Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 129

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 129

As soon as the pack house came into view she froze, walking backwards and going back to the cover of the treeline.

“Wait” I tell her and she cocks her head to the side, her fur was such deep blue grey I found myself staring at her and her strange coloring. I step toward her and she drops her head, baring her teeth to me as she growls. I stop, this is ridiculous. I am her mate, she should trust me wholeheartedly.

“Look it is my house, I won’t hurt you, can you shift back please” I tell her and she stiffens her head whipping to the side as she sees a pack member walk toward the treeline a little down from her.

“She runs because of you I will turn you into dog food” I spit at him through the link and he freezes like he is too scared to move in case she bolts.

“He won’t do anything, come here” I tell her, but she doesn’t when another of my scouts suddenly walks out behind her. I internally groan when she hears the twig snap behind her nearly jumping out of fur as she spun, turning on an angle so she had an eye on everyone and I could hear her heart pounding against her chest, see her rapid breathing as she angled her body looking for an escape.

Zane noticing he just walked into our standoff freezes in place. His hands went out in what was supposed to be a gentle gesture but the man had hands like a giant.

“Shh, I didn’t mean to startle you” he crouches down trying not to intimidate her but even crouched he was bigger than her small wolf form, she would look like a cub next to Donnie and I could sense she was an omega rogue whole Zane was my Gamma and newly appointed Beta.

She is weaker than the average wolf and she knew running was her only chance. Zane’s eyes dart to me, his green eyes wanting to know what I wanted him to do. “Alpha?”

“She runs, help me grab her” I mindlink and he nods briefly.

“You should go with your mate” he tells her but she flinches at the sound of his voice, I take a step toward her and she does like I expected she runs.

Zane darts in front of her hands out and she pivots skidding and ripping up grass with her claws but that one second of hesitation from her was all I needed to pounce on her, she yelps, the sound so tortured I actually thought I hurt her when she thrashes as my arms wrap around her torso, her teeth and claws ripping into my arms before she bites my face.

I growl at her, my blood running everywhere and all over her and the ground.

I sit with her keeping my face away from hers waiting for her to tire out only she doesn’t, her teeth sinking into my bicep as she tears a chunk of skin off.

“Stop, please stop fighting” I tell her but it’s no use and I look at Zane. “Get it”

“Alpha no” Zane pleads for her but she was giving me no choice.

“I said get it now” I tell Zane and he whimpers at my command, rushing off before returning with a muzzle. She had torn me to shreds and my skin was stinging. When Zane returns she thrashes harder, biting and scratching any part of me she could, her back paws digging into my stomach before her claws slice through me and I squeeze tighter, my own claws sinking into her ribs by accident. She whimpers.

“Just stop and I won’t have to put it on you” Zane tells her but she was frantic. I didn’t want to but had to, she wouldn’t stop attacking me if I didn’t.

“Can I touch her” he asks and I nod to him, trying to hold her still as he slips it over her head. She bites his finger, his blood running down his arm as he moves away from her though he healed rather quickly. I was bleeding everywhere from her gouging me.

I stand walking toward the packhouse with her thrashing in my arms before getting to the door. I place her on the ground keeping my hand on the scruff of her neck while wiping my hand the best I can on my pants before placing my hand on the digital pad so the door would open.

When I hear the locks, I grab her again, tossing her half over my shoulder, her back legs kicking before I pull the door open and step inside. I close it before placing her down on the ground. She looked petrified, her tail disappearing as it tucked between her legs. Her entire body trembling and her fur hackled up as she growled.

“Enough, if you weren’t my mate I would kill you for biting me like a savage” I snap at her.

“Real smooth scare her more you f*cking caveman” Donnie growls in my head.

“Want club to wack her with and haul her to your cave, she is f*cking scared you would bite too” he says and I growl at him and she presses closer to the stairs and to the ground.

“Not you, I need to shower look around but don’t think you can escape. The only way out is that door and unless you remove my hand you are not getting out” I tell her before stepping over her where she cowered on the bottom step and walked up the steps.

“Ring Kat” Donnie growls at me.

“Let me shower first and then I will” I tell my wolf.

I could hear her downstairs trying to get the muzzle off when it suddenly went silent. I knew she must

have shifted to use her hands. Choosing to ignore knowing she couldn’t escape the confines of my house I shower quickly, before wrapping a towel around my waist. Walking out of the bathroom I reach for my mobile on the nightstand beside the bed before dialling kats number.


My h.i.ps hurt, my stomach hurt, everything hurt as my body stretched while I rocked like an old lady trying to heave myself from the couch as Mateo called out to me. Getting to my feet, I started climbing the steps. We needed a lift. My fat a.s.s was not made for stairs as I waddled up them.

“Hun?” Mateo sings out again.

“I’m coming hold your horses” I tell him, climbing the next set of steps. I was shocked he was calling me up, the last week he rarely let me on the third

level and we had been sleeping in the guest rooms downstairs, partly because I was too tired to climb

the stairs all the time but mainly because upstairs sounded like a demolition was going on and Mateo was always doing something up there and Ezra would help when he was done with pack business.

Getting to the top. I grip the bannister panting like a heffer as I try to catch my breath. I was huge. I had just under a month left but I looked way past full term with the twins. I resembled more of a beach ball with my short height and round belly, I was round all over and gosh my ankles were sore from swelling and carting this extra weight was a mammoth task.

Looking around I could smell paint, smell fresh plaster. Mateo bounces out excitedly before coming to stand behind me and covering my eyes. He walks me toward our room and I know it’s ours by the faint scent of us in it and he then turns me toward where the window is before turning me again. I was becoming queasy from the turning. The room was square. How many times does he want to turn me, am I about bash a pinata?

He moves his hand before kissing my neck. I opened my eyes to see a door that didn’t belong in the room, a hole had been cut out where the TV originally was and I looked around to find it had been moved to the wall where the bed head used to sit and the bed was now under the window.

I knew on the other side of the wall used to be the room I stayed in when I first came here. I twist the handle and push the door open to reveal the

nursery they had made and was now attached to our room. The room was a soft grey colour and white cribs and a nursing chair sat under the window.

Ezra made the cribs himself and on top of the little headboard had a cut off a wolf up the top. I didn’t know Ezra was handy with building but it made sense when he told me his grandfather on his mothers side was a carpenter.

From the mobiles above each crib were little wolf and moon figurines hanging from them, the wolves the colour of each of ours. Though mind resembled Kora before she gave her life for mine. On the wall above each crib were their names painted in perfect calligraphy. We had been stuck on names for our son, Ezra wanted to honour the moon goddess so we knew our daughters middle name was always going to be Seline but our daughters name was going to be Marabella, it started with her so it seemed fitting the curse ended in her name, she too sacrificed the most for her people so Marabella Seline Calder-Pierce. Ezra didn’t care what we named them as long as Seline was our daughter’s middle name. Looking at my son’s crib I turned to Mateo, we hadn’t spoken of boys names.

“Does he know?” I ask Mateo. From the moon goddess vision I knew the boy was Mateo carbons copy while our daughter was going to be Ezra’s so I was a little shocked to see our son’s name was after Ezra’s bloodline. Eziah was Erza’s grandfather’s name and the only man in his family he spoke fondly of. Eziah Mathers was his mothers father and his name made werewolf history books for the good he did.

“He will when he gets home,” Mateo tells me, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder, his hands rubbing my growing bump.

“No middle name?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Couldn’t think of one” Mateo says pecking my cheek, “figured I would leave it to Ezra” He says pressing his face into my neck. I nod yet I had a suggestion if Ezra says it is ok.

“You like it?” He asks.

“Love it” I tell him when my phone starts ringing downstairs. I groan, knowing I would have to walk all the way down to get it.

“You stay I will get it for you” Mateo says wandering off while I continue looking around the room. I turned the mobile before grabbing the wolf that reminded me of Kora, it even had our gold eyes. The wolf was so detailed you could even see the ruffles of her fur. I place it back just as Mateo walks in.

“It’s Andrei,” He says, handing me the phone.

“Hey” I tell him, holding the phone to my ear.

“Hey sis, can you come over I need you to try to talk to someone for me”

“I can but who is it?” I ask.

“I know it is impossible, but I can’t calm her down, she is petrified of me”

“Kat… I found a rogue and she is my mate” He says like he couldn’t believe it.

“I believe you, I will come as soon as I can. What is her name?”

“I have no idea she won’t shift or speak to me, please I know it is impossible but I swear Kat, it’s exactly like with Angie, If by some miracle the moon goddess granted me another. I can’t lose her, not after Angie” He says.

“Then let’s make sure you don’t, I will get Mateo to run me over now and I will see you soon” I told him before hanging up. While Mateo who was listening and watching me curiously opens his mouth before closing it, he shakes his head.

“Did he just say he found a second chance mate?”

“Yes, he found her”

“And you don’t seem shocked, you knew. What did you do Kat?”

“ I asked the Moon Goddess to grant him one, we have lost enough. Andrei has lost enough so I asked for a second chance”

“And at what cost Kat, everything comes at cost with her” I shake my head.

“No, either way it would end this way, Andrei would have forced my hand so I asked to give him a chance. I told you about my vision of his future and I will not stand by knowing I could have helped. The price is the same if I had to step in”

“And what is that?” Mateo asks, concerned.

“His life Mateo, she can’t fix him, they can’t fix each other I lose my brother”

“So what, he doesn’t go down the straight and narrow and you get Ezra or I to kill your brother, kat?” He says running his hand through his hair.

“No Mateo, the deal was if he needs to die, I kill him myself, my brother, my favour, my hands and my sacrifice and responsibility”

“And you think you could do it, kill your own brother, you can’t do that”

“I can do it, there are a lot things I will do for my people Mateo, don’t underestimate the things I would do, I am willing to die for my people, and I would kill for them too if needed, but hopefully it won’t come to that but I am prepared if it does” I tell him.

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