Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 139

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 139

I twist the handle and it is locked, Sierra was also peering through my eyes. She wanted to help the rogue trapped down there. Set them free but even if we could, how do we get them out of the house?

I run my fingers along the edge of the door, thinking he may have a spare key other than the one he kept around his neck. No luck. I check the hallway stand, looking in all the drawers but find nothing.

“Maybe we could take whoever it is some water” Sierra suggests and I nod, anything would be better than ignoring the poor person. After a while we realize there was no spare key at least that we could find. Going up stairs I find some bobby pins, a nail file, anything we might be able to use to pick the lock. I honestly didn’t think it would work but after an hour of fiddling with the lock, I heard a click as the lock turned unlocking the door. I thought I imagined it at first when I twisted the knob.

“Oh my god we did it” Sierra says just as shocked. I quickly race to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water to take down to them. Opening the door

wider we crept down the steps knowing we had to be quick because I honestly thought Andrei would

have been back by now, he never really left us here long by ourselves.

I feel my way along the wall looking for a light switch, the air was chillier down here and the stench of rotting flesh and rogue was making my nose burn. “Do you think we smell that gross to everyone else” Sierra asks and I shrug not knowing. Getting to the bottom step my hand touches a switch and I €ick it on. The fluorescent light above flickering before turning on and I see two tables in the center of the room.

My blood runs cold when I see Pablo and Jason laying on the table, the water bottle slipping from m y fingers and hitting the concrete floor with a thud. My heart skips a beat and dread fills me. These two men made my life a living hell. I turn about to race back up the stairs when Jason speaks.

“There is our little whore, untie us and we will help you get out of here” Jason purrs at me. I feel goosebumps rise on my arms at the sound of his voice. A violent shiver makes my skin feel like it is crawling as I am shoved back into the hell they forced me to endure, reliving the feel of their hands on me, the feel of their breath breathing on me every little detail replaying in my head as I stood the frozen in my own fear.

“They can’t hurt us no more” Sierra says her voice echoing through my head bringing me back to my present. I open my eyes, swallowing down the bile that rose in my throat before turning to face them.

“That’s my girl, now come over here and undo these chains and collar” Pablo says and glare at him walking over to the table. One of his legs was skinned and trying to heal but there was pretty much no skin left and I could smell the stench of wolfsbane coating them explaining why they were not healing at all it appeared.

“Undo the collar, there is knife on the bench over there cut it off” Jason says nodding to the table in the corner which was covered in different knives and torture devices. I pick up the knife, my hand shaking as I walk over to them.

“Careful, be careful no to nick me” Jason says as I stare down at his yellowing teeth and his ratty matted hairs caked in blood. His light blue held an evil glint, a look I had seen on his face many times before, especially when he would do vile things to m y mother and me.

My mother, Jason really was the cruellest out of them. The things he would do to her and make me watch, make me listen to her terror while begging for them to leave me be. She always took the brunt of everything until she could no more. I still remember the look on her face as her head lolled to the side when she tried to fight back to save me. I begged her to stop fighting and Jason smashed her head repeatedly with the rock until her head rolled to the side. Her lips parted and the coloured died from eyes, her skin paling. I will never forget the look on her face. He beat her death and I will never forget the look of horror on her face knowing she was dying before life left her completely.

“Oi undo the collar now” Jason snarls, his hands jerking against the chains making them rattle as he tries to free himself before I realize what I did. I stabbed him. The knife landed in the center of his chest. I felt nothing as I plunged it into his chest cavity. He sputters his eyes darting to the center of his chest before I pull the knife out plunging it back in. Blood flicked on my face as I continued to stab him in a frenzy, Pablo screaming as I killed his friend yet I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t erase the image of this man killing my mother from my mind so I kept stabbing until I was breathless, Sierra’s voice ringing in my head. ‘

“Sage he is dead stop” She says as I bring the knife down once more. My hands were soaked in his blood and there was hole in his chest from my repeated stab marks. I pull the long blade from his chest looking at it before dropping it realizing I just killed someone. I killed a person and that realization sickened me. I took someone’s life and their lifes blood now covered my hands, yet I knew what I did was wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to feel bad for him. I felt the bile rise before my stomach lurched and I raced toward the sink in the corner and threw up. Pablo was screaming and yanking on his chains as I stared at Jason’s mutilated corpse on the table.

My legs give out from under me, the cold concrete of the floor seeping into my bones as I lean heavily against the wall. I could hear Sierra talking to me but couldn’t understand a word she was saying. I couldn’t take my eyes from the table that is dripping blood onto the ground. The dripping noise sounded so loud when Andrei suddenly crouches in front of me, making me wonder how long I had been sitting on the ground. My surroundings coming back and I could hear Pablo screaming still on the table calling me every name under the sun for killing his friend.

Andrei grabs my face staring at me. “ I killed him” I say my voice oddly cold and he looks over his shoulder at the table. He looks back at me and cocks his head to the side watching me carefully.

“You did” He says, his thumbs stroking underneath

my eyes and I focus on the sparks rushing over my skin instead of the cold feeling inside me. I sigh leaning into his touch and he rests his forehead on mine, his hands stroking my face.

“Are you okay?” He asks and I shake my head. I killed somebody, took someone’s life and I didn’t know if that made me just as bad as them, didn’t know if I could live knowing I took someone’s life no matter who they are and what they did. What did that say about my character that I killed someone who in no way could defend themself.

“What about the other one?” Andrei asks, pulling me against his chest. I bury my face against him inhaling his scent, letting it calm my nerves. My hands were clutching his shirt.

“You don’t have to do it, I will kill him if you want?” Andrei says like it was nothing to him at all,

that he could so easily kill someone with no guilt.

“Sage, you need to tell me what to do, but I am not letting him go. Do you want to do it or do you want me to?” Andrei asks. I felt bile rise in my throat, I couldn’t do it, not again. I was angry but now that anger had died down I don’t think I would be able to do it.

“It’s ok if you can’t do it, it doesn’t make you weak Sage, they can’t hurt you and I would never let them hurt you” Andrei says softly and I look up at him, his thumb brushes over my bottom lip gently.

“Do you want me to kill him?” He whispers and I nod my head. He stands scooping me up with him and goes to walk toward the stairs leading into the house.

“I want to watch him die, I need to know he is dead ‘ ‘ I whisper and he stops looking down at me before placing me on the step. I sit there and watch him turn around. Andrei walks over to the table in the corner before walking over to the table where Pablo was chained down. He starts sobbing when Andrei grabs his hair.

“Close your eyes Sage, you don’t have to watch ” Andrei says and I suck in a shuddering breath. I just need to see him dead. I don’t need to see him die. I close my eyes and I hear the sawing of flesh before hearing gurgling and then a thud. Opening my eyes Andrei was drenched in blood and in his hands was Pablo’s head no longer attached to his body. He dropped the severed head on the table before turning around and using the sink to wash his hands and arms.

He then removes his shirt before walking over to the corner of the room at the far back. Only then do I realise what it is. I thought it was like a pizza oven but with the light on over there now I could see it was an incinerator as flames burned inside it as he turned it on.

Andrei walks back over and kicks the wheels of the table. Andrei seemed like he had done this millions of times, as he wheeled the steel table over. He opened the door on the incinerator and I could feel the blistering heat from where I sat on the steps. I watch as he gathers both bodies and chucks them in like they weigh nothing before closing it. Though he did burn his hands before he quickly healed. He then wheels both steel tables back before locking them back in place. He then grabs bleach and starts pouring it on everything and cleaning it.

When he is done he grabs his shirt and tosses it in the incinerator just before it cuts off and I see nothing left as he opens the door to check. When he is done he flicks the lights off before walking over to me where I was frozen just watching him calmly walk around cleaning like he was doing the dishes and not cleaning up blood after slaughtering someone.

He grabs me under the arms, lifting me and I wrap my arms around his neck leaning on him, my legs around his waist as he starts walking up the steps.

“They will never hurt you again, now let’s go shower” He whispers before kissing my cheek and I nod against his shoulder letting out a shaky breath.

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