Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 143

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 143

I could hear him breathing heavily on the other side of the door before hearing him sit down and lean against the door. “Please open the door, I haven’t hurt you before, that isn’t going to change Sage, mates don’t hurt mates” he says before hearing him let out a breath.

“He is a monster” Sierra says my nose invaded with the stench of rogue as it seeped under the door and into the room. I couldn’t get the image of him out of my head. I didn’t understand. Why did he hate rogues so much and what did he do to his Beta for him to fear him?

The silence was deafening and after a while I heard him get up. The sounds of his feet reaching my ears as he walks to the bathroom down the hall before hearing it click shut. A few seconds later I hear the shower start up. Sierra’s breathing slows, so does her heart rate and I try to press forward but she forces me back.

“Sierra?” I ask her but I could feel her unease, which was odd because she liked Andrei and Donnie only a few hours ago but now she was convinced he was like the others just another monster in disguise, the evidence was damning but

I found myself questioning his intentions because he was right, he hadn’t hurt us and had plenty of opportunities to but didn’t.

“It’s all a front Sage, can’t you see it, can’t you see beneath it all, he is a monster?” Sierra says and I breathe, she was right, anyone that could do things like that had something seriously wrong with them. To enjoy others’ pain you would have to be pretty twisted and dark inside, rotten to the core but he wasn’t like that with us.

“Just because he hasn’t, doesn’t mean he won’t,” Sierra says, listening to my tumultuous thoughts. Eventually the shower cuts off and Sierra tenses as we listen to him walking closer to the door before hearing the door handle twist.

“Sage open the damn door” He says in a bored tone.

“Fine” He says to himself before I hear the door handle twist before hearing the metal crinkling and bending. The door handle on the inside of the door hits the floor with a thud. The door swings inward before he bends down picking up the broken handle.

Sierra scoots back under the bed further and Andrei walks into the closet. We could only see his feet, but he no longer smelt of the pungent scent of blood and Rogue. He walks back into the bedroom before walking over to the bed, Sierra’s tail tucking around us as she remembers him ripping her out from under the bed by it but instead he sits down.

“Sierra you can’t stay under there forever, give Sage control” He says and she growls and she tucks herself smaller and a low growl escapes her. Andrei sighs before laying down, his feet leaving the floor as we hear the bed above us move as he shifts his weight.

We lay under the bed and Sierra’s eyes were trained on the open door before he eventually starts snoring softly and I could hear his heartbeat slowing, his breathing evening out.

“How could he sleep after doing such things? I don’t think I will ever be able to sleep without seeing his image burned in my head” Sierra says.

“Not that sleep comes easy anyway” I mutter knowing how badly we are plagued with the nightmares of our own memories. Sierra waits a while before quietly creeping out from under the bed. The moment she does, we realise his snoring stopped and she turns to look over her shoulder and she nearly jumps out of her fur when she spots Andrei watching her, but he makes no move

to touch her but she is frozen in fear. Her heart rate flutters so fast and I feel our fur suddenly stand on end, her tail tucking between her legs and Andrei’s eyes dart to it.

“If you let me explain” Andrei says softly, his voice snapping her out of her fear shocked state and she growls at him in warning.

“If I wanted to hurt you I would have already Sierra, I won’t hurt Sage” He says before rolling on his back.

“You start training at 6 am, with the rest of the pack I suggest you sleep” He says closing his eyes. The Moment his eyes close Sierra darts from the room and races downstairs. We wandered around the house as she looked for an escape but this place was a concrete fortress and there is no escape, we knew this already yet she still insisted on trying to find one. Every time she moved past the basement door she stopped looking at it. We could hear nothing down there and we didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Eventually giving up she moves into the living room and jumps up on the couch. It was 5 A.M. now.

“Training means we have to go outside” She says, thinking of ways to escape as she shuts her eyes. I feel her thoughts becoming sleepy and I wait for her to start drifting before both of us plunge into darkness, her thoughts no longer racing and I sigh giving in to sleep with her knowing she still has a good grip on control even while asleep.

The beeping of an alarm echoing through the house has her jolting as she looks up and around the room and we hear the locks on the front door groaning before it swings open, Zane’s scent wafting to us as he walks inside. Sierra gets up jumping off the lounge just as Zane appears in the entryway of the living room.

“Luna, ” He says, walking into the kitchen. I hear him rummaging around before hearing footsteps upstairs, the alarm shutting off. Sierra shakes out her fur stretching her back and legs. I felt exhausted and so did she. We shouldn’t have spent so much time looking for an escape. Andrei walked downstairs and I could smell fresh coffee wafting into the living room from the kitchen.

Sierra’s belly growls hungrily.

“Just give me control, ” I tell her and she sighs knowing she has no choice, not if she wants out of the house. She suddenly starts shifting.

“Not here, I will be naked” I shrieked at her but she didn’t listen and I could feel her exhaustion seeping into me as it took longer for her to shift

just as Andrei walked into the living room to find me crouched on the floor.

“Is that you Alpha?” Zane says and I hear him walking toward the living room and Andrei looks over his shoulder.

“Stay in the kitchen Zane” Andrei says looking over his shoulder before I hear Zane stop and I let out a breath. Andrei reaches over his head with one hand tugging his shirt off and tossing it at me.

“You don’t shift in front of other people, Sage only me” Andrei says and I shake my head intending to tell him I didn’t and there is no way in hell I was willing to get naked in front of anyone let alone random men.

“Get dressed and come into the kitchen” He says as I slip on his shirt. He then turns and walks off toward the kitchen where Zane is.

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