Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 188

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 188

We stopped off   at Kat’s on the way home so she could email it through to Alpha Jason and not even halfway home she got a confirmation email that she had a court date scheduled for Wednesday at 1:15 PM. We stayed for coffee and to check the kids. Mateo wanted Ezra to run me back but Ezra insisted he was to stay with Kat at all times. Mateo didn’t seem to pick up the edge in his voice or the way he looked at Kat when he said it, but it was like they were hiding something from Mateo. I was excited to head home. The day had been a long one and Kat gave me a copy of the petition to show Andrei when I got home.

“So what happens next does anyone know?” I ask them.

“We attend the court date, like Jason said there’s no reason for anyone to dispute it, there are enough signatures” Mateo answers.

“Then another court date will be set to apply for Jonah back, hopefully though Dominic  will  see it  is inevitable and just hand him back” Kat says and I pray that is what happens. 5 days and I could have Jonah back home where he belongs. We continued to drive for another twenty minutes before pulling up. Everyone was already celebrating for the initiation that happened today for   Nora’s   siblings and I   felt   guilty I missed it but I knew they would understand, they were just as eager to get Jonah back as well.

As soon as the car stopped Andrei was ripping the door open and fumbling with my seatbelt and pulling me from the car with a growl.

“Yes, yes I missed you too” I tell him as he crushes me against his chest and I try to push him away. He growls before I give up burying my face in his chest, his growl changing to a purr. I shake  my head and roll my eyes at his affection.

“How   did   it  go?”  He asks. I mumble   against his bare chest where I was being smothered.

“Huh?” He asks, pulling away.

“I said I would tell you if I  wasn’t  being smothered” He lips tug slightly and he lets me go.

“Sorry you stink of Mateo, ” He says.

“I don’t stink?” Mateo says before sniffing himself.

“To me you do, you smell like my sister, not a scent I find attractive” Andrei says.

‘I don’t mind smelling like your sister, plan on rubbing my essence all over her when I get home”

Mateo says, wiggling his eyebrows at Kat. Kat slaps his chest and Mateo grunts at the impact. “ Don’t be rude” She snaps at him.

“What? I was being honest” He chuckles “going to hit that so h” Her hands clamp over his mouth.

“ I will get him home, I will see you Wednesday” Kat says with a smile on her lips as she winds up the window. I could hear her scolding Mateo as they drove off for his foul language in front of her brother.

“Are you leaving again?” Andrei  asks, looking down at me as he pulls me inside the house. I reach into my back pocket pulling out the folded petition and handing it to him. He unfolds it, his hands shaking.

“It got signed, ” He asks, his voice shaking as he tries to open the paper without tearing it. I take it from him and open it before holding it to open to show him and he glances at it before snatching it from my grip.

“We need a minimum 94 signatures, we got 97″ I whisper to him when he suddenly falls on his bottom on the floor. “Andrei” I shriek, clutching at his arm to try to pull up. Did he faint? I wondered when he pulled me in his lap and buried his face in my shoulder.

“We can get him back” His words hitching and shaking as he choked with emotion.

“We can get him back, Wednesday we have the laws changed and we file for custody. Jason will push the hearing through for us hopefully the next day” I tell him.

“Jason, you are on a first name basis with him now?” Andrei chuckles and I shrug. “His Wife Larni  is lovely,  they all were, especially   Terra” I tell him.

“Yes,  she is  nice. My mother used to  be bestfriends with Terra’s mother before they both passed away” Andrei says, pulling back. He looks at the piece of the paper again.

“We get our boy back” He says, resting his head back against the wall.

“Soon” I tell him, I smile excitedly before leaning down and pecking his lips. Pulling away, I go to push off    his shoulders and hop off him when he pulls me down on him, his lips crashing against mine hungrily. His tongue invaded my mouth as he devoured my lips. I moan into his mouth and a deep purr vibrates out his chest as his fingers tangle in my hair pulling me closer.

My fingers dig into his shoulders and he nibbles on my lip as his mouth moves to the side of my mouth letting me suck in much needed air as he nips and sucks at  my skin, his hot mouth devouring my flesh when I hear fabric tearing.

The  front  of my shirt  reduced   to scraps of cloth hanging off me as his mouth moved to my  breasts. I suck in a breath when I feel his claws break my skin as he  tore   the front of my bra open before his mouth was licking where he nicked me.

Arousal floods me, and I don’t ever think I  will ever get used   to the foreign feeling only Andrei could induce. My breathing becomes harsher, his grip tighter when he suddenly pushes off the ground with his hand. A panicked  noise escapes me as I fall backwards before grabbing his shoulders and wrapping my legs around his waist to stop from falling backwards and smacking the hard ground. Andrei chuckles.

“I won’t drop you” He mumbles against my lips before turning toward the stairs when I hear the door open. Andrei curses under his breath.

“Just a sec dad” Andrei calls out and I drop my face on his shoulder to shield my face and my embarrassment when Derrick walks in.

“Oh crap, sorry. I will stay at Malik’s, carry on” He says blurts out before turning and walking out.

“No, we aren’t” The door clicks shut before Andrei could finish.

“I will never be able to look your father in the eye again” I mutter with a laugh.

“F*ck, I forgot he was here” Andrei curses before stomping   up the steps. He places me on the top letting me slide down. I clutch what’s left of my shirt before giving up knowing it was covering nothing anyway.

“I liked that one,” I tell him.

“I will get you another one, go shower I will go find my father” He laughs, shaking his head.

“Maybe he could stay at Malik’s” I whisper as he turns around to head out of the packhouse. Andrei stops on the stairs, his hand clutching  the bannister as he looks back at me. Shame washes over me. Shit why did I say that? I was always careful with my words not to get his hopes up because we both knew it never went there.

“It’s fine, nevermind” I tell him, darting off toward the bathroom.

“Why are you running from him?” Sierra growls at me, clearly annoyed.

“Because  I just made an idiot of myself” I tell her, turning the shower on. I hear the front door open and close and let out a breath.

“For wanting your mate, hardly” She snaps. We hardly spoke anymore and I know it’s because she wanted to complete the bond. The bond was complete but  she insists it  would be stronger if  we mated, yet I never could and Andrei never pushed me for more, though I was more comfortable touching him now.

“Please don’t start”

“We are supposed to Mate Sage, Donnie and I aren’t bonded until you do, you and Andrei are connected, we aren’t. Never in all of my lives has being mated been this hard” She says.

“Huh? Lives? Sorry don’t know what life you’re living but last I checked I only had one, we are not cats” I tell her.

“Yeah, you have one. Forget it” She says, stalking off into the depths of my mind and blocking me out like she usually does.

I had to wash my hair twice to get the hairspray  out that helped hold my braid together, grabbing the conditioner. I reached out the shower screen and over to the sink basin for my hairbrush when Andrei passes it to me.

“Thanks ” I tell him, running the brush through the lengths to get the tangles out. Andrei undresses and steps in behind me.

My cheeks are flaming but he says nothing about what I said earlier. I rinse my hair out when I feel his hand run over my stomach making my eyes snap open. His other hand cupping my breast and squeezing it when I feel his lips move up my neck before he pushes me out of the water spray, his chest pressed flush against my back.

He kisses behind my ear, the hand on my breast moves and flips my hair over my shoulder giving him better access to my  mark before his hand goes to my  chin  and  turns  my  face  up to  his.  He dips his head  over my  shoulder, his  hand on my stomach pulling me closer as his lips capture mine.

My breath hiccups when his hand moves between my thighs cupping my pussy making me moan into his mouth, my earlier embarrassment gone and it was only Andrei, my mate, he is mine.

Andrei presses his erection against me, my body instantly reacting to him and I push back against him. He pulls away letting out a breath before kissing   my shoulder. His fingers brush over my slit, his finger parting my lips before prodding at my entrance when he stops. His breathing heavy next to my ear and I knew he was waiting for permission, he always does.

I  press back against   him. His lips go to my neck and he sucks on my mark, tingles spreading everywhere as his tongue runs over it before he shoves his finger inside me. I groan at the feel of him pushing against my walls as he  slowly  slides it out before adding another. A breathy moan escapes me as he works his fingers into me. My walls clamp around his digits as he builds up friction and I lean against  him,  my  legs  going weak but I wanted more, wanted him even though the thought petrified me.

My own body betraying me as desire coursed through me, It felt wrong to want something when that very thing destroyed me. “We can stop”

Andrie says despite his erection pressing against me. But I didn’t want him to stop, but I did. Fear, pain, shame, smashed and battered me yet Andrei never made me feel any of those things.

I turn in his arms, his fingers leaving me before I look up at him. He watched me with concern like  he pushed me too far. I reach up on my tippy toes  and wrap my arms around his neck. He leans down letting me kiss him,  his hands  gentle  on my hips as I press closer to him before pulling away slightly.

“I  want to” I  tell him and I feel Sierra pressing calm over me, but also not forcing me, she never did though I could tell she wanted to force control but that was one thing I knew she wouldn’t do.

“Sierra?” Andrei asks. I shake my head.

“No, I want to Andrei, it’s not  Sierra  pushing me to” I tell him and he grips my face staring at me intently.

“I can feel her forward,” He growls, letting me go and shutting the water off. He always  stopped if she was forward because he was worried she was taking my choice.

Andrei hops out grabbing a towel and wrapping it around himself. I hop out of the shower grabbing my own as he walks into the bedroom.

“Command me to  answer, command Sierra  to back off” I tell him when I feel his  doubt  hit  me. He stops and I nearly walk into the back of him. Sierra never pushed me but her influence has forced me to freak out before because I couldn’t recognise my own limits with her urges.

Andrei turns around looking down at me. “You know I don’t like doing that to you, Sage” He says and I step around him drying myself. Andrei watches me for a second.

“If it’s not Sierra, why did you run?” he asks  and my cheeks flush.

“I  was embarrassed,”  I tell him. “Of what?”

“Of wanting you when I usually shove you away” I tell him before sitting on the edge  of  bed.  Why was I so f*cked up? Now even Andrei doubts my words, I think to myself when he grips my face forcing me to look at him.

“Sierra recede”  He  commands and my  eyes flicker   before  I   feel  her shoved  completely out where I can’t reach her. Andrei lets out a breath feeling her leave.

“Do you want this, answer  me” He commands and I see him swallow nervously.

“Yes, yes I want you Andrei” I breathe before relaxing when I hear my own answer. Though I knew it wasn’t Sierra, the fact Andrei was doubting my answer did make me doubt my own thoughts at times and Sierra’s influence over me.

Andrei growls,  his  eyes flick onyx  before returning   to their normal color. His grip on my face tightens before his lips smash against mine in

a bruising kiss that makes me gasp. His tongue delving between my lips yet his hands remained gentle as he wrapped his arm around my waist hauling me to the centre of the bed with him. His chest  is warm against   mine as he pressed himself between  my  legs, his  heart       beating against mine calmly despite the torn feeling swirling inside him. I wrap my legs around his waist  tugging  him closer wanting to make the doubt  in him vanish as I kiss him back with just as much hunger.

“Let Sierra go” I mumble   against   his lips and he pulls away.


“So she can sense Donnie,” I tell him. “I don’t like the idea of that Sage”

“Please” I whisper and he looks away before he sighs and nods before I feel his aura rush over me making me shiver.

“Sierra return” He growls and I feel the veil lift granting her access to the front of my mind. I tug Andrei back to me and kiss him but he pulls away his aura rushing over me again.

“You don’t force her” Andrei tells her before I feel my eyes bleed black to my wolf.

“Never” Sierra purrs at him before she gives me back control. Andrei   relaxes before dropping the command, his  aura slipping away as he  stares down at me. I lift up slightly and kiss him, his caution slipping away as he kisses me back, his weight pressing down on me and one of his hands grips my hip  pushing it  higher  up  his  waist  as he presses his erection me, his hardened length running through my slick folds and hitting my clit making me moan into his mouth which he quickly swallowed as kissed me harder. My heart beat erratically in my chest but not out of  fear just out of realization of what we were doing.

I  roll   my hips   against him, liking   the friction it caused against his heated flesh, everything felt heightened,  and alive  and  some dead part   of me awakened knowing he would never hurt me and it was myself  that  trapped  me  in  the confines  of a past that was no longer my future, smashing through a barrier I placed to protect myself. Andrei groans as my arousal coats him but he doesn’t move. Instead letting me move against him, as his lips drove me crazy as his open mouth  devoured the skin of my neck, his hot mouth moving lower as he dipped his  face, taking my  hardened  nipple  in his mouth. My back arches a whimpered moan leaving my lips as he flicks his tongue over it.

His hips move slowly before I feel the tip of him press against my core and my breathing hitches, my body’s natural reaction  kicking  in despite wanting this, my body anticipating pain making my eyes clenched shut.

“Open them, you are safe with me” Andrei says,

his  lips pressing against   the corner of my mouth.

“Open your eyes Sage” Andrei repeats and I force m y eyes open  to  see his hypnotic penetrating gaze watching me. He presses his  forehead  against mine.

“Right here with you, always with  you”  He whispers, grabbing my hand and placing it in the centre  of his  chest  so  I could  feel the steady rhythm  of  his  heart beating against   my palm, his arm moves  back to the  side  of my face. I  nod  sparks igniting all over me and calm washes over me in waves.

I turn my face up, capturing his lips and I move hips against him, my heart falling in beat with the rhythm of his under my palm. Andrei pushes against me kissing me harder, his tongue playing with mine when I feel his aroused flesh stretching me as he thrusts into me, no pain just stretching and a sense of feeling full, no  violence just  his hand running up my thigh and gentle lips moving against mine. My walls clench around him and he groans into my mouth before pulling out slowly and pushing in again.

I roll my hips against him, getting used to the feeling of me stretching around him as he slowly moved against me. My hips meeting his gentle movements while his lips moved down my jaw to m y mark, he runs his tongue  over  it  making my walls flutter around him and my hips buck as arousal floods me, coating his length in my  juices as he moves a little faster.

Friction builds up and I felt myself reacting and wanting to chase the feeling, find where  it  ended as I moved my hips wanting him to go faster. He growls as my heels dig into him, my nails digging into his hip while the other grips his hair pulling him closer. He nips at my neck, his canines grazing and teasing my skin making my breathing heavier and my skin heats up, warmth flooding me.

Andrei purrs, thrusting in harder but not picking up pace and I growl at him needing him to move faster when he suddenly rolls,  pulling me  on top  of him. His cock still buried deep  within my walls. He moves so he is leaning against the headboard with me straddling him.

“You’re in control” He whispers, pressing his lips against mine, my hands go to his shoulders.

Andrei’s hands move to my hips, rocking me against   him and  I  inhale  nervousness sweeping over me as he gently shows me how to move and I roll my hips against copying the movements, his hands fall away letting me move at my own pace.

I  roll  my hips  against  him  when I feel him grip m y wrists, placing my hands on the headboard above his head and I grip it moving faster.

“That’s it love ” he says before his mouth wraps around my nipple while his fingers rolled  the other. My body moves and clenches as I move quicker finding my own rhythm and I become lost in the feeling building within my stomach, sparks dancing  along my skin as it  heats the faster I move. Euphoria ran through my veins as I writhed above him, his hands trailing down my sides, his mouth on my heated flesh when I felt him grip my hips before thrusting up into me, making me gasp as he met my movements making me moan.

The sound is dirty and guttural as flesh slapped flesh. The room filling with the heady exotic scents of my arousal and  s*x. His  hand goes  to move away but I pull it back wanting him to impale me on  him as my stomach  tightens,  my  muscles tensing as I climb higher to the precipice, my head falling back as he slammed me down  on him. Andrei leans forward clutching me to me as I ride the high of my pleasure building before I feel my walls clamp down on him. He purrs loudly and the vibration sends me plummeting over the edge making me cry out as my walls grip him, pulsating and my orgasm ripples through me leaving me breathless. I feel my canines lengthen his scent washing over me and I sink them into his neck as I fall   into   pleasurable  bliss. My entire  body feels heavy when  I  feel  Andrei groan, his teeth biting into my mark making me clench tighter  around him, milking  his cock as  he  comes deep  within my walls, spilling his hot seed into me leaving me breathless as I collapse against him.

“ I   love   you”  I whisper against   his neck and he chuckles turning his face toward mine.

“I love you too” He says, pecking my lips before moving and rolling me onto my back. I felt heavy and relaxed, sleep wanting to take me as he pulled out of me. Andrei tucks me against his body.

Goosebumps  rose on my skin as the high started  to recede and my  temperature  started dropping. Andrei tugs the blankets up before wrapping his arms around me and I melt against him letting my eyes fall as sleep takes me.

I fell into a dreamless sleep, sleeping heavily when I felt the bed move and I could vaguely hear the sound of a phone ringing in the distance. The bed dips as Andrei gets up leaving the bed. His voice husky as he answered his phone yet I didn’t want to wake yet.

“Hello” I hear Andrei say as I started to drift off again. Andrei growls loudly making my body jolt and react at the pure rage behind the noise. My eyes snapping open as I try to figure out what’s going on when he grabs my face.

“I need to go, stay here” He says and I rub my eyes wondering what has angered him.

“What’s going on?” I ask, rubbing my sleep filled eyes and sitting up.

“Jonah needs me, I am going to go get him”

“What?’ I panicked, tossing the covers back and scrambling for clothes.

“Stay here, I will be back soon” “But Jonah”

“ I will bring him home with me, I promise I will  get him back to you” He says before letting go and heading for the door, a ferocious growl escapes him that echoed off the walls in his anger.

“I am going to f*cking kill him” I hear Andrei mutter as he runs down the stairs leaving me in a panicked  state.

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