew his wolf wouldn’t squeeze between. I hear him snarl as he tries to stop before hearing him slide into the trees slamming into them. I laughed and picked up my pace forcing my legs faster when suddenly the ground was gone beneath my feet as I hit the air.

A shriek leaving my lips as the ground suddenly opened up and swallowed me. I hit the bottom with a soft thud. “Argh that hurt” I groaned, rubbing my hip and a$s where I landed on it. I look up to hear laughing and stare up at the hole I landed in. I could see Maddox pacing the hole and hear Ezra laughing in my head.

“Is the little mouse trapped?” He asked and I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“No!” I told him looking for a way out, the walls were higher than my head and a good metre and half higher than me. Who digs a hole like this? I try to dig my fingers into the dirt to climb up only to fall back down and hear his laughter above me making me glare at him.

“Quite the predicament you have found yourself in” Alpha Ezra says before his wolf lays down his head looking over the side of the hole looking at me.

I try to find a way out, digging my feet into the soil only for it to break off and slide into the hole. I pressed my lips into a line not wanting to ask for his help but knowing it was the only way out of the hole.

“Argh can you help please?” I ask looking up at him.

“Maybe, what do I get if I help you?” He asks and I raise an eyebrow at him before folding my arms over my chest, when a thought occurs to me.

“Maddox, can you help me please?” I ask calling his wolf. His ears perk up as he looks into the hole sniffing the air, a growl escaping him and I could hear Ezra trying to hone him in from taking control he looked like he was about to jump in the hole.

“Maddox, come here” I called, realising it was working.

“Fine fine, I will help but stop calling him or we will both be stuck in the hole” Ezra says. I smile triumphantly and I hear him shift back, he suddenly disappears before returning.

“Here catch” He calls before tossing a long vine into the hole. I grab it with both hands before yanking it, Ezra not expecting the force tumbles into the hole making me laugh as he hits the dirt beside me.

“Well that worked” I tell him.

“You did that deliberately” he says standing up. Thank god it was dark or I would be flushing red with embarrassment seeing him naked next to me and this close. He stands getting to his feet before looking up at the hole. “Come here,” He says, waving me forward. He clasps his hands together and I place my hand on his shoulder and my foot in his hand.

“Ready?” He asks and I look up at the edge. In one swift movement he tosses me in the air and I manage to claw my way out. Now up the top I look down at him in the hole.

“Quite the predicament you found yourself in Alpha” I taunt now that he was stuck in the hole. “You wouldn’t?” He says. I smile deviously back at him and I see his eyes flicker back at me, reflecting off the moon oddly.

“I can command you” He challenges but I had a feeling he wouldn’t, knowing it would cause me pain deciding to take my changes.

“How cold does it get out here at night?” I ask looking down at him and his smile drops.

“I swear Katya if you leave me here”-

“You’ll what command me, do it?” I retort and he looks away cursing under his breath. I chuckle at him.

“You think you are quite funny, don’t you?”

“Very, I should have been a comedian, I make myself laugh” I tell him.

“You better run when I get out of here little one”-

“Not such a big bad Alpha now huh” He growls baring his teeth.

“Kat” He warns. I sigh looking for something strong enough to hold his weight. I find some more vines and twist them together before chucking them down to him. They snap and I groan, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea pulling him in when I am not strong enough to get him out and neither are the vines. I suddenly hear running in the trees around me coming from the direction of the packhouse.

“Someone’s in trouble” I hear the Alpha sing out below me. I could just pick up Mateo scent hitting my nose from the breeze, a squeak slipping past my lips and I looked down at Alpha Ezra. He called for backup.

He smiles back up at me, “better run little one because when I get out of this hole, I am coming for you” I hear footsteps getting closer before I see Mateo break into my line of vision with a rope in his hands.

“How the hell did you fall in your own trap?” He asks, walking to the edge and looking down at the Alpha.

“Like this” I told him before shoving him in the hole.

Mateo shrieks tumbling in with the Alpha and I run knowing it won’t be long before they escape. “You’re in for it now Kat” I heard Mateo call out from behind me as I darted toward the pack house. I couldn’t stop my laughter as I ran inside the pack house trying to find somewhere to hide, my belly aching as I tried to muffle the sounds escaping me. They were going to kill me when they got out but this would have to be the most entertainment I have had in ages.

Running up stairs I ran into my room locking the door before realising they would find me right away. Grabbing my deodorant I run back out spraying as I go to mask my scent before an idea hits me. They won’t expect me to hide in one of their rooms. I look between both their doors in the hall deciding Mateo’s would be safest.

Quickly turning the knob I find it unlocked and slip inside looking around at the darkened room when I hear the back door downstairs open. I tiptoed to his bed before sliding underneath it and laying in the middle. My hand coming incontact with something that reeks of his scent so much it made me gag. What the F*ck is that? I shove it away to find it a dirty sock. Moving to the back closest to the wall I find a pile of magazines. I open one and nearly snort and have to muffle the sound when I realise it was a porno magazine.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs. I try to muffle my loud breathing and contain my laughter. I could hear them opening up doors and walking around trying to be quiet.

“I can hear your heartbeat kat” I hear the Alpha call out from the hall. I crawl further to the back when the bedroom door suddenly creaks open slowly, my heart pounding so hard I could hear it throbbing in my ears. I hear the Alpha chuckle before feeling a hand wrap around my ankle and I am yanked out by my foot.

I squeal, gripping the ground trying to escape when I find myself looking up at the Alpha. Mateo walked in a second later the Alpha thankfully had pants on now, while Mateo’s clothes were covered in dirt.

I try to scramble out when I feel his hands wrap around my waist lifting me from the ground.

“What would be a suitable punishment Mateo?” He asks.

“I think a hundred lashes, and a week in the cells” Mateo says and I feel my stomach drop, my heart pounding against my ribs, they can’t be serious, I was only mucking around. He snorts before laughing.

“You should have seen her face, she actually thought I meant that” Mateo laughs and I let out the breath I was holding when I suddenly become very aware of the Alpha’s hands on my body, one around my waist his hand on my bare skin where my shirt had ridden up, the other across my shoulders holding me flush against him, his firm chest against my back.

“What should I do with you?” He ponders out loud, his nose skimming along my neck to my ear as he inhales my scent. I shift nervously when iI feel him press his lips below my ear.

“Keep it PG she isn’t 18 yet, she still has three days” I hear Mateo say, my face flushing at his words.

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