Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 118

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 118

Katya POV

I awakened to the sound of chaos, rolling over. I was back in our room but I could hear something was going on. The pack house sounded chaotic.

Sitting up, I rub a hand down my face trying to remember what happened. I grab a hair tye from my bedsisde table, pulling my hair up. My thought process was a little sluggish. Was it the pack run? I wondered until I heard howling and people wailing and I knew that wasn’t the sounds of excited pack members. Getting to my feet I shove open the bedroom door. I could hear arguing, hear people in panic making me rush down the stairs to the second landing. Mateo was busy trying to calm everyone down, the entire place was filled with men, I recognised no one but recognised that scent.

They all smelt like Andrei and I had no doubt they were his pack members. My brain is finally catching up with me and I remember Andrei taking off and Ezra. Also remember Mateo knocking me out. But if they were all here what the hell happened and why weren’t there any women and children. A few of our pack members walked in the door. I recognise Alex, and Mathias as they tried to calm down the people standing inside the foyer and outside the place was in utter chaos. People were arguing and they were all talking about the same thing. Revenge, revenge for what though?

“Everyone needs to calm down, Ezra and Andrei will be here soon” Mateo tries to reason with them but they were growing more and more rowdy and the testosterone in the air was potent.

“No, we need to gather more people and hit them back” I hear someone yell out.

I start walking down the steps toward Mateo to see what is going on when people start throwing punches, arguing over what the next move should be Alex and Mateo trying to break it up.

“Enough! ” I screamed out, my Alpha aura rushing out when I saw Mateo get shoved backwards stumbling into Mathias as they were tightly packed in the foyer.

The entire place falls silent, everyone’s face turning to me and I swallow not liking the attention but also refusing to let them cause so much commotion and shove around my pack members.

“You will not be shoving my pack members around and yelling and screaming in the pack house now everyone outside now, while I figure out what is going on” I tell them. Some protest which I expected because I was not their Luna but still they bared their necks in submission.

“They killed our entire Pack Luna, even strung our new Luna up, they killed our families and the children. How do you expect us to calm down, we want revenge and we need your men so we can’t retaliate?” snaps one of them before Mateo’s voice flits through my head.

“Kat?” He asks, yet I was more focused on the fact that they just said Angie was dead. I swallowed down my emotions and it was the pill to swallow as it threatened to choke me at learning that information.

“Nobody is going or doing anything until Ezra and Andrei get here and there is a plan, I will not put my own pack members at risk by running blindly fuelled on anger, everyone needs to their heads and calm down until the Alpha’s get here, now if everyone would kindly step outside before you cause more damage we will organise sleeping arrangements and organise everyone into the empty houses and pack rooms” I tell them forcing my aura over them, I hated using it but with the way they are someone was going to get hurt when more fights broke out.

They file out, standing out the front of the packhouse. I continue down the steps and walk over to Mateo.

“Where are Ezra and Andrei?”

“Ezra is trying to locate Andrei after he took off, I was going to wake you but”

“Save it Mateo, I am pissed off enough but right now we need everyone to be calmed down before they do something reckless, how many people can the packhouse house?”

“50 at most, I have people setting up bunk beds in all the spare rooms, we have g houses also being set up”

“How many are here from Andrei’s pack?”

“There is 114 people left” He says and my face snaps toward him. 114* That was all that was left? Andrei had the 2nd largest pack.

“Does Angie’s family know?” I ask him, looking out at everyone standing around talking. I could still remember her voice on the phone, her crying to come home and now she was coming home in a body bag. She was one of my only friends here besides Jasmine, and my brother’s mate.

“Kat?” Mateo says softly and I feel my eyes burning with unshed tears. His hand touches my arm but I jerk away. I cannot break, not in front of all these people it would cause chaos again if the Luna of our pack suddenly lost control.

“Please don’t touch me okay, just don’t. Not right now” I tell him knowing if he does I will just want to crawl into my arms and cry. That wouldn’t help anyone.

“Where is my father?” I ask Mateo.

“Helping Ezra find him, he was here helping but when he heard about Angie he went to go help ” I nod, I was going to ask him anyway so I am glad that some fatherly instinct kicked in and he went to go find his son.

“Okay let’s deal with this for now and get everyone housed and fed while we wait for Ezra and Andrei to return, I want to speak to the neighbouring pack Alpha’s too” I tell Mateo.

“Why, they can’t help?”

“No too late for Andrei’s Pack, but Jackson wiped out an entire pack nearly full of elderly and even children, no pack will take that lightly especially with what they did to the pack Luna, Jackson wants to go to war, he will get one. I know the other packs will come for this”

“They will but Kat, you do this every pack will know you are a Gemini wolf, they will be able to tell just by looking at you”

“This war started because of my family, Jackson killed all these packs families, and for what?”

“Ezra said to warn the other packs to not get involved” I nod to him.

“What about those that don’t come?” He asks.

“We won’t force them, they don’t have to, especially the smaller packs but I doubt any would turn Andrei and Ezra down anyway. Jackson has made a lot of enemies over the years but every pack has always agreed there is one thing you don’t do,

that the children of the packs are off limits, Jackson breached that with Anthony, he now breached it again but this time everyone knows about it, they will come”

“You can speak to the Alphas, I have their info inside but nothing gets planned until Ezra and Andrei are here”

“I’m not stupid Mateo, this has gone on far too long now, we never should have waited. Ezra and Andrei can plan it but at least every Alpha will have time to get here. Then we just need to think about how to get the mothers and children separate from the pack once we get in there, it shouldn’t be a problem though, once we step over Jackson has bunkers for those that won’t be in the war, those bunkers need to be off limits we just need to make sure Andrei’s pack understand that”

“Yes, Jackson will be ready for us when we come,”

Mateo says.

“Jackson was always big on evacuation there are three bunkers, one under the schools and two under community center in town”

“Andrei will want blood Kat, from what Ezra has been saying he has gone off the deep end”

“That may be so, but if we k!ll children like Jackson we are just as bad as him, they are innocent in this. We are not monsters death will come but only to those that deserve it”

“What about Jackson’s alliances, he still has 2 packs that may stand with him”

“They get involved and back him they can die with him too” I tell him. Mateo nods.

“Okay let’s organise everyone” He says before whistling loudly grabbing everyone’s attention.

Ezra POV

Derrick and I had been running through these woods for hours now, it was getting dark and still no sign of him. Derrick was almost frantic, even though he wasn’t a part of Andrei’s life I could tell he did love him in his own way. So he should, Andrei is his son.

Stopping, we had just run the entire border once again and through the mountains. Heading back to town, we saw fire burning in the distance that wasn’t visible from the gully we just came out of.

“That’s the packhouse” Derrick says as we look down at the town.

“He must have gone back, come on, lets see if we can get him” I tell Derrick and he nods. Shifting back as we approach the town centre and the park. I see Andrei standing out the front of the packhouse, his back to us as he watches his home burn. The smell of fuel was heavy in the air and the packhouse was engulfed in flames.

“Andrei?” Derrick says approaching him, I hold my breath not knowing how Andrei would handle having his estranged father here though when I catch sight of his eyes I realise Donnie Andrei’s wolf was in control again as he looks his father up and down.

“Son” Derrick says, placing his hand on Andrei’s shoulder. I half expected him to lose his hand for touching him, Andrei wasn’t one for physical contact the only person I had seen him even touch affectionately besides Angie was Kat. Andrei’s eyes flicker, his wolf receding.

“Dad?” Andrei croaks out.

“Right here” Derrick tells him and something inside him breaks. I had never seen him cry but Derrick broke him the moment he touched him. Maybe he didn’t hate his father as much as he thought, he did because the giant bear of a man folded. His legs collapsed out from under as his entire body racked with sobs. Derrick grabbed him going to the ground with him trying to console his son.

“I know buddy, I know” Derrick tells him softly, and nobody knew better than Derrick what it felt like to lose a mate, he didn’t lose one but two.

I leave them be instead just sitting on the grass behind them, in case Andrei goes off but leaving Derrick to help him. I missed my mates, seeing this, seeing Andrei destroyed like this made my heart hurt every time I thought of them. Longing fills me even though it has only been a day without them. I feel for Kat, and am surprised she is awake. The mindlink connecting. I expected her to be angry.

“You ok?” She asks and I could hear it in her voice that she knew of Angie already, her emotions finally rushing into me and I could feel her devastation.

“Yes I am safe, we found Andrei” I tell her before feeling Mateo and adding him into the link.

“How is Andrei?” Mateo asks.

“Alive but I think he would rather be dead by the look of him”

“How are things back home?” I ask them worried Mateo wouldn’t be handling everything.

“Kat and I have calmed them down now, we have allocated them around the packhouse and empty houses, Kat has also spoken with the other Pack Alpha’s, they are willing to fight with us, they said to let them know when and they will be here” Mateo says.

“When did you speak with them, were they all happy to step in?” I ask wondering how Mateo had time.

“No, Kat did. She is about to go over and talk to Angie’s family, Jasmine picked her up”

“I’m just getting in the car now” Kat adds, still listening but I could also tell she is distracted.

“Kat, you can’t”

“I know Ezra, I am just taking food over to them, and offering to help with funeral arrangements.

Besides she has been dead for too long, I would risk k!lling myself to save her or you two. A risk I won’t take” Kat says. I could feel her devastation that she couldn’t save her friend, couldn’t save her for her brother.

“When will you be home?” Kat asks.

“Hopefully in a few hours” I tell her.

“Okay, mindlink on your way back I will make sure I am home when you get home. Is Andrei coming home too?”

“I am not sure but I assuming so”

“Okay well I need to go, bit rude I can hear Jasmine talking but can’t understand her very well with the link, I love you I will see you when you get home” Kat tells me.

“Love you too, be safe Kat” I tell her I could practically feel her eyes roll even though she said nothing, just cut the link.

“Is she ok?” I ask Mateo.

“Yes, I think so. She been keeping busy, while I sorted out the groups she had pack members bring clothes and food over for everyone, she spoke with the pack Alpha’s, even helped put beds together, she is actually rather calm on the outside” Mateo says but we both knew she wasn’t on the inside, could feel how angry and upset she was. But there was something else, like the calm before the storm.

“She will be okay” I tell him, trying to reassure myself too.

“Yes, you need to be home by tomorrow though, Kat organised a meeting with one the Alpha’s tomorrow, I am not comfortable going with her, I am not an Alpha Ezra, they won’t take me serious, you need to be home to go with her, though she promised she wouldn’t go without one of us. I will go if I have to but I prefer not to”

“ I will be home promise, what are we going to do about her being a Gemini, they all knew she was a lunar wolf, but a Gemini wolf, that will come with some issues, she is basically a walking, talking weapon, the other packs might become wary of us”

“That’s what I am worried about, but Kat has a plan, and I am not sure what’s going on with her, but she is so calm it is scaring the shit out of me, she truly acted like a luna tonight, this place was chaos before she came down”

“I will be back as soon as possible, love you and I will see you soon”

“Love you too” He says and I cut the link focusing back on my surroundings. Andrei and Derrick I could hear talking softly watching the flames eat away the packhouse, he was no longer crying, but his aura was all over the place. He was broken, destroyed but Jackson has now started a war, one bigger than he thought, this shit he thought would scare the other packs off, has now only angered them. His life now has a time limit, one that is ticking away.

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