Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 117

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 117

Ezra POV

By the time we got there, the entire place had been decimated. Andrei’s pack was huge, but mostly consisted of older members; the youngest were all out scouting Jackson’s pack and running the outer borders on the southern side, Jackson pack came in the northeast side, rocky terrain they never would have stood a chance once they got past the borders, no way the pack would have got pack in time even those on the southern border, he should have left enough to patrol all borders not the one with the only road in, especially when roads aren’t necessary for wolves.

Nearly every house was burnt down, the hospital was burnt down and Jackson didn’t just have the pack slaughtered, he made an example of his pack. I felt bile rise in my throat as I peered at Andrei looking around stunned, he was in shock. No one could have imagined this happening. Andrei wasn’t the target, this was simply because he was one of my allies, this was a warning to the other packs to not get involved. He knows he can’t take my pack, we are too well protected, but now he was targeting the surrounding packs and cutting them off. Jackson had to have known his pack was defenseless, or he never would have stepped foot across here, meaning he had scouts out scouting ours to work out the numbers.

We had been so consumed with him trying to get Kat, that we didn’t think he would target Andrei’s pack. The carnage left was heartbreaking. Everyone was dead and It was hard seeing the younger members carrying their families out, the oldest left being Andrei, the rest were all dead. Jackson even k!lled the children. Nothing was left. Alex comes over to me nudging me.

I look at him and he has a somber expression. “No one is alive in the hospital, not even Anthony survived, found him next to Andrei’s mother. Only people left are the scouts and border enforcers, none could get back in time” Alex tells me when I finally see Andrei fall on his a$s in the middle of the park across from the packhouse.

“Tell everyone to clean up, we will take everyone back with us, they can’t stay here” I tell Alex.

Looking at Andrei, he had been staring at the packhouse since he got here. Just staring at it. I walk over to him to check on him, he doesn’t even look up as I touch his shoulder.

His howls were agonised as he ran here, I know the pain of feeling teethers snap. No it, all too well but to lose 85% of your pack at once, I couldn’t imagine that. I also couldn’t imagine losing my mates and by the heartbreaking guttural howl that left him as we were halfway here I knew Angie was dead. He was forced to shift back after his wolf went berserk tearing himself to shreds as he fought that agony. I had to wait for him and send my men ahead to make sure he didn’t kill himself. His wolf and him

were destroyed as I watched his wolf claw at his face and nearly tear his own paw off before Andrei was able to take back control from him. Now all that was left was an empty shell as he stared at the packhouse.

“Get her down” He mutters and I am confused at first before I look up at the packhouse. How I didn’t notice before shocked me. Staring up at the wooden pole home, the flag pole that sat on the roof with his pack emblem flag was Angie. Her bloody body n@ked and hung on the flag pole. I swallow looking back down at him. His expression is cold and murderous.

He growls, the noise even raises goosebumps on my arms, the sound so threatening. “Get her down” He repeats before getting up and walking away. He walks toward the forest disappearing amongst the trees.

“Alex! ” I called out to him seeing him helping one of the pack members put out a house that was well ablaze. The was no saving it; they were best off letting it burn itself out.

Alex walks over to me and I point to the flag pole and he staggers back horrified clearly having not noticed it either. “That’s not, please tell me?” He gasps.

Her brothers were close with Alex, Angie was almost like a sister to him. “Help me get her down”

I tell him and he nods, tears running down her cheeks when I hear her brother’s. They must have heard of the attack. Myles collapses in front of the packhouse on his knees looking up at her before he starts wailing. Tate shoves past us before rushing toward the house. “Angie?” I hear him whisper on his way past. I chase after him and so does Alex.

Alex grabbed him and I duck inside racing up the steps. I needed to get her down before her father got here, they shouldn’t have seen her like that. I knew she was dead but no one should see their sister like that, see their daughter like that. And to put her on display the way Jackson did was disgusting.

I found the room that has the window leading on to the roof and by the look of the room she tried to fight back, which would be Angie, she was a fighter. I carefully step through the smashed window and onto the tin roof. And over to the flagpole. It had a spear point on top of it.

“Why wasn’t she in a safe room?” Tate yells before collapsing next to his brother. I knew the answer, there wasn’t one here, no roller shutters, no nothing, only cells. I had been here enough to know that Andrei relied on brute strength and his warriors that were well trained. This is exactly why I let my woman train, in case shit like this happens they can defend themselves.

Alex steps onto the creaky roof and helps me lift her body off the pole. The flagpole was barely a metre off the roof, yet you would have to be sick in the head to make an example of the Alpha’s Luna like this. Jackson would pay for this, they would all f*cking pay for this.

“Get me a towel” I tell Alex as I step back in the window with Angie’s body in my arms, I couldn’t smell any bodily fluids, so they k!lled her and butchered her body but didn’t r@pe her.

Alex was a blubbering mess, as he helped me cover her body before taking her down to her brothers. I place her body in Tate’s arms and he hugs her close. I know how much her family loved her and her being the only girl was going to be a massive blow, she was in every sense of the word her family’s princess, she had been the only girl born on her father’s side in 5 generations.

“Where is Andrei?” Tate says and the fire in his eyes worried me. I bend down gripping his face.

“This is not his fault, she was his mate. Imagine if you lost Jasmine” I tell him. He grits his teeth but nods looking back down at his sister’s body.

“What’s going on?” Mateo says through the mindlink.

“Where is Kat?”

“Knocked her out like you said”

D@mn she is going to k!ll me when I get home, but I know she would have tried to save her or anyone here, she would have tried even if it k!lled her in the process.

“Don’t let her out of your sight, Jackson wiped out nearly all the pack” I tell him.

“How many left?” Mateo asks.

“Only those that were with our men and the southside enforcers” I tell him and he growls knowing that wasn’t many.

“Angie is dead Mateo” I tell him when he says nothing. I hear Ares whimper in his head. We may not have seen eye to eye with Angie but she grew up with us, we watched her grow from a baby to a woman, we grew up with her brothers and now I had to tell her parents. Her father still hadn’t showed up and I am hoping that means he is still at home with his mate.

“What do I tell her when she wakes up”

“Nothing, we won’t be long. I am bringing his pack back with us” I tell him.

“ I will organise the packhouse then for visitors”

“Get Derrick over to help” I tell him, cutting off the link.

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