Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 136

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 136

Sage POV

He was letting me out of this prison and now I would have the opportunity to escape as long as I kept calm and looked for an escape route. I knew his guard would be up the moment we stepped outside. I quickly got changed in the clothes Zane dropped over.

” I don’t want to go” Sierra whined in my head, yet she smelt it too. Nothing, not even the stench of the bleach could cover the scent of blood coming from under the basement door. Though I was curious about what was down there but also scared of seeing something I couldn’t unsee. My nightmares were bad enough without the skeletons he keeps in his closet, or in his case the basement.

At first all I could smell was bleach until noticing the faint traces when he gave Kat the muzzles and he opened the door. Rogues, I could smell rogues and blood, not even bleach could cover up the scent of blood, not when you were so accustomed to what it smelt like. Andrie was waiting by the door when I walked down the stairs talking to Zane, quietly. I stop next to him and he looks down at me before nodding and placing his hand on the door panel.

The locks groaning and he pushes the door open. Zane slips out but he doesn’t move instead blocks the door looking at me.

“I am trusting you not to run from me, you do I will bring you back and leave you with Zane ” he says, I nod my head.

“Sage, you understand I will do what I said, I will drag you back and lock you in this house?”

“Yes I heard you, I am not deaf” I tell him and his eyebrows raise. I mentally question if that was the wrong thing to say when he pushes the door open wider. I step outside into the cold night air and wait for him as he locks the door.

“How far away is her pack?” I ask him and he turns around pushing me toward a car that wasn’t there when I arrived here. The car was already running and I had no idea what sort of car it was, just that it was loud and a dark color.

“About 40 mins, probably half that with the way he drives” Zane answers, getting out of the driver’s seat. He tosses the keys to Andrei who catches them before opening the passenger.

“In” He says nodding to the open door.

“You will need to get fuel on the way, I forgot to fill her up for you” Andrei nods and I slide into the leather seat and he shuts the door before talking to Zane at the front of the car. I couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying but Andrei hands some

keys and Zane walks off toward the side of the house and Andrei hops in the car.

The drive was silent but Andrei was tense for some reason, he pulled up at servo along the highway and not far from his pack. I sit in the car staring out the windshield.

“Wait here” He says, opening the car. I watch as he moves to the back of the car and pops the fuel cap before filling it up. I watch as he walks into the service station, my hand reaching for the door handle. As soon as I see the sliding door open he walks in. I wait for him to have his back to me and I shove the door open before running.

I rushed across the road and luckily it being night there were no cars. I smell the air trying to find any scents on which way to go but not having time I dart straight into the cover of the trees. Sierra was nervous and wanting to go back, she didn’t want to upset him yet I could tell mostly out of fear of upsetting an Alpha male, hierarchy tells us to obey and she didn’t like going against hierarchy even if we are rogue.

“Which way?” I ask her, we were not all that familiar with this side. She hesitates peering through my eyes. “Keep going straight,” She says, also unsure. I keep running thankful I had long pants and a hoodie on because the amount of branches scraping my arms would have hurt. This forest was incredibly dense, trees growing into each other and if I wasn’t a werewolf it would be pitch black and impossible to see at night. Hearing a road I pause.

“Well we can’t stop now, he will be pissed you will have to run across to the other side” Sierra snaps at me. As I appear to be running down like a hill making me wonder if the roads weave around the mountain that is at the back of Andrei’s Pack. “ Shit!”I think to myself. I should have tried to escape on the way home at least I would know what

is around this area. Stepping out of the trees I step on the road when I hear the sound of an engine roaring loudly into the night.

“Hurry” Sierra says and I dart across the road and jump the barrier which was a huge mistake. My feet hit the air and I was falling before hitting rocks and tumbling down a steep edge. The air gets knocked from my lungs on impact as I continued to slide before rolling off another rocky cliff edge and I couldn’t get grip on anything the cliff seeming to have no end when I suddenly hit the ground feet first and a scream rips out of me as I feel both ankles snap painfully yet I noticed I couldn’t hear the car anymore. I roll onto my back, my ankles throbbing, my arms felt bruised as I lay there waiting for my wolf to heal me.

“You need to push the bone back in and preferably turn your foot the right way, I can heal it but backwards feet I don’t recommend” Sierra tells me while one ankle healed yet the other was throbbing to its own beat, pain shooting up my leg. I suck in a breath before pushing up on my elbows and looking at my foot which was twisted in the opposite direction. The sight nearly made me puke as my stomach turned.

“Well that looks painful, ” Says Andrei’s voice behind me. I turn to glare at him and find him staring at me. I growl at him.

“I would feel bad for you except you ran from me” He says walking over to me. He hooks his arm under my legs, the other behind my back picking me up while I struggle to get out of his grip.

“Stop it Sage, you can’t run like that anyway, besides you don’t look like you have the stomach to re break it place”

“And you do?” I snapped at him.

“Yep I may even enjoy listening to you scream when I do” He says jumping off a rock onto the road. The movement made me cry out. Andrei pops the trunk and sits me in the back of it.

“Ah what are you doing?” I ask him.

“Want me to fix it or not?” he snaps before lifting my leg and sitting on the edge of the trunk.

“Ready. 1” Snap, my scream echoed as he grabbed my ankle and twisted, making me feel light headed. I jerk forward and throw up on the ground. Andrei walks to the front of the car while I climb out of the trunk just as I stand he returns before shoving me back in it. He chucks a bottle of water at me and I growl at him about to climb back out when he lifts my legs, tossing me in and slamming the lid shut. I kick the trunk lid and he opens it.

“Hey you shouldn’t have run and dent my car I will f*cking brand your ass, its a classic now behave” He says slamming the boot shut again. I feel him start the car before he speeds off and I slam around in the boot.

“I told you it was a bad idea”

“Shut up Sierra, you are not helping” I tell her and she growls at me, though my ankle was starting to feel better. We weren’t driving long before we stopped again and I heard Zane’s voice and groan. “ Alpha” Zane says.

“You need to babysit, don’t let her out of your sight, I will deal with her when I get back” I hear the Alpha say before he opens the trunk and grabs m y arm hauling me out. He shoves me at Zane who grabs my elbow while Andrei gets back in the driver’s seat. Zane walks me to the pack house before scanning his hand and the door opens.

“Can you get in and out?”

“Yep, I am his new Beta” He says before opening the door and shoving me inside and closing the door. Once the door is closed I hear Andrei drive off.

“Oi where I can see you” Zane says and I roll my eyes when he points to the couch. I sit in it and he sits in the armchair before tossing the remote at me while he grabs his phone out.

“Word of advice Sage, stick on his good side. Mate or Not he has a temper, I suggest you don’t provoke him unless you want to end up in the basement,

that is the last place you want to go, that table isn’t exactly comfy to lay on while he skins you” Zane says before looking down at his phone.

“Told you not to run” Sierra says and I feel my stomach drop. Why did I not look before jumping the barrier.

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