Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 125

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 125

Katya POV

To say they were excited was an understatement. The entire way home all they talked about was boy and girl names and Mateo hadn’t put down the little scan picture and nicknamed them Peanut one and two. While all I could think about was the fact I was pregnant and what that meant. The change would be huge. I could barely look after myself let alone two babies. I knew I would have twins from the vision of the moon goddess yet a vision and reality were different things to wrap your head around.

“You are quiet” Ezra says and Mateo looks over at me before frowning.

“What’s wrong?” he asks. I shake my head. Nothing was wrong, just I felt odd with the confirmation.

“Nothing just tired and we need to organise Jackson pack, we also have to find housing to fit everyone and Dad said Andrei isn’t coping being at home” I tell them.

“Ezra and I will handle all that, you just focus on growing baby limbs” Mateo says and I chuckle at his words. Ezra smirks at him and it was hard not to find their excitement contagious yet I worried

about all the things that could go wrong, all the things we had to take care of now with a time limit.

“Have you spoken to Andrei since we have been back?” Ezra asks and I shake my head. I hear him come in at night, but haven’t actually seen him.

What about you?”

“ I saw him yesterday, he has been busy rebuilding his pack, he seemed fine. What did your father say about him?” Ezra asks, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

“Nothing much just that he doesn’t stop working and training”

“I will check on him for you” Ezra says and I yawn while nodding my stomach growling but the thought of food made me nauseous.

We went to bed early, Ezra and Mateo fell asleep almost instantly yet I tossed and turned all night before I heard arguing outside. I sit up and walking to the bedroom window looking into the backyard.

I could see Andrei arguing with one of his men before I saw him punch him but he didn’t stop, repeatedly punching him while holding the back of his head with his other hand.

I rush to leave the room before stopping, shit Ezra would lose it if I walked into a fight. Maddox may k!ll Andrei if I get hurt in the crossfire. I roll my eyes rushing to the bed and shaking him awake. He sits up alert grabbing my face with his hands.

“What, what’s wrong?” Before the yelling gets louder and he looks toward the window before slapping Mateo’s chest. Ezra storms out of the room and Mateo sits up looking around before also rushing out.

I run down the steps chasing after them and the yelling got louder and louder. I rush out the back to see Ezra throw Andrei off the man whose face was all bloody, he spits blood out and Mateo helps the man up.

“What is going on?” Ezra demands. Andrei growls at the man, his hands all bloody and his entire body trembling with rage.

“All I said is that maybe he should stand down as Alpha for a bit and let Alpha Nicholas take over” The man said. It was clear he was worried about Andrei but telling an Alpha to stand down isn’t exactly a good idea, that would be seen as a challenge. Andrei lunges at him, punching the man and Ezra grabs him shoving him back again only Andrei shifts.

“Kat get inside” Ezra says standing between Andrei and the pack member.

“Go” I tell him and he goes to leave but Donnie eyes follow him and Mateo gives him a shove telling him to hurry up. The man runs off and Donnie starts pacing back and forth on the lawn.

“Andrei shift back and come inside, I don’t think he meant it as a threat” Ezra tells him unafraid of him. Though I kept picking up this strange sense from Andrei. Andrei saw reason but I could tell he was looking for a fight, looking for a reason to destroy something or someone. He was hurting and he wanted to hurt something to get rid of the feeling. I don’t know how but I could sense it, smell the anger radiating off him.

Donnie continues pace before snarling at Ezra and I see his eyes flicker. Maddox not liking the disrespect.

“Ezra leave him, come here” I whisper, my eyes trained on Donnie. Ezra turns to face me but as soon as he turns Donnie lunges at him. I shriek rushing forward only for Mateo to grab me and shove me back. Donnie biting into his arm and throwing him. Ezra gets to his feet only for Donnie to maul him, knocking him back and I see Maddox come forward before punching him. Donnie shakes his head and growls but the distraction was enough for Maddox to force the shift before he attacks back. Sinking his teeth in the back of Andrei’s neck and shaking his head viciously.

They fought viciously and tears streaked my face as I struggled to get free of Mateo’s arms as he tried to drag me inside. “Kat, I can’t help him if you don’t get inside”

“Maddox will k!ll him, let me go” I tell him struggling in his grip as Maddox tore him to pieces, fur and blood going everywhere as they tore into each other all teeth and claws.

Maddox grabs his neck before tossing him and Andrei smacks against the sandstone rectangles that sat randomly as seating in the yard. Donnie growls getting to his feet and I drop my weight sliding out of Mateo arms before running forward. Maddox charged at him and Andrei too as they went to clash.

Mateo screams when I dart between them. “Stop! ”

I scream with my hands out on either side of me just before they reach me. I feel my aura rush out in a sort of shock wave through my panic, I could actually see the ripple of its wave blast them.

Maddox digs his claws into the ground and so does Donnie. Both of them sliding into me but I manage to stay upright as they stop.

Both of them whimper and Maddox lifts his head before dropping it again when I glare at them both. My chest heaving with each breath, adrenaline coursing through me and I drop my arms. Maddox lifts his head sniffing me before licking my fingers while I turn to face my brother’s wolf.

“Shift” I tell him and he does instantly. I looked ahead to see Mateo walking toward me and I could feel his anger at me rushing in and I would deal with that when I got inside. I would let him whine and bitch at me but I wasn’t going to let Maddox kill him and I know he would have.

“You are on our territory, you will respect my mates Andrei and stop looking for fights” I tell him.

“Kat I wasn’t”

“Don’t lie to me, I could feel you” I tell him, glaring at him. He bares his neck to me. Though I could tell he wasn’t happy. I felt guilty but it was the truth, he was looking for a fight. Ezra was only wanting to stop him, not get into an altercation with him.

“Is that all?” Andrei asks. I sigh now feeling terrible. Maddox licks my fingers and I brush his fur.

“Yes Andrei that is all” I tell him. He nods standing and I look at Maddox who is watching me.

“ I’m sorry Kat” Andrei murmurs, having calmed down. I look at him before nodding and he leans forward hugging me. As soon as he touched me my entire body stiffened.

Images flashing before my eyes of Andrei torturing people in what seems to be a basement, the stench of rogues filling my nose. I could see their tear streaked faces, the image changes to Donnie hunting rogues in no man’s land, looking for blood, looking for his next victims. Another image flickering to his pack, it was different the packhouse built like a fortress and I recognise the design as what I saw on the blueprints of what he had been organising, hear the whispers of his pack members calling him the dark one, the souless Alpha.Then they stopped, and I find myself staring at my brother.

“Kat?” He whispers looking at me.

“What’s wrong, I am sorry” He says, staring at me oddly.

“Nothing Andrei, go get some sleep” I tell him my voice is empty. He nods, k!ssing my head before walking back inside.

“What is it?” Mateo says coming over and rubbing my arms, his anger gone now replaced with worry as he picked up on my emotions changing.

“I.. I think I just saw part of Andrei’s future” I whisper. Maddox nudges my hand and I run my fingers through his fur before pulling on his ear gently and he purrs.

“His future?” Mateo asks.

“Yeah, his pack called him the dark one, the souless Alpha” I tell him and he turns looking at Andrei’s retreating frame.

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