Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 15

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 15
I watched the Alpha leave before locking the door behind him. When 5 o’clock came and the dinner call was made. Getting up I sighed, I had no choice but to go down there, go down and face Angie the Queen b*tch. Chucking on some warm clothes, I stuck my head out the door. A few stragglers also running late like myself were walking out of their rooms and heading for the stairs to go to the lower level.

Opening the door fully I quickly lock it behind me and make my way down to the stairs, turning the corner I bump into Angie. I almost groaned out loud at the sight of her. Her perfect blonde hair cascading over her shoulders sitting below her breasts that were perked almost right under her chin and drawing attention to herself. Like how can they not, they were right in your face as well as her own, she could practically place her chin on them, if she looked down she would be at serious risk of suffocating herself.

“Why are you here?” She sneers at me in her nasally irritating voice.

“The same reason as you Angie, now move” I tell her trying to step past her only for her to block me.

“Which room are you staying in?” She says looking up the hall the way I just turned from.

“None, of your business, now move please” I ask politely hoping she will give up. She nods and the gleam in her eye had me on edge. She steps aside and I go to walk past her when she shoves me down the flight of stairs. I roll down, the steps digging into my back and hips before coming to a stop at the bottom.

“Whoops” She says with a smile on her face.

I was about to get up, wanting to pound her snickering smug face when Beta Mateo’s voice sounded behind me.

“Angie what is the meaning of this?” He demanded helping me to my feet.

“She slipped” Angie all but purrs at him, I fight back the bile in my throat, disgusted at how much of a whore she was.

“Don’t lie to me, I saw what you just did”

“I didn’t do anything, it was an accident” She says when Mateo points above her head. I follow his finger and see a small camera I hadn’t noticed before and by the look on Angie’s face, it was the first time she had noticed it too.

“So If I go ask the Alpha to check the camera would it still look like an accident?” He asks her and I see her smile slip off her face. I raise an eyebrow at her and she glares back at me.

“I was just playing around, you’re not hurt are you Kat?” She asks pretending to be a concerned friend.

“No Angie, I am not as breakable as you think” I tell her walking off annoyed. What was her problem?

Walking out the back, I find everyone sitting and talking amongst themselves. A huge firepit sat in the middle of the courtyard and there were around thirty or forty students hovering around the area. The air thick with the smell of cooking steaks and sausages. I try to look for a familiar face, praying Jasmine comes here on Thursday nights.

“Who are you looking for?” The Alpha’s voice says behind me, making me jump. I see Angie throwing daggers at me from her seat next to the fire pit.

“I was hoping Jasmine would be here?” I tell him and he nudges me, handing me a steak sandwich.

“Here eat, and Jasmine comes to the pack runs with her family, they don’t want her missing school, she is to be a pack doctor when she graduates” The Alpha says pulling me aside and sitting down on one of the sandstone, huge rectangle rocks. I sit down and can practically feel Angie’s eyes boring into my back. Mateo walks over sitting on my other side and I force myself to not roll my eyes.

Do they realise them being around me, makes things more difficult for me with Angie? Not to mention the countless others that keep stealing glances in our direction. Do I have something on my face? Why does everyone keep glancing over, though I knew it was because the Alpha and his Beta were sitting beside me.

Their stares made me nervous and I stood up. “Where are you going?” The alpha asks looking up at me.

“Back inside, everyone keeps giving my sideways glances and it is rather annoying”

“They probably think you’re in trouble” Beta Mateo chuckles.

“I would assume the same thing, if an Alpha and his Beta was babysitting a student at their school” I tell him.

“Should I be offended that you are too embarrassed to be seen with me?” Mateo mocks and I actually do roll my eyes at him.

“I’m not embarrassed, I just don’t want Angie getting the wrong idea, she already thinks I am after the Alpha” I tell them, pulling a face. The Alpha smiles before shaking his head.

“Let them think what they want, it won’t matter soon anyhow, but if you are that worried I will leave you alone while people are here” The Alpha says confusing me. Was he purposely seeking me out? But why?

“You say that like you are purposely making things awkward for me” I tell him.

“Not awkward but yes I am purposely seeking you out if that is what you are wondering?” He says, biting into his sandwich.

“Why” I find myself asking. My last Alpha barely came near me, like I had the plague and was worried he would catch it. This one though everywhere I turn I am running into him when I should be avoiding him altogether.

He shrugs, “You’re new to the pack” I ponder his words. Jasmine did say he was a good fair Alpha, he does seem very involved in his pack, having been here for just over a week, I did notice he knew every pack member by name, which my last Alpha barely even acknowledged anyone that was beneath his rank unless it was to scold them.

My new Alpha also seemed very involved in the school and community meetings like Pack runs. We didn’t have those very much thank god at my old pack, but here pack runs were weekly and he even let pack members into the pack house, which is what it’s for but back home the pack house was a fancy name for the Alpha’s personal mansion.

I sit back down beside him, and he smiles over at me. “What changed your mind?” He says when I sit back down.

“Well beside you Mateo the rest avoid me, so nowhere else to go so might as stay here” Beta Mateo chucks his arm across my shoulders. “Well we can always give them something to talk about to really kick the rumours off” He says, his eyes sparkling in mischief.

“You will do no such thing, hands off Mateo” The Alpha tells him before hopping up, something seemed to anger him as he turned and walked inside. Beta Mateo’s eyes glaze over and I can tell he is mindlinking before he abruptly hops up.

“I will see you later Kat, I have P!ssed off the Alpha” He says in a mocking tone. I wondered why the Alpha got upset. Angie, seeing me on my own smiles brightly before making her way over to me and I go to get up.

“What did you say to P!ss off the Alpha?” She asks.

“I don’t know Angie, but why don’t you go and throw yourself at him and find out” I tell her.

“I might just go do that” She taunts, but I find it P!sses me off slightly. I didn’t understand my sudden anger over it but I suddenly didn’t want her claws anywhere near him.

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