Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 149

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 149

“ I meant no disrespect, I was curious” He shrieks rubbing his thigh and Sage shockingly growls at Zane for kicking him.

“No need to kick him, he is just a boy” She snaps at him making me smirk though Casen looked offended now.

“ I assure you Luna I am no boy” He says wiggling his brows at Sage this time Malik who is kneeling beside him smacks him up the back of the head.

Sage laughs softly, raising an eyebrow at him before shaking her head at his words but doesn’t seem bothered by him. Even I found it hard to be mad at the twins with their angelic baby faces and it seemed luck was on his side because if he upset her she didn’t show it and instead answered him.

“Wolfsbane ” She answers and he hisses and grits his teeth and I see a few of the men cringe, all of us have rubbed up or against wolfsbane in the past and know how painful it is. Poor Casen would probably feel like shit if he knew the extent of how she obtained those burns.

Sage stares at them curiously and I could feel how clammy her hand was becoming, hearing her heart rate rising but she remained at my side looking at each of them.

“Did something happen?” She asks, looking at me for an answer.

“Just rogues on the borders, they won’t get in” I reassure her and she nods.

“Dismissed” I tell them, turning to Sage but she was staring at the moon now before turning back and watching them leave, moving between the houses and back to the borders.

“That boy seems nice,” She says.

“His name is Casen and yes he is. Trouble maker but he is a good kid unfortunately he has a tendency to speak before thinking” I tell her and she shrugs.

“It didn’t bother me, I could tell he meant no harm by asking, I would be curious too” she says. I pull her inside out of the cool breeze and shut the door.

“How many are on border patrol tonight, don’t you think he is a little young to run patrol?” She asks.

“20, he likes doing it, keeps his mind off everything plus it is a full moon. They hate being locked inside on a full moon” She nods before looking at me.

“Were you going for a run with them, you can go. I will be fine on my own” She says.

“No, I was just checking on them, besides Malik is probably kicking his ass right now for what he said” I laugh, knowing Malik, he is probably giving him a tongue lashing while kicking his ass to the border.

“He wouldn’t hurt him though?” She asks worriedly.

“No, Malik is his carer, Malik looks after him and his twin brother. We may be rough around the edges but we are not child abusers Sage ” She lets out a breath before walking toward the kitchen and I follow after her and watch as she walks to

the fridge and grabs a bottle of water out before offering me one. I shake my head and she closes the fridge. I look at the clock on the door of the fridge and see it is only 3AM. Damn Zane waking me up.

“Are you coming back to bed?” She asks, looking up at me. Her eyes flicker black for a second and I know Sierra is observing and Donnie instantly reacts to seeing her, lurching forward and making me stumble forward as he fights for control. He had been constantly pestering me wanting to speak to Sage so he could apologise. I force him back with

a growl and he recedes whining in my head.

I half expected her to freak out but she was just staring at me curiously. I grip her hand tugging her back to the bedroom. She instantly removes my dressing gown and climbs in bed before placing her bottle of water on the bedside table.

“Can I ask why you hate rogues so much?” She asks. I watch her for a second while she gets comfortable before climbing in next to her. I knew it was pointless, I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep but I would wait until she does before getting some work done.

“I don’t hate rogues, not all rogues anyway”

“Not all rogues?” She asks and I know she still considers herself a rogue.

“I used to be a rogue, I know what it’s like out there, my entire pack or what’s left of it were originally rogues. I was born rogue and remained rogue until I was teen when our pack earnt enough money to buy the land and build this place”

“You were born a rogue, yet kill rogues?” She says, her eyebrows scrunching up.

“Yes, I was a rogue like you, when my father came to the pack when I was 11 our rogue camp had grown but we were without a leader, the elders in our camp asked him to become Alpha”

“Ok so your dad abandoned you then come back but what about Kat?” She asks and I sigh.

“Kat’s father is my biological father but he isn’t my dad” I tell her, yet saying those words didn’t feel right anymore. Derrick had been good since coming back into my life and I hated to admit it but I had slipped a few times and called him dad.

Remembering the man that was around briefly but was a good father before he left. Sometimes I see that man still in him and I love seeing him be that man he once was for me with Kat. But the damage was done and I don’t think it can be repaired. Also the guilt that comes with calling him dad when I was raised by another man, one who showed me what being man is and loved me like his own made me feel like I was being disrespectful to the man that raised me. I knew deep down he wouldn’t mind because he was the sort of man that forgave easily and understood me but that didn’t make the guilt any less.

“Derrick Kat’s and my father. He left when I was young and never returned when he found his mate, then he had Kat with Katherine. Same father, different mothers” I tell her and she nods finally understanding.

“So why do you hate some rogues then?”

“Because rogues helped the man whose pack attacked mine, he is dead now but the rogues are still alive. But that isn’t the reason I have been hunting them it is part of it but not all”

“What’s all of it then, I want to understand, ” She says, reaching for her water.

“My pack isn’t even a quarter of the size it once was, we used to be the second biggest pack, now we are the smallest in the country and a pack of rogues has realised our Pack is smaller then their rogue pack, seeing it as an opportunity” I tell her not wanting to scare her but maybe it will help if she understands.

“They want to take over your pack” She says letting out a breath.

“What will you do when you find this rogue pack?” She asks.

“Not sure but from what information I have received they outnumber us, and they have been getting closer and closer to the border, some even have slipped through” I tell her hoping she doesn’t think I can’t keep her safe here.

“ I don’t like you torturing them. In a way I can understand but no one’s life is worth a little bit of information Andrei” She says chewing her thumb nail like she thought I would become mad at her voicing her opinion.

“Sometimes it is necessary Sage”

“Is it though, making someone suffer for gain, is it really necessary or just a quick way to get what you want, a way to make you feel in control?” She says. I don’t bother answering because she was right.

“You should sleep, we have a big day tomorrow, well today” I tell her.

“Doing what?” She asks, yawning while snuggling under the comforter.

“Going to see my sister and you can meet our niece and nephew, Kat invited us over for lunch” I tell her and she smiles and nods before closing her eyes. I watch her sleep and when I am sure she is asleep, I climb out of bed and head for my office.

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