Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 159

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 159

Andrei POV

Zane was walking toward the treeline to dispose of the body when I tackled him. His body hitting the ground and the body being flung onto the grass.

Zane rolls beneath him and I straddle him before punching him, his nose breaking on impact.

“What the F*ck are you playing at? Are you trying to sabotage everything?” I scream at him before hitting him again. He tries to block me instead his own hand smacks him in the face from his attempt to stop me. He spits blood on the ground before glaring at me.

“I Fcking told you last week the braces were lose and wouldn’t hold much longer, you wanted him tied down there I Fcking did what you asked” He yells back at me. I growl at him.

“He did tell you Andrei, this is your fault” Donnie tells me fighting for control. I fall off him on my ass putting my head in my hands and Donnie lets go of control. “Fck! ” I screamed, I needed an outlet needed to hurt something. So Fcking close and I F*cking ruined it.

“It’s ok, I will get rid of the body. You need to sort your shit out Andrei, Sage was right you didn’t have to kill him” Zane says rolling onto his hands and knees. He reaches up grabbing his nose and breaking it back in place before it heals crooked.

“I had to kill him, you know I had to Zane” I tell him, gripping my hair. This was so F*cked up. One step forward and ten back. I could never catch a break.

“Did you Andrei, or did you just want to? Because the way I see it, besides the ones that tortured Sage the rest didn’t deserve death, you could have let them go” he argues.

“They would have come back and killed her” I tell him and he shakes his head wiping his bleeding nose on the back of his hand before spitting more blood out again.

“Is this about Sage or Angie. Not every rogue is the one that attacked us, the entire pack is petrified of you, this isn’t you Andrei. You don’t just torture people for no reason”

“They have been scouting us for weeks, trying to gain entry”

“No, you just think they have, you have F*cking lost it Andrie, sort your shit before we all walk. Angie is gone, you can’t bring her back but if you keep going you will lose Sage to and your pack. We have men out searching for their mates that are too scared to bring them back even if they do find them” Zane tells me and I look up at him.

“Who is too scared to bring their mate back?” I ask him. No one told me they found their mate. Zane scrubs a hand down his face.

“No one not yet but they have been talking, they don’t want to bring anyone back here in case you scare them off if they do”

“I wouldn’t hurt anyones mate Zane” I tell him.

“And what if they are rogue? You see a rogue and o matter what information you get, you kill them, Andrei. Killing them won’t bring Angie back, it won’t bring our families back and it won’t bring your parents back Andrei, let it go. We all did or are trying to but you… you are still living that day over and over again and your tossing everything else away for a vengeance you are not going to get, it

will never be enough”

“Listen to him Andrei, Zane is right” Donnie says but I shake my head not wanting to listen to this shit.

“What about the rogue attacks then, why are they scouting?” I ask him.

“Lior said he was scouting for food, the mountains are bare of everything this season, you know this”

“Lior?” I ask him and he points to the man at his feet.

“Lior, the rogue Andrei, he had a name before you killed him, the camp isn’t far from here, they have been scouting because they could smell the crops here. I believe him when he said he meant no harm”

“Then why didn’t you F*cking say something?”

“Would you have listened?” He retorts and I sigh. e was right. I wouldn’t have listened, I still would have wanted to interrogate him myself.

“The other camp?” I ask.

“Not affiliated with the camp he comes from” he says, his head whipping to the packhouse when light moves over the grass as Sage puts the main light on in the bedroom. I look up and see Sage tears streaking her face while walking across the room before walking into the bathroom in the bedroom and shutting the door.

“You should really buy new curtains by the way, those clearly do nothing to stop you from seeing in” Zane says, looking back at me.

I chuckle and shake my head , how hadn’t I noticed before, they were completely see through. Zane stands up before reaching down and grabbing Lior’s foot. Now he had a name I felt even worse.

“Let me handle the rogue situation, step aside. Malik, Casen, Vince and I can handle the rogue situation. Just spend time with Sage and sort your head out brother before you lose everything”

“I can’ t stand aside and let everyone else handle everything” I tell him and he lets out a breath.

“Isn’t your father coming tomorrow?” “No, probably not for a few days, why?”

“Your father used to be a Beta Andrei, let him help, let him take over for awhile” I laugh, does he seriously expect me to let my father take over my pack?

“I’m not joking Andrei, your father helped run Jacksons pack for years. He knows what he is doing and quite frankly I could use some pointers myself. Let him take over, sort things with Sage and get your head straight. We are a pack, a family, so lets us help”

“He is not part of our pack” I tell him.

“No, you’re right but he is your father and he wants to help, he F*cked up. I get it, but let him try

and make it up to you, let him help us. I am not saying you need to call him dad and hug and shit, but let him take over for a bit”

“And if the rogues do attack us?”

“It will be their funeral, but this other rogue camp Andrei. They sound like they need help, Lior said there is children and families amongst them”

“Are you suggesting we just let them in?” I ask him, shaking my head.

“No, but I don’t know, but no more killing rogues unless they attack us, that’s what I am saying. Don’t you remember what it was like being rogue, because I do and it F*cking sucked. Your mate” He says pointing to my bedroom window.

“Is still rogue until you mark her, she is a F*cking rogue. What did you expect she would do when she found out you were killing them, pat you on the back? Seriously Andrei, if you can’t keep her here, what the hell chance do the rest of us have in getting out mates back here to stay if our own Luna wants to leave?”

“You think she wants to leave?” I ask him worried and Donnie whines loudly in my head.

“I don’t know but I am sure being locked in there is making her question everything, you keep saying you want to help her get her freedom yet you have her locked inside, you are a good Alpha, but the last few months you have been a Fcking dck” He says.

I laugh laying back on the grass.

“ So what is it Alpha, rogues or your family, a pack is family, she is family so what’s it going to be?” The thought of asking them to take over sickened me, sickened me that I was seriously considering letting Derrick run my pack.

“Andrei?” Zane says kicking my leg before a shadow falls on the grass again. I look to the bedroom window and see Sage climb in bed.

“I will think about it, tell Casen to train with Sage, I need to go” I tell him.

“Where are you going to go?”

“To think,” I tell him before letting Donnie take over, giving him the reins until he hands them back. My father used to go deep into the mountains when things got too tough to clear his mind. He sometimes took me with him. I hadn’t been back to our old camping spot since before mum got sick, but I suddenly wanted to go, wanted to try for what he built, for Sage and my pack. This place was a constant reminder and right now I just needed to forget.

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