Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 186

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 186

Sage POV

I was  sitting out the front of  the packhouse waiting for Kat and Ezra to pick me up. Kat rang me last night about some Luna meeting to get enough people to sign a petition to have the laws changed. Now we were going to go to this meeting and try to convince these Luna’s to go against their mates. I was nervous, Jonah’s future was riding on getting the signatures we needed. Even I knew  Kat couldn’t step down and even if  she did it  was going to put a target on hers and her children’s backs because no matter if she stood down, she would always be stronger than them.

“Here they are, ” Andrei says, tapping  my leg. I hop  off   his   lap and  stand up   as I  see   their car pull in. I was expecting Ezra so I was a little shocked to see Mateo and no sign of the kids.

‘The babies?” I ask.

“With Ezra, ” Mateo says as I climb in the back.

“You sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Andrei asks.

“I will be fine” I tell him and he turns to look at Mateo.

“I will be with her and Kat, she is safe with us Andrei” Mateo says before Andrei could say anything.  Andrei  nods his head before leaning in and kissing me. I shut the door before turning and seeing him walk into the packhouse.

“What is my brother doing today?” Kat asks.

“Initiating Nora’s  siblings  into the  pack,   she went into heat last night and is now  an official pack member, also I wanted to ask you something?” I tell her and she looks between the front seats at me.

“Yeah what’s up?” She asks.

“Did you know Eziah could heal already?”

“Yeah he healed me when I was pregnant with him, but hasn’t done it since why?” She asks.

“He may have healed some of my scars” I tell her.

“What? Really   let me see ” She says and I look at the mirror.

“I can’t show you, they are under my skirt” I tell her.

“Mateo won’t   peek, will you?” She says, slapping his chest.

“You can show her, I have mates Sage and I am  not  a  creep,  If I wanted  to look under  someone’s  skirt I would ask Kat to take hers off, you are safe here if you want to show her” Mateo says.

“See, he won’t look” Kat says and I nod before pulling my skirt up my thighs to show her the tiny handprints.

“If  he   could   heal you,  I wonder  if   I can heal old injuries too, ” Kat says.

“And can we not do that in the car, I am driving Kat, and you healing someone even if they are old injuries could affect me or Ezra” Mateo says.

“I will try when we get back,” Kat says.

“How does it affect you?” I ask curiously as Kat sits back.

“When she heals, she takes the persons injury and pain, Kat can’t heal, but because we are her mates and tied to her, when she heals someone it hurts her, when Kat gets hurt it hurts us, pulls on the bond and we take it from her so she can heal”

“And that happens every time?” I ask.

“No, not   every time. I have found I can block it  but I heal the human way when I do that”

“You better not bloody block us from healing you, Kat” Mateo growls at her.

“What about bringing back the dead, how did you save all those people and it not kill your mates”

“She  rejected  us, Gemini Wolves  can reject their mates after they have marked them. So she sacrificed herself and Seline brought her back”

“ So if   she brought   someone back from the dead now, would it kill one of you?” I ask him.

“We aren’t sure but also not a risk we are  willing to take obviously”

“I think so, but there’s a loophole too though. If I healed Mateo or Ezra and brought them back from the dead, I feel like it wouldn’t kill the other or me because of how our souls are linked now, but we would experience their death. The other loophole is for me to give life. I have to  take it,  I haven’t tested that theory yet, I also don’t plan to. Because for   that to work, I have to be the one to actually kill someone to bring another back” Kat explains.

“So Seline told you this?” I ask her.

“About bringing Ezra  and Mateo  back, no. It’s just a feeling I get. It’s hard to explain, sometimes my intuition tells me things, sometimes those things

are wrong too though. As for the  killing someone to bring someone back yes Seline told  me  that,  it  is part of  the Gemini  wolf  and part  of my original curse”

“That is so confusing, but pretty cool  too”  I tell her. It took 3 and half hours to get to Marrickville.  It was a   small country looking town,

we drove past multiple farms  on the  way here and farmgate stalls. The town was that small it

had a town hall which we were meeting with the other Luna’s at. A grocer, pharmacy and post office. That was the entire main street. Small was an understatement. Pulling up at the Town hall multiple cars sat out front on the grass beside the building.

“Is this werewolf town?” I ask, because this many people would certainly draw attention in a town as small as this.

“Yes, it  is  part of Terra’s Pack, the lady I was telling you about, it’s  part of her  territory” Kat tells me and I let out a breath. Mateo parks the car, a few people loitered in the parking lot and they were all Alphas.

“Shit, I wasn’t expecting this many to wait around for their Luna’s” Kat mutters.

“Is that going to be an issue?” I ask concerned.

“Only if they make it one, I knew some waited but didn’t think this many did” Kat tells me.

“I will handle it,” Mateo tells her and she nods before taking a deep breath.

“Let’s get this over with, ” She says, tossing the door open. I climb out after her. Everyone’s attention is on us when one of the Alpha’s walks over. A growl escaping him as he stalked toward Kat.

“You think you can turn our mates against us?” He snaps, stalking toward Kat. Mateo was quick to jump out the car, spotting the Alpha heading towards us. He slams the car door, the Alpha’s attention snapping to Mateo who he clearly didn’t

see as he backs up a few steps while Kat just raises a n eyebrow at the Alpha, clearly not caring for his outburst.

“Issue?” Mateo asks.

“No, Beta King” The man answers quickly.

“Are you sure, it looked like you were yelling at your Queen? Have you lost your confidence in front of one of your king’s?” Mateo asks.

“No, I wasn’t- ”

“Wasn’t what? Yelling at my mate, yelling at your superior? Know your place Alpha, If you are stuck with figuring out where that is, I will tell you” Mateo says, he steps close enough to the Alpha their chests were touching.

“It’s at her feet, because you are and always will be beneath her. Now apologise or I will show you exactly how far beneath her you are when I bury you” Mateo tells him. The Alpha looks over Mateo’s shoulder at Kat.

“Sorry my Queen I meant no offense” The Alpha says, dipping his head.

“Is that it?” Mateo asks, turning his face to look a t the Alpha who was beginning to sweat, his fear filling the air around us.

“I said sorry” The Alpha murmurs to him, his face paling and a few of the other Alphas were watching this man’s embarrassment, while the others were pretending not to see.

“I just didn’t feel it was heartfelt, sincere,” Mateo tells him, clamping his hand on the man’s shoulder and turning him to Kat. He shoves the Alpha to his knees in front of her. 1

“ Ah now that is much better right where you belong on your knees begging her to spare  you. ”

The man’s face turns red and he glances  around  at the other Alphas watching his humiliation.

“This is the part where you beg” Mateo whispers before shoving him forward so he was on his hands and knees. His entire body was shaking as Mateo stood so close, his aura suffocating the man and he started to beg.

“Forgive me your highness, I am sorry I didn’t mean to disrespect you, ” The Alpha says and I press my lips in a line to stop from laughing. Jerk deserved it and it was about time some of these Alpha’s realised the world wasn’t theirs.

“What do you think, Kat. Did he sound apologetic that time?” Mateo asks when a woman rushes out. Her hands went to her mouth as she looked on in horror and by the look on her face I could tell she was this Alpha’s mate.

“He’s yours? ” Mateo asks her and the man looks over his shoulder at his mate. She quickly nods her head. Her curly brown hair falling over her shoulders as her hazel eyes watched her mate horrified.

“Please don’t hurt him” The woman stammers out.

“Keep your dog on a leash next time” Mateo tells her and she nods.

“Sorry Beta King, sorry my Queen” She bows. Kat nods  to her   before stepping away from the man.

“Come on Sage” Kat says, looping her arm through mine and tugging me with her.

“I will see you inside after you see your mate” Kat tells the woman who nods before rushing over to him. He growls at his mate and shakes her off when she tries to help him up.

“Get off me” He barks at her and she stands before turning her back on her mate.

Stepping into the hall, off to one side had an assortment of cakes and biscuits, little sandwiches, coffee and tea. Pews lined the room and a small podium was at the front. The moment Kat stepped in, I  felt her grip tighten on my  arm. I place my hand over hers on my arm and squeeze gently. She smiles at me and I nod to her. I could see she was nervous, she may be Queen but she was only l9 and these women were older and used to gatherings. Walking in was a little intimidating. All these women were familiar with each other, were friends and we were two outsiders and Kat was their Queen. I understood her nervousness.

They all stood up when she entered. A woman with emerald eyes came rushing over, a huge  grin on her face, her coppery hair pulled in a ponytail and she had a white sundress on with daisies on it. Her heels clicking on the floorboards as she gripped Kat’s hand.

“My Queen, it’s Terra, we spoke on the phone” She said, shaking Kat’s hand.

“This way, this way. Come  up the front” The woman gushes excitedly. Kat smiles and follows her tugging me along. A few women had scowls on

their faces as we passed but most seemed curious or genuinely happy to see Kat.

“Everyone this Kat” Terra tells the crowd of women like it wasn’t obvious who Kat is.

“What’s your name Lovely?” She asks before gripping my hand and giving it a squeeze.


“I’m Terra, so happy to have some new faces, some of theirs get a bit sour to look at after a while but we are a good bunch” She says and I nod.

“This  is Sage, Kat’s ah” “Sister in-law” Kat interrupts.

“Sister in-law, now I know this was supposed to be one of our annual gatherings, but I spoke to Kat the other night and she needs our help,” Terra explains.

“Well she is barking up the wrong tree, we aren’t allowed to help. I saw what happened outside, if you are looking for help my Queen, you are asking the wrong people. Do you have any idea what the consequences of going up against our own mates will have on us, you don’t have to go home with them, we do” says a woman from the front.

Her hair was pencil straight and cut off at her chin. She had sharp features and was stern looking yet   her  words she spoke   softly, almost timid despite the fact she just voiced her concern. A few of the other women nodded in agreement.

“Amy, let’s Just hear her out, we have these meetings a few times a year and one thing we all agree on is the fact we never get a  say, this could be our chance” Terra tells them.

“Do you mind?” Kat asks Terra pointing to the crowd when Mateo walks in at the back. Her eyes instantly   go to him and he nods standing at the back in some secret conversation. The women turn also feeling his aura behind them and I see a few hunch forward nervously. Kat also noticed this when  a few other   Alphas walked in. The tension rose and I could see the woman falling into normal hierarchy with Alpha’s present.

Stepping closer to  Kat I   nudged her. “We aren’t going to get anywhere with this, if they are present. They are scared” I tell her and she nods looking at the Alphas taking up the far wall. One went over to his mate kissing her cheek and staring at her adoringly. The woman we saw outside ducks her head, darting into a seat as her Mate walks in behind her and drops a hand on her shoulder. Kat’s eyes instantly   narrowing in at his hand. I see her eyes glaze over for a second as she mindlinked. No doubt Mateo because he nods to her, his eyes darting to the man that tried to abuse Kat outside.

Majority of the women here I could tell were submissive  to their Alpha’s and I understood   it, I too am but Andrei never hurt me but it was clear with some of   them their Mates weren’t   the same as Andrei, Mateo or Ezra which made me nervous. I knew that fear.

I lived it for years walking on eggshells hoping to go unnoticed. I noticed the drop in their gazes, the sag of defeat in their shoulders, but most of all I noticed their fear. What if they say the wrong thing, what if they anger them. The nervous glances and the way they fiddled with the fingers and buckled   in on themselves to make a smaller target when the fists went flying.

Time   seemed to slow down and I knew Kat was surveying the crowd, their body language. Most of them clearly had great mates, but the ones I noticed that didn’t, I knew would be hard to get to agree to sign. One thing I did know though was, women like them were just as strong as the ones with confidence because they knew how to survive, endure and rebuild. I know those women, and those women I knew could fight back if they only had  support and the knowledge     they weren’t alone because I  used  to be  one  of them. It is amazing how empowering it is when you realise someone stood in your corner and was willing to back you, and that’s all they needed to find their  voices again, to know they weren’t alone in this.

“Out! ” Kat’s voice rings loud and clear. Not a command she was testing them, trying to  figure out who would fight against her, which women she would struggle with because they were scared.

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