Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 185

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 185

The room dissolves and ripples before I find myself  in Seline’s  realm.  Her  castle was in front  of us and I was standing in the fields of flowers that surround her castle.

“I couldn’t create new wolves for them but like I said I had some volunteers that agreed to go back, they will  have   no recollection of their past lives. Instead taking on new ones and being reborn” Seline says before whistling loudly. The sound echoes and weaves of the trees before I see wolves rushing toward me. All in different colours and sizes. 1000s of wolves surrounding us.

“So this is where the wolves go, they come here to live with you?”

“Yes, some choose to go back but those that don’t remain here with me” She tells me.

“And how will you give a wolf to Eziah and Marabella?”

“By connecting their souls as one, most wolves shift at 13 for the first time, because I am forcing their souls to connect; they will bloom later and like you shift at 18. Most wolves are picked in utero, it changes things that I am doing this after

the child is born but it  is  the best I could do since I can’t change their futures maybe their wolves can”

“So how do you pick?” I ask her. I feel all their auras, see the different colours of them and it was almost like I could sense their personalities by seeing the color.

Suddenly the wolves part and I see a Black wolf come toward me,  he  was bigger  than  Maddox, and had a huge scar across his eye, he sits on his hind legs staring at me.

“This Malachi, he was Micha’s wolf. Marabella’s mate’s wolf he offered to be Eziah’s” Seline says and I look at her.


“Yes, his heart is true and he loves fiercely just as much as Maddox and Ares, he is a good match for Eziah ” Seline tells me and I pat him, he brushes himself all over me, wrapping his body around my legs before sitting beside Seline.

“And for Marabella,   I think you will approve” Seline says and I turn to see the wolves part again.

“Hello Kat, ” Kora says, stepping forward. I chew my lip to stop it from trembling at the sight of her.

Gosh how I missed her.

“ I thought   you wanted to be free of the curses of my family?” I ask her, dropping to my knees in front of her. She presses her head to mine.

“ I did, but  now there’s a  new  curse  and I won’t let it take your little girl from you, you gave me my freedom, I will make sure Marabella gets hers, I won’t let this curse take her from us” Kora  tells me.

“New curse?” I ask Seline.

“When I saw that glimpse of her future, her mate is a curse himself. He is her undoing and what causes her to kill herself”

“But how can Kora save her if she won’t remember when she goes back”

“By giving her a friend, by taking the loneliness from her”

“But if it is her mate, I will make her reject him” I tell them. Seline shakes her head.

“That  is not  for you to  choose  Kat,  she is destined to be his and he hers, they will either be each other’s destruction or each other’s redemption. When I brought you back I didn’t realise their fates were set to collide and I wasn’t given a  choice, darkness  seeks out  darkness and  it   tied  them together without  my  influence  at all and it killed her, but with Kora with her maybe we can alter destiny and they can save each other” Seline explains.

“So I have to let you go again, ” I tell Kora.

“You will always be the one that set me free Kat, now let me return the favour and set her  free too” Kora says.

“I   love you Kora”

“And I love you Katya, now get back to your mates where you belong” Kora  tells me just  as m y surroundings ripple and I am back in the office.

“So that’s where you have been?” Ezra asks, looking between Seline and I.

“Yes Ezra, we had business to attend to, now I know you had one more question, but after that I must go Kat so  I can  put  things  in motion” Seline tells me.

“You need to leave already?”

“Yes I am afraid so time is running out and I must get to work before I lose my power completely” She explains.

“Ah what is going on?” Ezra asks, standing up and leaning over the desk to look at us.

“I will explain later” I tell him before turning back to Seline.

“Dominic, is blessed. I just wanted to understand what I am up against” I ask her.

“Dominic is not blessed, nor did I curse him. Remember when I said I created werewolves and they were a mix of human and Lycan. I did that to stop   the extinction of  Lycan’s  completely,  there are no Lycan’s left anymore, only werewolves.  One of Dominics ancestors was fated to at the time I thought was an ordinary human, turns out the woman was a dark witch, his bloodline comes

from Salem and the darkness that taints him, has been passed down through the generations since. I never blessed him, his own bloodline cursed him, no woman has survived the Octavian bloodline,

each one dies when a child is born. The power in their bloodline killed every mate of an Octavian. That is their curse to be forever  alone and to have no one to survive them”

“Wait, Alpha Dominic’s Luna is dead?” I ask looking between Seline and Ezra.

“Yes, she died during childbirth, she was no match for the darkness that taints her son” Seline tells me.

“So how do I defeat him?” I ask Seline.

“That I can  not  tell you,  I have been trying to break his family curse  for  centuries,  like  I  told you before I am missing heaps, things are slipping past me and I can’t answer everything anymore, only  you can find a way Kat  but  for now, I have to go and sort out those other  issues  which I suggest you keep those to yourself” She says looking at Ezra.

“We don’t need to tempt fate more  than we already have, and I also have to ensure these second chance mates. After  seeing how well Andrei has reacted to a second chance I have decided to grant everyone a second chance, well those whose futures I can still change and see that is” She tells me and I nod.

“But what of Andrei then?” I ask.

“His future is in Sage’s hands, but I think she may surprise you, she has come a long way and he has proven to her she is safe with him, he has proven he is willing to change for her and for himself”

“I must go now Kat, Ezra take care of our  Queen” She says before she suddenly vanishes.

“Well that was interesting, care to tell me what the hell is going on?”

“I told you I had a vision, but I may have left a few things out” I admit.

“You have 3 seconds to spill or I will put you over this desk and force it out of you”

“That sounds rather tempting, over the desk I mean”

“Katya! ” He is definitely mad. I hate when he uses my whole name and he only does it when I am in some serious trouble.

“You promised no more secrets, that you would confide in us”

“And I did, I just didn’t tell you every detail” I tell him.

“Come here please” I roll my eyes before walking over to him and standing between his legs.

“You hiding things and trying to take on the world by yourself makes things harder on you, no matter what you see, no matter how bad it is, you need to tell us. Don’t carry it on your own, not when you have us to share the burden with”

“But some of the things I see Ezra scare me, I know there are things I can’t change”

“So what is so bad about this one?”

“Mateo dies, and I wasn’t there  to bring him back, I couldn’t bring any of them back”

“What is it with him and near death experiences” “It wasn’t near death, he actually dies Ezra”

“We won’ t let   that happen, you said so yourself, that he died because you weren’t there, simple.

Where ever Mateo goes, you go with him” “And Sage?” I ask.

“Sage too?” I nod.

“ I will always choose the mate bond, I know that now. But I can’t save everyone but I also  can’t let her die”

“We will figure it out, maybe there is a way to stop it from happening”

“Yeah well unless we can find a good side to Dominic I don’t see that happening” I tell Ezra. He pulls me into his lap.

“We will figure it out,” He says, pressing his lips to my head.

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