Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 170

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 170


I had just got off the phone to Andrei after not hearing from him for a few days, I was beginning  to worry Sage wasn’t going to mark him, time slipping away. I hoped I didn’t sign his death warrant.

“Hey what’s up with you?” Ezra asks, walking into his office where I was sitting at his desk.

“Nothing, worried about Sage and Andrei”

“You will see them at the Alpha meeting” Ezra tells me. I thought maybe I could speak to Sage while I was there.

“ So what did Andrei want?” Ezra asks, sitting on the edge of his desk and peering down at me, his arms folding over his chest.

“He took in some rogue kids, one of them was his Beta’s mate. But one is orphaned”

“Ah, yeah that makes things tricky without parental or guardian consent, has he checked the blood database?”

“No, that’s why he rang, can you see if Mathias or someone can go take some blood samples for him”

“Yeah I will organise it, have you taken your meds” Ezra asks and I glare at him. I hated the bloody things, they made me feel airheaded.

“No she hasn’t” Mateo says walking in with a glass of water in his hand and my antidepressants”

“You have no excuse now Kat, you aren’t breastfeeding anymore ” Mateo says, passing me the glass of water.

“I don’t need them, ” I tell them, turning back to the computer and placing the glass down. I could feel their eyes on me.

“Kat, there’s nothing wrong with needing medication, it doesn’t make you weak, ” Ezra says, taking the pill from Mateo’s hand.

“Then you take them,” I tell him.

“Don’t make me force it down your throat”

“You can f*cking try Ezra and I will put you in your place real quick” I warn him and he growls.

“ Don’t make me bring Maddox forward Kat. You have to take them. Mathias said your psychosis will get worse without them”

“I will shift, I have been shifting and I am fine now” I tell them. Sick of everyone stuffing medication down my throat. I hated it, they stunted my aura and weakened me, I hated not

being able to fight off Ezra’s commands, unable to put my walls up and shield myself.

“You have three seconds” Ezra warns and I roll my eyes at him feeling for my aura that was severely muted from the meds yet not taking them I could at least feel it now.

“We have this stupid Alpha meeting in two days, I don’t want to be weak when we go to it” I tell him. Bloody stupid we even have to go, I don’t want the title of Queen of Alpha’s. Why can’t things just stay how they are? I have enough shit going on with the twins and our pack and we are also still dealing with Jackson’s old pack needing to be moved and rehoused into new packs, most packs reluctant to take in new members and the rogue populations growing out of control.

“Kat, please don’t do this now, just take the damn thing” I turn in my chair looking up at him. Mateo shifts nervously from foot to foot. I knew he hated when Ezra and I went toe to toe but I was sick of him treating me like a child and I swear he liked me being on meds because it gave him control over me.

“I said no, I will take them after the Alpha meeting” He growls at me about to stand up when Mateo grips his shoulder.

“Maybe she is right, you know her walking into that meeting is going to cause an uproar” Mateo tells him.

“Why will it cause an uproar?” I ask him.

“Every Alpha in the country will be there including the the Alpha of Alphas, you may be there Queen now but they won’t take that lightly, they may challenge you”

“Now why would they do that?”

“Because it is no secret what you did at the Jackson’s pack, rumours have circulated that you were blessed by the Goddess and reborn a Queen, the current Alpha of Alphas is not going to like knowing you pull rank over him, they will sense it the moment you step in there”

“So you think he may challenge me for it?” Mateo nods and Ezra sighs.

“I didn’t think of that, fine but you go back on them right afterwards Kat, no excuses”

“I don’t see why he would feel threatened, I am not taking his title”

“No but you are female, and overruling his title, we have never had Kings and Queens of Alphas, the Moon Goddess was always our Luna Queen well until now, and technically Ezra is King, I stepped out of the Alpha role but even I would pull rank over Dominic now being your Mate”

Ezra nods, I didn’t think of that, Beta King” Ezra chuckles and Mateo slaps his arm.

“Ah this is stupid, I don’t need this stress now. So what happens if they challenge me or either of you?”

“They would be stupid to try, unfortunately we heard  rumours  that  Dominic doesn’t  believe you are  blessed  by the Goddess, and said that he will never bow down to anyone”

“So he is going to cause dramas, great!”

“Simple he doesn’t bow, you make him, Kat” Ezra tells me.

“I don’t like using my aura”

“Well you will have to, or go hand to hand, depending on what he challenges you with, I say he will want to challenge your aura though”

“Well that’s stupid” I chuckle, this Dominic would be in for a shock.

“Yes and no, Dominic is also touched by the Goddess, well rumour is he has certain abilities that put him at the top, but you are deity yourself, nothing is stronger that”

“What sort of abilities?”

“Not sure, most of it is rumor, no one really gets close enough to him to be sure” Ezra explains.

“But he is the Alpha of Alphas”

“Exactly Kat, no one challenges an Alpha of Alphas the only reason he is even coming to the annual Alpha meet is to suss you out. He sent a personal invitation insisting you be there, whether you like being Moon Blessed or not Kat, there is no way of avoiding it, you are their rightful Queen and they will challenge that”

I push my fingers through my hair, suddenly nervous about tomorrow. I felt sick knowing I had all this pressure on my shoulders. Pressure I never asked for, maybe I could ask Seline what his gifts are. It was strange to think I now had a direct link to her, but she had actually grown to be a friend. It is amazing how once you have kids you suddenly lose all friendships. Everyone is too busy or too tired, but Seline was always happy  to see me when I called on her.

Hearing a cry, I look at the ceiling.

“I will go” Ezra offers  but  I shake my head knowing they were due to have their bath. We all walk upstairs, Mateo grabs towels on the way past the linen cupboard while Ezra and I grab them from the nursery.

“Mathias said he will head over to your brother now” Ezra tells me, scooping Eziah out of her crib. Both twins were growing like weeds, Eziah was crawling already, Marabella not quite yet. They are

early bloomers, they were only 4 and half months old and already way advanced for their age. I don’t think it will be long before Eziah is pulling himself up on the furniture, as he already tries to when he sits up.

Grabbing Marabella out, I pop her on my hip. Her gold eyes look around before they glaze over slightly.

“That, that is what I was telling you about the other day” Ezra says, pointing at her. Her eyes turn dim before they burn brighter again.

A shiver runs up my spine for some reason, unease creeping over me. Ezra was also watching her, Eziah eating his hand and drooling all over it.

“Eziah does it too, Mateo said” I tell him, slightly worried.

“She finally caught sight of what we have been saying, ” Mateo says, walking in.

“Yeah it is definitely strange, it almost looked like she was mindlinking but that would be impossible, they have no wolf yet and they are babies” I tell them, running my fingers through her dark short curls.

“You coming to Dadda” Mateo asks, clapping his hands in front of her, she smiles a big gummy grin holding her mittened hands out. I pass her to him and look over at Eziah who was currently slobbering on Ezra’s arm biting him with his gums.

“He must be teething, his drooling is getting out of control” Ezra says, holding him up and looking at him. Eziah giggles and Ezra rubs his stubble on his belly making him coo and smile, drool running down his chin.

I walk out of the nursery heading for the bathroom down the hall and running  them a bath,  my thoughts consumed with tomorrow and Andrei and now the twins and their strange behaviour. So much was going on and then I had my mates. I didn’t notice it at first not much anyway but since Seline brought me back there seems to be a power imbalance within the house. Ezra is so used to being the   strongest  out of us,  that he doesn’t like giving up his control.

Mateo was always so chilled out he didn’t care for being the Alpha amongst  us content with being Beta and letting us run things and argue between ourselves, the only time he would argue is if it was to do with the kids or my mental health which had been slipping.

Being a Gemini and Goddess reincarnate was exhausting. And we all know how that worked out for Josiah. The power of being a Gemini sent him mad and sometimes I wonder if I am doomed with the same fate, feeling it at the edges of my mind, but it also made me wonder what that meant  for the kids as they grow up.

But for the most part Ezra and I were pretty evenly matched until I ticked him off and Maddox came forward. My aura outweighed Ezra but Ezra knew Maddox was a force to be reckoned with and if things weren’t going his way he was quick to bring him forward.

Maddox would just fight against my aura until I exhausted myself before  shoving  me  under his, neither of us wanting  to bend to the other. I felt like our bond had become  chaotic  and  a  little unstable.

“Kat, the water” Mateo says, his voice making me jump not realising I was stuck in my own head. I looked down to see the bath overflowing, my knees saturated and I hadn’t even felt the water washing over them.

Mateo looks at me concerned. I quickly lean in draining some of the water out and shutting the water off just as Ezra finally comes in.

“What happened?” He asked and I  grit my teeth.

“Nothing, I got distracted” I tell him, angry at myself for not paying attention.

“Go get changed, we will bathe them” Ezra tells me and I get up off the ground, my knees wet.

I go to slip out when Ezra grabs my arm. “You alright? Maybe go make a coffee or lay down for a bit” He says.

“ I’m fine, I just distracted myself” I tell him. He cups my cheek and I lean into his touch.

“We can’t help you, if you don’t let us” Ezra whispers and I pull away from him. I was sick of the   same  argument,  they  can’t help me being a Gemini. Why can’t  they see that? Ezra grips my chin tilting my face to meet my eyes.

“ Stop fighting us, you are too stubborn” He says, pressing his lips to mine softly.

“Go, I will come find you when I am done here” He says, letting me go. I peck Eziah’s head walking out and heading downstairs to make some coffee, hoping that will wake me up yet I couldn’t stop wondering if something was wrong with the twins, the uneasy feeling I got when her eyes glazed over was racing through my head.

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