Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 145

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 145

“Realise what?” I ask him.

“Their bond is stronger than ours because they talk constantly, if she becomes to flighty Sage, I may have to mark you”

“What?” I squeak out.

“Donnie didn’t realise his link to her was open. I didn’t realise either because obviously I have not marked you and we aren’t pack linked but our wolves can still talk to each other. Donnie was talking to her most of the night until you fell asleep but he likes listening to her thoughts while she is asleep and even while asleep she hasn’t blocked him for some reason. Most of the time when someone is asleep you can’t get in their head but he can with Sierra. He forgot and when I was in the basement she could hear everything I was doing through him and I think he may have triggered her” Andrei explains and I feel bile rise in my throat at his words. He starts stretching and I copy what he does thinking about what he said. Once done he stands and I look at his men on the field. “I’m not going to train you like that, Sage ” he says.

“Do you train like that with them?” I ask him. “That’s how we always train, ” he answers.

“Most packs have safety equipment and mats” I tell him.

“Not mine, what is the point? If they train I want them prepared to train how they will fight, not with gloves and mats, there won’t be any in a war” he says and it kind of made sense but was still barbaric sort of.

“Are you expecting a war?” I ask him.

“We are always at war Sage” he says and I look back at him to find him stripping his clothes off.

“What are you doing?” I ask him when he suddenly drops his pants.

“Shifting” He says like it was obvious, I feel my face heat at the sight of him as my eyes roam over his chest and down and force my eyes to his and he raises an eyebrow at me making my cheeks flame at being caught ogling him.

“But I can’t train with Donnie, ” I tell him.

“Then how do you expect to beat a wolf if you wont fight one?” He says.

“But how am I supposed to talk to you?” I ask him, not understanding how this was supposed to work.

“Do you think in a fight their wolf will talk to you when it is trying to rip you apart?” He asks before suddenly shifting and pouncing on me. Gosh he was quick, His ability to move from one form to the other so quickly amazed me. I literally blinked and he had shifted and jumped on me. I fly backwards hitting the ground, the air leaving my lungs yet Donnie moves quickly and instead of my head hitting the hard ground I find my head hitting his paws. He €exes his paws under my head and I feel his claws dig into the earth under my head before he licks my face from my chin to my hair line.

Donnie was huge and his body was bigger than I a m even shifted. I know it was an alpha thing but I was omega and small even for an omega. I remain still trying to catch my breath that escaped me while he licked and sniffed me.

“Touch him” I hear a voice making me turn my head to see Zane sitting on the ground a few metres away from my head.

“What?” I ask as Donnie continued sniffing my neck and face.

“Run your hands over him”

“Why?” I ask and what was the point, he was already crushing me under his weight.

“Just do it” Zane says and Donnie growls and I look at him but his eyes are on Zane.

“You want me to help her not, I can’t help you train her if she won’t listen” Zane tells him and I look up at Donnie. He huffs and looks down at me, his body heavy on my chest and Donnie nudges me with his nose and whines.

“Tell me what you feel” Zane says, his tone not as strict. I roll my eyes but run my hands over Donnies front legs trying to figure out what the point of this was.

“I feel Fur, he is a wolf” I tell him. “What’s under his fur” Zane says.

“You could just tell me what I am supposed to be feeling for” I tell him as I run my hands through his fur on his chest.

“Weakness, soft parts” Zane says and I look over at him.

“He is hard, what soft parts are there?” I ask him, running my hands through his fur but even in the form he was all hard, thick muscle. Donnie however didn’t seem to mind me brushing his fur and was almost purring and I lifted my knees wanting to get up. My knees knocking his back legs when he suddenly lays down squashing me. His fur went in my face as he laid flat on me like he was laying on the ground and not a person. Zane laughs and besides my arms splayed out at the side I doubt I was visible under his body as I tried to breathe and not inhale his fur.

I smack his side trying to shove him off so I can breathe without getting a mouthful of fur, his fur tickling my nose as I fight the urge to sneeze. “ Donnie get off” I snap at him trying to shove him

I feel a hand grab mine before placing it on Donnie and I know it is Zane because of his scent but also because Donie growls at him and he speaks.

“Just showing her” he says yet I couldn’t see him, only darkness from his wolf fur covering every inch of me. He moved my hand.

“Here, feel how soft it is?” Zane says and I realize my hand was pressed behind Donnie’s elbow as I run my hand up to the soft part which on a human would be considered an armpit.

“Yes” I tell him.

“And here ” He says, running my hand across his flank and to his abdomen which was also soft.

“Find more softspots not covered by bone and muscle, those are where you attack” Zane says and I roll my eyes before realising what a mistake that was as I blink rapidly. Donnies fur getting in my eyes. I move my hands higher maneuvering them to his chest and shoulder managing to get my arms around his neck and Donnie licks my fingers. The nape of his neck was hard but the sides and under his throat were soft.

“Here” I choke on his fur. I lift my knees touching between his back legs, finding everything under him besides his chest, ribs and back are pretty soft, the top of Donnie on his back sides, legs all rock hard and packed full of muscle.

“Good, now get him off you” Zane says and I scoff, choking on fur again before sneezing as his fur goes up my nose. Donnie chest rumbling like he is laughing at me suffocating on his fur.

“And how? He weighs a god damn tonne ” I snap at Zane as I try to shove him off.

“The soft spots will cause the most pain because there isn’t much protecting those areas, only soft tissue” Zane answers. I knew that but I am in human form while he is in wolf form and he out weighs and towers over me even while in this form.

“Just get him off Sage, wolf’s aren’t much different from our human side. They feel pain like we do, you just need to learn where to aim think of it as fighting Andrei and not Donnie”

“You want me to hurt him?” I ask him and he laughs.

“ If you think you can, ” Zane says. In this form I was pretty much useless.

“Can I shift?” I ask him.

“Nope you are in this form and trying to shift while in this form and in this position while being attacked will get you a quick death” Zane says.

I lift my hips trying to roll him off yet he doesn’t budge no matter how much I shove his huge ass body. He suddenly drops all his weight which I thought was already on me and I suddenly can’ t breathe, making panic course through me.

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