Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 158

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 158

Andrei goes to say something, when I hear a bang noise making not only me jump but Andrei.

“You heard that right?” I ask, making sure I wasn’t hearing things at the ass crack of dawn.

“Yeah must be someone needing to speak to me, wait here” He says climbing off the bed. Yet why wouldn’t they mindlink him, why bang on the door instead. I sit up watching him leave when the banging gets worse before I hear a man’s muffled voice yelling for help. I jump out of bed my heart pounding so loudly I could hear it, feel it in every pulse point.

“Stay in the room, ” Andrei says, closing the door, but I move anyway following him out.

“Are we under attack?” I ask him, suddenly petrified. Yet looking back in the room and out the windows I could see nothing, just the first glimmers of the sky changing to welcome the new day arriving.

“Go back to bed, I will be back in a minute” Andrei says but I clutch his arm not wanting to go without him when I hear another thump and Andrei growls frighteningly.

“That sounded like it was coming from inside” I whisper before stepping closer to the stairs, only for Andrei to pull me back, his behaviour seeming odd, if we were under attack why hadn’t his alarms gone off?

“Go back to the room Sage” Andrei says, pushing me toward it but I shake my head instead following him down the stairs when the man’s voice becomes louder and louder and I realize the noise was indeed coming from inside. I could barely make it out but it was coming from inside when I heard the bang again, my eyes darted to the basement door. My stomach sinks, and Andrei freezes on the top step.

“Have you got someone down there?” I ask him, though I knew the answer already by the man thumping on the steel door.

“Go back to the room” Andrei says walking down the steps and turning toward the basement door. I shake my head, refusing to.

“No, what are you going to do?” I ask him, rushing down the steps after him.

“What I have to do, Sage. Now go back to the room?”

“You can’t kill him. Andrei” I tell him. Andrei growls before turning on his heel and heading back toward the stairs but I run down them before he could reach them knowing he was intending on dragging me back to the room kicking and screaming. Feeling his annoyance through the bond.

“Sage! ” Andrei snaps, and my pulse quickens at the anger in his voice and Sierra lurches forward with me.

“Sage just listen to him before you make him mad” “He won’t hurt us” I tell her ignoring her warning.

“You don’t know that” she retorts. Andrei angry was frightening and I nearly reconsidered running to the room as he stalked toward me, making me step back and suck in a sharp breath. My heart felt like it was doing backflips and my stomach dropped somewhere cold within me. I don’t understand why I was suddenly standing here and arguing with him but the bond was telling me not to back down from him, though I was pretty sure I was about to wet my pants the closer he got when he stopped letting out a breath.

“He is just rogue Sage, just go back to the room so I can deal with it”

“I am a rogue Andrei” I tell him my voice comes off stronger then I felt.

“It’s not the same thing”

“It is, you were a rogue once and shouldn’t you feel compassion for them not a need to hurt them” I ask him. The banging starts again, my eyes darting to the basement door nervously before he has a chance to answer, I dart past him to head for the door when Andrei grabs me around the waist, making me shriek when my feet leave the ground. Andrei starts walking towards the stairs dragging me with him.

“No, you can’t keep hurting them, why do you keep hurting them” I scream at him before biting his arm trying to make him let go. He growls but doesn’t let go when the front door is suddenly swung open and Zane runs in. He looks to us on the stairs while I struggle to get out of Andrei’s grip.

“Alpha, what are”


Andrei yells at him, cutting him off. Zane hesitates before I watch him head toward the basement door.

“Zane stop, don’t hurt him” I scream to him and he hesitates before Andrei growls at him and he yanks the door open. The frantic man barges past him heading for the open door trying to escape and I hoped Zane would just let him go when he got up

chasing after the man who was n*ked.

“No, Zane please” I beg Zane as Andrei gets to the top step. The man looked petrified and wasn’t

much older than us, how could they just want to kill him? He just wanted to escape, he wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. I clutch the bannister, one of my fingernails tearing off before I urge Sierra to shift just as Zane tackles him. They hit the ground and struggle trying to get the upper hand over each other. I feel the shift start to take over letting me slip out of Andrei’s arms. He growls being forced to let go and I drop to the ground at his feet before feeling Sierra recede again. I try to get to my feet just as the man escapes Zane and makes a dash for the open door but Andrei moves at blinding speed and by the time I get to my feet Andrei was in front of him.

“No Andrei just” I look up just in time to see Andrei snap his neck, my scream cutting off as I watch him let the man go. The man’s body falls to the ground at his feet just as Zane pulls himself up upright.

“Why? you didn’t have to do that” I tell him tears burning my eyes as I rush toward the man. He was dead, his head twisted at an awkward angle, his frightened eyes peering up at me.

“You didn’t have to do that, how could you?” I sob, he was a monster. This was someone’s son, someone’s family and he snuffed his life out like it meant nothing at all.

Andrei grips my arm pulling me to my feet, while I try to shove him away.

“It had to be done Sage, he is a rogue he would have went back to his camp and had them attack us”

“You don’t know that” I tell him, anger seeping into my voice.

“ I do know that-” He says as Zane approaches us.

“Alpha, I am sorry, I thought I tied him down well enough”

“You f*cking thought wrong didn’t you?” Andrei bellows at him and Zane flinches and so do I.

“Get out and take him with you” Andrei says, his grip unwavering on my arm as he starts walking toward the stairs.

Sierra was howling in my head at what we just witnessed and I can’t believe I was going to let him mark me. Can’t believe I thought I could be safe with him when he was clearly a monster.

“Let me go,” I tell him, shaking my arm trying to get out of his grip.

“Sage enough, he is nobody” Andrei snarls at me. “Then so am I” I snap back at him.

“No, you are my mate, you should be on my side here, not some rogue’s, mine!”

“He was trying to leave, he wasn’t attacking anybody Andrei, why can’t you see that?” I yell at him.

“He is a rogue, they want our pack, why can’t you see that?” He asks.

“No, they just want a chance, but you’re right, I do see now, I see you’re a f*cking monster” I scream at him, my voice breaking and becoming raspy from yelling at him and leaving me out of breath. He growls yanking me toward him and I whimper at his tight grip, his claws sinking into my arm when he lets go suddenly and I feel guilt smash into me from the bond.

He looks at my arm stepping toward me but I pull away from him and he hangs his head. My heart is pumping so hard I was sure at any second I was going to have a heart attack with the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Andrei turns on his heel walking back down the steps heading for the door and grabbing it, as Zane goes to close it behind him leaving me standing on the stairs. The door slams and my legs give way from under me. Anger and sadness crushed me at how cold and cruel he could be, the image of the mains vacant eyes forever burned in my memories.

“Now what do we do?” Sierra asks me.

“I don’t know,” I tell her.

“His dad will be here today, maybe we ask him. He seems nice, maybe he can help us” Sierra suggests.

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