Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 16

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 16
I watch as she walks away heading inside after him. I sat there seething at her, my intense anger toward her shocked me. I hated her, hated the girl with a passion. Looking around the backyard I look up to see shocked faces staring at me. I stare back wondering what their problem is, wondering if I have food on my face. Wiping my face on the back of my hand I come up empty, so I was unsure why the sudden stares were focused on me. Getting up, I go to walk inside, turning to go back to the door when I notice something strange, nobody had turned their gazes from me.

Anger bubbling within like a hot poker as I walked back to the house, people stepping out of my way and dropping their heads. What the F*ck is wrong with them? I wondered as they hurriedly moved away from me like I was contagious. I felt tears start to brim at the embarrassment like I was doing some walk of shame but for something I had no clue of doing.

I was being shunned, just like back home. This pack was no different. I would always be the freak. Escaping everyone’s eyes I raced to my room taking the steps two at a time before locking eyes with Angie coming down the stairs next to my room. We stared at each other and she smiles smugly. I felt something twist painfully in my chest when I saw the Alpha walk down the steps behind her. Placing his hand on her shoulder, my stomach drops.

The Alpha looks up, notices me and an indecipherable expression crossing his face and I take off, running into the room and locking it. What was wrong with me? I really was a freak, but seeing him with her coming down from his quarters hurt. I couldn’t explain it, I knew it was irrational of me to think this way, like I had some invisible claim to him. I hear a knock on the door as I lean against it. I jump back away from it staring as the handle twists.

“Kat are you okay?” I hear his voice on the other side of the door, twisting the knife harder in my chest, my throat becoming clogged with emotion I couldn’t control or explain.

“Kat tell me what’s wrong?” I hear The Alpha’s voice rise slightly higher, almost panicked sounding. I hear footsteps outside in the hall before hearing Mateo’s voice.

“Everything okay Alpha?” He asks him.

“I don’t know” I hear the Alpha reply to him. The door handle jiggling as he tries to open it.

“She is probably on her period, pay her no attention Alpha” I hear Angie’s voice burn my ears. I see red, uncontrollable anger erupting from me and I grip the door handle reefing the door open.

I see Angies face pale and Mateo and Ezra take a step back from a vicious growl that suddenly escapes my lips, not only shocking Angie who looked on the verge of wetting her pants but myself. I had never made a noise like that. The tension in the air felt like it was rippling and Angie took a panicked step back when I lunged at her.

I see it a second too late as Mateo and Ezra both lunge at me, at the same second. Ezra’s arms wrapping around my waist securely ripping me back away from her. Mateo moves out of the way just in time as my leg kicks out aiming for Angie’s terrified face.

“Angie go!” Mateo tells her and she darts off down the stairs. “What the F*ck Kat, what is wrong with you” Alpha Ezra scolds me, my anger instantly dissipating and I am left with this overwhelming urge to hide away in shame. I had never felt so angry, so ablaze with the urge to inflict someone pain as I was in that moment.

Alpha Ezra lets me go giving me a concerned look.

“Why did you just try to attack her, I will not tolerate violence Kat among members” He says. I put my head down, ashamed of my actions.

“Answer me please?” He says. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know why I was so angry, why I was so hurt by her being with him, it was of no concern of mine as to what he does with her. The most shocking thing was I growled at her. Only with a wolf can someone growl, growling wasn’t part of the human counterpart. Growling comes from your wolf side, yet I had no wolf that I was certain of.

“I think I should go to bed” I say softly, turning away. The alpha’s lips part like he wanted to say something then stops himself.

“That might be best” He says before stepping out of the room and closing the door.

The next morning, I woke early to shower before everyone got up. Quickly grabbing my towel and toiletries bag along with my clothes, I raced down the stairs slipping into the bathroom. I sigh in relief when I realise no one else was awake and the bathroom was completely empty.

Going into the first stall, I shut the curtain and strip my clothes off. Turning the shower dials I step under the intensely hot shower, letting it burn my skin. Impending doom settling over me for what was to happen today. With a little bit of luck I can go unnoticed with everyone’s excitement over the pack run. Halfway through my shower though, I realise that wasn’t going to happen.

Angie’s voice hitting my ears and I hear footsteps coming into the bathroom. I freeze and panic hits me. So not a place I wanted to be, trapped in a stall naked. I hear her talking to someone when she suddenly stops.

“I know that scent” I hear her whisper. I try to wash the shampoo out of my hair quickly. The suds getting in my eyes burning them. Reaching for my towel I try to open my eyes only to squeeze them shut at the intense burn flooding them from the shampoo. Blindly reaching for my towel that was hanging on shower curtain. I couldn’t feel it, but I could hear her laughing along with another person. Bending down I tried to find anything to stop my eyes from burning so I can see when I felt it.

A cold draft hit me while I bent over searching for my clothes.The laughing got louder and I stepped under the shower flooding my face only to hear the click of someone taking pictures. Finally getting the soap out of my eyes, I open them to the curtain wide open, my clothes gone and Angie standing there with a girl and some boy with a phone in her hand. I scream rushing for the curtain and closing it, trying to shield my body away from their watchful eyes. I hear them laugh before hearing them run out.

I look around for my clothes, anything to shield myself but come up empty before looking at the flimsy shower curtain.

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