Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 154

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 154

Katya POV

Ezra had barely said a word since Sage and Andrei left, instead storming off to the room and shutting the door softly though I know he wanted to slam it, and wanted to break something. He was angry but I don’t know what he was angry at, I don’t think he knew either. Maddox had been whining for weeks wanting out, but since the twins were born it was only when Maddox had forced control a few times that he was able to get out and a lot of it had to do with me pulling on him through the bond to help Maddox reign over the tight control Ezra had over him.

“You two are just as bad as each other, you realize that right?” Mateo asks me where he was feeding Eziah the last remnants of his bottle. The kid was feeding a machine while Marabella was the smaller one, though she cried way more. She rarely settled so I was surprised how long she had slept for today, both slept rather well.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I tell him while yawning and placing Marabella’s half drunk bottle down on the counter. She was already asleep and I brush her cheek with my fingers and she stirs.

“You need to burp her, she will scream the place down otherwise” Mateo says, his eyes on Marabella in my arms and I glare at him.

“I know Mateo, no need to state the obvious” I snapped at him. He lets out a breath before muttering under his breath. I maneuver Marabella over my shoulder and rub her back while she sleeps hoping she burps. She is a collicky baby and her screams of pain made me want to tear off my ears. She had a set of lungs on her and when she became too upset she had a tendency to unleash her powers, another reason I don’t want her sleeping in her brother’s crib. What if she kills him by accident?

“You know you could try not snapping and snarling every time you speak to us” He says getting up and walking out of the kitchen. Guilt smashes into me. I know I am short tempered but the idea of leaving them here just so I can run around like a wild animal scared me. I hear the TV flick on in the living room and sigh before walking out of the kitchen and toward the bedroom only to stop when I see Mateo sitting on the couch and decide to join him.

“ Shh, he has just fallen asleep ” Mateo whispers, bouncing the rocker with his foot. He leans over pulling the other closer and gesturing to Marabella over my shoulder. I lean toward him and let him take her and he carefully places her in her rocker before he starts bouncing it with his foot too.

We watch the news in silence enjoying each other’s company when I hear movement upstairs.

“Think he is alright?” I ask him, looking at the ceiling.

“Well he’s been locking Maddox up, I’d say he is feeling pretty shitty right about now” Mateo says just as Marge comes out with the folding. I get up moving to the other couch to help. It had kind of become an afternoon ritual. We would watch the 6 o’clock news and fold the day’s laundry together. She was like the only person I really had interaction with besides Jasmine and my mates and I hadn’t realised the time.

We were halfway through the folding when Ezra finally came back down stairs. Mateo looked over the back of the couch at him before looking back at Ezra as he headed out the door, his brows pinched together and I knew he was feeling Ezra’s tumultuous thoughts through the bond.

“Just go, I don’t need your help here” I tell him knowing he wanted to check on him. He sets the timer on the rocker letting it rock itself.

“Stay with Kat?” Mateo asks Marge and I am shocked by his words.

“Of course, Mateo. I don’t know why you bother asking anymore son I would never say no” Marge says as she folds baby clothes. Did they realize I was right here and I could hear them? I didn’t need a babysitter to watch my own kids. Not wanting to get into an argument with Marge here, I let it slide. Mateo walks over bending over to press his lips to mine but I pull away reaching for a towel. Mateo sighs heavily like the weight of the world was on his shoulders before gripping my chin and forcing me to look at him but I glare at him instead. His words stung like he was implying that I can’t look after our children and am incapable of keeping them alive for a few hours.

“Don’t…” He doesn’t finish, instead sighs shaking his head. “I will be back soon” He says, pressing his lips to my forehead. I knew he could feel the rage bubbling up in me and he stopped at the entryway but Marge waves him off completely oblivious to the fact there was going to be hell to pay when he gets home.

I continued folding trying to ignore how much his words hurt me, I was seething. After a while I got up. I was becoming too riled up and I don’t understand why it bothered me this much but it was making my blood boil within my veins.

“You alright Love” Marge asks looking up at me.

“Yeah, I was going to make a coffee, do you want one?” I ask her. It wasn’t her my anger was directed at.

“Sure, I can help you get the little ones to bed after if you like, save you walking up the stairs twice” She offers and I nod walking into the kitchen. I make coffee for both of us trying to feel for Ezra and Mateo when lust hits me through the bond. A growl escapes me of annoyance. Not that it bothered me they were f*cking I was just to pissed off to see anything but hurt and betrayal right

now. I knew it was irrational but it just fuelled my anger more.

I grab the coffees off the bench trying to distract myself from my bleeding anger. The fact it was a full moon the other night wasn’t helping. I haven’t shifted in months and the passing fazes of the moon always affected me oddly, yet this time it was becoming too much everything weighing down heavier and then Mateo had to ask Marge to babysit me like I was f*cking child that needed minding.

“You sure you are alright love, you have been awfully quiet this afternoon, are you hungry? I can heat up the leftovers from last night for you” She asks.

“No I am fine” my tone was a little harsher than I intended. Marge nods, taking the cup from my hands and giving me an odd look. I sat down wallowing in my own anger and self pity, trying to reign in control of my emotions, they were always wild and feral but I usually only needed to be close to one of my mates. Their scents soothing and calming the monster I can become but not right now, it was festering with no outlet.

Marge places her mug down on the coffee table getting up and reaching for Marabella, my eyes darting to her movement. “I will take her, you take Eziah” I tell her, noticing one of Marabella’s mittens had fallen off. Marge nods, scooping Eziah out of his rocker, her arms mimicking the movement of the rocker so he doesn’t wake. I do the same with Marabella and follow her up to the room. I go to tell her about the creaky step but she steps right over it taking the next, in fact her feet missing all the creaks on the old floors and my brows pinch together.

“Marge has Mateo asked you to help me before” I ask her, suspicion gnawing at me making me think back to everytime, I have woken and thought Mateo or Ezra weren’t here but found Marge with the kids and suddenly one of them pops up out of nowhere. Her movements were too precise like she knew how to get into the nursery and out without stirring them or me. Or maybe it was just paranoia setting in from not shifting and the craze of being a Gemini wolf setting in, but when she doesn’t say anything instead placing Eziah down in his crib it makes me alert.

“Marge?” I ask her, about to place Marabella in her crib before stopping.

“Yes dear, did you say something?” She asks. I moved to Eziah’s crib. They settled earlier together. Maybe we can try for one night and see how it goes. I think to myself placing her down in the crib beside Eziah and tucking them in. Marge turns the light projection on and stars appear on the roof while it softly plays a lullaby before walking out of the room and I follow after her.

“I was wondering if Mateo has asked you to help me before?” I ask her as we start down the steps.

“I really don’t mind, I love pups such innocent little things” She says but evades my question which irked me to no end.

“So he has asked you to watch over me?” I press.

“They just worry dear, I really don’t mind. Beats sitting at home by myself” She says with a shrug.

“They, so Ezra has asked too?” I ask, my stomach sinking. What the f*ck did they think I would do that they were worried of leaving me with my own children.

“Coffee?” Marge says, suddenly darting past me with the coffee cups and heading to the kitchen. I watch her dart off quickly before chasing after her.

“You know something don’t you, don’t they trust me?” I ask her, grabbing her arm in what I thought was a gentle manner until she jerks away from me and my claws slip down her arm. The coffee cups shatter on the floor as they slip from her fingertips. I reach forward to heal her but she shakes me off.

“ Shit sorry Marge, are you ok?” I ask her but she steps back. I pass her a tea towel and she wraps her arm.

“I’m fine dear. It’s ok, I know you didn’t mean it” She says as I bend down to pick up the broken glass. Her voice sounded far away for a second and I looked up and swore I saw her eyes glaze over for a second but she smiled at me.

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