Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 191

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 191

Sage POV

Zane and Nora sat with me the entire time. I felt nauseous knowing something was going on and I didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t sit still while I waited for the phone to ring. Malik said Andrei went after Clive but that was all he could tell me because he wasn’t with him.

What if something happened to him? Surely I would know if something bad happened to Andrei, mates feel that sort of thing but all I felt was his burning hatred and  then nothing  but  calm through the bond. It unnerved me.

“He is fine, Sage. Andrei can handle himself and Malik and Derrick have Jonah” Zane tells me as I paced nervously in front of the dining table.

I just couldn’t help it, not knowing what was going on was worse, my imagination was running rampant and putting terrible thoughts in my head and making me worry. When the phone rings I practically dive onto the table to retrieve it. My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t swipe the phone to answer it when Nora takes it from me. She answers it quickly and hands it back to me.

“Hello” My voice was shaking just as  terribly as  my hands.

“I   have him”   comes  Andrei’s voice through      the phone and it  was  like a tonne  of weight  was lifted off  my   shoulders  upon hearing  his voice. He was ok, my Jonah was ok. I thought as I slid down the pantry door to the cold floor.  I could breathe again.

“Sage are you there?”

“Yes I am here, Malik said you went after Clive. I have been so sick with worry” I tell him.

“I know I could feel you, I am on my way home with Jonah” Andrei tells and I  feel tears prick  at the edge of my vision.

“And he is ok?” I ask.

“Yes, has a few bruises  but he is okay, Hun. I will be home in a couple of hours, try to get some sleep” He  says,  like I would even be able  to manage  that. I  let out  a breath. I  just  wanted them home where I could see for myself that they were both safe, not that I doubted Andrei but seeing is believing.

“I  will try” I lie knowing that won’t happen. He chuckles softly and my heart pinches at the sound.

“You are a terrible liar, you know I can feel you, right? I will see you soon. I love you Sage”

“I   love you too, can I speak to Jonah?” I ask him.

“He is asleep, you will see him soon” Andrei tells me and I nod before realising he couldn’t see me.

“Ok, hurry home but drive safely” I tell him.

“See you soon, ” He replies before the phone goes dead. I rest my head on the pantry door. Nora is watching me standing by my feet.

“ See, he is fine ” She yawns and I feel bad that she was woken because of me, the entire pack was woken. What a mess  the night turned into but I was just relieved I was getting Jonah back.

Eventually I convinced Zane and Nora to go home.

Once they left I cleaned, having nothing else to do and also made Jonah a bed on the couch before making more  coffee.  Not that I  needed it  because I was alert and on edge the entire time but it gave me something else to focus on while I cleaned.

Distraction kept me  going  insane but  when I finally heard the car pull up it was twenty past four in the morning. I leapt out of my seat and rushed  to the front door. Unlocking it with my palm it felt like it took forever for the door to unlatch and I held my breath as I pulled it open.

Malik stretches his back as he climbs out of the car yawning. Andrei was at the back door leaning in.

When he stands up he has a sleeping Jonah in his arms and Derrick climbs out of the backseat after him.

I watch as Andrei sniffs his little head gently, holding him close to shield him from the breeze. I wanted to jump with joy at them being home but held myself together as Andrie looked over at me. His excitement burned just as strongly. My hands were already reaching for him as Andrei approached  mee. My hands combing over Jonah before taking him and molding his tiny body around me in my arms as I  took  him. He lost a little weight. Not much but I could tell, I could tell you every little detail of my boy and I noticed instantly as his body was placed in my arms. I bury my face in his neck and my breathing was shaking  as I  brought   him inside. Derrick follows Andrei in and kisses my head before motioning that he was going upstairs to bed in the spare room. I nod walking into the living room with Jonah.

I didn’t want to put him down, like if I did he would disappear   again.  Andrei  wraps  his arms around us. Jonah pressed between us sleeping soundly, only when Andrei cups my face did I realise how terribly I was shaking and that I was crying. Sierra was so present and vigilant as we watched him sleep. Also excited but nervous for our boy.

“Stop crying, he is fine. You should put him down before you wake him” Andrei tells me and I look up at him. I never wanted to let him go again but I knew he was right as I tucked him into his makeshift bed.

“He is  safe  now”  Andrei tells me  as I  tuck him in. I quickly pull his shoes off  his tiny feet  and tuck the blanket up under his chin.

“What  if   Clive comes   back for him, or Dominic”  I whisper worriedly before wrapping my arms around his middle and pressing my face into his chest.

“Clive is dead and Dominic knows I have him, he said to bring him home with me”

“Clive is dead?” I ask him, pulling away and looking up at him.

“He won’t touch our son again, you don’t have to worry about him taking him, Sage. I will kill anyone that tries. I won’t make that mistake of letting him go again. I swear to you” Andrei says before dipping his face down to mine. He kisses my lips softly before pulling away.

“How are you feeling?” Andrei asks.

“Relieved now you are home” I tell him.

“No, I know   that but I wasn’t   talking about that, are you okay? I hated having to rush out on you”  He says and it took a  few seconds to  realise  what he was talking about. With everything I hadn’t even thought about it, too worried about Jonah and Andrei I didn’t even give it a second thought.

Andrei leads me upstairs and I hesitate  at the top of the step not liking Jonah being so far away.

“I  will put the alarm on ” Andrei  says walking back down the steps and fiddling with the digital panel, he also checks the door before  wandering off and returning a few seconds later and climbing the stairs.

“House   is locked, windows   are locked, no one is getting to him” Andrei says and I chew my lip still hesitant. It felt surreal having him back. I couldn’t live with losing him again.

Andrei turns me around when I don’t move, pushing me toward the bedroom. I robotically hop in bed and Andrei strips out of his clothes and puts on some boxer shorts before climbing in beside me. His arms wrapping around me as he buries his face in my hair.

“You never answered me, ” Andrei whispers into my hair.

“I am fine, I forgot about it until you said something, I was worried about Jonah and you” I answer him honestly.

“Hmm not that memorable” He laughs.

“No, I didn’t mean that, I was just worried”

“ I know, I was teasing, And now I have mentioned it?”

“I don’t know,” I tell him. I truly didn’t. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t anything really just content.

Sierra hadn’t  left  me all night, like she was relieved and I could hear Donnie without it being forced or through Andrei. I felt more connected with my wolf and Andrei. I felt like I was comfortable in my own skin for once. I felt freed like the shackles  that held me  for so  long unlocked, releasing me.

Andrei   purrs behind me and I roll in his arms to face him, his nose brushing mine. Andrei pulls me closer and I felt  safe like I never knew before. My body had never been mine, I was never given choice but Andrei was my safe place. He was mine and I was his and I knew I could trust him more than I could trust myself. I knew without a doubt this is where I belonged, with him and Jonah. He would never hurt me, no this man would fight to the death for me and I would lay my life down in a heartbeat for him and our son.

I sniffle at the realization and how liberating it felt. “Shh, I am right here, you can tell me anything, I won’t get upset Sage” Andrei whispers brushing his nose across my cheek.

“Tell me” He whispers before kissing the side of  my mouth. I close  my eyes  just  breathing in his scent, the scent of what’s mine, the scent of  the man who loved me despite being broken, the man that put all my broken pieces back together, the man who would continue to love me whole and the one the person who gave me a choice.

Andrei showed me what it felt like to be loved again and taught me  to love myself, he never looked at me with disgust, he never looked at me like I was less, no he looked at me like I was his world even though my body was marred by the scars of my past, he loved me despite  my flaws  and without judgement, without blame, he loved me and set me free of myself.

“I  feel  free, I  feel like  I am home” I breathe.

“You’ll always have a home with me, and Jonah, Sage. With our pack. You have all of us and we will always have you, this is home. Your home ”

Andrei whispers before pressing his lips to my head. He purrs happily and I enjoy his familiar embrace letting go of everything. Everything that was my past, it no longer held me in it’s  confines  or trapped me there. I was free to live and let it go and for the first time my future didn’t scare  me, I no longer feared the monsters of my past but instead I vanquished them, they had no place in my future,  they no longer had control and I would never give it to them again, they didn’t deserve it and I owed it to myself  to  ensure  they  never had it.

For the first time I was excited about my life, excited about the life I would share with Andrei and Jonah, our little boy. He was ours and we were his. They were all that mattered, and all I needed. I slowly  started  to drift  off  into a  peaceful sleep without  the burden of trying to sleep with one eye open and my senses alert and on edge of the what if’s, I could sleep knowing no matter what happened  Andrei would keep me safe.

Movement   jostled   me and Andrei’s soft  spoken words as he rolled over woke me.

“What’s wrong Jonah, are you okay?” Andrei whispers. I sat up rubbing my eyes to find Jonah standing beside   him at the  edge of  the bed and I knew I must not have slept long because it was still dark outside. Jonah was holding his pillow in arms looking longing at the bed.

“I’m scared, can I sleep with you?” Jonah whispers. His little eyes filled with sleep and fear and I wanted to hug away whatever scared him.

Andrei picks him up, lifting him onto the bed.

“I   have just the place for you” Andrei tells him, tucking him between us.

“Right where  you belong  with us” Andrei tells him,  tucking the blanket   up around him. I fix his pillow between mine and Andrei’s and Jonah nestles against me letting out a breath while Andrei hugs us close.

“I love you my little Jonah” I tell him, kissing his little cheek. He presses his face  under  my neck and yawns tiredly.

“I love you too mummy” He whispers, patting my face with his little hand.

My heart burst into a million pieces at his sleepy words. Andrei moves his arm moving under his little head and mine. I watch him kiss Jonah’s

head before relaxing and getting comfortable, his fingers playing with my hair.

“You are our new world, Jonah, you are ours and we are yours forever and always” Andrei whispers to him  before closing his eyes.

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