Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 137

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 137

Andrei POV

Kat looked fine when I got to the hospital. Both twins were safely delivered and my father looked worriedly at them in their bassinet. I pat his shoulder as I step in the room.

“Son” He nods toward Kat who was on the bed staring off worriedly.

“Kat” I lean down and kiss her cheek and she wraps her arms around my neck, I rub her back gently before pulling back. Mateo and Ezra were nowhere to be seen.

“They are talking to Mathias about Marabella”

“Why, is something wrong with her?” I ask and she looks at the bassinet. I walk over looking down at my niece laying next to her brother.

“Hello Eziah Leo” I whisper looking at his name tag on his wrist.

“Finally picked a middle name sis” I tell her and she nods.

“Yes Leo is Mateo’s middle name” I pick him up, careful with his little head and Kat eventually holds her arms out for him and I place him in them before turning around and grabbing Marabella Seline, her tag says. Her markings were different, dark and angry looking while Eziahs were gold ,hers were black. I knew Kat was having Gemini wolf twins but something clearly went wrong.

“Leave the mittens on” Kat shrieks when I pluck them off her little hands.

“So worried all the time sis, just proving something, if not you will bring me back” I tease. I noticed instantly the Moon Goddess got something wrong, by the way Marabella hands were covered.

“Her touch can kill Andrei, ” Kat shrieks as I grab her little hand. I raise an eyebrow at my sister who is watching her lips parted when I press my lips to Marabella’s palm.

“Everything can be controlled Kat, she will learn to control it”

“But I could feel it when she was born, ” Kat says. “Was she crying?” I ask her and she nods.

“Now she is calm, now she isn’t using it then. Reacts to her emotions, though if they are this powerful as newborns imagine how powerful they will be when shifted” I tell her as Ezra comes in. He stops staring at me holding Marabella stroking her palm with my thumb.

“You lived,” He says, coming over to me. “Emotion, she is calm”

“Makes sense,”He whispers, wanting to hold her.

“ I also have another theory seeing this actually. I will try when I leave, with Mathias permission and yours of course” I tell Ezra and he nods taking Marabella from me, he kisses her hands letting her hold his thumb. Relief washes over his features like they really thought they would have to keep her hands covered for the rest of her life.

“How is Sage?” Kat asks.

“Yeah she is ok, I tried to bring her but she ran so she is back home with Zane” I tell her.

“And she is adjusting ok?” Kat asks.

“She now speaks if that is what you mean” I tell her.

“That’s something I guess, so what is this other theory you wanted to try?”

“Can I have Eziah?” I ask, holding my arms out for him. Kat hands him over and I step closer to Ezra who watches worriedly.

“Mateo can you put her mitten on the hand closest to Ezra chest” I tell him and he does, covering her one hand touching Ezra just as a precaution, but they were in the womb together so it made sense to me they would cancel each other out because she would have killed her brother otherwise.

Stepping closer, I press Eziah’s hand against her Marabella’s and static zaps between their tiny hands before gold tendrils rush over Martabella’s hand and black over Eziah’s flickering and blending together.

“Eziah is immune to her” I tell them before separating their hands. I then grab Marabella’s hand and Ezra gasps.

“And they are reactive to each other, she was using her magic a second ago when their hands touched yet I touch her and nothing now”

“I like how you’re willing to be a guinea pig for her geez Andrei, have you a death wish”Mateo asks, placing a mitten on Marabella’s other hand.

“Need to test it some way and now you know, her power is reactive to her brother and his to her, when she is upset don’t touch her hands simple and don’t piss her off”I tell them watching Mateo cover her hands before taking her from Ezra, he rocks her and he holds his other arm out for Eziah and I hand him over and Mateo sits in the armchair with both babies.

“You fear her ,she will fear herself” I tell them and Ezra nods slowly thinking.

“Will she be ok then?” Ezra says, stroking her cheek as he leaned down looking over Mateo’s shoulder.

“Of course she has a Goddess for a mother and two overprotective fathers she will be fine, embrace her don’t fear her” I tell them and they nod.

“They will be fine ” Mateo tells Ezra looking up at him and Ezra smiles before leaning down and kissing him. Ezra cups his cheek in his hand, deepening the kiss. I chuckle at Kat when I notice Kat was watching them with a silly grin on her face. Ezra pulled away like he forgot my father and I were standing in the room.

“Sorry” He mutters. I shrug, not caring in the slightest.

“Nothing to apologise for, he is your mate. Speaking of mates I should get home to mine and hope she hasn’t killed Zane” I tell them before walking over to Kat.

“I will bring Sage to come see you when I trust her not to run” I tell Kat, kissing her forehead. I then peck Mateo’s cheek before kissing both Eziah and Marabella’s forehead. Ezra pats my back when I give him a hug.

“I might pop over in a few days once Kat is settled in” My father tells me. I nod giving him a quick side hug. It was awkward touching him, I knew he was my father but still the relationship was strained though he tried to involve himself in my life, yet I felt more comfortable showing affection to my brother in- laws then I did my own father, maybe because I grew up calling another man dad.

Walking out, I was excited to get home to see Sage though I now felt like shit knowing I lost my temper with her and locked her in the trunk of the car. The entire drive home all I could think about was how much she hated me, and probably now feared me. I never should have locked her in the trunk yet she needed to learn I won’t tolerate her being a brat when I am trying to help her. She didn’t need to fear me and I was sick of her looking at me like I was some kind of monster. Driving around the mountain and up the winding road on no man’s land I screech to a stop when two figures step out onto the path.

Donnie instantly pressed forward at the site of the rogues crossing the road and they were like deer in headlights completely frozen until the car stopped barely a few inches from them. Both men let out a breath of relief that the car stopped in time. I toss

the driver’s door open, stepping out and I instantly recognise them, yet they won’t get away this time. I mindlink Zane.

“Get the basement ready and meet me out the front” I tell hÎm.

“More Rogues? Okay what about Sage?” He asks

“Is she asleep?” I ask him. “Yes Alpha” He replies.

“Carry her upstairs and lock her in the room, I don’t want to her to see me bring them in”

I focus back on the two men who were both frozen in fear still. I walk to the trunk and pop it. If they

had any brains they won’t make me chase and hunt them down, then again for what I have in store for them I would rather take my chances and run.

“Get in” I tell them. They nudge each other trying to will the other to go first.

“1..2” I count and the long haired shaggy one steps forward. I grab his arm, tossing him in the trunk. The other one looks to the trees and I click my tongue.

“Try it and I will skin you and put you in an ants nest” I tell him and he gulps before stepping closer. I shove him in the trunk beside his buddy. The shaggy haired one was watching me before recognition shone on his face.

“You.. you are the man who took our she-wolf” He stutters and I nod, my hand on the trunk lid.


“Where is she, did you kill her?” The man asks. I shake my head Donnie is pressing forward eerily calm. We were going to have fun with these two.

The man lets out a breath and nods looking relieved.

“She is nice, I hope you enjoy her, we will gladly give her up if you set us free, we were only looking for her” The man says and I feel my canines protrude.

“You can have her, we won’t pursue her any more ” The other man says.

“ I plan on keeping her, I also plan on tearing you into unrecognizable pieces for what you did to my mate”

“Your mate?” The shaggy haired one gasps.

“Yes and by the time I am done you will be begging for me to kill you. Everything you did to her I am about to do to you but ten times worse, then when I am done I will do it over and over again before skinning you slowly while the other watches. Don’t

worry I am in no rush, I will spend years torturing you just like you spent years torturing her” I tell them shutting the trunk.

I hear them kicking and screaming. Banging on the trunk door as I walk back to the driverseat. I turn my music up to drown out their screams and banging before putting my foot on the gas and heading home. I will make them pay, and pay they will, in the worst ways possible.

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