Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 206

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 206

“Donnie! “ I snap at him as instinct takes over. The need to mate makes him feral as he locks onto her scent. My chest rattles as I try to suppress the savage noises leaving me. Jonah, clearly petrified, reaches for Sage when I feel my canines slip out and I turn away from him, fighting Donnie for control, primal instincts kicking in as he sees our son as a threat.

“Jonah, get in the car, “ I grit out as fur spills out up my arms. Jonah looks at me horrified, but I didn’t know how to explain without scaring him more, Donnie wildly trying to take control when I didn’t mate her instantly.

“Dad?“ Jonah cries, grabbing my arm and making my head snap in his direction. He pulls his hand away. “ Dad, you’re scaring me,“ Jonah sobs and I shake my head or Donnie does at his words.

“Our Son,“ I spit at Donnie, needing him to see Jonah, not an enemy. He seems to calm slightly, letting me have control back, and Jonah swallows and I feel my canines and claws retract before I let out a breath.

“Come here buddy, I didn’t mean to scare you,“ I tell him, reaching for him. Sage groans before turning quickly and throwing up again, barely missing my feet.

“What’s wrong with her?“ Jonah asks as I brush her hair back that was sticking to her face from perspiration.

“Andrei?“ Sage mumbles and I set Jonah on his feet at my side.

“Right here, love, “ I tell her. “I feel funny“,

“I know. Let’s get you home, “ I tell her, scooping her up. Her skin was clammy despite it being rather chilly today. The wind had a harsh bite and Jonah’s teeth chatter as the sun slipped behind the mountains.

Donnie was pressing beneath my skin, wanting control as I walk toward the car.

“Get the door Jonah, “ I tell him and he opens the back door, and I lay Sage down on the backseat.

Jonah climbs in beside her and my hands grip the door frame as I struggled against my wolf.

“It’s Jonah, you F*cking hurt him Donnie I will drink wolfsbane, now settle down, “ I tell him, as I fight him to shut the door and not rip our son from the car.

“Jonah, Jonah our son,“ he chants in my head and I finally shut the door before climbing in the driver’s side. Mind linking Zane, I continued driving for a few minutes before pulling up out the front. Zane is waiting out the front of the pack house, glancing around nervously.

“Jonah, go with Uncle Zane, please. You need to stay with him tonight, “ I tell Jonah.

“What, why?“ Jonah asks just as Zane opens the backdoor with his hands up in a surrendering gesture, knowing Donnie would be on edge. My hands white knuckle the steering wheel.

“You good Alpha? Just grabbing Jonah, “ He says and I nod, he is mated already to Nora, but not even he was game enough to get close to Alpha that’s heat crazed and I wasn’t game enough to move either.

Donnie was struggling and couldn’t think straight, especially with her scent filling the car.

“Most are still asleep. Malik has gone with Nora to get the berries to make the jam in case they wake,“ He tells me and all I could do was nod. A new appreciation for Ezra washes over me. How he could control Maddox enough not to kill me and everyone else when Kat went into heat is beyond me.

I couldn’t imagine how hard it would have been to stop Maddox from killing Mateo, who was locked in the pack house with her, knowing you have barely any human consciousness once locked onto a scent. I don’t know how he did it, or how Mateo resisted the urge to mate her. I was struggling not to let my wolf kill my son and Beta, and Zane is mated already, and Jonah still had no wolf and is a child, yet Donnie wanted them nowhere near her.

“But she will be okay?, “ Jonah asks, tapping my shoulder and I catch Zane’s eye in the rearview mirror as he tried to pull Jonah from the car.

“Jonah, you need to come with me,“ Zane tells him. Fur spreads across my arms when Zane leans over Sage, reaching for Jonah, who refuses to leave his mother.

“But why?“

“Come, “ Zane hurriedly tells him, holding out his hand.

“No, I am not leaving her, “ Jonah says, slapping Zane’s hand away.

“Jonah, you need to go with Zane now!,“ Donnie forces out my lips. My voice distorted and gravelly sounding, the noise hurting the back of my throat.

“Come now, “ Zane says, grabbing his arm and pulling him from the car.

“No, I want my mum,“ Jonah says, kicking and screaming. Donnie realizing Jonah would not leave retreats to the back of my mind. “Hurry up, I want her inside, “ Donnie snarls at me, letting me block him out. I open my door and get out. Zane backs away from me instantly, yanking Jonah behind him protectively. His hands out in what I assume was a placating gesture.

“I’m fine,“ I tell him and Jonah rushes over, grabbing my legs. My entire body tense as I knelt in front of him so I was closer to his small height.

“What’s wrong with her?“ Jonah asks, peering in the window. And I know he feared losing her again. It was near impossible to keep the barrier up between me and Donnie, her scent pulling him forward as he tried to remain back so I could have control.

A slow, steady throbbing was pulsating in my head at the strain. I needed to be quick before I gave myself a migraine from the restraint.

“She will be fine, but you need to stay with Zane and Nora tonight“

“But why? “ He whines and Sage makes a groaning noise that causes Zane to tense and look in the car’s window.

“Ah, she just threw up in your car, but she is fine now, “ Zane adds, and I shake my head.

F*ck! Jonah peeks through the window at her and I remain where I am, knowing if I look, it may force Donnie forward.

“She is sick?“

“Yes and No, she is fine Jonah, but it will be too dangerous for you to stay at home tonight, “ I tell him and he turns to face me, not understanding.

“Remember when Nora was sick, and we had to give everyone that special jam?“ He nods his head.

“Yep, Uncle Zane attacked Clay and uncle Malik had to help fight him off, “ Jonah laughs. Zane’s cheeks flush red.

“That’s because he didn’t drink enough, but the same thing is happening to mum now and I am going to struggle to control Donnie,“ I tell him, looking at Zane.

“You’re going to give mum the cooties! “

“Gonna give her what?“ I ask. My eyebrows shooting into my hairline.

“Cooties, Casen said Zane was giving Nora cooties, “ Zane growled behind him. I would have to have a chat with Casen and tell him to watch what he tells Jonah in the future.

“Don’t listen to what Casen says. He is an idiot,“ Zane says. I shake Jonah’s words off.

“You need to go stay with Zane and Nora. I will look after mum okay? You can come see her soon,“ I tell him, not wanting to promise he can see her tomorrow, knowing heats can be different for everyone and last longer than normal.

“Ok“ Jonah mumbles, dropping his head, his shoulders sag and I reach for him, giving him a brief hug before Zane grabs his hand, pulling him away.

Once Jonah is safely tucked away, I glance around to make sure no one is about just as Donnie smashes through the veil that separates us, taking control as he opens the rear door. Her scent invading all my senses as I pulled her from the backseat and head for the house. Unlocking the front door, I step inside before locking it. My vision flickering back and forth between mine and that of my wolf.

Turning to the door panel, I scroll the menu, quickly activating the roller shutters and locking the place down.

“So hot, “ Sage mumbles, her head slumped over my shoulder.

“I know, hang on“ Donnie tells her, my words sound distorted by him.

“Donnie?“ Sage slurs.

“Yes, “ he tells her as I climb the steps. Heading straight for the bathroom, I turn the shower on, trying to cool her down and clean her up. The moment I place her feet on the ground, she lurches for the toilet, throwing up again. My hands shaking a s I hold her hair back, Donnie almost uncontrollable a s her scent becomes intoxicatingly stronger while

her temperature continues to rise. ”Hospital, ” Sage gasps, trying to breathe.

”I am not taking you to hospital, ” I tell her before chuckling to myself because she still hasn’t figured it out yet, but considering they sterilized her as a teen, I honestly couldn’t have predicted this myself. I t was no wonder this wouldn’t even register to her because it shouldn’t be possible. I had no clue what Kat had done, but she healed all of Sage’s scars and I would bet everything I had that Kat had not only healed her, but restored her back to the way she was before those monsters got their hands on her.

Stripping out of my clothes, I leave my boxers on, my cock straining painfully against the fabric before reaching down and grabbing Sage under her arms and pulling her against me. Holding her tightly, I tear off her clothes, tossing them away.

”Please, something’s wrong with me, ” she whimpers, leaning heavily against me. Her skin was so hot and she was making me sweat, her scent perfuming the room makes me purr and my chest vibrate. Sage sighs, the sound calming her. She always liked the noise. While I found it more embarrassing, Sage, however, would ask me to purr. If she couldn’t sleep, finding comfort and Donnie always more than happy to annoy me by giving in to her. Though now I never tried to stifle it anymore, liking her reaction and the way she instantly calms.

”You’re not sick, ” I tell her and she shakes her head against my chest.

Now her clothes were off. I grip the back of her thighs and wrap her legs around my waist, only just grabbing her as she falls backward, mumbling incoherently. She whimpers, pressing closer against me as my skin contact offers some kind of relief and I turn, opening the shower screen and stepping in.

The icy water jolts me and takes my breath and I swear my balls receded into my throat at the harsh cold bite of the water as it drenched me, my family jewels hiding away from the cold. Sage sighs, her temperature dropping slightly but she was still hot, the shower screen fogging up with steam despite there being no hot water on as I sat down with her in my lap. I needed her temperature to go down so I could control her scent. The last thing I needed was to have Donnie attack her while she still doesn’t know what is going on.

”You stay back until the next phase Donnie, I swear you scare her I won’t forgive you, ” I tell him, needing him to remain dormant until Sage’s wolf urges kick in.

I couldn’t allow Donnie that control, especially after the things Sage had suffered, and deep down Donnie was aware of that because now we are safely tucked in the house and she was away from everyone. He had calmed considerably.

”I know, ” Donnie tells me and I feel myself relaxing against the wall as her temperature slowly drops, waiting for the second phase to start. Sage had to start it. Heat was rough, Sierra and Sage suffered enough, though I knew they would understand. But I wouldn’ t forgive myself if I was the one that sent her plummeting back to being timid and scared of the world, all because Donnie is too rough if he forces forward.

”Hospital, ” Sage slurs again, her voice breaking and I could feel she was in pain as she squirmed in my lap, as another wave rushed over her. I reach for the soap in the niche and start washing her.

”It will ease off soon. You’re not sick, Sage. You’ re in heat, ” I tell her, kissing the side of her face.

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