Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 193

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 193


I was waiting for Seline to show up, we had so much  going on with the pack. My  stress levels were through the roof. I had hardly been sleeping with everything going on. The twins were teething something horrendous, all their teeth deciding to come through at once. Sleep felt like a thing of the past. Dominic was going to Andrei’s on Tuesday and I have been in a state of panic ever since finding out and knowing I would have to confront him, why he would request for me to come had me on edge, making me wonder if this was going to be a cause for the vision.

I also lost my phone, I have no idea where I put it and that was another issue for another day. I yawn looking at the clock, it is a little after  5pm,  is that all it was? My eyes were practically falling out of my head.

The room shutters and I sigh, finally Seline was here. Looking over at her she was smiling brightly at me, please be good news.

“Why are you smiling?” I ask her cautiously. “Because today I want to show you something, I found it fascinating when Celeste showed before she died and also I have fixed the second chance mate issue but first come with me because you get to make  not only a bond, but a vessel bond” She says holding her hands out.

I couldn’t help smiling at her enthusiasm, it was good to see her smile. It almost made me forget she was dying. Walking over I place my hands in hers, the room fizzles and warps and takes a few seconds only for nothing to happen.

Seline lets my hands go and shakes hers before grabbing mine again. The same thing, we don’t move to her realm.

“This has been getting harder, how about you try, you will have to travel between realms anyway when you take over”

“How am I going to transport us, I don’t know how to do it” I tell her.

“Just think of my office, picture both of  us there and relax your mind, breathe in and breathe out” She says. I close my eyes trying to picture her golden light filled office. At first  I feel nothing  and I inhale and exhale trying to picture her room exactly how I saw it last time and I feel a slight buzz under my skin before a suction feeling and pressure.  When  I open my   eyes we are standing next to her desk.

“Perfect, see you will get the hang of  it. Once I  die it will get easier. The fact I couldn’t do it with you present means you are getting stronger and it required  you  to do it” I hated     the casual way she talked about her death.

“So what is the lesson today”

“Pairing mates” She says motioning to the strange mystical fountain. Walking over I peer into the smoky water and I could see the bottom. She swirls her hand in the water and colours appear, glowing different colours before she runs a finger straight down the middle, the blobs of colour moving to one side and I watch as the blurred colours take small forms of wolves.

“So first part of the history lesson” “History lesson, on what?” I ask.

“Celeste first of all, I don’t expect you to have heard of  her before, but  how  did she become the Moon Goddess?” Seline asks, I shrug.

“God!” I tell her and she chuckles, what did she expect me to say?

“Celeste  was a witch, but not  just any witch, she was half Goddess, she was the sister of Venus. Since she was  half  witch her father got with a mortal woman, creating Celeste. She was half human, half Goddess. Venus was a full Goddess and she is the Goddess of love and Celestes half sister” I nod trying to take all this in.

“Okay, so?” I ask.

“Well like I said she was half mortal and a witch. When Celeste was alive in the human world she lived in a village with humans, her mother being one of them and her little brother. They all lived together in a small hut and the village was surrounded by forest, one night Celeste’s mother was killed, and it angered Celeste. Can you guess what  killed  her  mother?”  I  think  for a second,   it could be any number  of things  but   the first word that popped to mind was “Wolves”

“Correct, wild wolves had become desperate, not enough. Not enough wild   game to feed hundreds of villagers and the carnivores, so Celeste wanted to protect her village, her sister who she didn’t know always kept a close eye on  her. Venus found  her mortal sister  quite fascinating   and kept watch over her. Venus tried to warn her that doing a spell like that was dangerous, Celeste however didn’t care. Her intentions fuelled by her anger, the villagers were scared and Celeste wanted to do something, she wanted to ensure her brothers safety, so Celeste and a few coven witches decided  to do a  spell, level the playing field if you will, only it required a human sacrifice and the sacrifice of a wolf”

“Celeste became that sacrifice, what is it with gods and sacrifices?” I shake my head and Seline laughs, “ The things one would do for love” She says and I nod.

“Anyway no one stepped forward obviously, but Celeste  couldn’t  bear the thought   of her brother being killed so she tried to do the spell without a sacrifice, Venus warned her against it but of course she didn’t listen as no teenager does. They created the spell and it was a full Moon, they had everything else except the human sacrifice. When they cast the spell, they quickly realised something was wrong when the humans suddenly      shifted. The spell was supposed to give them extra senses, can’t beat the enemy, join them, they should have been given speed, sight, sense of smell all that comes with being wolf but in human form” She pauses for a second.

“Only when they shifted she realised her mistake, Venus tried to warn her and she didn’t listen and suddenly her entire village and every village in the country was forced to shift into beasts, savage like real wolves only bigger  and stronger, instincts ruled over them making them crazed. Nearly her entire coven was killed all but her, it  is  believed she was spared as punishment by the gods. Forced to watch her mistake, this is  also where all the myths come from. She didn’t create wolves she created something worse, she created Lycans”

“At first they could only shift on a full moon, if the moon was out, they couldn’t help it. Their bodies transformed and they roamed the earth killing everything they came across. In a bid to stop this, the villagers set out to sea, in search of new  lands  and places to live,   trying to separate the colonies of Lycan’s because their uncontrollable urges were killing everything and leaving nothing” Seline explains.

“So that is how so many exist today, she didn’t just transform her village she transformed an entire country?” I ask.

“Yes,  she  underestimated   her  power being half Goddess, so  with  the  coven  it only enhanced it, like a plague in a sense, affecting every human it reached. Celeste angered the gods and so they locked her into this realm to make sure she did no more harm while the monsters she created continued to roam the earth. They told her she had to fix it, undo it but she couldn’t without the original coven elders that helped cast the spell. So for centuries   she  tried, the monsters   she created were feared and humans hunted  them, sought them and killed them while they were in their human forms,  hence  when they  found out about silver harming us, and it did. It harmed Lycans, killed them”

“ So when did you become the Moon Goddess?”

“Time wasn’t really measured or accurate so I can’t say for sure, but the saying I am as old as dirt would be close” She chuckles.

“And you created werewolves?”  Seline nods pointing to the fountain.

“Yes, So Celeste was stuck in this very realm and they called her the Moon Goddess because the only day she could leave here was on a full Moon to try to reign in the Lycans, but it never worked”

“ Now my parents were king and Queen, making me a princess of our kingdom, my parents died.

Lycan’s got them when they were travelling to another kingdom by horse and carriage. I was raised by my maid until  my coronation, I wanted to eradicate Lycan’s what I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love with one”

“Wait, you were human?” Seline smiles, her eyes sparkling.

“1oo percent  human, I was walking through my garden   when a man climbed the stone fence, gave me quite the fright. He was severely injured. I couldn’t  understand how he was alive, my maid helped get him inside. The guards wanted to kill him, he was naked when I found him, he was also a savage. We had him locked in the cells after he tried to attack me when he woke up”

“The guards refused to feed him, said he suffered from madness and I should let him die, so instead I went down everyday and I would   read to him, after awhile he started eating and he healed a little  more, he used to watch me through the bars when one day he spoke and said his name was Bain. After the second week he would be sitting by the bars waiting for  me and eventually I built up the courage to step into his cell. He wanted to look a t the pictures of     the book I was reading and that became routine. A month later I was reading to him when I fell asleep, you could imagine my shock when I heard his bones snapping and he turned into a 8 foot wolf standing on two legs. I thought the monster ate him” She chuckles.

“  Only when I screamed instead of attacking me he clamped his hand around my mouth and curled himself around me. I sat frozen all night while he purred. I was convinced I was going to become his next meal, but when the night was over he shifted back and I found Bain naked and curled around me” I sit down fascinated with the story yet also shocked to learn she was human.

“I   kept his secret but eventually  he was  caught, he  was fine  around me but I made   the mistake of letting stay in my room on a full moon, a guard came to check on me because I was sick and he killed the guard, he was possessive and felt threatened   when the man touched my forehead”

“They killed him, not long after I learned I was pregnant, my daughter was beautiful she was placid but when she came of age she showed traits but never shifted, I was Queen but nothing I did prevented her death, once they found out who her father was they killed Koraline she was 13 and they   burned her at   the stake, when I found out they caught her. I raced to get to  her, I  rode  a horse into the city in the middle of the night and found her tied to a stake and they were going to set it alight” She stops like she was lost in time, remembering her heart ache. I reach over and squeeze her fingers gently and she wipes her eyes shaking her head.

“Everyone refused to help, no one would let me explain she wasn’t a monster like the Lycan’s. She was good and raised right, she screamed for me when she spotted me trying to get to her. I wanted to hug her, she was my world, she was the last  piece of  her father and  the man I  loved, she was my daughter. So I broke free and I climbed  up  there with her, I tried to   remove her shackles and I couldn’t so instead I hugged her, held her tight”

“I   brought her into the world, if she was leaving it. I was going with her” Seline says.

“I   told her of her father to try to comfort her, try to distract her and I burned with her, when howls rang through the night, what I didn’t know was the Lycan’s knew of my daughter, she would sneak out constantly which was how she was caught, she hated being kept in the castle  like a prisoner,  she liked to roam the  forests. Even though she couldn’t shift into a wolf, she smelt like one, she was stronger than a human and she befriended them”

“ The Lycan’s came tearing apart the city, they tried to save us, I refused to let go of her. I wanted to  die with my baby girl, but  they wouldn’t let me. I was furious, they couldn’t get her shackles off and I watched her burn, I was near death when Celeste came luck has it, it was a full moon.  She was shocked a human woman would die for one of her beasts and I begged her to kill me”

“She said she saw that I was able to tame my daughter, able to tame Bain and told me she couldn’t save my daughter because  she was mostly human unless she did a spell making her have an immortal  soul  like  her Lycans”  Seline  sits down beside me.

“She said she could take me  to Bain. I  yelled  at her and said no, told her to kill me, I was already dying my skin as dark as charcoal in places and barely alive, I begged her. She said I was the missing link she was looking for and I didn’t understand at first, she told me I was their humanity, that love changed Bain and stopped Koraline from becoming a monster” Seline says getting back up and walking over to the fountain, she looked down at it before looking at me.

“I was unfortunately mortal and dying so Celeste used her magic and her Goddess  given divine power and instead of making me a Lycan she tried something else, She moved over to the where my daughter lay dying,  she told me she could bring her back but if I wanted to see her again, I could only do so in her realm and that she would make me a Goddess, but only if I fixed her Lycan’s. I of course agreed not realising what she meant, she couldn’t bring my daughter back in her human form. But  I agreed so she brought me here and brought me back and gave me a piece of her soul, like I did you” Seline tells me pointing at me.

“ Only she didn’t just give me a piece she gave me her life, in exchange she brought my daughter back but she wasn’t the same, she didn’t remember me, she didn’t know who I was to her. She brought her back as the white wolf, a symbol of my  love for her”

“I kept my daughter with me, yet she longed to be free. Lycan’s started dying off completely, this realm was becoming overthrown with them, until I remembered love saved Koraline and Bain. After a while I convinced the goddess of love, Venus, to help me create mates. She thought it was a great idea at first, Forcing their humanity but that didn’t work either, the lycan’s nearly died out and I was stuck here with all these Lycan souls, so I changed the idea again, I mated them to humans, creating vessels, so when the Lycan died off, and child was born with Lycan DNA I placed one of the Lycan souls, making them a werwolf, giving the human form an alter ego and by doing that Lycan’s have lived on through their human counterparts”

She explains.

“It gave them back their humanity by having a human vessel. My daughter though, wanted to be free, she couldn’t understand what she meant to me. She didn’t understand I was her mother as she was a wolf. She longed to find her mate, Koraline was blessed by Celeste when brought back to me, but she was never whole, she always longed to be free even when alive, so when Marabella cursed me out  I saw it    as an opportunity, and I merged my daughter with Marabella, taking Marabella’s original wolf, I replaced her wolf with Koraline, giving my daughter what she wanted. I just didn’t realise the consequences of it, I thought she would be set free not passed down through generations. M y daughter is Kora, she needed her mates to set her   free, she just  wanted to be loved completely and she got that when you set her free. You freed my daughter Katya, you sacrificed your life for your packs so I brought you back, you were the first time I had hope of getting her back”

“Kora is Koraline?” I  ask her and she nods, yes Kora is my daughter and the blessed white wolf, I cursed my own daughter when I cursed your family, and this is where I took mates bonds seriously” Seline waves me toward the fountain and I get up looking in it.

“When a werewolf child is conceived you will feel it, all wolves are the reincarnation of Lycan’s that need a vessel, recycled keeping the bloodlines alive. Some want to go back some choose to remain here, this side is the Lycan’s wishing to go back, this fountain is the fountain of life, when Lycan’s chose to  go back, I place them in the fountain waiting for a vessel, while in the fountain everything  they know and love is erased, they are reborn. When a child is conceived” She waves her hand through the water, colours ghostly but coloured float amongst the water.

“You match a wolf to the personality that you think the human vessel needs, see here this human vessel is light blue, what does that tell you?” Seline asks.

“You can touch it” Seline says  and I  gently  run my fingers through the water and gasp.

“You can feel their personalities” I gasp and Seline smiles.

“She is quiet, shy” I tell Seline, “so you give her a wolf that is the opposite, a wolf that will bring her out of her shell, it’s not just about mating them, it’s also  about  finding the right human vessel, see the wolf isn’t mated to the other wolf, they are mated to the human counterpart, so when Kora awakens in your daughter, Maddox won’t recognise Kora as his mate, he will recognise his daughter, same as Kora. It’s confusing but mate bonds are formed between human and wolf, not because of the wolves themselves, just the wolves sense when they find their human soul to bond too” Seline explains. I  nod thinking I understand. When I scan the wolves looking for a wolf for the girl. I touched an orange hued wolf, it was lively but kind.

“That’s good, now bring them together and bleed them into one another” I do as she says, feeling them merge and the rest of the blobs disappear leaving the two I merged together.

“Now call on the unmated” She says, washing her hands through the water, merged souls come to the surface and I instantly spot one that stood out like a tingling sensation.

“Now guide them together, sometimes they will take control themselves but rarely so part the others away” I do, leaving only a green and yellow hued auras, the orange moves toward them and stops before absorbing into the one I believed correct.

“You just created a mate bond and a vessel bond”

Seline says and I smile up at her.

“When you said Marabella and her mate forged a bond, is that what you meant, when you tried to pair them they drifted and merged on their own?”

“Yes, I  tried to put Marabella  with Jonah, they were   a good  match,  I could   feel it, yet   the other dark aura, I had never found a mate for but he floated around. The moment I brought you back, it forced them together. I tried for hours to separate them but eventually they merged, I couldn’t keep them apart, I tried guiding them to others but nothing worked.

“So if you didn’t mate her to Jonah, who did you mate Jonah too?”

“ I didn’t, I gave him his wolf, but I left  him as  a wild card. He was suited to Marabella  but  I couldn’t bond them, but ”  Seline tells me holding u p a finger before turning to look at me.

“ She could take him as her chosen mate ” I finish for her and she smiles brightly.

“Always a loophole,    remember that Kat ” Seline says.

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