Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 2

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 2

Both look at me sniffing the air and I know they are werewolves,

“Alpha Ezra requests your presence at the pack house immediately” The man with dark shaved hair says, he was in his early twenties, and by the authority oozing off him I could tell he was Beta. His eyes darted to me and he looked me up and down.

“This your daughter?” He asks not even trying to hide his dislike.

“Yes this is my daughter Katya, I am Derrick” My father says before holding out his hand.

“I didn’t catch your name,” My father says. The man grasps his hand.

“Beta Mateo, this is Alex third in command.” He says introducing the other man, he was around the same age with blonde hair that hung in eyes and hazel eyes. Both of them were huge, around the same size of my father.

“ I hear you used to be a Beta at your old Pack” Mateo says and my father nods.

“Good, could use some help training some of the pack members if you’re up for it?” He says, my father nods and before introducing my mother to him.

“This is shirley my wife and mate”

“Nice to meet you,” My mother says before shaking both their hands.

“If you follow us we will escort you to the packhouse, so you can be placed with someone till the property is available” Mateo says before turning on his heel and getting in his black BMW. We hop back in our car before following him through the sleepy town.

“See how nice they are? This will work out, it has to” My mother says.

We follow their car all the way to the end of town before pulling down a road that went into the forest. We stopped on the horseshoe driveway in front of a huge sandstone mansion that had three levels and bushy green hedges out the front. Massive arched windows and vines growing along the stone walls. I hop out of the car looking up at the packhouse. It was definitely more lavish than the one back home.

Beta Mateo led us up to the white door before opening it, inside had white marble floors, a hallstand sat along the entryway with a big expensive looking vase. My mother looks around in awe. Two staircases leading to the landing above.

We walk toward the door between both stairwells, I see some bench seats next to it and Mateo knocks on the door before I hear a deep voice telling him to enter.

He slips through the door closing it behind him before returning and telling my mother and father to go in and for me to wait in the foyer until called. I waited for what felt like hours before my mother came out sitting next to me. The pack house was pretty quiet and we saw no one walking around.

“He is just speaking with your father, then he will want to speak to us individually to make sure our stories are the same” my mother tells me.

*What story they banished us because of me” I whisper yell. He was going to find out, he was going to find out and kill us or worse make me leave without my parents.

“Shh calm down everything is fine, he probably won’t ask you much because you’re our child” she says trying to calm me down. I could feel tears brimming and I quickly wiped them away.

“What did you say?”

“Just that they were going to banish us, it’s not lying, it’s the truth. He doesn’t need to know the reason why because you have a wolf Kat, okay she will come.You’ll see” my mother tries to reassure me. I nod knowing there was no point in arguing with her.

“And if she doesn’t?”

“She will” my mother says and I hang my head. I was going to be the biggest disappointment to them.

My father steps out and nods to my mother, she wipes her hands on her jeans before getting up and walking into the office and closing the door.

“He will just initiate you into the pack, it isn’t so bad, you just need to drink his blood Kat and you will feel the pack l**k snap in place” my father says.

Gross I think to myself. “What about the old pack?”

“That will hurt a little once you pledge to him, like a migraine. I won’t lie to you, it even brought me to my knees” he says and I hear my mother suddenly cry out. My father jumps to his feet, head snapping toward the door. I could hear soft murmurs before seeing the silver door handle jiggle before the door opened.

My mother stepped out clutching her head. My father was at her side instantly.

I take a step back not wanting to endure whatever she just did. “Kat, you need to go in,” my mother says, pulling herself together. I shake my head scared. My mother was the strongest woman I know and if it hurt her that badly, I shake my head.

My father comes over grabbing my arms. “Kat we did this for you, moved for you. This is the only choice we have to remain together, so I need you to do this for us” he says holding my gaze.

“Everything alright out there” I hear Alpha call out. I look to the door in panic.

“Please Katya, once it’s done it’s done, it stops I promise” I nod and my father steers me toward the door. My hand trembles as I grip the door handle and push the door open keeping my head down as I close behind me before looking up at the Alpha.

He was looking at some documents at his desk.He had dark hair longer on top and shaded on the sides. He looks up and I freeze. He sniffs the air slightly, a growl rumbling from his chest softly as he grips the desk so hard his knuckles turn white. His silver eyes flickering to the beast that resides within him.

He was very handsome, five o’clock shadow, full lips and strong jawline. He smelt nice too like the Forest after it rained a strong woodsy scent. I would guess he was around mid twenties by looking at him.

His body relaxes slightly and I notice claw marks in his table top. He beckons me closer and I force my feet to move, his eyes watching my every move. Sh*t could he smell I have no wolf, does he know I am basically human. The tight set of his jaw clenching and the way he was watching me, with his flickering eyes made my blood run cold. He knows, he is going to kill me.

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