Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 207

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 207

Sage shakes her head. She did not believe my words and I didn’t blame her. She’s been under the impression kids were out of the question, besides Jonah. Jonah is ours, and I was happy enough to have our boy, so I understood it would be pretty shocking for her to hear that she was in heat. Whether it would lead to pups was another story, but for now, we just had to wait it out, wait her heat out, and hope she doesn’t come out traumatized by it.

Sage continued to beg me to take her to hospital, her hands clutching her stomach as she writhed in pain in my lap, her pain radiating through me through the bond, making me feel uncomfortable as I rubbed her back, trying to ease some of it. Still, she just needed to wait it out until the next phase started.

Sage whimpers, pressing her face into the crook of my neck, and I feel her body tense in my arms, her skin heating more; additionally, Donnie was becoming restless again. His need to mate her was as painful as her heat with the pheromones she was putting out. And to think she may go through this every few months unless it was once off.

I struggled to wrap my head around it, unable to believe it myself, yet I am positive it was her heat. Or Donnie never would have reacted like this, and the entire process was making it difficult for me to think as animalistic urges to hold her down and drive my cock into her tugged at me.

The only thing I truly hated about being a werewolf was the urge to force she-wolves and claim them when the heats started. Just like Sage will want to when the second phase begins, the animalistic side of us is taking over our consciousness and forcing us to breed. Such a dangerous time for she-wolves.

They were at their most vulnerable while their mates and the unmated were at their most rabid. A blend of bliss and cruelty. I knew Sage was close to the second phase, her scent so potent and addictively sweet, making my cock ache and throb beneath her, her body seeking my skin like she wanted to bleed into me as she subconsciously rocked her hips against me as she sat on my lap.

A growl rumbles through my chest, and I fist my hands as my claws slip out, the pain making me grit my teeth as I try to hold back at clawing at her.

Donnie’s urges bleed into mine as it forces us to merge, two entities becoming one. Her heat removed my basic human instincts, replacing mine with his primitive, uncontainable frenzied urges and making them my own as I tried to think straight, tried to remember who she was and what she was to me.

These instincts were our most dangerous because, with them, we no longer had control, no longer identified with anything or anyone, only regaining clarity between each wave she suffered.

Growing up as a rogue when mates found each other, I witnessed horrific things when a she-wolf had gone into heat. Their mates were not getting to them in time, nobody recognizing the changes in their scents, and it quickly became a mating orgy or a slaughter or sometimes both. Mates feeling the overwhelming need to protect and claim what is theirs, while unmated heat-crazed wolves can’t unlock and detach themselves from recognizing or identifying what isn’t theirs to touch.

The she-wolves become subdued by instinct in the first stage, the heat incapacitating them so the male or mate can find them easily, the second stage forcing them to want to mate if they want the pain to stop. They are mostly too far gone to recognize they aren’t mating with their mates and running off scents alone.

I’ve seen it before, and it is something everyone has come to live with, especially if you have been rogue. If your mate went into heat, everyone knew there could be a chance the pup they carried wasn’t yours; it is something that is ungrudgingly accepted and

also forgiven because everyone knows we had no control in that state, and nor did the she-wolf. Yet that was also how lots of mates are killed, trying to protect what’s theirs.

Tragic, and that is why most packs ensure they equip all houses with industrial-strength shutters and have shots and antidotes for the unmated wo lves to sedate them, but we found making our own most effective. Werewolves are pack creatures and can’t function without a pack-like community, yet the danger of living in one could sometimes be horrific if unprepared.

The smell of my blood fills my nostrils as my claws slice through my palms. Sage squirms on my lap, rubbing herself against me, and I feel Donnie fighting the urge to give in, knowing once he does, we won’t be man or wolf, thus becoming the thing in between that gave humans the stories of monsters

that howled at the moon and slaughtered their people. We became the monsters the stories told them about, yet the only ones we terrorized were our mates, while she too would be forced to endure the primitive side and ultimately be at my mercy until it ends.

Sage shudders against me, and I feel my eyes bleed black as Donnie’s soul bleeds into mine, consciously aware of what I was doing but completely unable to do anything but give in to it the bliss and carnage that wrapped into one.

There is something freeing about letting go of all restraint; however, it is also terrifying. Especially when you no longer have contro1 of urges that we usually kept at bay, Sage would be the one in duress and utterly reliant on me to stop anyone getting in as she would no longer recognize them and me them.

Her claws slipped from her fingertips, digging into my sides as she raked them down my skin. The purr that leaves her vibrating against my chest is more feral, and half growled as my skin tears under the sharpness of her claws. Her scent sends my brain

into overdrive, frenzied almost, as I feel her slick coat my stomach and cock when she grinds herself against me, making me moan as my hard length runs between her slick folds.

Trying to get my bearings and keep what little sense I had left intact. I stood up, her legs instantly wrapping around my waist tightly as Sage refused to let go and untangle herself from me, my skin the only thing offering Sage relief from the insatiable burning I could feel simmering through the bond. My entire body tensed as I reached for the shower taps, fighting against the urge to tear into her.

It is a struggle to twist the taps and shut the water off, my claws getting in the way. And Sage was not helping as she licked and nipped my skin. A shudder runs through me when she sinks her teeth into my shoulder before biting into my mark and reopening it. Her body pressed so tightly against mine it was like Sage was trying to push into me. I wanted to adjust her and tug her higher up, but the motion and her grip on me sent me smashing into the shower screen, the glass bursting as she fought against me.

Donnie’s presence ultimately leaves; his consciousness merges and fuses into mine until I can’t hear him but can feel him, tainting my essence and morphing it to our innate baser instincts as the glass cut my feet, my own hands slicing through her soft skin and Sage whimpers.

I could feel her tongue as she licks my skin, her teeth grazing, sending pleasure and pain through me. A sordid groan pushes past my lips, and my restraint slips. My movements are too quick and desperate as I pin her against the doorframe leading into the bedroom. Sage hisses at the impact before her claws rake down my back and her legs tighten around my waist, soaking me with her wet heat and her desire.

My mouth latches onto her neck, and my canines slice through her skin. The metallic taste of her blood floods my mouth while my claws scratch down her thighs. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst as I gripped her hips, impaling her on it.

She moans loudly, her slick tight walls clamping around my shaft in a vice -like grip as her tight walls fluttered, her insides swelling before I pull out and slain back into her, my breathing harsh while my mouth licked and nipped at her skin as I rocked her hips against mine slamming her hot heat down and pounding into her depths.

Sage whines, clawing at my arms and back as she tries to meet my brutal thrusts, her teeth nipping at my jaw and chin before her sharp teeth slice through my lip, her tongue invading my mouth before she sucks on my tongue, her mouth devouring mine as she grips my hair and I stagger toward the bed. She grunts as I stumble her back, slamming against the bed, forcing her lips from mine.

Her breast filled my palm as I squeezed it. The hardness of her nipple scraping the inside of my palm made me groan; as her warm, wet walls clamped around my cock. Her hips gyrating underneath me as she seeks the friction, the ridges, and smooth, moist texture of her walls enveloping my hard length make my body tense as she gyrates her hips on my cock, taking what her body demands are hers. My hands grip her arms, pinning them to bed as my hips push against hers, sinking deeper into her and burying myself into her tight pussy, her walls squeezing around my shaft. I pull out before ramming back into her, her juices coating my cock with each thrust; her pussy slick with her arousal that perfumes the room, sweet and addicting.

I relentlessly pound into her, making provocative sounds leave her lips as she unravels beneath me.

Her screaming cries urge me faster and harder while I pound into her, her walls clamping tightly around my hard cock as I continue to drive into her, and a growl escapes me as her face falls slack. Her back arches as her orgasm rip through her, her pussy heating and her juices slip out of her drenching my crotch and coating my cock as she rides out her orgasm.

I become lost in the look on her face as her body relaxes, falling limply back onto the mattress as the wave of heat subsides from her orgasm, giving my senses some reprieve as I stare down at her. Her pupils dilated, and her lips parted, making my cock twitch inside her, the pressure encasing my c*ck, deliciously warm as her skin heats again. The next wave of heat washes over her, a never-ending cycle of blissful, brutal torture overwhelming her again as she shudders, her scent growing more robust, and I feel my canines slip from my gums, the points of my claws breaking the skin. I force myself to let go of her, my handprints bruised into the skin of her arms.

Sage fists the sheets as I rock my hips, trying to be gentle, trying to clear my mind of the vicious thoughts consuming me before they become too much, her sweet scent crushing the sliver of control and humanity again making me pull out of her.

Gripping her hips, I flip her onto her stomach before pulling her ass into the air. Her puffy, swollen pussy lips glistened with her slick, moist arousal as gripping the back of her neck and forcing her face down into the mattress.

The sheets tear under her sharp claws as I hold her down with one hand and my other on her hip as I bury my cock in her warm, wet canal. My hips hit her ass with a wet slap, and a grunt leaves my lips as her walls suck me in, encasing me as her muscles spasm.

Sage pushes against me, and I pull back before gripping her hips and driving my cock deep into her, spearing her on my cock hard and fast. My claws dig into her ass cheeks as I push them apart, watching my cock slip in and out of her tight wet heat. Her pussy was swollen and red from my harsh movements as she pressed back against me; the seductive noises that left her were tantalizing as she came undone again. My body tensing and balls tightening as her warmth clamps around my cock, the sensation and pressure sending hot jets of my seed spilling into her, coating her insides. My thrusts slow, my cock pulsating deep inside her as I still with a muffled groan.

The effects of her heat die down for a second, and I pull out, rolling onto my back, trying to catch my breath. Sage is lying face down, her breathing hard before it slowing, and my eyes close for what felt like only seconds before I hear her whimpers again, her hands reaching and seeking me out as I feel her tongue glide over my chest as she crawls onto me and straddles me, the same urges returning. My sanity waned once again as heat rushed over her, making my cock hardens again, needing to answer and abate her heat-ravaged body.

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