Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 198

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 198

“Kyan grab the folder off   the passenger   seat for please ” Dominic tells him before reaching in the back of the car. Kyan does as he is told before shutting the door and walking over to his father and handing him the document.

“I brought a fruit platter and a sandwich platter from the hotel, ” Dominic  says and Kat  and I look a t each other. I think we were quite shocked to see him like this. I didn’t know what I was  expecting but I was not expecting this. Andrei walks over to him as he sets a platter on the roof of his car.

Andrei quickly shakes his hand and Dominic motions to grab the platter off the roof while he grabs the other one from the backseat.

“Kyan, did you take a bite of one and put it back?” Dominic asks his son before shaking his head. “ Kids, ” He says, grabbing it out before walking over to us.

“Katya, Sage ,Ezra, ” Dominic says before looking around.

“Where is Mateo?” He asks.

“Inside with the kids” Andrei answers.

“Ah, Kyan” Dominic calls out and his son runs over and we show them inside.

“Coffee?” I ask and he nods.

“Please, where can I put these, the kids would be hungry, Kyan obviously is” He laughs pointing to a sandwich with a bite out of it.

“Kyan! ” Jonah squeals, rushing past Dominic and over to his son.

“ Want to see my room, I have a car bed” Jonah says but Kyan  was  too busy staring at   the twins. Dominic looks down noticing his stare, looks down at his son.

“She is like me, ” Kyan says, stepping toward the living room.

“Kyan, go play with Jonah” Dominic says.

“But— ”

“But   nothing, go play with Jonah, you can meet them in a minute. I need to speak with Sage and Andrei, as well as Kat” Kyan nods his head sadly when Jonah grabs his hand tugging him up the stairs and both boys rush up the steps to Jonah’s room.

“Sorry about that, he can sense  your daughter’s magic,”  Dominic   says but Kat was staring up the stairs after the two boys.

“Katya?” Dominic says.

“Sorry, I was lost in thought, what were you saying?” Kat says.

“I said my son can sense your daughter’s magic, but you already know that. Don’t you?”

“Yes, just like I can sense yours and his” She says and Dominic nods to her. Ezra was quietly watching  the  exchange just   as confused   as the rest of us.

“Where can I put this?” Dominic says, holding up the sandwich platter.

“Oh in the kitchen, Andrei was putting on a barbeque for lunch too” I told Dominic, showing him to the kitchen. He places the platter on the dining table before taking his suit jacket off and draping it over a chair. He then rolls his shirt sleeves to his elbows and I was shocked to find he was covered in tattoos. Some strange spiralling pattern up both arms.

“Sorry, it’s hotter here than in the city, ” He says before sitting down while I make coffee for everyone.

Mateo and Ezra bring Eziah and Marabella out. Marabella instantly goes over to Dominic and he picks her up. “Hey cutie, ” Dominic says to her.

“Just  watch her hands,”  Katya says.

“No, need. Her Magic  is  similar  to  mine”  He says, tugging her mittens off and holding his hands out with his palms up. Marabella starts smacking his hands with hers, Katya watching and  I could see the curious look on her face. Mateo looked like he was about to faint watching the Alpha of Alpha’s playing with his daughter, while Ezra walked over to me and started handing out coffees as  I  made them. Grabbing my  mug, I take a sip and nearly spit it across the bench when I see Dominic’s hands covered in black mist.

“Eziah, is an elemental” Dominic asks and Kat looks at Eziah.

“Healing, what’s an Elemental?”

“Yes, Earth magic, I can sense it. He is strong but not as strong as her. Her magic is very similar to mine and Kyan’s, darker but she has the shadow element too” Dominic says.

“So you do have magic?” I blurted, which was obvious by the fact he was letting Marabella play with his mist-covered hands.

“Yes, the rumours are true, which I am sure you have heard. She is drawing on mine and I can feel hers, it is strong” Dominic says and Kat nods.

“Dominic’s    bloodline comes from witches, ” Kat tells me and I nod.

“So that is why she can’t kill you?” I ask, watching Marabella grasping the mist in his hands and giggling as it climbs up her  arms like it  was tickling her.

“Correct, I doubt she would be able to hurt Kyan either, their  magic  is very similar  though  Kyan’s is different to her shadow element” Dominic says.

“How so?”

“He resurrected his pet rabbit once, bloody thing turn cannibalistic before he killed it”

“He resurrected  the dead?” I ask shocked before I could stop myself.

“Yes, but our magic is dark so it tainted it, he is slowly learning to control it. Don’t worry he won’t hurt Jonah” He says and I nod, praying that is

true. He slips her mittens back on and she pouts.

“Until you can control it, these must stay on. You are quite the weapon missy” Dominic tells her before passing her to Mateo. Mateo kisses her

cheek and Dominic grabs his coffee.

“I heard you had issues last night?” Dominic asks Andrei.

“Yes, we were attacked by rogues,” Andrei tells him.

“No fatalities I hope”

“No, luckily. They went after Sage and Jonah though”

“Okay we can discuss it after lunch if you like in detail, but first I have some paperwork to show you and for  you to sign” He   says retrieving the folder Kyan grabbed off the front seat of his car for him.

“So you really came here just for a playdate?” Kat asks him and Dominic looks at her.

“What else for?” He asks, confused. Kat shrugs, taking a seat next to Andrei.

“I just thought after the Alpha meeting and you taking Jonah from Andrei” She stops.

“What, that I would do something like hurt your brother? I was pissed off, I was hoping you would stand down, I have run things for a long time Kat. Honestly, I didn’t expect you to raise to the occasion  if  I am honest”

“What do you mean?”

“You are young, my job isn’t for the faint hearted, you will be forced to do things you won’t like or agree with, but as Queen the same as Alpha of Alpha’s it is your job to rule, to do what’s best for the packs. I may be an asshole Katya but I have good reason, you can’t be a pushover when at top, can’t show weakness it will get you killed or

worse start an uprising with the packs”

“I don’t want your position, that was never my intention to take it from you, you are still Alpha of Alphas, ” Kat tells him.

“Correct and that won’t change. We have just added another level to the hierarchy. I was angry when  I was  shown up by a 19  year old girl. But that is behind us, I know you are capable, you did one   thing I was never  able to do” Dominic  says.

“And what is that?” She asks.

“Rally  the  Luna’s.  Get the Luna’s   to speak  up, I tried and they just saw me as another Alpha.

After  a while  I gave up, some  people  don’t like change but I know it is necessary. You will be challenged but those challenges won’t be coming from me” Dominic says. Ezra lets out a breath before leaning back in his chair.

Dominic opens up the file in his hand before turning it around and placing it in front of Andrei and I before placing another in front of Kat. “The petition?” She asks.

“Yes, I signed it. I had the law changed yesterday, all of them and yours you just need to sign the dotted line and Kat and I can sign off  on it” Dominic says, pointing to the paper in front of me. Andrei grabs it, reading it over.

“Adoption paperwork?”

“Correct, he will be officially your son, I had these filled out before Clive took him,  I  was always going to give him back”

“Wait, you aren’t taking him from us?” I ask.

“No,   why would  I   do   that? I wanted Kat  to step down but when Andrei rang me and said  Jonah was in trouble I realised I made a mistake. I may not be a good man Sage but I own up to my mistakes and taking Jonah from a loving home is one of them. I am not proud of all of my decisions, but I am a father and I realised I let my ego get in the way of what was best for your son. As for Kat, I seriously thought she was in over her head but clearly   she   has   a backbone, something   you will need” He says turning to look at her. Kat nods her head to him.

“And if you need help just ask, best to ask then make a mistake that could have been avoided like this clusterfuck with Jonah, but one good thing is some laws have been changed and you rallied the she-wolves. So hopefully we will see some changes amongst  the packs, my wife was trying to do that before her passing. She almost had them in the courts helping make decisions but when she died they stopped fighting  for their  places amongst the Alpha’s. Luna’s are important  in packs,  the Alpha’s the muscle in a  sense  the Luna’s the caregivers   of   a pack, they nurture  and keep the peace,  they are just  as  important as  the Alphas,  I think some  Alpha’s forget   that”  He says.

“So, I just sign this and he is ours officially?” Andrei says, reaching for the pen.

“Not that it could be  any more  official  than inniating him but oh well, legally this required” He says  and Andrei nods signing  it  before  passing it to me and I quickly sign knowing Andrei would have read it. Dominic  then signs it before passing it   to Kat who also signs  it.

“You can hand that in or do you want me to?” He asks.

“I   can do it” Kat says.

“Just  let  me   take a photo,   so I can email a copy off as well” Dominic says, taking it and taking a photo of each page before handing it back to Kat. He  then  types  up an email  before   showing   it to Kat who nods before he sends it. Kat takes the documents, handing it to Ezra who carefully folds it and puts it in his pocket.

Jonah and Kyan  come  down stairs, rushing into the kitchen with some toy cars. Kyan stops next to his  father. Dominic      sips his coffee watching his son over his mug.

“What is wrong?” He asks him and Kyan looks over at Marabella.

“Can they play with Jonah and I”

“That is up to their parents, you are asking the wrong person” Dominic   tells him and Kyan nods before looking at Mateo and Ezra.

“Can I play with them?” He asks.

“Of course you can but play where we can see you all” Mateo answers him and Kyan looks at his father.

“Go on then” Dominic tells him and Kyan rushes over to Jonah who was playing with his toy cars with Marabella and Eziah. Kat was observing them, she almost seemed distracted.

“My son has control, Kat. He won’t hurt your children, he knows better than that” Dominic tells her and Kat pulls her eyes away from them.

“It’s not that” She says and Dominic nods to her like he understood whatever they weren’t saying out loud. Ezra was watching Kat, his eyes narrow and he leans forward staring between them and Kat looks away.

“How about we get this Barbeque going?” Mateo says, getting up.

“Great Idea, boys there are sandwiches  on the table  and fruit” Dominic  tells Kyan and Jonah and they hop up helping themselves. Kyan grabs a sandwich and a piece of watermelon before plopping down on the mat with the kids. Marabella crawls over to him and tries to  grab the watermelon from him.

“Here you go, ” Kyan says, holding the watermelon to her lips.

“Kyan, did you ask?” Dominic  scolds his son  and he jerks his hand back.

“They can eat the fruit but the sandwiches might be a bit hard for her to eat” Kat tells him and he nods holding the watermelon out to her and Kat jumps.

“Wait” she rushes over just as Marabella bites him. A shriek leaving her lips but Kyan laughs.

“She has teeth” He laughs and Kat looked like she was about to throw up.

“Told you” Dominic  says,  patting her  shoulder as he passes  her, while  Kat and Ezra  look dumbfounded.

“You’re hiding something” I hear Ezra whisper in her ear as he walks past. He gives her a look before following Andrei out.

“What did he mean?” I ask her.

“Nothing, I was worried her bite would hurt him”

“They seem fine” I tell her and she nods her head with a look of worry on her face.

“Well that wasn’t what I expected” I tell Kat and she sighs leaning back in her chair.

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