Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 194

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 194

Mateo POV

“What are you doing?” Ezra asks me as I dig through the cushions on the couch.

“Looking for Kat’s phone we have been looking all day” I tell him.

“The kids?”

“ In bed” I tell him, placing the cushions back on the couch.

“And Kat?”

“With Seline again, I worry about how much time she spends in that realm” I tell Ezra. Everytime Kat came back she was more stressed, like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. I suppose in a sense it was.

“Just help me find it” I tell him, wanting to help her even if it was as silly as just finding her phone.

“Or we could sneak up to the room while the kids are sleeping” Ezra tells me coming up behind me. His arms wrap around my waist pulling me back against him. He presses his pelvis into my ass.

“No, you know how left out she feels” I tell him not wanting to anger kat. I drop to my  knees to look under the couch for her phone. Ezra growls annoyed but I wasn’t making that mistake again.

“ I might as well just cut it off since I never get to use it anymore” Ezra mumbles behind me. I stand up placing my hands on my hips and trying to think of where she had it last. The last place I saw her phone was in the kitchen. Walking out there, I walk into the pantry and look through every section before checking the kitchen drawers. We found our car keys in the bathtub once, none of us know how they got in there but we all assume it was Eziah because he was on the move that day.

“Are you going to help me or whine?” I ask Ezra who was following me around pouting.

“I am not whining, I have fucking blueballs that need emptying, just touch it or something”

“Ask Kat, ” I tell him.

“She always says she is too tired, I don’t understand why it is an issue we are mates too”

“Yes, but if she knows that is different because she knows she can join us, but if we go upstairs while she is not here and she comes home, she may be upset”

“ I don’t care when you two fuck” Ezra says and I stand up.

“Are you sure you’re an Alpha king because you sound like a whiny bitch, go rub one out if you’re that hard up, I am busy anyway” I tell him before bending down and digging through the pots cupboard. I sigh, it is not in there either.

“One of you is sucking my cock, I don’t care who but one of you will be” He says and I chuckle.

“Hasn’t been that long geez” I tell him.

“It’s been a month, I have been keeping track” “Why would you keep track for?”

“Because one day my nuts will combust from all the s*xual tension in this house and I want to be able to blame someone when I am neutered like a dog”

Fuck Katya better give him some soon because he has been acting like she -wolf in heat or Katya on her monthly’s, nobody likes a moody Alpha.

Digging through the fridge I spot the phone and almost do a happy dance but I didn’t want to shake my ass Ezra would think it was an invitation.

“I found it” I tell him.

“Good give it here, I will tell her she has to suck my d*ck for it back” Ezra says laughing while trying to pluck it from my fingers.

“One day she will bite you and it will be your own fault” I tell him, pulling the phone out of reach.

“I would even take teeth at this point, attention is attention”  Ezra growls out.

“Eziah must have put it in the crisper” I tell Ezra turning it on.

“At least we found it” Ezra says.

“You mean I found it, all you did was moan and groan over your balls” I tell him. Kat’s phone instantly starts going off and vibrates for a solid ten minutes while I charge it with all the notifications coming through.

“Check for the important ones and answer them, the rest she can deal with tomorrow. I wonder how much longer she will be?” Ezra says while making both of us coffees.

I flick through her messages replying to her father wanting to come over on Sunday.

“Derrick is coming over Sunday to help with the Kids”

“Thank the goddess, oh wait Kat is now the goddess thank the other goddess” Ezra says also just as exhausted as Kat and I with Marge sick and unable to help out. That woman was truly a godsend and we would die without her.

“She 141 missed calls” I tell Ezra when I notice that a fair chunk of them were from a weird name. Was it code? Was she talking to someone behind our backs? The thought angered me and Ares.

“You know someone called Android?” I ask Ezra.

“Android?” Ezra says coming over to look over my shoulder.

“Yeah this Android rang 43 times in the last two days” I tell him. Ezra growls.

“I swear if she is talking to some man I will fucking kill him” Ezra snaps snatching the phone from my fingers.

Katya POV

“So I only have to try to push her toward Jonah, pray she chooses Jonah before she shifts” I ask Seline.

“No, unfortunately   fate always changes, it is always altering depending on the mindset of the person. I don’t believe anything you do will stop them from meeting”  Seline   says. I shake my head, I  had a fierce   urge  to protect  my daughter but I also knew she would have to make her own decisions.

“So If I warn her it could alter her future?”

“Yes, but for every change you make there will be consequences,  believe   me Kat. Fate and destiny aren’t to be altered lightly. I have made that mistake many times, I nearly lost my daughter because of it. Eventually I realised her happiness was all that mattered. It broke my heart letting her enter the fountain of life and I paid the consequences, but she chose to go back for Marabella, there is more to life than the mate bonds, it’s about living and choosing your own path, that’s why when she volunteered for Marabella, I didn’t try to stop her”

“But Kora remembered me when I came here”

“Yes, because after you set her free, she wasn’t intending to go back, Kora had limited memory of your bloodline, she is blessed after all but not even she could predict everything, she only knew from the visions she shared with you, she was going to live here and remain. Now that I have placed her with Marabella, she won’t even remember you” Seline explains.

“So there is nothing we can do to prevent them from meeting?”

“No, sometimes we don’t get a choice”

“But we are Moon Goddesses?” Seline waves me over to the fountain again.

She runs her hand through the murky water  and two vessels with their two wolves appear and I instantly recognise them.

“Sage and Sierra, Andrei and Donnie”

“When we first tried creating the mate bond, we mated Lycan’s to Lycan’s. We don’t give second chance mates, it makes it too complicated or I thought  it did,  but  look closely  tell me  what you see?” She says and I squint into the murky waters before noticing a tear in each aura surrounding the vessels, the tear in the Lycan side.

“The Lycan aura is severed”

“Correct, Sierra and Donnie were Lycan mates before I started using werewolf human vessels, they were the first pair we made, because Lycan’s are savages most killed each other not fixing anything because they had no humanity, but Sierra and Donnie, they become fused to each other even after death, their souls stuck. So I separated them, giving them mates. Yet both of them died and I have noticed everytime I separate them they seemed to be on a never ending loop

that usually ends in one of their deaths, except this time because they managed to find each other”

“When you say never ending loop, you mean history repeating itself?”

“Yes, but only Sierra’s for some reason repeats and she can actually remember parts of her past lives for some reason whereas Donnie can’t but he feels connected not only to the vessel but Sierra, Sierra suffered the same way as Sage when she was pure Lycan, she was the weakest Lycan in her pack, the others took advantage of that before eventually Donnie saved her and I decided to merge them, bond them together. They were the only Lycan’s that bonded without killing each other. When they died and came here, I noticed when I placed them in the fountain of life they instantly merged and ever since they merged on their own. Donnie is Sierra’s safe place and Sierra is Donnie’s calm one and no matter how much I tried to separate them in the fountain they would merge back eventually”

“But yet you gave them mates before each other?”

“Yes,  I wanted  to  see if   I could separate   them, I have tried a couple of time to test the theory, but no matter who I bond them too, the mates I chose for them die and then they don’t find each other so when you asked if I could give Andrei a second chance I   gave him Sage, but this is what I mean about meddling with fate. For some reason Sierra’s trauma in her past life has remained with her, she suffers again and again the same fate and so does her vessel which is now Sage, it happens everytime I try to separate them. Something we need to realise we can’t control, just like I tried to control who they were mated to, the consequences of me trying to mate them to other people was that their mate always died. You never know the consequence of meddling with fate and sometimes it isn’t worth meddling with, it will cause more heartache”

“So I need to let Marabella and Kora decide, because   I could cause my damage by tampering with the bonds”


“Can I see Marabella’s bonds?” I ask her and she runs her fingers through the water. Two equally dark figures appear in the murky water along with Jonah’s figure floating randomly around them.

“Try to separate them” Seline tells me and I do, I even try to direct Marabella’s too Jonah’s but the other one just follows, and Marabella’s pushing against my hand trying to get back to him. Jonah however chases Marabella’s dark hue wanting to merge but unable to. As soon as I move my hand, the two black blobs clash violently and fuse together.

“See, we can’t control everyone’s bonds, like Sierra and Donnie’s. Some refuse to do what we think is best”

“So what will happen to Jonah, clearly he wants to be Marabella’s mate or at least his wolf wants him to be, yet she is bonded to this one”

“That I can’t say, chosen bonds will always be stronger then mated bonds because it has a choice, both wolf and human choosing the same, and since she is your daughter, you also don’t get to see her future”

“But you can see her mate” Seline then adds and I look down at the black figures.

“You can touch him,” Seline adds as I run my fingers through the murky water. The moment I touched his aura, I could tell he was an Alpha and a strong one. When I felt the coldness of black magic making me look at Seline.

“Kyan Dominic   Octavian ” I tell her and she nods sadly.

“I was never able to find him a match until after I brought you back, I went to check your kids bonds only to find Kyan had already merged to her”

“So what can I do to help her?”

“Maybe try to build a relationship between Kyan and Marabella, but if you try to separate them, it could end in disaster, that’s the only thing I can think of” Seline tells me and I nod while yawning wondering what time it was.

“You should head back to your mates,” Seline tells me.

“When will I see you next?” I ask her.

“Hopefully soon, I still have a lot of things to go over plus I need to tell Bain” She tells me.

“Bain is here?” I ask her.

“Yep he remained in this realm, never left my side. Though I am not looking forward to that conversation”

“So can he shift between or is he like Kora stuck in wolf form”

“No, Kora is the only one that can’t shift in this realm, the rest can shift to their true Lycan forms, but most prefer werewolf forms now, evolution in a sense” Seline says and I nod.

“You need help to get back?” She asks and I shake my head.

“I think I will be fine ” I tell her before hugging her goodbye and teleporting back to my office. When I do though, I find Ezra and Mateo sitting on the edge of the desk having sensed me coming back.

“You found my phone” I say excitedly reaching for it, finally I can get hold of Andrei and Sage without having to wait for the landline to free up. Ezra pulls it out of reach and I pout wondering why he was holding it hostage.

“Not fair, are you really going to make me jump for it?’ I ask as he holds it above his head. I cross my arms over my chest. I was not making a fool of myself by jumping for it.

“Who is Android?” Ezra growled menacingly. Huh? What the fuck is he talking about.

“Pardon?” I ask.

“Are you talking to other men behind our backs, is this why you aren’t interested in us anymore?”

Ezra asks and I was taken aback. Is he on drugs, did he bump his head a little too hard and it knocked the sense out of him?

“Answer Kat, you are constantly up at us for screwing once without telling you, but you are talking to some man behind our backs.

“What man?” I ask completely baffled.

“Android! ”  They scream at me.   Android? Who the heck would call a kid Android?

“How could I be talking to some man behind your backs when you have my phone?” I snap back.

“Don’t lie Kat, this is why you were so desperate to find your phone isn’t it, so you can speak to this germ” Ezra growls at me and Maddox presses forward. I blink at them, this couldn’t be happening, if I was cheating they would feel it, are they morons?

“ I have no idea what you are talking about” I tell them.

“Really then explain why he called 46 times in two days” Mateo says glaring at me. Maddox growls, they were being serious, they seriously thought I was having an affair.

“Show me ” I demand and Ezra practically tosses the phone at me. I go to the call logs and scan them, plenty from family, Terra, Jasmine. And pack members. Then Android. Looking up I purse my lips.

“See there he is, now fucking explain”  Ezra snaps at me and I fold my arms. Never in my life have I ever struggled so much to keep a straight when looking at Stupid, and not just one stupid, but two stupid’s which makes them both braindead.

“Yeah, I let him touch my soft wares” I tell them.

Emphasising soft wares.

“You let him touch your what?” Mateo growled menacingly.

“ Yep, he was even able to handle duel simming me” I tell them. The crazed menacing looks on their faces made it almost impossible to stop from laughing  in their faces.

“Sometimes he lets me finger his touchscreen?” Ezra steps forward and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and I burst out laughing, tears rolling down my cheeks at their stupidity.

“You think this is funny and are trying to joke about it?”

“Hilarious” I choke out having to sit on the couch before I peed myself from laughing so hard.

“I can’t believe you are laughing right now, you betrayed us” Mateo says, he truly felt betrayed, and disgusted which just made me laugh harder before I wasn’t able to contain myself.

“Well you both just won 1st place for the dumbass awards” I tell them.

“Excuse me?” Ezra says, glaring down at me. “Did either of you check the numbers on the contact” I ask using air quotes on the contact. They look at each other.

“Because if you did, you would have realised it was too long to be a mobile number, if you tried ringing it back it would have probably rang my tablet. It is a software number, I called it to find my phone you bloody idiots, my phone is an Android if you bothered to look at the back of it” Ezra turns the phone over and looks at it.

“Ah well I thought it was mans number or code for some mans number”

“And what man do you know that has the name Android?” I ask.

“ I did think the name sounded odd, ” Mateo mutters.

“So a blowjob is out of the question?” Ezra asks. I glare at him.

“Why the hell would you think I was having an affair?”

“Because you aren’t giving us any so?”

“So you assumed instantly I was having an affair, I am f*cking tired. I ain’t got time to scratch my *ss or to screw either of you but yet I have time to find anther man?” I ask.

“Well when you say it like that” Mateo looks away guiltily.

“He assumed it, not me, so punish him” Ezra says and Mateo glares at him.

“Are you forgetting we are mates, if I was cheating you would know instantly and would feel it”

“Emotional Affairs happen” Mateo says and I raise an eyebrow at him. He needs to lay off watching Dr Phil.

“Emotional affairs, right. But it is okay for you to F*ck in the forest behind my back?” I snap them.

“We have apologized a million times for that, and we haven’t since. Must you always bring that up?” Mateo asks before dropping his head to look at the floor.

“Well apparently I am having an affair with my phone, so thought I should remind you two of when you were both screwing and leaving me out all the time”

“It was one time, and it wasn’t planned out or anything, and we thought you wanted nothing to do with us” Ezra says.

“You’re my mates” I tell them, though how I could make that much clearer was beyond me.

“And we are mates too, it’s not cheating” Ezra says, pointing between him and Mateo.

“I never said it was but it bloody sucked knowing my life was falling apart while you were both fooling around”

“We didn’t mean to upset you, you were in a bad place and we… it was one time” Ezra says.

“ I don’t care if you two screw around when I am not here, so why do you care”

“Because it always felt like you were both ganging up on me and then you ran off  together,  like you didn’t want me around me”

“What? No Kat, it wasn’t like that” Mateo says, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around me.

“We are yours and you are ours. As for this whole Android’s what you call it, that was totally Ezra and had nothing to do with me, he found the phone” Mateo says before kissing my head.

“ So I found it now? What when I wanted to use it for blackmail against her, you found it but  now she is angry I did?” Ezra says.


“He wanted you to suck him off, in exchange for your phone” Mateo chuckles.

“Yeah after sucking Android my lips are sore, slightly chapped” I tell him, laughing to myself. He mutters under his breath before stepping over and kissing my cheek.

“I’m sorry Mateo is an idiot and didn’t realise what Android was” Ezra says and I roll my eyes.

“So what did you learn with Seline”

“She showed me how to create and forge mate bonds” I tell them, leaving out the part where their Daughter is mated to Kyan Octavian and Dominic Octavian’s son who I will be meeting with in two days time.

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