Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 176

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 176

Dominic smiles like he is excited for the challenge and I drop all my guards, the moment I do so does Ezra and Mateo. His smile falters, shock evident on his face and I smile at him, my eyes burning brightly as I feel my power rush over me and I shiver. Looking at Mateo and Ezra everyone shifted away from them, giving them room and clearly too scared to get close except Andrei who walks between them dropping his arms across their shoulders, his eyes sparkling deviously enjoying this way too much.

“Smell that my brothers?”  Andrei  says loud enough for everyone to hear and Mateo chuckles.

“Pretty sure they all pissed in their overpriced shoes, no amount of cleaning will get that stink out” Andrei chuckles looking over at the Alphas who shifted further away.

“Pretty sure Alpha Cedric shit in his” Andrei adds sniffing the air and an older man standing closest looks away from Andrei and Andrei laughs.

Turning back to Dominic I could see he was hesitant, I could see the glow of my own aura spread around me on the thick lush lawn, glowing gold and glowing bright and I pushed it out further slowly testing its strength. Invisible to everyone or so I thought when Dominic looked down, stepping back when it nearly touched his feet. His eyes scanned over it and I realised he could see it.

“I may have underestimated you, that won’t happen next time” He says and I pull my aura back taking it back in and he looks at me, cocking his head to the side. I watch him flex his fingers, darkness enveloping his hands and his eyes burning bright as rubies. His canines slipped from his gums, the darkness wrapping around him and I mindlink Ezra and Mateo.

“Do you see it, do you see the darkness around him?” I ask.

“What are you talking about?” they ask and I know they can’t but something told me this was no blessing from the moon goddess, but something much darker.

“Now lets see what you have got” He snarls, before I am blasted with his aura, my feet tearing up the grass as I am pushed back. Mateo and Ezra seemed shocked but I knew he was something else the moment they said they couldn’t see the dark tendrils soaking his body and enveloping him.

He laughs sadistically. “Clearly you underestimated me too, Katya, ” he laughs. Despite the shock of his blast, trying to force me to my knees it wasn’t as strong as the pure power I felt boiling in my veins and rising to the challenge.

I chuckle and force my feet forward stepping into the darkness and letting it cover me. I knew being a Gemini. The darkness won’t hurt me, because I am not only light but dark, to halves of a whole merged together.

“Do you know what a Gemini Wolf is, Dominic?” I knew he probably didn’t not believing anything would possibly be stronger than him. He doesn’t answer.

“A Gemini is gifted with the kiss of life and the bite of  death, light and dark coexisting and merging and residing in me” I tell him, stepping through his aura like a hot knife cutting through butter, the shadows not touching me, simply splitting around me and caressing my power.

Dominic grits his teeth forcing more out and blasting me with another wave of his power, his aura making some people in the crowd cry out and whimper some even beg for him to drop it.

“Hmm, is that all you got?” I ask, feeling the darkness slip over me. It felt cold to touch and I could feel it entwining with my power, feel the darkness creeping in and making the darkness in me rise morphing and twisting with  his, it  tickled my insides.

“Because if it is, you are in a world of trouble, Alpha” I spit the title at him and smile, feel my own darkness rippling through my veins before I let it out, let it burst out of me with a force so strong even I am shocked by the pure weight behind it as it smashes into Dominic, throwing him across the field. His body bouncing and rolling across the ground.

He gets to his hands and knees and I clutch my knees, catching my breath not realizing the energy it took to do that. Dominic gets up, dusting himself off and stalking towards me in a blaze of anger.

Standing upright, I let him get close and could feel Ezra watching me nervously, getting ready to step in.

“Kneel to your Queen” I demand, my voice strong despite feeling on the verge of breaking and giving into the darkness. Dominic grits his teeth trying to fight my command and I pull on the bond feeling for their auras and Ezra and Mateo don’t fight me when I take some of theirs, borrowing it to strengthen mine and bringing the Alpha to his knees in front of me.

He growls menacingly and his neck cracks as he fights the urge to bare it to me. No matter the fight he put up, my command was too strong and he was forced to submit. Shocked silence falls and I feel for what energy I have left, feeling the darkness tainting the edges of my power and snuffing out the light of it. I know I will pay for it when I leave here, that Ezra and Mateo will be forced to deal with me because for once the darkness swallowing me was scaring me.

I use my aura shoving out as far as it would go and one by one they fall, every person taking a knee and baring their necks to me as I fight to keep my sanity. I Fought to keep calm when all I wanted to do was run from the darkness eating away inside me. I drop the command and let out a breath.

“You may rise” I tell them.

“Yes my Queen” come the voices echoing back at me. All but one. Dominic growls but he now knows he is beneath me.

“This meeting is dismissed” I tell everyone and they get to their feet rushing off quickly. I stare at Dominic before turning my back on him when Ezra moves in a blur past me as a growl of fury roars from behind me. I turn in time to see Ezra grip Dominic’s neck as he lunges at me with his claws out. Ezra’s hand wrapping around his neck before slamming him to the ground. I hear Dominic’s breath wheeze out of him at the force and I hear the bones in his neck cracking. Walking over to them, I place my shaking hand on Ezra’s shoulder.

“Apologise to your Luna Queen now” Ezra commands him. Dominic rushes out an apology when Ezra leans in next to his ear.

“You ever try to attack my mate again, the only place left for you will be 6 foot under, your corpse rotting away in a wooden box, are we understood?” Ezra growls. Dominic nods and Ezra growls before shoving off him. Dominic clutches his throat coughing and Ezra drapes his arm over my shoulders and escorts us to where Marge and our kids are waiting.

“We need to get you home” Ezra whispers, feeling the darkness overwhelming me and trying to suck me under. Mateo and Ezra both force their aura’s over me and I keep drawing on it. Knowing it is the only thing that was stopping the Gemini craze from taking over. Something we couldn’t afford with me locked in the car with the kids.

Approaching everyone, I knew they could feel the energy oozing off me, I was a ticking time bomb we all knew it and for once I recognised the crazed parts of me trying to take control.

I stop next to the car and watch as Marge and Mateo place the kids in their seats. My fear spiking at the thought of being trapped in there with them.

“ Sage, Jonah do you mind hopping in with Mateo and Marge and the kids. Andrei I need you to take Kat and I home”  Ezra tells him, feeling the darkness building within me, my anxiousness only fuelling it more. Mateo walks over and grabs my face kissing my lips.

“Fight it, Kat” He whispers and I nod my head trying my best to, trying not to let it in but it was calling to me, promising to fix everything if I gave myself over to it.

Sage and Jonah climb in our car and Ezra opens the back door, climbing in Andrei’s car and pulling me in with him. Andrei glances at me in the mirror as he starts the car.

“Tell me if you need me to pull over” He says and Ezra nods before I feel the shift in the bond as he hands over control. Looking up, I see Maddox peering back at me.

“I got you Kitty” He purrs, holding me tighter. He sweeps my hair over my neck kissing my mark but also in warning if I lose it. I turn my neck, giving him better access if needs to sink his teeth into me.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone, especially those I love and I trusted  Maddox  to take  me down if needed.

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