Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 184

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 184

Katya POV

I was about to give up, I was hung up on 5 times already as soon as I mentioned who I was. They didn’t even give me a chance to explain what I was ringing for and the disrespect was really starting to get to me. 5 Alpha’s answered and I hadn’t   even had a chance  to   speak  to  a Luna yet.

Dialling the next number relief flooded me when a woman  answered.  Just as Ezra and Mateo  walked in. They both sat on the couch across from the desk. “Hello?”

“Hello,  yes  hii.. I  was wondering  if  I could  speak  to Luna Terra”

“You are speaking to her, may I ask who is calling”

“Queen Katya and I swear if you hang up on me, I will come over there and shove that phone up your bony ass” I blurted out expecting her to hang up  on me. She laughs softly.

“That won’t be necessary, but if you insist  please  be gentle  on me” She laughs  and I  let  out a breath.

“ Sorry every person I have called has hung up the moment I said who I was” I tell her.

“Let me guess all of those people were Alpha’s” She asks.

“That would be correct” I tell her and she sighs.

“Yes, you made quite a show at the Alpha meeting and upset a few people but that can’t be helped. So what may I do for you?” She asks.

“I am trying to see if I can get some help with changing a few laws but  I  need Luna’s  sign of  on it”

“How many do you need to  sign and are you sure we can sign off on it?”

“All of you and law says Alpha’s, Luna’s are also Alpha’s I tell her” I tell her knowing  that  a lot of the Alpha’s were still unmated and I needed every single Luna to sign off on it for it to  be accepted and looked at.

“Is   this about that boy, I saw an email about him, he is your brother’s child or he was looking to adopt?” Terra asks.

“Yes but I have gone over a few laws and there is a couple that definitely need changing” I tell her.

“It is probably best if you stop ringing around, the Alpha’s don’t like change but I am glad to see a woman in the top seat for once. Don’t be discouraged, I may be able to help though. Can you get to Marrick ville     tomorrow at all. I know it is a few hours away but twice a year we have the annual Luna get together, you are new and  may not   know of  it yet. But    it is at 11AM tomorrow. If you can get there we will all be in one place and best of  all, no Alpha’s,      they don’t like attending Luna functions, even though we are forced to all of theirs” She tells me.

“Yes that shouldn’t be problem”

“Great, I will message you all the details,  but I must be going before my Mate  realises  who  I am on the  phone  to, the last  thing we need is to have the two days a year we get of  peace cancelled, I will text the information to Alpha Ezra. I am pretty sure I have his contact details here” She tells me.

“That would be great, thank you Terra,”   I tell her.

“Your welcome Katya, just know you have me in your corner, not everyone is afraid of change and about time things got rattled around here. I look forward to speaking with you more tomorrow, but I must go. I will see you tomorrow” She says.

“Thanks again,” I tell her before hanging up and running my fingers through my hair.

“She didn’t seem completely opposed to you shoving a phone up her ass” Mateo chuckles, shaking his head.

“I know I shouldn’t have said it, but every bloody Alpha kept hanging up” I tell him.

“You can say what you want Kat, you are their Queen. But be  prepared  to argue  tomorrow,  some of those Luna’s can be quite catty”

“That’s fine, I will just have to sharpen the claws then” I tell him.

“Some of the Alpha’s may show up tomorrow, usually   a few wait   outside for their mates” Ezra warns and I huff but not much I can do.

“I  can handle it,” I tell him.

“ I know, I just want to prepare you, I will come with you tomorrow in case any issue arises” Ezra tells me and I nod, I also had to see if Sage wanted to go too, we could pick her up on the way.

Grabbing the phone, I start dialling Andrei’s number when the door opens. Marge sticks her head inside the office.

“We are out of nappies, I don’t suppose someone can run into town to the shop?” She asks and Mateo hops off the couch.  “I  will go, do  we  need anything else?”

“Some more milk” Marge tells him and he nods, following her out and shutting the door behind him.

“Who are you ringing?” Ezra asks while getting off the couch and coming over to me.

“I was going to ring Sage to see if she wants to come tomorrow” Ezra hums in agreement and I was about to hit call when he hung the phone up.

“Call her in a minute I want to speak to you first” He says and I swivel in my seat to face him.

“What’s up?”

“You haven’t shifted in two days, you need to shift tonight”

“It’s only a Crescent Moon tonight” I tell him and he shrugs.

“Still better than nothing, you promised you would shift every night and it has been two days” Ezra says. I sigh.

“Why do you hate it so much?” Ezra asks, “you always try to avoid shifting”

“It makes me miss  Kora” I  tell  him,  I  loved shifting but I also hated it. I missed having her and no matter how long I have gone without her  now, it still felt weird being in that form and not having her voice in my head.

“Will you please shift tonight?”

“Only if Maddox and Ares come  for a run with me” I tell him and his lips tug at the corners.

“I am sure that can be arranged, Mateo will love to be able to go. I will ask Marge if she minds watching the kids for us” He says before leaning down and pecking my lips.

“Ring Sage, tell her we will pick her  up at  7 AM” He says, passing the phone back to me. I watch him walk out and was about to dial Andrei’s number when my skin ripples and goosebumps rise on my arms. I hang the phone back up.

“About time, where have you been?” I ask Seline as she appears in the room. She looked tired again and she moves over to the couch and to sit down.

“I am fine, how have you been?” She asks and I get out of my seat and move to her side before sitting down next to her.

“You look tired,” I tell her.

“It is difficult for me to portal here at the moment” She tells me running a hand through her golden locks when I notice the blue veins streaking across her arm and hand.

“Seline?” I ask, grabbing her hand and turning it over. It looks like spider webs crossing her skin.

“I am fine Katya, now tell me what is going on with you. Why do you need to speak to me so urgently?” She asks but I shake my head.

“No, you are hiding something and I need to know what is going on” Seline sighs and I see her aura falter. It flickers like an electrical current went through it.

“Don’t tell me it is nothing Seline. I am done with the riddles and the lies. Tell me what is going on with you now” I demand and she raises an eyebrow at my tone.  I  watch as she chews  her lip nervously, something I have never seen her do before.

“I  am dying Katya” She tells me and my heart jolts at those words.

“What, how? I don’t understand, you are a Goddess, how can you die?” I ask.

“I wasn’t always a Goddess Katya, there are consequences for  everything and  I accept mine” She says, reaching forward and cupping my cheek, her  hands  were chilly and I place my hand     over hers, leaning into her touch.

“How, when did you find out?” I ask her trying to make sense of what she was telling me.

“I knew what I was  doing, I knew  the price  I would pay. But I officially realized when I could no longer see your future, that of your mates and your children. I have been losing some of  my  gifts slowly but it has started already. You may have noticed yours becoming stronger” She says. I don’t know what to say but Seline continues and goes on to explain after a brief pause.

“I need you to know this was my choice Katya, I knew what I was doing the moment I decided to bring you back. When I brought you back, I gave you a piece of myself just like Celeste gave to me”

“Who is Celeste?” I ask her.

“The first Moon Goddess, she was my creator, the creator of Lycan’s. She gave her life for me and made me who I am”

“I am not sure what you are telling me Seline, layman’s terms please ” I tell her rubbing a hand down my face, I really needed  to  get a good night’s sleep, my brain felt like mush. She inhales before letting out a breath.

“Celeste  created Lycan’s, I was one of them. Just like you I was a Queen of  Alpha’s, the last Queen of Alpha’s. I gave my life for my kingdom and also like you I was blessed with the gift of life. I exchanged   my life  for  my kingdoms, I died for them and Celeste saw this and was in awe of what I did so she granted me my life back, giving me a piece of her soul. Only a Goddess can create another Goddess or a God, so when I died she brought me back. My powers grew and strengthened while hers got weaker. Eventually Celeste  told me what she did, told me that when my time came I would take her place, that when I died, I would become the next Moon Goddess. She said that she trusted me  to  make  the right decisions  and guide her Lycan’s  and choose their mates. She tempted Fate to bring me back and I did the same with you”

“So   I am going to die?” I tell her, horrified. What about my mates, my kids?

“No,   not now, hopefully not for a long time but when you do, you will take my place and the fates will be yours to guide, yours to alter. You are a living deity and when you die you will become the Moon Goddess your people pray to”

“ I admit  over  the centuries I became lonely,  the repetitiveness and the loneliness of being the Moon Goddess became tiring. Then you were born and I watched     you   grow, I watched you fight for what was right, watched you get everything I dreamed for you and more, and you gave it away for everyone else, just like I did for my people. I saw the Goddess you could be. The Goddess I knew you would become so I made you   one,   but  you are also a Gemini wolf and I wasn’t expecting it would take a toll on me the way it did” She says flicking her hair over her shoulder.

“  Celeste  stayed a Goddess  until my  death,   but the piece I gave to you to bring you back was bigger than  I expected because with it I brought your children back too. I tempted fate and I thought I would be the same, but I am deteriorating faster than expected. I knew it would happen, I just thought I had more time but don’t worry Katya I still have time left, so what is it you need help with?” She asks.

I was shocked by her words and also horrified. I didn’t want to be a Moon Goddess, but saying that I didn’t want to be Queen either. If this is what

Seline gave   me  I would make her proud, I owed her that much at least.

“First   of all  my children,    they have been acting strange” I tell her.

“Yes,  I  have been watching,   unfortunately with my dwindling power I can’t see their fates or even choose their future mates anymore. I can control the fates of everyone else but not my own and since I gave you a piece of myself  that now extends to you and your children. I can’t help with any future knowledge with them only what I saw when I brought you back, but I have been

observing and I have enough knowledge now I can give you some insight”

“Like what, because honestly I am at a loss, especially with Marabella” I tell her.

“Yes, when I brought you back I thought both children would be Gemini wolves, instead it split the Gemini between them, one light, one dark.

Marabella will have to learn to control it but I do fear her mate will be darker then her when older, power like hers will seek out darkness, you would have noticed with  Dominic, how his power couldn’t touch yours because you are also tainted with dark magic, instead it feed your power, it’s also why when the madness that comes with being a Gemini affects you, you seek out your children, their power acts like a beacon calling to your power. I  also  noticed Marabella  and Eziah have been mindlinking each other showing me how strong they will be” She tells me with a laugh.

“So she was mindlinking?”

“Yes, they are  twins, they communicate  even if it is only pictures for now. I doubt any distance

would ever be able  to stop  their mindlinking, their souls are entwined linking them together” She  explains and it   did make  sense   the Gemini split between them but they were twins and sharing a power.

“Though I fear with Marabella the darkness will taint her like Dominic if she doesn’t have a buffer to help keep her grounded”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Both of your  children are like you.  Neither   have a wolf but I  am willing to force fate one last  time for both of them. I wasn’t expecting their powers to split,  I simply  thought they would contain both but  when  I realised  they didn’t.  I looked  into ways to help them. I can help them  but  it may speed the process of my death up”

“Then you can’t, I won’t let you”

“I am already dying Kat, Marabella’s fate I can’t tamper with without   huge consequences, but   I can add to her future. I can’t change it but I can add  to it,  maybe then she will find happiness in the end”

“What do you mean?” I ask now worried for my daughter.

“When  Marabella   was  born I   got   glimpses and her future   was dark,  darker than I  expected. She will suffer Kat and I want to help. Skeletons in the closet    Kat, hers is not one I can’t die with on my conscience, so you will let me  do this  for the twins”

“ What did you see?” I ask her.

“I  saw her kill herself,   I  refuse   for that to be her future, unfortunately with my dwindling power I can only do so much. Like Celeste created the Lycan’s, I created werewolves to stop the eradication completely, by allowing human mates and that is how werewolves exist  now. It also made  you  all more  humane, Lycan’s were savage beasts. Unfortunately my power is too weak to create new wolves, so I have had to recycle some old souls but luckily you also had some volunteers”

“Some volunteers?” I ask.

“Yes, give me your hands Kat, I will take you to meet  them” Seline says and I place mine in hers.

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