Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 173

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 173


I never asked for this, never asked to become Queen of Alpha’s. My anxiety levels are through the roof. That is putting it mildly as I tried to will myself not to hyperventilate at the thought of walking into this meeting. I felt inadequate and unfit to be ruler, who would have thought moving blindly into Ezra’s pack that it would alter my entire life completely. I never in a million years would have thought I would ever become a Queen. That is the sort shit that happens in fairy tales. I didn’t want to be a fairytale I liked reading them,  and that didn’t mean I  wanted to become fucking Cinderella.

My life would have been so much simpler if I truly had no wolf. If  I didn’t become a Gemini. No amount of preparing would have readied me for this shit my life has turned into. A year and a half ago no one knew I existed and now I am some deity that everyone expects shit from. I felt like an imposter.

“Will you stop pacing, you are making me dizzy” Mateo says, making me stop. I hadn’t even realized he was in the room with me. So trapped in my own thoughts I didn’t hear him come in.

Ezra steps out of the closet in his suit looking as delicious as ever, I shake the thought away and go back to my pacing, something was seriously wrong with my libido at the moment. My thoughts always go to the gutter the moment they are around.

“Kat seriously what is wrong?” Mateo asks.

“Are you kidding I am about to be fed to the wolves, literally fed to god damn Alpha wolves when I walk in there. I don’t want to challenge anyone’s title” I tell him and he sighs.

“Well unfortunately    that isn’t up to you, powers determined by ranking, and you outrank everyone. Did you seriously think it was going to be like a normal Alpha meeting, that no one would notice and challenge that rank?”

“Ah yeah I did, I am not Queen material. I don’t even like leaving the house let alone having to deal with not just one pack but loo’s now” I tell him and Ezra chuckles behind me.

“What’s so funny?”

“You are, you literally brought an entire pack back from the dead, and killed yourself to do it. And you don’t think you are worthy of ruling? You have already proven you would give your life for the sake of others, not many can say they died for their pack

or their rival pack, so please tell me how you are not worthy of being their Queen” Ezra says.

“Can’t you do it, just challenge the Alpha of Alpha’s so I don’t have to?”

“I am sure all three of us will be challenged there, we all out rank them now, but you more so” Ezra tells me and I roll my eyes.

“That’s a load of crap, you don’t bow to me so what makes you think this Dominic will?” I tell him.

“We are equals and we are mates that’s how it goes, you becoming a Goddess just amped our Auras up, making us your king’s. And you are wrong by the way. Your Aura is a lot stronger than mine, you just don’t know how to use it properly”

“I have used it heaps on you and you never falter” I point out.

“I promise I feel it Kat, why do you think I get Maddox out. Sick bastard actually likes the pain, that’s the only reason he can resist it and also because he is a stubborn prick and waits for you to exert too much energy”

“Yeah I need to ask Seline about that, I didn’t realize using it was so exhausting and you don’t seem to struggle like that with yours”

“Mateo and I have a theory about it actually, might have something to do with you being a Gemini, probably similar to your healing ability, you can’t heal without us. Maybe it works similar because I am using mine on you, so I am not lending my energy to you when I am using mine against you”

“Kind of makes sense”  I tell him,  though I still hated the idea of  everytime  I get hurt they take it from me, yet I use my Aura and he only has to wait me out because he can’t take that from me too if he is using his. That irritated me more than it should and what good is being a healer if I can’t heal myself.

“We will find  out at   the Alpha meeting, when its not me you are challenging”

“What if it does exhaust me, though. He could wait me out, like Maddox and kill me ” I ask worriedly.

“You really think  we would just let you die? Seriously Kat, we won’t just sit there and watch our mate get hurt, if we see you distressed we will step in, besides stress less  it won’t  happen. Andrei will be there too, plenty of us to take them on, plus your father” he says before raising an eyebrow at Mateo and making me look at him as he tries to do up his tie.

His fingers fumbling and making a knot of it before he gets cranky tossing it on the floor.

“You’re done with your hissy fit?” Ezra asks him, amusement in his eyes as he watches our mate.

“You know I hate wearing ties, stupid. Who the hell decided a flappy leash hanging from your neck was needed with a suit” He whines as Ezra bends down and scoops it up.

“Probably invented by a man who was sick of going to meetings so he had something he could use hang himself from the boredom” He whines as Ezra approaches him to fix his tie.

“ Speaking of Dad, he rang me last night. Told me Sage had finally let Andrei mark her” I tell them.

“That’s good, one less thing to worry about. Congratulations you no longer have to kill your own brother” Mateo laughs.

“Yeah but that’s the thing worrying me, the bond isn’t complete until he mates her and I don’t know how to approach that subject with them because Sage has no ovaries and I couldn’t even smell any sort of pheromones from her at all when she was here for her to go into heat”

“I thought they just had to mark each other?”

“Well yeah but a bond isn’t complete until they are mated” I tell them.

“Maybe just marking her during sex will be enough?” Mateo says looking up at Ezra who shrugs.

“Yeah well that is what dad did with mum and it worked, but he did say their bond wasn’t as solid as it was with Katherine, it was weaker but it worked solidifying it. Dad worries though because of what happened  to her  that  without the heat   she won’t want to mate”

“Does your brother know you discuss his s*x life so openly” Ezra chuckles.

“Hey I have no choice but to discuss it, I have to kill him if it doesn’t work out and I like having a brother” I tell them.

“It will work out, now come here so I can zip up that dress” Ezra says and I completely forgot I was supposed to be getting ready to leave for this damn

Alpha meeting. I sigh, turning around letting him do the zip and top button. Ezra rubs his hands down my arms.

“We will be right beside you, you will be fine ” He says before wrapping his arms around me and burying his face in my neck. He growls softly the vibration running through me when Mateo clears his throat.

I look over at him to see him adjusting his pants, “ Please disengage from each other, my balls are aching enough without having you two tease me with your arousal and sexual tension” Mateo growls.

Mateo’s pupils dilated when Ezra nuzzles my neck, running his teeth across my mark. A violent shiver ripples down my spine making my legs weak and Ezra crushes me against him. One hand squeezes my breast through my dress while the other moves to my hip bunching my skirt and lifting it. A breathy moan escapes me when his fingertips brush my thigh before stroking the lace of my panties.

Mateo growls his eyes on Ezra’s fingers between m y thighs and Ezra chuckles before sucking my mark making me cry out in pleasure.

“Ah who are you teasing, me or him?” I ask, my voice airy when his finger hooks under the lace, pulling it to the  side. He runs his finger  through my slick folds, my arousal spilling  onto my  thighs and filling the air with my scent.

“Stop or we will be late” I tell him, my core throbbing with anticipation and Ezra groans before pulling his fingers away before kissing my neck.

“I say make them wait, she is their Queen and I am so horny, please, please we can be quick” Mateo begs. I chuckle at his desperation.

“Kat’s right, we need to go” Ezra says. Mateo huffs with disappointment. I was disappointed too, we barely  do  anything anymore. And as much as I want to, by the time we get a chance I am too tired and I tell them to fool around with each other, not that it stops them from trying and until the teeth come out and they leave me alone. I was always tired and my meds didn’t help making me foggy all the time. Though I have found my moods up and down since cutting them off for the two days for the Alpha meeting,  I felt stronger, more clear headed without them, yet one minute I was fine the next screaming or crying.

Mathias said we needed to watch for side effects of abruptly stopping them, but Maddox sat outside with me all night so I could recharge on the moon. Which I find is thebest medicine but I couldn’t sleep outside every night. And I know they would never let me sit out there on my own, so I would feel guilty it I asked them ot give up their bed for the grass. Plus there were the kids, outside was not an option for them especially how they were  on the move.

“Ready when you are Alphas” Marge calls from downstairs. Ezra checks his watch and sighs.

“Come on time to go” Ezra says, walking into the nursery and grabbing Marabella and Eziah who were both napping.

“Hopefully they sleep on the way there ” He says, passing Eziah to Mateo. Both of them hated the car so I tried to avoid leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.

“Are you sure Marge will be right with them in the children’s area?” I ask, worriedly.

“Yes, and Andrei said he was bringing Jonah so Sage had a reason to sit out of dealing with the other Luna’s at the meeting, she is still not comfortable being around those she doesn’t know” Mateo says and I nod.

“Okay, any news on  the Blood Database  yet”  I ask as we walk down the steps. Marge was waiting at the bottom with the baby bag and double pram. I grab the folded up pram from her and we head out to the car.

“No, but Andrei said he found out who his father is and is looking into it,” Mateo tells me. I place the pram in the trunk while Marge opens the doors to our newly acquired soccer mum van. Never thought

I would be excited about a soccer mum van but, oh the room those beasts have is so good. Though Ezra was less thrilled about driving it. Mateo on the

other hand was just as excited about it as me. Most of the time when we do go anywhere we are squished in his sedan and seeing as Marge has moved in with us now there was never enough room in the car for everyone.

Though it was rare that all of us went somewhere together, not being able to fit a pram in Mateo’s boot was a real bitch. Ezra climbs in the passenger side when Mateo plucks the keys from his fingers while Marge and I climb in the back with the kids.

As soon as he started it, the wiggles started blaring through the CD player. Ezra quickly shut it off yet Mateo still was humming the fruit salad song as he pulled out of the driveway.

Marge chuckled to herself while Ezra looked for a radio station to shut him up. Finding one he liked, Mateo pouted and muttered under his breath earning a smack in the chest from Ezra.

“It is bad enough I have to watch the wiggles on repeat, I don’t need you humming it while they are asleep” Ezra tells him.

“Driver controls the stereo” Mateo growls at him.

“Nope I am pulling rank here, I am not listening to that crap” He states. Marge and I laugh at their bickering but half way there, both kids start screaming and Ezra looks on the verge of jumping from the moving car while Marge and I try to settle them.

“Don’t you dare” Ezra growls and I look over at them to see Mateo turn the CD on. The wiggles blasting from the stereo and both kids slowly calming down as Mateo starts singing along and doing the actions while driving. Ezra mumbles something I couldn’t quite hear and shakes his head.

“Either you listen to the screaming or the wiggles, ” Mateo tells him and Ezra gives up. We had to drive into the city for the Alpha meeting, it was the only place that had a big enough hall to fit all Alpha’s from all over in it. The drive took us two hours and then another 30 minutes stuck in the horrendous bumper to bumper traffic before we pulled up at a stadium which I was not expecting.

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