Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 13

ated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 13

Alpha Ezra shows me inside, Beta Mateo was waiting in the foyer when we arrived with my backpack. He hands it to me but Alpha Ezra takes it throwing it over his shoulder before leading me up the stairs to the second floor of the building. He pulls me down the long hallway. Multiple doors ran along both sides and I could only assume they must have been other bedrooms. Walking to the last door in the long hallway next to yet another flight of stairs leading to the third level, he opens the door revealing a bedroom.

“You can stay in here, if you need me just follow the stairs on your right they lead to upstairs where mine and Mateo’s bedrooms are” He says placing my bag on the edge of the double bed. The room was nice, nicer than my bedroom back home and all the furniture matched.

“You remember where the bathrooms are and the shower block?” He asks. I nod Mateo showed us the first night we came here. They were downstairs, up the corridors running alongside the stairs.

“Well I will let you get settled. I will be upstairs if you need me” He says walking out and closing the door. I sit on the edge of the bed. Rummaging through my bag, I find some pajamas and my toiletries bag. My mother must have packed it, well I hope she did. I didn’t like the idea of Mateo rummaging through my drawers. Grabbing my stuff, I walk downstairs. Before turning left at the stairs and following the corridor down to the showers.

Walking inside I flick the light on. There are six showers in little curtained stalls. I go to the first one pulling the curtain closed behind me before stripping off and turning the shower on. I adjust the temperature till it is perfect before stepping in.

My father mindlinks me while I am washing my hair. “Hey Pumpkin you get to the packhouse okay?”

“Yep, currently showering”

“You like the packhouse, where did he put you?”

“Second floor,” I tell him trying to get the soap out of my eyes that was now searing my eyeballs out of my head. I blindly reached for my shirt on the floor. I just took off rubbing my eyes and ridding it of the soap burning them. I blink a couple of times.

“He put you on the second floor?” My father asks.

“Yeah where else would he put me, the third floor is where the Beta and Alpha stay. Did you think he would put me outside?” I chuckle.

“No, of course not. Nevermind. I was going to come see you tomorrow, but I will wait till the night of the pack run” Sh*t! The pack run, that means this place will be bustling tomorrow night, and then I also have to find a reason to excuse myself from partaking in the pack run.

“What do I do about the pack run?” I ask him.

“Just go out when everyone else does but wander off and lay low. We will come find you” I nod, I could do that, hide away from everyone. Piece of cake I was already invisible here.

“Okay we will see you Friday night, I know Alpha Ezra has excused you from school tomorrow, so just relax. I love you Kat” My father tells me before cutting the l**k. I finish washing before hopping out and getting changed quickly. I didn’t like the way the bathroom was set up. Like I know nudity wasn’t a big thing in wolf packs but it kind of was for me, the only people that have seen me naked were my parents. And thankfully the showers cubicles were empty because the showers themselves were too small to get dressed in, without wetting your clothes. Grabbing my toothbrush I make my way to the sinks, and quickly brush my teeth.

I hear the soft sounds of whispers out in the hallway but not quite hear what was being said. Rinsing my mouth out. I creep to the door listening intently.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Jackson. Why would I have any of your pack members on my territory” I hear Alpha Ezra say. It was clear he was on the phone to someone. I hear Mateo make a strange noise and pop my head out of the bathroom but see no one. Making my way to the stairs I look over the railing and can see his office door slightly ajar and the light was now on.

“Well your daughter must have deserved it, but I assure you. If you step one foot on my territory Jackson I will retaliate” Alpha Ezra growls and I hear him slam what I assume is the phone down.

“All this over a few members leaving?” I hear Mateo ask.

“Well Derrick was his Beta, I would be upset if I lost you” I hear him tell Mateo.

“What do you want to do?” Mateo asks him.

The stairs creak under my feet and I hold my breath. Sh*t! I wonder if they heard. Alpha Ezra’s voice calling out tells me he did.

“Kat come here please” I hear him call out. Mateo opens the office door wider and pops his head out. He smirks, shaking his head.

“Well come on, if your going to eavesdrop you might as well join the conversation”

My face heats at his words and I walk down the couple of steps and over to the office door. My towel rolled up with my dirty laundry.

“I wasn’t eavesdropping, I just overheard” I tell him as I enter the office.

“Same difference” Mateo tells me.

“I suppose it is Beta” I tell him. Beta Mateo shakes his head.

“Mateo, you don’t need to call me Beta, you can use my name Kat” He says but he made no sense .I was beneath him, we are supposed to refer to them by their titles. Alpha Ezra also asked me to use his name which I thought was strange. Shaking off his words, I turn to look at Alpha Ezra who was watching our strange conversation.

“Sorry Alpha I wasn’t trying to listen in”

“Ezra, what is with you and titles?” He says a smile on his lips.

“But that is what you are, your my Alpha it’s rude not to call you it”

“Yes but I have asked you not to, same as Mateo, our titles don’t affect you, we are all equals here” He says and I shake my head.

What was wrong with this man, he got up Angie the other day for using his name and I was not about to get in more trouble than I was already in.

“ What did Alpha Jackson want?’ I ask him.

“He wants your mother, to punish her for attacking his daughter”

“She only slapped her, hardly call it attacking her” Alpha Ezra nods.

“Why did you tell him we weren’t here?” I ask him.

“Because you are my pack members now, mine to protect. I am not just going to hand you over, and I didn’t entirely believe his reasoning, your mother admitted to slapping her yet he was wanting to chase her down just to punish her over one slap. It makes no sense so until I truly know his intentions I don’t want him snooping on my lands” I nod thankful, but also nervous what if Alpha Jackson tells him I have no wolf.

“You should get to bed, Mateo will take you back to your room” he says and I nod.

“Oh and Kat, till this issue with Jackson dies down. I would rather you and your family stay away from the borders” He says. I nod my head.

“Night Alpha” I tell him.

“Ezra and night Kat” He says watching us leave.

Following Mateo. He shows me where the laundry is and he dumps my clothes in the washer before turning it on. He then escorts me back upstairs and I climb in bed. Sleep comes easy as I settle under the comforter.

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