Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 155

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 155

I go back to picking up the glass and dumping it in some paper towels, wrapping it up and putting it in the bin.

Marge unravels the towel, her arm already healed and I let out a breath of relief when I hear Marabella cry out and I cuss under my breath before heading for the door when Marge rushes past me.

“I will check on them” She says blocking the door before slipping out it.

“No, sit down. I will go, just wash the blood off” I tell her, trying to slip past her but she grabs my arm gently.

“No, it’s fine Luna. I don’t mind, how about you make the coffee” She says, her eyes darting to the stairs nervously.

“Marge, are you afraid of me, I didn’t mean it” I ask her before forcing myself in her head. Her memories become mine. I filter through them seeing the countless times she had been asked by Mateo or Ezra to watch me while they ducked off without me knowing while I was asleep or preoccupied. The way she would find an excuse to remain in the room with me when they went somewhere. I stepped away from her, shocked at what I saw.

“Kat?” Marge says but I force myself back in her head seeing us in the kitchen, the strange eerie glint in my own eyes as I gripped her arm, burning gold eyes staring at me before my claws slipped out cutting her, the fear she felt when I said I would get Marabella. Yet it wasn’t fear for herself, it was fear for my children and I could see she was willing to die then let me go to them right now making me frown. My heart pounds loudly in my ears. They were monitoring me, watching me, conspiring against me. All of them were like I was some monster.

“Kat breathe, it is just the new moon, they worry about you is all. They would never do anything to upset you” Marge says.

“You all think I would hurt my children?” I ask her, my voice eerily calm even to my ears. I tried to shake the feeling off knowing it wasn’t me but it was coiling around me and strangling me in a vice and I recognised it but still couldn’t fight it off as it threatened to swallow me.

Madness creeps in, trying to take a hold when Marabella starts wailing loudly before being joined by Eziah’s cries.

“It’s just the postpartum and you are not shifting ” A growl cuts her off and she steps back hitting the wall before I realize it came from me, shocking myself for a second and my baby’s cries reach my ears. I force myself out of it heading for the stairs to try to settle them.

Marge on my heels but I pay her no mind as I rush to my babies. “Luna, let me, your mates are almost here” Marge says, stunning me.

“What? You called them home?” I ask spinning on my heel towards her just as the front door smashes against the wall downstairs. I look over the balcony, their scent wafting to me and a growl escapes me of pure rage at seeing them acting like I was some kind of monster that would hurt my own children.

“How could you?” I ask her, feeling betrayed.

“Luna, I meant no disrespect. Alpha just wanted to ensure”

“Ensure what?” I snap at her when Ezra appears o n the stairs behind her with Mateo. I look at him. My blood was boiling with betrayal and rage.

“Outside, now Kat” Ezra commands his aura washing over me but it only angers me that he would try to get me to submit to him.

“Nice try Ezra, I aint fcking Mateo. I am not your little bitch on some fcking strings, how dare you try command me” I spit at him. Mateo growls at my words and I turn to head for the stairs intending on ignoring them.

“You’re not going up there, not while you are like this” Ezra says moving so quickly it was a blur.

Mateo darts past me heading to the room as I turn my glare on Ezra and shove him off. Marge had taken off no doubt because she was told to, but I was past angry. I was f*cking livid they would all g o behind my back and plot against me.

“Come on, let’s go outside ” Ezra says, reaching for me again.

“Don’t touch me, you have all been working behind my back like I am a danger to my own children, I would never hurt them, how could you think such a thing?”

“No one said you would Kat, it’s just just a precaution” Ezra tells me, but I could feel the darkness writhing through me, taste the venom filling my mouth leaving a toxic taste as my gums tingled and my canines elongated. My claws slipping from my fingertips as I tried to fight against shifting.

“Kat?” Ezra says his voice setting something off in my brain like an electrical current rippling right through every nerve ending and engulfing me in flames of anger till I could no longer see my mate, instead only see a man trying to hurt me, and destroy me. I lunged at him. Both of us smashed over the balcony toward the floor. Ezra growls before gripping me and jerking me to his chest before he pivots in the air and I land on top of him, knocking the air from his lungs and mine. He groans and I roll off him trying to catch my breath but it was like the air had been sucked out of my lungs as the shift makes me tremble, my body contorting, twisting and breaking. As I fight against the urge to shift.

I try to get to my hands and knees only to be flatten face down on the floor by Ezra’s body. “ Calm down Kitty” comes Maddox’s voice, sending a shiver down my spine and he thrums, the sound making Ezra’s chest vibrate against my back. The frantic footsteps above us make me turn my head and look up and I spot Mateo on the top step. I blink trying to make sense of what was going on before my anger slams back into me and I toss Maddox off with such force he hits the stairs.

My anger forces the shift and I see black fur in my periphery before I run through the door, not seeing it closed. Splinters of wood smashing me and not a moment before my feet hit the gravel. I feel teeth wrap around my throat and weight on my back forcing me to the ground. Black fur catching in my line of vision. Maddox teeth embedded in my neck but not hard enough to break the skin, just firm and pressing letting me know he can take me down from the position we are in.

I squirm but my anger is already receding, having completed the shift, the moon shining down on m y fur and I feel the heat of my anger start to dissipate as my energy starts recharging, harnessing the moon and its calming effects and I fall to my side lying there. I feel Maddox’s grip loosen before he starts licking my neck and nudging me with his nose.

I let out a breath before he drops next to me resting his head on my neck. His warm body calms me when I hear movement behind us making my ears twitch and Maddox looks toward the house before resting his head back on my neck. I see grey fur as Ares comes over to us, flopping down on the dirt next to both of us, he licks my cheek and Maddox’s before tugging on my ear.

“All better now kitty” Maddox hums through the bond.

“The babies?” I ask them and Ares answers.

“Marge has them, she is in the nursery with them” He answers and I nod, closing my eyes letting the moon work its magic, the rest we could figure out and argue about later when I wasn’t so volatile and at risk of biting one of them.

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