Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 116

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 116

Waking up, I felt like I had been hit by a truck every muscle in my body was aching but that stupid phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. I tap Ezra’s chest trying to wake him. How could he not hear it, my head was pounding to its own beat and the incessant noise was not helping. Reaching over him to the nightstand, I pick up his phone and answer it since Ezra was dead to the world.

I squint at the screen and see Alex’s name appear before answering it. “Hello” I ask, damn I even sounded like shit, can’t even keep the exhaustion from my voice, yeah can’t half tell what we were doing all night.

“Luna? Sorry but you need to put Alpha on it is urgent” Alex’s voice says through the phone.

I shake Ezra and he mumbles.

“I can’t get ahold of him through the mindlink” Alex says and I could hear something alert in his voice.

“Ezra! Wake up Alex is on the phone” I tell him, shaking him.

“Who?” He mumbles rolling onto his stomach.

“Alex” I tell him and his eyes fly open and I nearly fall off the bed from his abrupt movement as he sits up with me half sprawled across him.

He grabs the phone out of my hand and I sit before rolling back to the middle of the bed on my back. I feel him get out of bed. “What when?” Ezra says.

“How many?” I hear him say. Mateo sits up tossing the blanket back before rubbing his hands down his face.

“Just give me an hour I will meet you at there” Ezra says “Why is everyone so loud this morning?” Mateo whines before looking over at Ezra. He notices him on the phone and sits up straighter and Ezra hangs up the phone before walking into the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Mateo says as Ezra walks into the bathroom.

“This morning a heap trucks and armoured vehicles left Jackson’s. They have been sitting on the border between packs”

“So he is on his way here?” Mateo says, getting up.

“No, the trucks have stopped at the human town an hour from here ” Ezra says and I hear him turn the shower on.

“Wait, he is in human territory?” Mateo says leaning on the bathroom door.

“F*ck! ”I hear Mateo mutter.

“Why is that a bad thing. He hasn’t come here?” I didn’t understand why that was bad. Maybe they were supply trucks.

“Because Jackson is smart, he knows we can’t start anything on human land, it is neutral territory and off limits. We would risk exposing what we are, he seems to be waiting us out or waiting for something”

“So whose packs is he bordering?” I ask now wide awake and alert.

“Ours and Andrei’s, he took the mountains detouring all pack territories so no one can touch him until he steps over a boarder and he has evaded everyone to get here”

“So what are you going to do?” I ask him.

“Andrei is already on his way here, Alex rang him when he couldn’t get a hold of me” Ezra says and I nod. Makes sense since Jackson is also bordering Andrei’s pack.

“So what do you want us to do?” I ask Ezra.

“Nothing, stay here. I will handle it. We are just scoping it out, to see how many there are and if he is likely to attack” I hear Ezra say.

I sigh but figure he will do his thing because I know nothing of borders and strategic crap they handle daily. Ezra showers quickly before walking out and grabbing some shorts from the closet.

“Go back to sleep, I hopefully won’t be long” He says but now I was wide awake. I watch him get dressed before he pecks my lips before walking into the bathroom where Mateo went. I watch him open up the shower screen.

“Watch Kat” He says.

“Always” I hear Mateo tell him before watching Ezra kiss him before walking out back into the bedroom.

“Stay with Mateo, and behave, no leaving the packhouse not until I know what’s going on” Ezra says. I nod yawning and get up to go shower, the room smelt like a brothel and I smelt heavily of bodily fluids.

“Love you” I call to Ezra.

“Love you more” I heard him call from the hallway as he walked downstairs. I hear the roller shutters lift before light fills the bathroom and I don’t even remember them being closed which is odd because they are quite loud as they open and close.

I hop in the shower and start washing myself, the water helping my aching muscles before the smell of coconut shampoo and soap surrounds me.

“You don’t seem too worried,” I tell Mateo,

handing him the soap.

“No, Ezra will check it out” he says and I nod, grabbing my toothbrush from the cup in the niche.

After we showered we made breakfast, the morning passing by quickly, hearing my phone ringing, I duck upstairs to retrieve it from the charging dock. I was a little surprised to see Angie’s name pop up on the screen.

I answer it, swallowing the chunk of apple that I was chewing on. “Hey Ange”

Yet she says nothing but I could hear her breathing before she hiccups.


“I want to come home, Please kat you have to help me ” She says before crying. I look at the screen to make sure it was definitely Angie’s name I saw.

“What? Why what’s going on?” I ask her.

“Nothing, I just miss home. I hate it here” She says sniffling.

“Where is my brother?” I ask her wondering if he did something to upset her.

“With Ezra at something, I don’t know he never tells me anything” She says. I think trying to think of anything that she would possibly be upset about, maybe she was just home sick.

“Please Kat, you have to help me. I can’t live like this” She says and I see Mateo walk into the room leaning on the door frame to see who I was talking.

“Why what happened, you seemed all lovey dovey here” I ask her wondering what could possibly be upsetting her.

“It was until I got here, everything is different here, it’s not like the pack back home. I want to come home, please Kat”

“He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No, not in that sense, he is good but I can’t live like this, no woman should live like this” She says before breaking down when I hear a man’s voice in the background.

“Who are you talking to, did Alpha give you permission to have your phone?” I was shocked by his words. Permission to use her own phone?

“Give me that, who are you talking to?” I hear a scuffle before the man is on the phone.

“Who is?”comes a deep voice.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“Darnel, Alpha Andrei’s Beta, now who is this?” He says, “Katya Hartley Luna”_ He cuts me off.

“Oh Alpha Ezra’s mate, sorry Luna, Andrei isn’t here, he is meeting with your mate. I will let him know you are trying to get a hold of him” He says before hanging up the phone. I stare at the screen, shocked he hung up on me and that he would talk to his own Luna like that, let alone someone else’s.

“What the f*ck was that?” Mateo says and I look at him.

“I don’t know, but Angie sounded scared of Darnel, she didn’t even say anything back to him, ” I tell him.

“Andrei and Ezra are on their way here, find out what’s going on but we can’t do much now, Kat. She is no longer a pack member” Mateo says.

“He is my brother, what’s he going to do tell my dad” I tell him.

Ezra and Andrei arrived 20 minutes later. Mateo and I were going over the mail that came in and he was trying to show me how to sort it out, telling me what is priority and what’s not when Ezra walks into the office with Andrei behind him.

“Find anything?” I ask them.

“No, the trucks were empty and only the drivers were there, they loaded up supplies and left” Ezra says a worried expression on his face

“Thats a good thing” I tell him and he shakes his head.

“No, why would he take armoured cars, he is up to something, I sent the scouts back to his border”

Ezra says.

“Wait, you pulled yours from the border?” Andrei asks him.

“Well yeah told them to follow the trucks why?”

“ I pulled mine, thinking some yours were staying to watch” Andrei says.

“I told you this the other day, mine would follow” Ezra tells him with a growl.

“I must have misheard you, I have been distracted… f*ck!” Andrei growls.

“Mateo mindlink Alex, tell him to check the game cameras to see if anyone left” Ezra tells him and I see Mateo’s eyes glaze over. I turn to face Andrei.

“How is Angie?” I ask him and his head whips to me.

“She is fine, why?” He asks. I shrug “Wondering why she wants to come home” I tell him and he growls.

“You spoke to her, when?”

“Don’t growl at me Andrei, now tell me why Angie seemed petrified of your Beta, and why she wants to come home, you better not have hurt her” I tell him. Ezra looks at him.

“No of course not she is my Luna, she just doesn’t like how I run things in the pack” He says and I see Ezra shake his head at him before sitting at his desk.

“ I told you when we first met Andrei his pack was different from ours, it is no secret Kat, I knew Angie would struggle to adjust to his way of running things, but she wanted to go” Ezra says defending him which shocked me, yet he didn’t look like he agreed with Andrei.

“Different how?” I ask, looking at Andrei.

“ She will adjust. I am not changing shit, the pack has been run like that since the beginning it works and that is how it stays” Andrei says. Ezra scoffs, shaking his head.

“Explain” I tell him wondering what the heck he means.

“I don’t need to explain my pack business with you Kat, sister or not. I don’t interfere with you and your mates so stay out of my business with mine ” Andrei says.

Ezra growls at him and the look he gives him makes me shiver.

“You do your thing, I will do mine” Andrei says to him.

“So you would have no problem if I suppress Kat like that?”

“She is your mate not mine” Andrei says.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask, looking at Ezra.

“Andrei’s pack lives in the stone ages when it comes to equality, women have no say” Ezra explains and I look at my brother.

“What?” I ask, horrified. Though sweat started to bead on Andrei before he shook his head, shaking off whatever came over him.

“She will adjust, women are to be seen not heard that’s how it is, you want your women running around doing whatever they please that’s up to you Ezra, I don’t need your help running my pack” Andrei says. When suddenly Mateo tunes back in, his face ghostly pale.

Before he could say anything though Andrei clutches his chest, before a growl escapes him.

“I need to get back” He gasps, his entire body trembling.

“What?” I asked but he was already gone.

“Get every warrior to the borders and send Andrei reinforcements” Ezra yells to Mateo before rushing out the door after Andrei. I chased after him to see him Shift, Maddox taking over.

“5 trucks left while both sets of scouts followed the trucks, it was a distraction” I hear come through the link. My blood runs cold, as Alex’s voice suddenly flits through everyone’s head.

“Where did they head?” I ask him “Howlers pack” Alex says and I could tell he was running in wolf form.

“Mateo lock her down” Ezra voice says and I turn to look for Mateo.

“Mateo?” I call to him as I walk back into the office to find him gone. Walking back out, I hear the roller shutters start coming down and race for the door only for Mateo to step in my way.

“You aren’t going out there”

“Mateo, Angie is there” I tell him.

‘Sorry Kat, Alpha’s orders” Mateo says before I watch his canines slip from his gums. I step back but it’s too late Mateo expects me to run before I feel Mateo sink his teeth into my neck and I struggle in his grip so I can command him but then everything goes black.

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