Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 202

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 202

Katya POV

People were dead on the ground everywhere as I dropped back into the middle of a war zone.

Trained rogue fighters attacking and Andrei’s pack is equally as efficient but lacking the numbers. I recognise  Dominic’s  men  instantly  by the sheer size of them,  and how effective  they were. They didn’t flinch and fought like they were training for this day all their lives.

I turn around watching the carnage when I see Mateo,  he  runs toward the packhouse   and it was like time slowed down when I heard Andrei scream for Sage, who was also running toward the packhouse ahead of him, Mateo not far behind her. So much going on it was hard to keep track of as I turned to see Andrei screaming and running straight toward me, and I gasped.

This was  the vision, I was reliving it  but in real time as deja vu washes over me and I duck as a rogue jumps toward me.  Dominic  punches it out of my way as I clutch Eziah to my chest. I feel the ground vibrate, heat makes the air warmer as the packhouse explodes.

I cover my ears not expecting the blast only to be tossed backwards into the dirt, Eziah still out cold but on my chest. Sitting up, my heart thumps against my chest when I see bodies scattered everywhere, dazed I look around . Andrei is clutching Sage in his hands as everyone rushes toward the burning destruction of the packhouse, digging through the debris and that’s when I notice Mateo lying dead not far from Andrei.

Ezra frantically tries to revive his charred and burnt body. My stomach twists as I look around praying this was a figment of my imagination  only I knew  it was real, very real. Hearing a growl behind me I turned to see him.

His figure was imposing as he clapped his hands. He laughs maniacally and rubs his hands together, black mist spreading across his body, his shirt had been torn off in the fray revealing tattoo’s that shimmered and rippled and swirled across his body, making me realise they weren’t tattoo’s but the markings of his magic. An army of shifted wolves behind him when I hear shifting and menacing growls only to see Donnie and Maddox had taken over in their grief.

Dominic smiles cruelly and raises his hand in the air. His eyes pitch black and I see the rogues backing up, the fear on their faces. Goosebumps rose on my flesh and I could see the darkness taking Dominic  over  as  his magic  rippled over his men, firing   them up as they growled and snarled, hackled up and wanting blood.

The wolves behind him growling and snapping their jaws. Dominic drops his arms and rolls his hands around making a black sphere of his magic with them.

The menacing look of red eyes chills me to the bone, as I look at his men, their bodies transforming and growing larger. Dark mist envelopes his hands spreading out over the wolves behind him, turning them into rabid beasts with blood red eyes.

“Kill them all” He says and the wolves start charging toward me where I was standing watching all this play out. I scream seeing Donnie and Maddox running into the fray. They start ripping into  the   rogues,  tearing them literally  limb from limb when Dominic’s eyes focus and I watch him use his powers like some dark angel out for revenge. He walks around the carnage like it couldn’t touch him and I turn to the packhouse. Mateo lay motionless on the ground and I ran over to him.

Shaking him, but   getting no response, my mark burning and I could feel the bond severing, like recognising his death somehow brought the pain forward, making me clutch my chest.

The vision Seline showed me came to the forefront of my mind, I could see it clear  as  day as I watched my kids play. I thought the decision was when we had the war with Jackson’s pack but  now I realize without a doubt it was now. It was never then, but now as I turn looking over at Sage’s dead body on the ground. She is drenched in blood, her skin grey and my eyes burn at the sight of her.

Seline’s voice booming through my head, her words on repeat. “Always choose the mate bond, choose your mates over everything” She said and I blink back tears, choosing Mateo would save our family, but that meant destroying Andrei’s. I choke back a sob.

I  knew it  was selfish but   I couldn’t live without him, I couldn’t live without my mate, couldn’t live with Ezra hating me, I couldn’t live with the guilt that he wouldn’t be able to watch his children grow.

Leaning down, tears stream down my cheeks knowing Andrei would hate me, knowing I was choosing my mate over Sage as I press my lips to Mateo’s. Warmth moves through me and everything I love about him rushed to the surface. As my magic flared to life and a sob broke past my  lips. Everything falling quiet  around me  as I pulled him back, pulled him to me when he gasps, sucking in a deep breath.

He looks around frantically, clutching his chest before his eyes fall on me, he clutches my face and I could hear the fighting slowing down.

“You’re ok, we are okay?” Mateo whispers, pulling me to him when he gasps.

“Jonah, Kyan, they are in the house” he says and I snap my head back.

“What?” I shriek, my head snapping in the direction of the packhouse.

“The children” I scream and Dominic looks over at me and I shove Eziah in Mateo’s arms before rushing over and ripping through the rubble of what’s left, the house reduced to concrete rubble.

“Kyan?” Dominic yells, his magic dropping and he rushes over to me.

“Move!” He says and I step back. He raises his hands and I could feel the energy rushing off him, physically feel it as he started flinging concrete like it weighed nothing, the shadows lifting the debris and moving them off the side when I spot my  father. Mateo rushed  over helping me drag him out with his free hand that wasn’t  clutching  Eziah. I could  see Ezra and Andrei taking down the last few rogues. The ground was completely drenched in blood.

People were injured  everywhere  and I hear my father coughing. His legs were crushed and he had a piece of rebar  through his stomach. I move to his side.

“Kat, you need to” He chokes out. “Jonah” he gasps.

“Kyan! ” Dominic says and I hear him ripping away rubble with his hands when I see the black sphere. Both boys inside are perfectly okay, Kyan’s face deathly pale when he  drops his magic  and Dominic scoops him up.

“I got you, I got you buddy” Dominic says to him as I watch through tear filled eyes.

“Jonah?” My dad asks just Andrei comes rushing over screaming for him. His entire body was drenched in blood. “He’s fine” I tell my father watching Andrei hug him.

“Where is mum?” I hear Jonah cry out and Andrei drops on the ground sobbing into Jonah’s shoulder and clutching him tightly.

“Where is  she?”   Jonah asks. Pulling on Andrei’s head.

“Dad, where is mum? Where is mum, dad?” Jonah asks before he starts wailing trying to get out of his grip as Andrei holds him, refusing to let him look behind him. Jonah starts smacking his arms and Eziah stirs on the grass beside my father, finally waking back up as Ezra rushes to my side scooping him up.

.”Where is Marabella?” Ezra asks frantic.

“ In the car, Sage got her out” Mateo says, looking over my shoulder at her body when suddenly  I hear a bloodcurdling scream making me look at Andrei. Jonah thrashes wildly in Andrei’s arms before escaping him and dropping next to Sage. He starts yanking on her shoulders, her body completely limp and Andrei tries getting up.

“Jonah! ” He calls getting to his feet, his eyes all swollen from crying, his body marred with the scars of the war. Dominic’s men were walking around killing the injured wolves.

“It’s okay, Pumpkin” I hear my fathers weak voice making me look at him. I nod.

“Pull it out, so I can heal him, ” I tell Mateo. He pulls the rebar out of him and my father groans. I could hear Jonah wailing in the background.

Andrei crying and trying to console him. My hands instantly reach for his wound when my father grips my hands making my eyes dart to him.

“You can’t heal her can you?” he says and my lips tremble and I shake my head trying to heal him, but his hands refuse to let go as he pushes mine away.

“Stop dad, let me, I can help” I tell him.

“You’re right, but not this time, pumpkin” My father says and I ignore him trying to twist my wrists from his grip.

“I abandoned him once, I won’t do it  again when he needs me” my father says.

“No! I won’t” I tell him.

“Pin him,” I tell Mateo who hesitates when my father glares at him.

“You do, I will never forgive you, you will do this for me. I need you to do this for me” My father says and I shake my head.

“ I have made so many mistakes, I  won’t let this be one of them. He’s my son”

“ And I am your daughter” I cry out, shaking my head.

“And so is she, so is Sage. I love her like one too. You guys don’ t need me, you have your mates, you don’t need me anymore Pumpkin, and that’s okay. But your brother needs her, Jonah needs her and you will do this for me and him, either way you are not healing me, not while she is laying there and I can take her place”     my father says, squeezing my hands softly, a pleading look in his eyes.

I hiccup a breath looking over my shoulder at my brother and Jonah, at Sage. Why do I have to lose everything? It seemed unfair.

“You’re not killing me sweetheart, don’t think of  it  that way, you are saving them” my father says and I turn back to face him. Ezra and Mateo were both looking away. Both of them did not say anything as tears washed down their cheeks.

My fathers wounds were starting to heal slowly but his skin was deathly pale as he slowly bled out. “You became so much more than your mothers and I ever imagined, you make me proud to call you my daughter” He says and a trickle of blood leaks from the side of his mouth.

“Now you tell your brother I love him, and  I  love you and you look after those grandbabies for me” He says, letting my hands go.

“You look after my girl” He says, turning his head and looking at Ezra and Mateo.

“Promise” Mateo chokes out.

“Always” Ezra says and my father looks at me. “Goodbye Pumpkin”

“ I  love you, dad” I tell  him  before   grabbing his hand in both of mine.

“I know Pumpkin,  I love  you too”  he says I swallow back my emotion and I feel my canines protrude. I close my eyes before sinking them into his hand. I feel my magic rush out, his hand going cold in mine almost instantly and I kiss his hand before  opening  my eyes and seeing my father’s vacant ones, his face grey and a choked sob leaves my lips. I place his hand in his lap and Ezra reaches for me as an energised shiver ripples through every nerve in my body.

“Please,  don’t  touch me, just   don’t touch me” I sob, my hands shaking and he  pulls  his  hand away that was reaching for me.

“Kat?” I shake my head and get to my feet. Dominic looks away, Kyan’s face buried in his chest.

I walked  over  to  Andrei   in a daze. Jonah was in his lap and he was rocking back  and  forth trying to console a crying Jonah. Kneeling beside her tears leaked down my cheeks dripping on her as I leant down over her. I press my lips  to  hers, a sob leaving my lips as I kiss her lips.

The same warmth floods  me  that I felt  with Mateo. It rushes into her and I feel my heart leave me as I give it to her, give her my father. Pulling away, I watch the colour start to return to her before I stand, grabbing the back of Andrei’s neck and tilting his head up to look at me. His eyes bloodshot as I peered into my brother’s eyes.

“Dad said to tell you, he loves you” I tell him, my voice breaking just as Sage gasps before she starts coughing.


“Mum! ” Jonah squeals, jumping on her. Andrei stares with wide eyes before crushing her to his chest when my words must have registered in his head.

“Wait, ” He says, his eyes going  to my father and his lips part before he bites down on his lip, a choked sob escaping him.

“Kat?” my brother says and I shake my head.

“He wasn’t going to abandon you a second time ” I tell him and he nods, tears leaking down his face before he sucks in a deep stuttering breath.

I turn back to my father when Ezra steps in my path, not giving me the option and crowding my space as he crushes me against him, his scent invading my senses and I feel the tension leave me.

“You did the right thing, you did what he wanted” Ezra whispers next to my ear and I nod my head when I hear Marabella  start  crying  from  inside the car. I wipe my face pulling away from Ezra to go get her.

“I will get her”  Dominic  calls out  and I look over my  shoulder to see him place Kyan down on the ground before walking over to our  car.  He  opens the back door  grabbing  her  out. She  cries  loud until he picks her up and she stops crying instantly. Dominic’s men and Andrei’s warrior were  resting, a few were already cleaning up and I went to check on Eziah and get Marabella from Dominic when I heard a voice.

“Gun, he has a gun” One of Dominic’s men screams and my head whips to the side to see an injured rogue by the packhouse sit up, debris and dust falling from his body as he takes aim. My eyes went in the direction of the gun pointed at Marabella in Dominic’s arms.

My scream resonated through the trees and Dominic’s head whips in my direction before he notices the man just as the gun fires. The bang hurting my ears and my scream is strangled as I watch the bullet blink past me before hearing the thud. Andrei slashes the man’s throat with his claws a second too late. Kyan screams a bloodcurdling scream as my eyes fall on my daughter only to see Dominic’s back. He staggers, catching himself on the side of the  car before falling to his knees.

“Dad! ” Kyan’s voice echoed through me and I gasped as Dominic   turned. Marabella in his arms screaming her head off as I race over to him when he collapses, his legs outstretched in front  of him as his back hits the rear tyre of the car, Marabella falls from his arms as they go slack and she lands in his lap crying. We all race over to them and I scoop up Marabella but she appears to be okay, just frightened when Kyan grips his father and starts shaking him.

“Dad?” He says yanking on him and I look away unable to see his heartache. His father was dead, the bullet hitting him in the centre of his back as he turned to shield Marabella. His head hangs forward limply and Kyan was screaming for his father and shaking him.

“Ezra” I call nodding toward Kyan. Ezra walks over to him and tries to  grab him when mist engulfs  him and Ezra is thrown backwards with alarming speed.

“Dad, wake up dad” he screams, climbing in his fathers lap.

“Please dad” Kyan cries. Ezra shakes himself off getting to his feet, he goes over  to pry  Kyan off  his father’s body.

“I know buddy” Ezra tells him.

“No, no , no ” Kyan screams before unleashing his magic and directing his magic at his father and I gasp when I realise he was trying to resurrect him. Remembering what Dominic said about his son’s rabbit turning evil and cannibalistic.

“Kyan no,” Ezra says, gripping his arms.

“Get him out of here” I call to Dominic’s men who rushed over and grabbed Dominic’s body and removed it so his  son couldn’t  try to resurrect him.

“No, bring him back, bring him back, I can save him” Kyan screams and I drop in front of him.

“You can’ t bring him back, your father wouldn’t want to be like your rabbit” I tell him trying to get him to understand. My words may be brutal but he needed    to understand what he was trying to do.

“No, let me go. Let me go” Kyan screams, thrashing in Ezra’s arms.

“This is her fault, it’s all her fault. He died for her” He screams as he stops thrashing. His breathing hard as he glared at Marabella in my arms. I stand up when I see one of Dominic’s men walk over. He was tall and stern looking, muscle on muscle as he stops beside  me and I look up at him.

“I  am Dominic’s Beta, let me take him,” He says.

“Kye” The man says  and Kyan’s tear-filled eyes  look up at him before he jumps out of Ezra’s lap and rushes over to the man who grabs him, crushing him against his chest.

“I’m his next of kin after the Alpha, you can check his will. My name is Lucas, I am Kyan’s uncle on his mother’s side” The man tells me as Kyan hugs him, sobbing against his chest.

“He’s gone” Kyan chokes out.

“I know buddy, ” Lucas tells him.

“He died for her, I hate her, I hate her” he whispers  and my heart clenches.

“Don’t say that, don’t say that Kye” Lucas tells him but Kyan shakes his head. Lucas puts him on his feet taking his  hand when Kyan lets his  hand go ripping his arm away, his eyes lock on Marabella and I turn slightly shielding her away from his angry gaze before he looks up at Lucas.

“Take  me home now”  He  says,  his voice   ice cold before walking off toward Dominic’s car and not looking back.

“He is just upset, he doesn’t mean it” Lucas tells me.

“I  have a feeling he does” I whisper watching him open the rear door and get in the car.

“Soren, Rowan” Lucas calls out and I see two just  as intimidating men approach him with hard looks on their faces.

“Bring his body back, I am taking Kyan home” Lucas says and the men nod sadly before Lucas walks off toward Dominic’s car. He stops at the trunk grabbing some clothes out and slipping on some shorts.

“Is   Kyan going to be okay?” I hear Jonah’s voice.

“He  will  be alright, he is just   sad” Sage tells him before looking at me. She nods her head to me before mouthing thank you. I tip my head to her and she smiles sadly as she sat in Andrei’s lap with Jonah on hers. First day on the job and I already failed.

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