Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 134

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 134

Ezra POV

I was replying and sending emails, when my neck started to burn. I looked down at Kat sleeping beside me, her head still on my chest when the burning grew so intense I rubbed my mark trying to stop the burning sensation when suddenly I felt deathly cold. Mateo jumps awake and gasps and I feel Kat’s skin lose its warmth against my skin. I roll her off yet she is unresponsive, black veins wriggling beneath her skin and her temperature falling and rising dramatically.

“Get Mathias” I tell Mateo, shaking Kat’s shoulders and I grip her chin.

“Kat?” I lightly tapped her cheek before putting my ear to her chest, yet I could hear the thudding of our babies chests, yet her heart suddenly stopped. I started chest compressions while I could see Mateo’s eyes glazed over. The veins moving and

reappearing and disappearing, the colour draining and recolouring her cheeks, her body going hot then cold. It was like she was in between dying and living and my mark was burning like someone was holding a blowtorch to it.

“Mathias is on his way, we need to get her downstairs” Mateo says, scooping her up in his arms and he starts running down the stairs. He places her on the ground when Mathias’ voice flits through my head.

“5 minutes out” He said and I could hear he is running to the packhouse. Mateo was a picture of calm as he started administering CPR. Maddox was pacing restlessly and growling in my head. Yet I could not tear my eyes from the dark veins littering her pale skin. It made no sense, why did it feel like she was stuck in between and why were our marks burning and Mateo and I weren’t affected by her, usually when she is injured we too are also injured for her to heal she takes it from us.

“Maybe it is internally, maybe it’s them,” Maddox suggests.

“The babies, they are Gemini babies aren’t they the Moon Goddess blessed them”

“I don’t get it” I tell him.

“I don’t know, what if they are distressed and then being like kat it’s hurting her” Maddox says just as I hear running on the gravel outside. I stand opening the door to see Mathias wolf carrying a black bag in his mouth. I take it from him and rush back inside and hear him shift behind me. I start opening the bag having no idea what I am doing while Mateo is still doing chest compressions.

“Lift her shirt” Mathias voice says beside me while he pours what smells like alcohol over his hands from a clear bottle from the bag. I lift her shirt revealing her stomach, veins running across it and moving beneath her skin.

“I think you may be right Mateo ” Mathias says, grabbing a scalpel making me look at Mateo who was solely focused on manually pumping her heart.

“Towels Ezra and lots of them, and then I need you to shift” He says and I get to my feet racing up the stairs to the linen cupboard. I grab handfuls of towels before laying some out beside Mathias. He takes one of the towels wrapping it around his waist before kneeling and grabbing the scalpel in his hand.

“We need Maddox to heal her, she won’t heal on her own once I get these babies out, shift Ezra” Mathias orders me and I obey him. Maddox was on edge severely and I was slightly nervous how he would react to someone cutting open his mate, but he trusted Mathias and stayed still patiently watching.

“Derrick is on his way, I mindlinked him” Mateo says and Maddox nods his fury head. I watch as he runs the scalpel over her stomach and Mateo makes a pained noise, Maddox howls as it feels like we are being cut into and Mateo’s shirt stains red. Looking down I was also bleeding on the floor.

“Shit, we can’t do this here” Mathias says, “you two may bleed out before either of you can heal her” Mathias says his eyes glazing over and Kat’s wounds healing and so do ours slightly. Mathias injects Kat with something, stabbing it in her thigh.

“Adrenaline” He tells Maddox who whined loudly and sniffs her leg before Mathias hands take over Mateo’s and he takes over the chest compressions while Mateo falls backwards on his arse. I could feel nothing through the bond from him like he was purely existing on auto pilot and seemed to be in shock.

Sirens blare loudly outside and I don’t know how much time passes before Kat is carted away with Mateo and we start running to the hospital, running through the forest and heading into town. We managed to take a few shortcuts and arrived at the same time as the ambulance was pulling into the loading Zone, people rushing out to meet them and opening the ambulance doors. Maddox follows behind Mateo and Kat is rushed into surgery. Mateo and I forced ourselves in the room, moving off to the side while people frantically ran around trying to save their Luna and our babies.

“Get lines in they will need blood once we cut her open and get a line into Kat” Mathias orders while still doing chest compressions. I could still hear the steady beating of our babies’ hearts. Kat’s skin is still covered in the wriggling dark veins. A nurse sticks a needle in Mateo’s arm who was staring straight ahead before trying to do it to me but Maddox refuses to shift.

“Leave him” Mathias ordered the nurse knowing Maddox wasn’t going to, his eyes not leaving Kat as they worked on her. A nurse takes over for Mathias and he grabs the scalpel cutting into her stomach. I clutch my stomach feeling my own skin open up as we tried to heal Kat. The nurse beside us shrieks

and Maddox growls as pain sears through him. I feel him becoming weaker yet he refuses to shift. I watched as two nurses had to hold her stomach open, that was trying to heal and close, and it felt like they had their hands in my own stomach everything she felt we felt.

Maddox licks Mateo’s fingers and he absent mindedly strokes the fur on our face before we hear a cry. The sound fills the room and I see Mateo let out a breath before pulling the line from his arm like he only just realised it was there. A nurse bundles our child in a towel walking off with our baby before I hear another cry and Mateo stands up, blood covering the floor, and he grabs the pole that had the IV and blood bag attached to right himself, catching himself. His face is extremely pale as he staggers, his other hand clutching his stomach and his face twisted in pain.

The ground was slippery beneath our paws from our own blood spilling on the floor.

“Nearly done, get that line back in him” Mathias growls at the nurse when he sees Mateo staggering around the surgical room trying to get to the two nurses with our babies. Maddox was on the verge of passing out as our vision blurred and the room spun.

“Pin him if needed” Mathias yells at the nurses and they grab Mateo.

“Maddox, are you still strong enough?” Mathias says. Being in wolf form we were healing almost instantly but we had still lost heaps of blood from our wounds reopening and closing. But Maddox didn’t care if we were not; he wasn’t about to let our mate die.

“Move let him through” Mathias orders his assistants and everyone moves except Mathias and the woman still doing chest compressions. Maddox carefully jumps on the gurney and it uses nearly all of our strength to haul our weight up while Mathias holds the gurney. Maddox instantly licked the long cut across her abdomen. One of the nurses calls out to Mathias and he tells her to wait.

“Doc, something is wrong, what are these marks on their necks?” I heard the nurse say but I paid no mind, they were alive. I could tell by their cries as long as I could hear them they were fine.

I could hear our babies crying before hearing a crash and I see Mateo collapse out of the corner of my eye just as Kat suddenly gasps and the nurse doing the chest compressions shrieks and stops. Maddox jumps off the table. He headbutts the floor and we collide with a steel table that falls over as he can barely keep upright. I feel us fading out while Maddox knocks the nurse out the way that was trying to hook a blood bag back up to Mateo who was bleeding out on the floor.

“Maddox no, you can’t handle much more” I hear Mathias say and he pulls on our hips but Maddox growls and he quickly removes them. I was losing feeling, losing consciousness when Maddox started healing Mateo, taking his injuries as if they were his own. The voices in the room faded out and I felt Maddox growing weaker and weaker as he fought to suck in each breath before collapsing beside Mateo.

“Maddox?” I hear Kat’s frantic voice before everything goes black and I am sucked under.

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