Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 20

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 20
“Why did you block me out? And why are you here?” He asks, coming over to me.

“I didn’t want to be around them” I answer and he nods his head. His wolf sniffs me, pressing his face into my neck before licking it. I push him away, his fur soft beneath my palms.

“Sorry my wolf is a little excited” He says.

“What’s his name?” I ask brushing his fur when he suddenly ducks his head sniffing between my legs. I pull his head back.

“Hey that’s rude” I tell his wolf who suddenly purrs at me and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I am terribly sorry, his name is Maddox, will you stop that” I hear him tell his wolf as his wolf suddenly drops on top of me. I could hear his embarrassment in his voice but he didn’t seem to have very good control of him right now.

“Is he alright?’ I ask out loud when his wolf suddenly pushes his nose underneath my shirt. I could hear through the mindlink him arguing with his wolf to stop mauling me with his big heavy body. He was rubbing himself all over me like a cat.

I brush his fur pulling his face to look at me. “Stop Maddox ” I tell him when he tries putting his head inside my shirt again. He whines loudly.

“I can shift back but I will be naked” He says.

“He isn’t so bad” I tell him and he licks my chin. His wolf voice suddenly bursting through the mind l**k startling me from how much deeper his voice is and gravelly sounding.

“Your wolf” He says and I look at him.

“Was that your wolf speaking?” I ask hoping Alpha Ezra has enough control to hear me and hasn’t been blocked out by his wolf.

“He wants to meet your wolf” Alpha Ezra says and my stomach drops.

“So are you going to shift?” He asks when I hear movement in the trees his wolf suddenly becomes alert as he peers into the darkness stepping over me. My fathers wolf steps out of the tree and spots us. He ducks his caramel furry head to the Alpha bearing his neck before suddenly slipping into the trees again.

“Wait!” I called my father. He stopped coming back and stopped next to the Alpha who was now standing over me completely and I had to push his fur aside to see my dad. My mother steps out of the trees and my father looks at her and she becomes annoyed growling at my father and I know he said something she didn’t like.

My mother ducks back into the forest. “I gotta go Kat, and deal with your mother” My father says and I panic. “But wait he wants me to shift” I tell my father getting to my feet. My father looks at me, licking my fingers.

“Just tell him, whatever happens, happens Kat, we have to move we will, but I don’t think he will ,kick us out” my father says before ducking his head to the Alpha. I go to chase after him when the Alpha’s wolf grabs my hand, tugging me gently and making me look at him.

I hear bones suddenly snapping and grit my teeth forcing my eyes closed knowing the Alpha just shifted next to me.

“The fact that your parents know you’re here means they brought you here. So are going to tell me what’s going on and why you are hiding out here”

I don’t answer and he sighs. “I’m starting to think I already know,” he says softly.

“Can you shift back so I can turn around?” I ask him. I hear him move but don’t hear snapping of bones. “Step backwards” he says and I do. I feel his hand wrap around my wrist before he tugs me down on the ground. He pulls me against him, his arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me against him so I am leaning on him.

“There I am now covered” he chuckles his legs on either side of mine.

We sit in silence and he moves behind me leaning against the tree before pulling me against him, his arm going around my waist pulling me with him.

“You can lean on me” he says, pulling me backwards, his hand on my stomach under my shirt, his hand is warm and my belly fluttering spastically at his closeness, and that weird tingling sensation. I grab his hand, moving it and sitting up.

“Are you going to make me guess, or tell me?” He says trying to pull me back to him.

“I should go find my parents” I tell him, pushing off the ground to stand when he pulls me back down.

“I know you haven’t shifted yet” he says, making me look at him. He pulls me against him and dread fills me.

“I’m right aren’t I?” He says pressing his chin on my shoulder.

“I have no wolf” I tell him and he shakes his head.

” Now it makes sense why you didn’t shift to get out of the bathroom, why you became nervous when I asked to see your wolf and why you are out here away from everyone, why your mother gave you wolfsbane” he says.

“You’re not mad I have no wolf”

“Yes you do, I can sense her you’re just a late bloomer nothing wrong with that” he says.

“You can sense her?” I ask, looking over my shoulder at him. His face barely a few centimetres away from mine.

“Yes that’s why my wolf wanted to see her”

“Are you going to banish us for lying and for me not having a wolf?” I ask and his arms tighten around me.

“No, why would I banish you for not having a wolf?”

“Because that’s what my last pack did, that’s why we left, that having no wolf I am weak and shunned by the Moon goddess” I tell him.

“Jackson is a D!ckhead, and you do have a wolf. She will come when she is ready. I believe late bloomers are late not because they are shunned by the Moon goddess but because they are blessed by her” he says, his fingers brushing my chin and turning my face to his.

“You don’t know that, I may not have a wolf,” I whisper.

“I don’t care if you do or don’t but I know you do, your aura is too strong” he says.

“My aura?” He nods.

“It’s stronger than your parents, it matches mine” he says. I look away not believing him.

“You don’t believe me? I wouldn’t lie to you Kat”

I hear the air horn sound signalling the night end making me look at the trees toward the pack house.

“We should head back” I tell him.

“Mateo can handle it,” he says, lacing his fingers through mine. I look at our hands, the strange tingling running over my hand and up my arm. I turn his hand over and he opens his palm.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, grabbing my hand again.

“Nothing but I thought you said you don’t mess with pack wolves” I tell him, turning to look at him.

“I don’t” he says.

“Then what’s this” I ask motioning to the way I was practically sitting on him.

“I’m not messing with you Kat as you put it” he says and I turn slightly to face him. He grabs my legs, draping it over his and turning me sideways.

“I’m not messing with you” he tells me before leaning forward and kissing me. His lips moulding around mine soft yet demanding when I feel his tongue run across my bottom lip wanting access. I part my lips and I feel his tongue move between my lips as he kisses me, his tongue playing with mine before he sucks my bottom lip in his mouth before pulling back and kissing my lips softly.

My lips tingling and I stare at him confused, he chuckles, His hand moving to my face as he cups my cheek. His thumb brushed over my lip.

“But you said,” he laughs, cutting me off.

“It’s not messing around with you,”


“I kissed you, didn’t steal your virginity. It’s still safe for your mate” He says before chuckling at my bright red face.

“Come, we should head back and I promise to keep my lips to myself” He says about to stand.

“Wait can you shift back, my parents might get the wrong idea if I walk out of the trees with you butt naked”

“And what idea would that be?” He asks and I feel my face grow hotter.

“I’m playing Kat, you embarrass too easily, but yes I will shift back, so you don’t ogle at me” He says, kissing my flaming cheek. I shuffle forward and I hear the rearranging of his bones as she shifts quickly only to be shoved forward when his wolf collides with my back. I roll trying to get out from under him as he attacks me with his wet tongue licking my face.

“Ew gross, you said you would keep your lips to yourself” I tell him trying to shield my face.

“Yes my lips, never promised to keep my wolf off you” He laughs at me through the mind l**k.

“He is slobbering all over me” I squeal when I feel him lick my eyeball making me blink rapidly.

“Maddox leave her be” I hear him talking to his wolf, I thought it weird that he leaves the mindlink that far open where I can hear him talking to his wolf, like hearing his inner monologue. I hear his wolf growl at him annoyed not just in my head but out loud before he gets his heavy weight off my chest.

I try to flatten my hair as I stand pulling twigs and leaves from it before using my shirt to wipe my face. “That was disgusting,” I tell him, nudging him, he nudges me back only for me to fall face first into the dirt.

I could hear him laughing as I hauled myself up. I glare at him. “So cute when you’re angry, like an angry mouse” He taunts playfully. I shove him before taking off into the trees heading toward the packhouse.

“Now you gonna get it kat, run little mouse” He calls and I pick up my pace, adrenaline surging through me as I try not to run into a tree in the darkness.

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