Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 138

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 138

I woke to Zane carrying me and I jumped up in his arms. “Shh Luna go back to sleep, I won’t hurt you” He whispers before placing me on the bed upstairs. I look around and he tugs the blanket up before walking out and closing the door. I was usually a light sleeper so I was startled a little that he was able to move me without waking me. Hearing voices, I realize Andrei is home. I listened to their voices in the hall. It sounded like they were near the basement. I could hear muffled noises like someone was gagged and I was too scared to go see which poor soul he was taking to his torture dungeon.

“Where did you find them?” I hear Zane ask Andrei.

“Outskirts just help me get them down there and strapped to the tables before she notices” Andrei says and I creep to the door before cracking it open to hear better. I hear them walk down the steps before returning a few minutes later.

“You can go home Zane” Andrei tells him. Zane leaves and I hear Andrei go back down to the basement and I close the door, locking it before climbing under the covers and pulling it over my head so I don’t have to listen to their muffled screams. That would be me one day on that table and that thought petrified me.

“Mate won’t do that, Donnie wouldn’t allow it” Sierra says and she seems so sure of her words.

“It’s wrong” I tell her and she says nothing for a few seconds, she knew his secret toirture dungeon was wrong yet she was convinced he had his reasons.

“He won’t hurt us Sage, he would never hurt us” “He locked us in the trunk of his car Sierra” How

could she forget? Or was the mate bond that strong t o her that she could oversee it.

“Yes but did he hurt us? He didn’t beat us like the rogues used to, he didn’t do the things they did and he could have but he didn’t” Sierra defends him. I shake my head not agreeing but she was right, he hadn’t hurt us so far but that doesn’t mean I trust him when he is in the basement torturing some poor innocent soul for his own sick entertainment.

“Donnie says they are not innocent, ” Sierra says. “In his eyes no rogue is innocent”

“He used to be a rogue, Donnie told me they used to be rogue before Alpha”

“If he was rogue how could he do that to another rogue”

“Donnie says it helps him sleep drowns out the images of his mate”

“Andrei said she was murdered” I tell her and she nods her head at me when I hear the door open. I was sure I locked it.

“He has a key” Sierra says and I snuggle under the blankets. Andrei walks into the bathroom and I could smell the scent of blood covering his hands, the familiar stench of rogues we all smelt the same. Well obviously I didn’t to Andrei but in general all rogues usually smell the same, like decaying leaves and dirt. Andrei walks into the bathroom and I hear him turn the shower on. The light filtering into the room and steam billows out the door despite being able to hear the exhaust fan in the bathroom.

The smell of citrus soap wafting into the room and after around ten minutes I hear the water cut off before Andrei steps out with a grey towel hanging low on his hips. His chest bare and his hair dripping as he uses another towel to dry his hair. Andrei’s body was all rock hard muscle but he was too big for abs, he had the lines but too much muscle and too widely built instead he looked just hard, like a wall of muscle. His V-line escaped underneath the towel and his pees moved with each movement as he dried his hair. He walks over to the bedside drawer before grabbing out a pair of boxers before dropping the towel and I instantly roll over.

“If I climb in there are you going to freak out or behave? If you are, tell me and I will sleep downstairs” He says and I hear him hang his towel over the door.

“Sage?” Andrei asks and I half roll onto my back as he crawls on the bed.

“Can I sleep in here or do you want me to go?” He asks.

“Sleep where you want” I tell him wondering why he is asking for permission to sleep in his own bed.

“ I would rather sleep in here with you, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable ” He says still not moving.

“Are you still mad that I ran?” I ask him looking over my shoulder.

“Extremely, but I get it, you don’t know me and I a m sorry I put you in the trunk”

“ I’m sorry I ran” I tell him and his brows furrow before he nods his head.

“So can I sleep in here with you?” He asks.

“Why are you asking, it is your bed” I tell him, this man was absurd it should be the other way around me asking to sleep in here. This isn’t my house.

“Because I don’t want to just climb in bed with you and you freak out, I can sleep elsewhere; it is your choice” Andrei says. I toss the blanket back and he sighs before climbing in beside me. He doesn’t touch me just lays on his back stiffly. He tugs the blanket up and I feel him roll but I keep my back to him.

After a while my heart rate slows and I feel myself drifting off as his scent fills the room and I find it oddly calming even Sierra was rather mellowed out.

The next week passes by quickly. I never leave the packhouse. Andrei was basically keeping me prisoner and besides the library I rarely left the room unless called upon. Andrei left daily and for the most part when he thought I was asleep he would sneak into the basement. I could hear their agonised screams and pretend not to notice the whimpers that escaped out the door when he sometimes went down there during the day which was rare especially if I was on the floor. He was always careful never to leave it unlocked, never to come out drenched in blood. Sierra had also become nervous. The longer we were locked in the house

the more she came to realise this was just another prison. The forest was right there yet we couldn’t reach it, couldn’t feel the dirt beneath our paws.

Sierra’s anxiety wasd mingled with my own and for the last two days we had returned to our wolf form. Andrei had been especially quiet and moody. He barely said anything and sometimes I got this strange feeling he was looking straight through me, like I didn’t exist.

Feeling the bed move, I open my eyes to see Andrei lay down on the bed. “Shift back” He growls annoyed, he had said it a few times the last few days annoyed that we returned to a more comfortable form, but that wasn’t our only reasoning. Donnie was anxious to mark us and we both knew the moment he did we could go into heat. Andrei couldn’t mate us in this form, though Donnie could, we would be able to shift back quickly if needed.

“Sierra shift back please” Andrei says, annoyed fisting our fur and tugging us closer. I growl at him before forcing control and biting his hand. Donnie was angry with him and I could hear his wolf apologising to Sierra.

“F*ck! ” Andrei says, clutching his hand. He growls at her and she cowers and I try to tell her to remain and not bow down to him, but the Omega in her makes her climb off the bed and crawl under it to get away from him.

“Why did you bite him, you made him mad?” Sierra whines at me. I shrug.

“He shouldn’t have pulled on our fur, ” I told her. I feel the bed move above us and she looks up from where she is lying on her belly. The bed moving above us before he walks into the bathroom dripping blood everywhere. I hear him turn the tap on, muttering to himself before the water shuts off.

“Sage, get out from under the bed” Andrei snaps at us. Sierra shakes and I roll my eyes at her. She says he won’t hurt us yet she is still petrified of him. It made no sense to me, I told her he would hurt us and now she is only just realizing that.

“He hasn’t hurt us” Sierra defends him yet her fear was still there.

“Sierra just give me control if you can’t handle him, you said it yourself he won’t hurt us” I tell her.

“Yeah but he has been strange the last few days, you saw him last night it was like he didn’t recognise us, he called us Angie” She says and I know it hurt her but she also understood it yet we never called him Lyle.

Feeling a hand grab us, Sierra whimpers before we are suddenly yanked out from under the bed by our tail. Her claws digging into the floorboards scratching the stained wood. He growls at us.

“Shift now, why are you ignoring me?” Ah so that’s what’s with him. He thinks we are ignoring him. To be honest I was actually ignoring him. I wanted to leave the house, he promised to take us to see Kat.

Kat even said she was coming over the other day but Andrei told her not to come over. I had a strange feeling it had to do with whoever he has in the basement.

“Sage I know you can hear me, shift” He says grabbing the scruff of our neck, just to keep us there not actually inflicting pain. He sits on the bed holding us between his legs before leaning his face toward our furry one. Sierra sniffs his face and he sighs letting her go instead stroking her chest and under her neck with his giant hands and ruffling her fur. He rubs her ears which she loves as she presses her face into his lap and he chuckles.

“Be nice to have a mate and not just a pet” His words irritated me and I knew he meant someone he could talk to but the use of the word pet rubbed me the wrong way. His hands go under our front legs before he lifts us on his lap when suddenly Sierra shifts and I growl at her scrambling to get off his lap. She submitted to him and sacrificed me because he was being nice suddenly and didn’t want to

irritate him, yet I felt betrayed by her.

Andrei’s arms wrap tighter around my torso and he holds me there. My breathing rapid as panic seeped into me knowing I was sitting on him butt naked when I felt him move his hand tugging his shirt off and over his head. My heart is hammering against my ribs when he hands it to me.

“Here, I am not looking, ” he says, handing me his shirt. I pull it over my head, slipping it on to cover my nakedness.

“That’s better, now I can speak with you” He says fiddling with my hair and tugging it out of his shirt. I go to climb off him and move beside him.

“ Stay still” he says softly before I feel him reach over to the bedside table. He grabs a hair brush before opening his legs and I slip off his lap and onto the mattress between his legs.

“I used to have long hair like yours, my father hated it so I cut it off a few years ago and it was

about the same length as yours” He says brushing it. I tried to picture him with really long hair. His hair was to his shoulders and he always kept it pulled back but to try to picture him with hair the length of mine was a bit hard. Mine sat past my bum and was a pain in the ass especially when I accidentally sat on it. I shivered as he ran the brush

through my hair. I used to love when my mother played with my hair when she was alive.

“I need to cut it, it is getting too long” I tell him and it was. The weight was ridiculous.

“I can cut it for you tomorrow if you want” he says and I nod. He places the brush down before I feel his fingers gliding over my scalp as he braids it. It took him ages but he never complained and I was almost falling asleep with him playing with my hair.

“Can I go outside tomorrow?” I ask him while yawning and he pauses, grabbing the hair tie of the bedside table and tying the braid in place.

“Will you run again?” He asks and I shake my head, he leans forward pressing his chin on my shoulder and I shudder at the feel of his breath on my neck.

“Let me mark you” He says, turning his face toward mine.

“Let me mark you and you can come and go as you please, I know I can always find you if I have marked you” Andrei says.

“But I will go into heat” I tell him and he nods.

“Is that a bad thing Sage, we are mates we will have sx eventually” He says seeming so sure. He could think that all he wants but if I have my way I am never having sx again it is painful and humiliating. “What is it?” He says when he feels me stiffen.

“I’m not having s*x with you” I tell him.

“We have to s*x Sage to complete the marking, I get they did horrid things to you but I am not them and I will not hurt you” Andrei says and not even Sierra seems sure by his words and I could hear Donnie pestering her and wanting answers from her.

I shift my weight moving off Andrei’s lap and I growl at Sierra when I hear her answering his wolf. Andrei growls pulling me closer, his arms tightening around me.

“ I wont force you, but s*x isn’t supposed to hurt and you shouldn’t be uncomfortable Sage, I am not them so you don’t have to worry about me hurting you. Or the act itself hurting, I would never make you do anything you don’t want to do, not when it comes to your body”

“I will take you for a run tomorrow, but you stay with Donnie, I just need to head into town in the morning. We will go when I get back” Andrei adds before letting me go. Andrei pulls the blanket back climbing under the covers and I lay down on my side away from him. I was used to his presence now.

I no longer feared going to sleep and I knew most of the time he hardly slept as I would hear him moving around the place, or going into the basement or the room down the hall with all the TV screens.

Waking in the morning though I realized he was already gone, his side of the bed cold and the house was eerily quiet. Getting up, I quickly use the bathroom before brushing my teeth. When I am done I walk downstairs to the kitchen intending to make some toast when I hear a groaning noise coming from the basement.

I stop pressing my ear against the door, whoever it was they were in pain. I take a step toward the kitchen when I hear the noise again making me stop. My subconscious eating at me that I was choosing to ignore the poor victim trapped down there. I would hate it if someone ignored my cries for help.

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