Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 187

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 187

Almost instantly   Alphas started to grumble  and walked toward the aisle only for Mateo to block it. Yet my eyes darted to the woman the few men that got up to grab their mates were headed. About 20 other Alphas nodded to Kat, a couple even motioned to  their mates in a nice gesture that they would be waiting outside for them- however tried to remove their mates when Kat’s command rushed over them.

“All Alphas leave, Mateo will deal with you ” She says and Mateo’s lips tug up, clearly liking that idea as he grabs one by the back of his shirt as he tries to fight the command. He hauls him out the door before closing it behind him. Everyone lets out a breath.

“I understand some of you are afraid so I won’t force any of you, just hear  what  I am  asking, that is all, you are free to leave if you want” Kat tells them. They talk amongst themselves and one woman goes to get up, clearly petrified wanting to leave when  the woman beside   her jerks her back into her seat.

“Grow a backbone” The woman spat at her. The woman sits down, head hung.

“If she wants to leave she can, but I assure you everything said here, stays here. I will not force anyone to sign, it will be completely up to you if you want your names on my petitions. I want to change a few laws and- ”

“ No, you want to help your brother don’t pretend this is about the  laws”  A woman  calls from  the back somewhere.

“Yes, that was initially my intention until I came across a few laws that are in favour of no one, laws that are outdated and wrong. I won’t lie, I only looked  into these   laws and practises    to find help for my brother but once I started digging through them, I found more that desperately needed changing, you can sign whichever ones you agree on”

‘Yeah right you can just command us to sign” Another woman chimes in. Kat takes a breath rummaging  through the  documents before holding them up and showing everyone, she then dumps them on the table with a heap of pens.

“I   am not your mate’s, I am not Dominic, I don’t come here as your Queen, I am not here to dictate or force your will. I am here  as a woman, as a mother. The same as you, we are just women wanting a voice, wanting change, and the certainty our children will be safe, that is why I am here, I just want to fix things. I want to give you a voice too, everyone here is free to voice their concerns and as one we can work on changing them, helping each other” Silence falls and a few murmurs reach my ears.

“We sign, you will back us when we want something changed? You will hear us out?” Another woman asks.

“Yes, of course. You all think you are powerless because you aren’t the Alpha. Well law says you are just   as equal as them, you have every right to be heard , you have every right to stand beside your Alpha as equal, you are Alpha females. I am just asking you to step into the role, I know you are scared of  repercussions  and those  that do fear that. I promise,  you will  and can  have sanctuary  with m y pack. I have my own pack but as your Queen you are all pack, every pack is pack to me, we are one pack.  I  am not  fighting for  my  rights but  all ours, all our childrens so just hear me out” Kat says.

No one says anything and after a few minutes Kat picks up the top petition stapled together.

“ So how many of you have heard of this law? If a man of title finds their mate and the mate is underage, he has a right to take them, to preserve

their maidenhood to ensure purity and to ensure their bond will be completed or for other circumstances and the man or persons of title is in need of an heir for pack transfer? This is the stuff I want to change, how many of you would be revolted if your underage child was taken from before they could tell if the person in fact taking them, is his or her mate, ” Kat asks.

“ I will sign that one” Says a meek voice I instantly recognised as the woman from outside. The woman turned in their chairs and looked at her, some smiled sadly at her.

“What’s your name?”  Kat asks her.

“Blaire my Queen, I will sign. Garret found me and took me when I was 15 and half because he knew that law, killed my  father when he tried to stop him, my father was an Omega like me” She says getting out of  her  seat and strolling forward.

She hesitates before bowing slightly and taking the paper from Kat and walking over to the table, I see her look at the other woman. “I know at least here who were dealt the same hand as me, get up!” She says yet none do.

“I have to go home with mine and I am willing to sign this, so get up! If not for yourselves do it for us who had no choice” Blaire says. Three more get up

and so does Terra and they walk over. Blaire turns and signs the document before handing the pen to the next.

“You call me spineless but yet you are scared of a piece of paper” Blaire says before walking back to her seat, the other woman I noticed followed her instead of sitting back in their original seats.

Kat stares at the crowd but no one else gets up and she sighs.

“Why?” I step forward and ask.

“Why what?” Amy asks.

“Why do you all demand change but  when offered a chance to change it you sit on your hands and do nothing?”

“ It’s not that simple, they are our mates, we live with them, they would see this as a betrayal” She explains.

“And why is that? Is it because they feel threatened, de -manned in a way? Or is it because they realise they broke that very law we are asking to change? How many here have kids?” Most of them raised their hands.

“Okay, say someone comes to claim your son or daughter. How many Alphas would challenge that for their kids or are they as heartless with their children as they are with their mates?” I ask.

“Come on, raise your hand if your mate would fight for their kid” I tell them. All of them raise their hands.

“If they would fight to protect their kid, why aren’t you signing because signing that is fighting for the next generations right to remain children until they recognise their mates themselves, if your Alphas would fight for them why aren’t you, over ego is why. Kat  hurt  their egos because she is a woman, not because what she is fighting for is wrong but because she is a woman and all those Alphas wouldn’t  even hear her out because they feel like less with her in charge. You will regret not signing that if it was your child that gets taken next?” I tell them before walking over and signing it.

“Amy, sign it, weren’t you a year out from finding your mate when he took you?” Terra asks her.

“But he is my mate, and he is good to me?”

“Will your son or daughters mate be good to them, because this protects them, any Alpha could come challenge your mate and take them and you will have no proof whether or not what they is claim is true, this gives us assurance because they have to recognise their mate before they can take them”

Terra tells her when I realise something.

The soft spoken woman was the influence, Terra didn’t  address her just  because   of what she said, but  because      the rest of the woman would follow her, so whoever her mate was  had  influence clearly because despite her quiet demeanor the other woman flocked around her. Making me wonder  if   he was one of     the top Alphas that left the table at the Alpha meeting where Andrei was sitting,  it   was clearly the table  sat  for higher up Alphas  and Andrei              said 6 seats vacated because Kat sat down.

“You said he was good to you, then if he is he would protect you right?”

“Well of course but”

“But what, do you agree this law should be changed?” I ask her.

“Of course I do”

“Then sign it, stop thinking of this as something personal, think of what is best for your packs, for your children, forget the Alphas and mates and whatever, think of what’s right, repercussions we can deal with, Kat offered everyone a place if needed but  if  they love you like they say they do, they will stick by your decision or were you lying when you said he was a good mate?” I ask, turning back to Amy. She growls and rubs her temples before looking up.

“Give me the paper,” She says, clicking her fingers.

“If   this causes drama. I expect you to calm the Alphas” She says to Kat.

“Of course but with enough signatures they can’t have an issue if we   stand united” Kat tells them.

Amy signs and once she did so did the others but we were still short signatures making me count the woman. “We are seven short, ” I tell Kat.

“How many short?” A woman says.

 4 my mates will sign, so will Andrei, but we are 4 short” Kat confirms also counting heads.

“Not everyone showed up?” Kat asks. Terra looks around.

“No everyone is here”

“The Alpha book must be outdated” She mutters.

“Four right?” Kat nods and the woman walks off and opens the doors leading outside.

“Hun, can you come here?” The woman calls out. A man approaches her, all goofy faced and doe eyed a s he regards his mate like she was made of gold.

They speak in hushed whispers before he looks over his mate’s shoulder at Kat.

“May I come in my Luna Queen, I am Alpha Jason, Luna Larni’s Mate?” He asks and Kat nods.

“You can enter,” She tells him.

“I sign this, I can’t go  against  it on the bench” Jason says to Larni and she nods before jutting out her bottom lip and he sighs walking over to the table.

“You’re one of the panel judges?” Kat asks and he nods.

“I am sorry it is nothing personal, but I  will sign” He   tells her before leaning down and signing it.

“All these signatures were of their own free will?” He asks looking over at the woman, they all nod but I could feel the tension in the room. He sighs and nods.

“May I stay?” He asks.

“ It’s up to them” Kat says and the Alpha looks at the woman but his gaze wasn’t like the others, he seemed willing to leave if they asked.

“Come on,  he signed  didn’t he?” Larnie  asks. They nod and he follows Larnie to her where she was sitting.

“If I may Luna Queen?” He asks and Kat nods  and I tense wondering what he has to say.

“Abigail’s mate  Alpha Clenton is also a panel  Judge, he is outside, you need three more” He says and everyone turns to face a woman who clearly didn’t like being called out in front of everyone.

“This is ridiculous, seriously over three signatures?” Terra snaps, getting up and stomping toward the door in a blazing fury. She stops at the door, tossing it open when the blonde girl Abigail sigh’s, her flip flops clapping on the ground as she races   over to Terra.

“You want to come in, you sign this document and keep your mouths shut” Terra calls out to the Alphas waiting outside in the sun.

A man walks over to her and stares down at Terra, I watch her fingers  twitch and  I  see Kat  step down off the podium. His aura maddening as he peered down at Terra but she didn’t falter except the tremble of her fingers that she clenched into fists.

“Mate?” he says and I realise that was Terra’s husband. She steps aside.

“You come in, you sign” She orders him and he raises an eyebrow.

“Really, is that so?” He asks her with a smile tugging at his lips like he found her  demanding him amusing. Kat goes to walk over but Terra holds her hand out for her to stop and she does.

“You sign if you come in, I will go to that stupid couples therapy if you sign it and back it in court” He folds his arms across his chest.

“You’re blackmailing me”

“Take it or leave it”  She says mimicking her mate a s they stare off.

“Fine, but you go to every one of them” “ 5 of them”

“8, it’s a 12 weeks of sessions” he replies “2” She snaps and he growls.

“Fine 5 then” he grumbles before trying to step past the threshold before stopping unable to.

“Luna?” he asks Kat.

“You can all come in but don’t cause issues” Kat announces. Terra’s mate walks over and signs and the other Alpha’s file in. Some head straight to their mates but we only needed two more signatures.

“Please Abigail” Asks her mate and he follows Terra’s mate to the  table  and signs. Kat’s lips tug up triumphantly and so do the other women’s.

Mateo heads straight to Kat, kissing her cheek softly.

“Thank god I was sweating my ass off out  there” He  says sitting on  the edge of   the podium. When Blaire’s husband walks in though everyone watches him. Blaire drops her gaze as he heads over to see what everyone was signing, a few of the other Alpha’s also getting up to see for themselves after Abigail and Terra’s mate signed. I watch as Blaire’s husband looks over at.

“You signed first?” He asked her, though his voice sounded more shocked than anything else and I held my breath. Blaire surprisingly lifts her head looking straight ahead.

“Correct, it needs to be changed” she says and I look at her mate who was significantly older than her. He turns back to the document staring at it.

“Do it for Grace, or would you accept that as her fate?” Blaire says finally looking at him. His shoulders tense before he looks at her.

“Grace” he whispers.

“I was only her age” Blaire says softly and he looks back at the document before picking up the pen and signing it and walking over to her. He falls in the chair beside Blaire before dropping his arm across her shoulders and tugging her to him. He kisses her temple before turning to the front to realise   we  were all  staring but  we  quickly avert our gazes. Once the last Alpha signed he walked over handing Kat the paper.

“I believe you just got a date in court” He said nodding to her before sitting down next to  his mate. Kat went over a few other laws which everyone signed off on which were no brainers before we came to the one I had been waiting for.

“Now this one is the last one, the blood purity law about the placement of children”

“Dominic has specifically asked us not  to sign off on that when it appeared in court” One Alpha admitted and the others agree.

“Dominic isn’t here” Kat tells them.

“F*ck it,   we have  signed everything else” Alpha Jason says getting up and taking it from Kat  to  sign and Larni also gets up to sign it. The others  are more hesitant even as Jason looks around to see any other Alpha’s would get up.

“My mate and I are begging you, please sign this.

Alpha Dominic took our son because he is not blood and handed him to a man with an extensive criminal record who is abusive and a drunk. All because he could because of this law. The same man that beat his own mother and sister who is Jonah’s mother. He  is 6. No  child   should live in fear” I tell them.

“We are sorry but- ” Amy stops looking around. Alpha Dominic clearly had his claws in everyone. I walk over to Kat shuffling through the paperwork for Clive’s criminal history and his photo that she enlarged before holding it up.

“This man has my Jonah, ” I tell them, holding up his smiling mugshot. I hand it to Amy before reading out his criminal report. It took a good twenty minutes to read out every charge and report before I got to the human court reports. I read   everything  to   them before reading out  the law that allowed it.

“So who is handing their kid over?” I ask. No one says anything, they all just stare at me.

“You are willing to let a 6 year old boy live with this man, who  has  a violent history and didn’t want him, so  who  is  handing  their  kid over. If this man is good enough for my Jonah, then he must be good enough for you to trust your kid with, right?” I ask them.

“He is a child,  children  shouldn’t  be  put at risk, we   are  adults,  we make our own choices, children don’t get that say, we dictate  what happens  to them because they are minors but what does it say about us if we allow  them to go  to a  household that   puts them at  risk. We  are meant to be their protectors, it should be what is best for the child not about purity of bloodlines  especially when there are no pure bloodlines anymore ” I tell them becoming angry that they would sign everything else but this.

“Well I wouldn’t want my kids  going to my mother” Abigail says with a deep  frown  on her face before getting up, her mate nodding also got up and followed her. One after one eventually they all got up.  But it showed  the power of one person willing to step up, giving way to change, showing how others feel confident enough with someone standing beside them.

“You have the signatures, now you just need the panel to agree” Alpha Jason  says coming  over  to Kat with the last document. She sighs before taking it.

“Thank you,” She tells him.

“Send it straight through tonight to this email it is mine,  I  will have  some dates moved around to squeeze   you in on Wednesday, be ready because Dominic is on the Panel and he  will  kick  up  a fuss, but  you have what you need and I  will stick by  my word  and back it” He says, handing her his card. She nods, accepting it.

“I will  too,  Luna  Queen,” Abigail’s mate says  before bowing to her. Everyone leaves and Kat stays back to thank  Terra  for  telling  her  about the Luna meeting. Terra also told us she would add us to the Luna group chat which is how they keep in touch.

“Thanks again Terra,” Kat tells her.

“It  was the right thing to do, even if  I now  have  to attend stupid couples  therapy  with  my mate” She says pulling a face.

“It  will be good for you,”   Kat laughs.

“Yeah if the woman running it wasn’t his mother, but I can deal with the old bat for 5 weeks”

“Isn’t that biased though” I ask.

“Apparently    not, but she isn’t so bad, I do love the old wolf. Damn mumma’s boy he is,” Terra chuckles.

“It’s a win for all of us” she says before walking over to her mate. We pile in the car and I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Andrei that we could be getting Jonah home soon.

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