Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 140

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 140

Andrei POV

I never should have left her alone. The moment I stepped inside, I could smell blood and lots of it. My heart skips a beat when I see the basement door open, wondering if they somehow managed to get out until I heard one of them screaming. His panicked screams and the rattle of chains had me running down the stairs to see a bloodbath. One of the rogues was thrashing while the other was perfectly still soaked in blood that was running down the sides of the steel table like a bloody waterfall.

“You fcking btch, you fcking btch” The rogue who over the last week, I had learned his name was Pablo while the other was Jason. My eyes scan over the screaming man to find him still perfectly restrained and he wasn’t one that had opened the door. Moving further into the room. I see the mess of the one named Jason. His chest was basically a gaping hole. His smashed and broken ribs were easily seen through his sliced flesh. His heart wasn’t even attached just sitting in the hollow of chest. He had been massacred. A frenzied attack ran off pure emotion. I hear muttering making my eyes dart to the wall next to the sink.

Jammed in the corner of the room was Sage. Her hands coated in blood and her face splattered with it as she rocked back and forth staring vacantly ahead.

Moving around the table I crouched in front of her and it was like looking into a hollow shell. I wave a hand in front of her face yet she doesn’t react. “ What’s wrong with her, can’t she see us?” Donnie asks and I sigh realizing she must be in shock. I look back at the table of blood cascading to the floor before looking back at her.

I cup her face in my hands and she flinches before her eyes suddenly focus on me, and she lets out a breath leaning into my hands, letting the sparks soothe her. My palms tingling that she was letting me touch her even if she hadn’t quite registered, I was physically touching her yet.

“I k!lled him” She says her voice is void of emotion. I look at Jason’s bloody mutilated corpse before looking at her. Her heart was racing in her chest and I could sense the panic building within her as she shook.

“You did” I tell her, rubbing her face with my thumbs trying to calm her. I hear her heart rate slow but not enough. She eventually takes in a shuddering breath and leans into my touch. I press my lips to her forehead before pressing mine against hers, lending her my strength. Wanting her to know she has me no matter how bad things get, no matter what she does she will always have me.

“Are you okay?” I ask her and she shakes her head. Her entire body was shaking violently.

“What about the other one?” I ask, she never answers. I pull her against my chest. She buried her face against my chest inhaling my scent. I stroke her hair feeling her melt against me as she leans heavily on me, like she could bleed into me. Her small frame molded against me perfectly and I didn’t want to let her go, yet I knew I now had to deal with the other one. I wanted them to suffer for years but seeing Sage now I could tell she suffered enough, she just wanted this over, wanted this part of her life to end. To have the suffering stop.

“You don’t have to do it, I will k!ll him if you want?” I tell her knowing k!lling one of them is tormenting her this much, I wasn’t sure she would handle k!lling the other.

“Sage, you need to tell me what to do, but I am not letting him go. Do you want to do it or do you want me to?” I ask her but she just continues to shake in my arms pressing closer, the fool behind me was starting to irritate me as he continued to scream yet I had a feeling she wasn’t really understanding anything that was going on besides the fact she k!lled someone, not that he was a person in my eyes.

He was scum and deserved what he got, in my opinion he deserved to suffer longer but if k!lling the last one put her suffering to an end I would end it quickly. I didn’t want to break her more than she already is and seeing her now I could truly understand how much these monsters tormented her, I never should have brought them here.

“It’s ok if you can’t do it, it doesn’t make you weak Sage, they can’t hurt you and I would never let them hurt you” I reassure her and she tilts her face up to look at me, I run my thumb across her lips they were soft, she was soft. Everything about her was soft and delicate despite the sharp edges and the scarred soul. She was still pure even with bloody hands. There wasn’t a single part other that was bad, that had evil intent. I honestly don’t even think she meant to k!ll him, I think it was just a knee jerk reaction to the trauma she had endured and fear she felt.

“Do you want me to k!ll him?” I whisper and she nods her head. Scooping her up, I was about to take her upstairs when she spoke, her voice soft and I barely heard her at first.

“I want to watch him die, I need to know he is dead ‘ ‘ She whispers, making me look at her. She wanted to make sure he wouldn’t hurt her again. I nod, placing her on the steps.

Walking over to the table I grab a serrated knife, knowing it would be more painful as I hacked off his head. Pablo starts sobbing and begging for his life as I grip his hair. I hear Sage make a whimpering noise and her heart rate spikes making me look at her as she stares wide eyed on the steps.

“Close your eyes Sage, you don’t have to watch” I tell her. She closes her eyes tight and her face scrunches up at the sound of his flesh tearing as I hack into the side of his neck under his jaw, sawing away until I hit bone before twisting and jerking his head to sever his head from his spine before cutting the rest of his skin and completely detaching his head from his body. I place the knife down and look up to see Sage watching me, she doesn’t say anything but her heart rate slows and I begin to clean up.

I incinerate the bodies while bleaching everything before stopping in front of her. The clean up took me an hour before everything was back to normal.

Sage never said anything, just quietly observed before looking up at me as I stopped in front of her.

My entire body wanting to touch her, wanting to feel her close and know she is safe. Bending down, I am surprised when she lifts her arms and I grab her scooping her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and she presses her face into my neck. Her small body warms against mine as I start walking up the steps.

“They will never hurt you again, now let’s go shower” I assure her before kissing her cheek and I am surprised when she doesn’t pull away and instead nods against my shoulder letting out a shaky breath. I would keep her safe, no one will

ever get close enough to hurt her, they would have to k!ll me first. I won’t lose her, not like I lost Angie. Which just made my mind up, I would make sure she is never defenceless against anybody not even me.

Stepping into the bathroom I flick the light on before turning the shower on, I feel her heart rate drop in sync with mine as it beats against my chest and I feel her body completely relax against mine.

I check the temperature of the water with my hand before placing her on the sink basin, yet she doesn’t unwrap herself from me, instead clutching me tighter. I run my hands up her sides.

“Sage I turned the shower on, I will hop out so you can shower” I tell her but she shakes her head, her hand moving to my chest as she runs her fingers through my chest hair. I tried to untangle myself from her, my body reacting to her and she was already petrified of me enough without having me aroused at her closeness.

“You need to get undressed and shower” I whisper against her hair, yet she says nothing and I sigh looking down at her wondering what she would do if I undressed her. I grip the hem of her shirt. “ Sage?” I ask her, trying to gauge her reaction when she suddenly lifts her arms letting me peel it off her.

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