Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 209

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 209

Two Weeks Later Andrei POV

“Just break it down; why is she hiding from us?”

Donnie snarls in my head. He had been trying to get Sierra to listen to him for the last week; both were in denial, and Sage was still mad.

I banged on the door again; I was becoming annoyed as she continued ignoring me. “Open the door, Sage, “I’m fine, it is just that stupid coffee, we need to switch brands” She gasps out. I rolled my eyes; it was not the damn coffee. I have been trying to get her to see the doctor for the last week, but she refuses. She insists she is not pregnant, but Donnie and I could smell her scent, smell the changes, and until she confirmed it, not only will Sage not believe us, but Donnie won’t stop keeping me awake sniffing her while she sleeps. I shake my head.

Last night was humiliating as he forced control, only for Sage to wake up during his sniffing fest while I looked like some creep. Donnie forced control and decided to jam my nose into her belly button. If he was going to be a creep, he could at least do it in his form, so she knows I am not the perverted one sniffing her while she slept, and it was my bizarre, domineering wolf that had the sniffing belly buttons fetish —the look she gave him, well me. I facepalm myself trying not to relive the memory.

“It isn’t a fetish; if she went to the doctor, I wouldn’t have to sniff-test her to make sure she is progressing, ” Donnie spits at me.

“Just be grateful she didn’t wake the first time when I sniffed her- ” I growled at him, cutting his words off. I didn’t need the reminder of how perverted he can be.

“Ah enough, don’t remind me, you are bloody deranged, ” I tell him.

” Please, Sage, open the goddamn door,” I tell her while pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration. Jonah walks in, stopping at the door, and looking toward the bathroom one.

“Use him; that will get her to the doctor, make him fake sick, kids do it all the time to get out of school,” Donnie tells me.

“I am not using our son, and then what? Pin her down? ” I ask him. He appeared to be considering it, and I huff, turning to look at Jonah.

“Is mum alright?” Jonah asks as I hear her puke again. Jonah walks over and bangs on the door.

“Mum?” Jonah calls through the door.

“Go get ready for school. I will be down in a minute, ” Sage groans before puking again. Jonah looks up at me with a worried look on his face.

“Go see Uncle Malik and see if he can bring the car to the front of the house for me and wait in the car for me,” I tell him.

“Why? Is she ok?” Jonah squeaks.

“She is fine; my keys are on the hall table. Give them to Malik for me,” I tell him, and he glances at the bathroom door quickly before rushing off. I could have mind -linked Malik, but I needed Jonah out of the room so I didn’t scare him. Sage was going to lose her mind in a second. I listen as he drags the chair to the panel to unlock the doors. When I hear the door open, I turn back to the bathroom door.

“Sage, you have three seconds to open this door, ” I warn her, and she growls at me.


“Just go away.” “Two”

“Andrei, stop it, help Jonah get ready for school.”

“And that would be Three,” I tell her before booting the door. The door bursts open, banging against the wall, and Sage shrieks. Walking in, she is on the ground next to the toilet.

“Was that necessary?” She snaps at me as I reach for her.

“Well, no, but you wouldn’t open the door, ” I tell her, reaching down to grab her. She tried to slap my hands away, she looked pale, and her attempts to stop me were weak.

“What are you —? ” She screeches as I scoop her up, going stiff as a board in my arms as she tries to escape me.

“Put me down, ” She demands.

“Bend, stop being difficult, ” I tell her before poking her in the ribs with my fingers; she squeals. So ticklish. I crush her to me, and she kicks her legs, trying to get out of my arms.

” She needs to eat more; she feels like she has lost weight, ” Donnie tells me, and I roll my eyes as I start stomping down the steps toward the front door.

Between her and Donnie, they were going to send me insane; Sage’s wild mood swings and Donnie’s odd behavior making me look like some freak was enough to send anyone crazy. Malik’s mouth falls open when I walk out the door with his kicking and screaming Luna in my arms, but he rushes over to the back door, opening it for me.

“Thank you,” I tell him. “Duck, Sage, ” I warn her.

“You bloody duck, you bloody caveman, ” She says, smacking me in the side of the head. Malik chuckles before rushing to the driver’s side.

“I haven’t even got shoes on,” She shrieks but ducks her head into my chest while growling as I sit down in the back with her. She instantly moved off my lap, about to lose her shit; I recognized the look on her face. She was about to teach me who the Alpha was, and for the last week, it sure as shit hasn’t been me with her moody behavior.

“Ah, settle down; there are children present,” I tell her, and right on queue, Jonah sticks his head between the seats, looking back at us.

“Hi mum, ” He says, beaming at her; Sage’s face flushes red.

“Jonah, where is your school bag?” Sage asks him as Malik starts the car.

“I put it in the trunk, ” Malik lies, knowing exactly where I want to take her.

“Well, I don’t have any shoes; you will have to sign him in,” Sage says, folding her hands in her lap and closing her eyes as she rests her head back on the seat.

“Am I going to school?” Jonah asks through the Mindlink.

” No, we are taking mum to the doctors, so shh,” I tell him, and Malik glances at me in the rearview mirror.

Sage fell asleep on the drive; if she wasn’t throwing up, she was sleeping, yelling at me like a banshee or eating. Sage barely leaves the house anymore because she has been too tired the last week. She refused to believe us, saying it was impossible, and I even asked Kat, who said she wasn’t sure because she hadn’t gone to the temple to check. She had been having issues with Marabella and told me she would check soon.

But she didn’t say no either, but still, in Sage’s eyes, that meant it was impossible. Donnie and I, however, knew we were right. No one else could smell the changes in her, but we could, her heat, yes, but not the subtle changes to her overall scent. We were so in tune with her scent we could pick up the slightest changes even if she couldn’t.

The drive takes around an hour to get to Kat’s pack. I messaged Kat to tell Mathias to be ready, and she assured me he would see her today. As we pull into the bustling town, I look down at Sage, where she had managed to lay down with her head in my lap. Brushing her hair from her face, Malik pulls up, and I gently shake her shoulder until she sits up. She yawns, looking out the front window. Her expression changed to disbelief, then anger.

“This isn’t the school,” She states as Malik and Jonah hop out. Malik walks over to Jonah and grabs his hand walking toward the doctor’s office.

“No, you have gone too far now, Andrei, ” Sage rants, and I see Kat walk out the doors just as Jonah reaches the steps out the front. Jonah spotting Kat rushes over to her, and she picks him up and hugs him while he tells her something animatedly. My sister makes enthusiastic exclamations as she listens to him. I chuckle, turning back to Sage, who was glaring at me, and I sigh.

“Please, let him examine you, if you aren’t, I will leave you alone, and we will keep blaming the coffee, ” She mutters something, shaking her head looking out the window and my chest restricts when I see her wipe a stray tear she tried to hide. Reaching for her hand, I squeeze it.

“I know I’m right, please ” Sage looked at me, and I could see the desperation on her face, the look of, what if I am wrong. I knew it would crush her.

“I wouldn’t bring you here if I weren’t certain,” I tell her, and she looks at the doctor’s office.

“And if you’re wrong?”

“Then we have Jonah, but I know you are carrying our pup,” I tell her.

“Jonah. Will he be enough for you?” She asks; looking back at me, her question had a double meaning; she wasn’t just referring to Jonah but herself; this one insecurity was one she hadn’t gotten rid of.

“Always, no matter what Doc says, Jonah is enough. You are enough; that will never change. Please, do this, just this once” She worries her lip between her teeth, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“Just to be sure, or at least please do it, so I don’t have to put up with Donnie sniffing you while you sleep every goddamn night.”

“Every night? You said it was the first time, ” She says, appalled. I look away from her, my face heating.

“How many times?” She demands.

“Every night, ” I tell her, refusing to look at her. I could kill him.

“Didn’t take you for suicidal, ” Donnie mutters to me, and I growl at him.

“Well, you thought it, and you think I am unhinged; we are the same person, idiot” He mutters.

“Fine, but only because I don’t want him sniffing my stomach every night, and I sure don’t want him sniffing anything else” she chuckles, and I look at her, trying to hide the lengths he has gone. I don’t know what she saw on my face, but she suddenly stops laughing.

“Wait, why are you embarrassed? He hasn’t, he wouldn’t ” She couldn’t bring herself to ask, and I wouldn’t lie to her if she did. I look away again, unable to meet her eyes.

“I don’t even want to know, ” She says. “Nope, you definitely don’t,” I tell her.

“Ah, why say that? Now I am curious what he did” She groans as I open the door wanting to escape this awkward conversation. Stepping out of the car, Sage reaches out to grab my hand, and I relax when I feel her tiny hand slip into mine.

“You’re not mad?” I ask her.

“About being here, yes. About Donnie, No. I know you would never hurt me,” She says, looking down a t her bare feet. I grip her chin tilting her face up.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” She whispers before glancing at the doctor’s office and sighing.

I pull her to me and drape my arm around her shoulders, walking toward the building. When we get inside, Kat is sitting on the chairs reading to Jonah. She looks up and smiles before turning her attention back to our son. The doctor’s office was small but modern and clean. I could see a small ultrasound room off to one side. And another office with its door closed, Mathias name on it. The receptionist smiles a bright grin.

” Luna Sage, Alpha Andrei, Kat already signed you both in; the doctor will be with you shortly. Doc was called into the hospital for an emergency; hopefully, he won’t be too long ” Sage nodded, and I could feel her unease, her fear. Every emotion of hers rushing into me. Grabbing her hand, I could feel how clammy it was. I kissed the back of her hand before tugging her to some seats. We had just sat down when the door opened, and Mateo came in.

“Ah, perfect timing, ” Katya tells him before nodding to Sage.

“Malik told Kat, you had no shoes,” Mateo tells Sage, and Sage looks over at him, and he nods to her. Mateo holds out a pair of flip-flops for her.

“Thank you; you didn’t have to,” Sage tells him.

” No, it’s fine, had to duck to the shop anyway” He waves her off before walking over to Kat and pecking her forehead.

“The kids?” She asks him.

“Ezra has them; they are fine. You worry too much, ” He tells her, ” I will see you at home, ” He tells Kat, and she nods.

“Jasmine will be over soon with Marley, ” Kat tells Mateo as he is about to walk out the door.

“She is running late; she rang before I left,” He tells her, and Kat nods before turning back to the book she was reading Jonah.

“Kat, you don’t have to wait,” I tell her.

“I wanted to see Jonah; I can see Jasmine when I get home. It has been two weeks,” She tells me, kissing Jonah’s head and continuing the book.

Sage fidgets with her fingers, her eyes looking around, and I could feel how anxious she was. It felt like we were waiting forever, but it probably had been about half an hour. The receptionist said she would ring him, but Sage told her no and that he was busy and she was fine to wait.

But time dragged on, and not long after, Kat’s phone started ringing, and she walked outside to answer it. A few moments later, she rushed back in frantically.

“I need to go. Do you want me to take Jonah? ” She says, her eyes glancing toward him, and I get up, worried?

“What’s wrong?”

“Marabella, she hurt Marley, she is fine, luckily Eziah was holding Marley’s hand or it – ” Kat shakes her head; I can hear the rapid beating of her heart, see the worry in my sister’s eyes.

“Kat go, Jonah’s fine here, ” I tell her, and she seems to shake herself out of wherever her mind went before rushing out.

“Is Marabella ok?” Jonah asks me.

“I am sure she is fine, ” I tell him, and Malik nods to him. Jonah sat down beside me, and I could see the worry on his face. ” She is fine, ” I tell him, pushing his hair from his eyes. He nods but doesn’t look convinced, and I sigh, turning back to Sage, who seemed to be having a stare-off with the office door. I stroked her hair, pulling her head to my chest, her stiff body resisting until I started purring. I saw the receptionist look over the counter before quickly looking away with a slight smile on her lips.

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