Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 115

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 115

Ezra POV

“You don’t get to choose for us Ezra” Mateo says following me to my office. I growl ignoring him.

“Well I did, and I am not taking it back Mateo”

“ I am sick of this sh*t, you can’t decide for me and Kat, we don’t even know who she has to choose between Ezra”

“Yes your right but if it comes down to you and me, she saves you and she lives. I won’t have her die for me and I won’t have you die either besides your better with her then me anyway”

“What, no I am not if she can’t have both she would rather go without Ezra”


“I don’t mean it like that, I mean Ares won’t hurt her or any kids we may have”

“Maddox won’t hurt us, Ezra. Is this what you’re worried about, that if Kat k!lls me Maddox would hurt her?”

“No, I Love You both and neither of you will die for me, that is all Mateo. End of discussion I won’t change the command”

“No not the end of the discussion”

“Yes it is” I tell him, shoving past him. I leave deciding to go for a run and check on the patrols. Mateo followed after me. “Stay with Kat and keep an eye on Derrick” I tell Mateo. He growls but does what he is told. I head for the forest shedding my clothes as I run toward the trees. I could hear Kat talking to her father at the back of the house but steer clear knowing she would ask where I am going. Maddox, not hesitating to come forward,

also excited for the run, takes over and we shift.

I ran the patrol line looking for any scents that shouldn’t be here but we would notice if anyone stepped across, yet until they did they could be lurking anywhere and that left me uneasy. I could feel something was going to go down soon.

Something was off and I had a strange feeling something catastrophic was going to happen.

Feeling the mindlink I open it, pulling on Alex’s teether.

“How is the border of Jackson’s”

“Quiet as always Alpha, no one in or out. But

several trucks went in today, but they stayed with in the town, didn’t leave like usual”

“What sort of trucks”

“Supply trucks, grocer and produce trucks mostly,

they usually come in every few days but this time they haven’t left”

“Keep me updated if they leave, send some men to follow the trucks” I tell him.

“Yes Alpha” I cut the link, deciding to run the entire pack border and check the traps and game cameras at the base lookout. Deciding it was getting late, I headed home. Mateo and Kat had both tried to link me but I knew it would end in an argument deciding it would be best to head home once they were asleep.

Climbing the back verandah stairs I reach above the door grabbing the spare key down and unlocking the door. Walking inside I was very aware of how strong Kat’s scent was throughout the house. Too strong when Maddox comes forward.

“Keep the pack away and lock it down Ezra, she is going into heat”

“Do you think that is why they were trying to get a hold of us?” I asked him. Walking into the foyer to grab the shutter remotes. I press the button locking the house down, the shudder groaning and locking in place.

“No, she may not even realized yet, her scent isn’t strong enough yet or there would have been unmated wolves everywhere”

I nod walking up the steps before telling all unmated wolves to steer clear of the packhouse and only Mated wolves were to patrol this side. Walking up the next set of steps to our level, I check to make sure every shutter is locked into place making the place secure before heading to the bedroom.

Pushing the door open both of them were asleep, though Mateo was moving around reacting to her scent but both were fast asleep, though she was half undressed like she had been removing her clothes from being hot as her shorts were twisted around one foot. I walk over tugging it off and she moans in her sleep but doesn’t wake at my touch. I knew that wouldn’t last long though so I hopped in the

shower before climbing in bed and getting some rest while I still can. Knowing soon I would be getting none.

Katya pov

Moaning at the feel of hands brushing my skin, I wriggle back, looking and seeking his skin. Ezra’s scent wafted to my nose and I realized he was finally home. I yawn, kicking off the blanket that was making me overheat when I feel Mateo move next to me before feeling his lips on my skin, nipping and sucking down my r!bs to my h!p, making me moan at the sparks rushing over my skin.

Ezra rolls over facing me, his lips covering mine and arousal washes over me when I feel him grip my knee pushing it up and over his h!p, his lips devouring mine as his tongue delves between my lips demanding to taste every inch of it. I felt drunk,

drunk on their scents and high, the more they touched me.

“I feel funny” I mumble around Ezra’s lips.

“You’re in heat” He growls, k!ssing me harder almost urgently, yet I felt high, like high as the clouds high but hot at the same time. It was different from last time, different before remembering there were different stages making m e wonder if this was just one of those fazes.

Mateo’s lips nip at my th!gh of the leg draped over Ezra’s before I feel him tug on it moving his face between my thighs before feeling his hot mouth licking and sucking my slit. I moan into Ezra’s mouth before hearing Mateo growl before sinking his canines into my th!gh making me hiss slightly before he plunges his tongue inside me. He licked and sucked every inch of me like a man starved and I was what he was craving.

My h!ps moved, gyrating against his face while Ezra leaned over me, pushing me back slightly but I

was unable to roll onto my back with the way Mateo was pressed against me, his knees in my back yet his face between my legs. Ezra palms my bre@st roughly not caring if he is gentle as I see his eyes keep flickering between him and Maddox and I knew if I looked down Mateo’s would be the same.

I reached for Ezra wrapping my hand around his c*ck and stroking his length, feeling how hard his aroused flesh was, standing tall and erect. I wanted him to sink into my heat yet Mateo still wouldn’t let up instead moving and settling between my legs allowing me to roll over onto my back.

I spread my legs for him, his hands running up my thighs pushing them flat against the bed while Ezra leaned over the top of me, his mouth wrapping around my n!pple and my senses became overloaded as I climbed higher, and higher. High on their scents and I feel my eyes change, feel the heat change as it washes over me making my back arch off the bed and my toes curl in pleasure. I grip Ezra, my claws sinking into his arms and I could smell the coppery scent of his blood filling the air yet he doesn’t pull away from my tight grip if anything presses closer.

Mateo’s tongue circled my sensitive bundle of nerves before sucking hard, his tongue flicking my aching bud sending me over the edge making me cry out and hips buck against his face as I rode out my orgasm, his tongue lapping at my ju!ces as they spilled onto my th!ghs.

Ezra laughs when I man handle him, shoving him on his back and Mateo barely moves quick enough as I climb on top of Ezra, my lips going to his mark

and I felt crazed as I dragged my teeth down his neck and over his shoulder and chest. I wanted them, needed them. Mateo’s hands ran over my h!ps jerking me toward him while I tasted Ezra’s skin before feeling his c*ck brush my a$s.

Ezra’s hands in my hair as I nipped at his skin when he groaned, making me look behind me to see Mateo’s hand wrapped around Ezra’s impressive length, stroking him before letting him go. Mateo grips my hips and lifts them, wanting me to sink down on him. A gutteral pleasure filled moan leaves me as I feel Ezra’s c*ck fill me, stretching me and I roll my h!ps against him, my eyes rolling into the

back of my head at the pleasurable friction as I ride him. Ezra growls, his hand squeezing and plucking at my n!pple.

I see Mateo walk off to the bedside table before feeling the bed dip behind me and I growl when I feel something cold and wet run between my cheeks to my pussy, coating Ezra’s c*ck as it slid in and out of me.

Mateo’s fingers sliding inside me alongside Ezra’s shaft. I push back against his fingers, liking the way they stretch me wider to accommodate Mateo

before feeling his t!p press against my core. I rock my h!ps wanting Mateo’s c*ck inside me too, remembering the feel of it last time.

The only sounds in the room are our moans and the wet sounds of flesh on flesh when I feel Mateo press his t!p inside me, my core stretching slightly to take him but the lubricant making him slide in effortlessly as he harshly rammed inside me making me bounce on top of Ezra, my pu**y feeling over full as they both filled me.

Mateo slowly withdrew before plunging back in making my walls clench around them, my nails digging into Ezra’s biceps as they both rammed into me leaving me a moaning mess as I writhed between them. I felt Mateo’s fingers press against my a$s before he slid one in. I push back against him and he slides it out adding another before thrusting into me, his fingers stretching me and I

rock my hips trying to meet both their thrusts and no matter how many time we all came undone, the heat never let up growing hotter, and hotter the room filling with scent of semen and bodily fluids.

The heat made me feel entranced. Just the smell of them enticing my senses would make it flare back to life before I was all over them again. Like it would never be enough as each wave rolled over me relentlessly, giving me no rest but at the same time I didn’t want any and they never complained

resting between each wave. I was exhausted yet alert as I rolled back into Ezra my body buzzed and wired yet sore and tired it was the weirdest sensation, a primal urge that could not be satiated. Ezra rolls into me lifting my leg over his before I

feel his c*ck slide into me. This angle used less energy as we were both lying on our sides.

I was exhausted. Ezra knew that but the heat just wouldn’t die down, not allowing me to sleep constantly needing release. Mateo groans rolling into me and I feel his hand run down my th!gh, his fingers teasing me and I lean back against him. A moan escaping my lips when I feel his c*ck press against my a$s and I wiggle back on it.

He thrusts his hips against me and I moan. “Want me to f*ck that a$s” Mateo purrs sucking my e@rlobe into his mouth and squeezing my a$s, I roll my h!ps and Ezra groans thrusting into me and my lips part in a silent scream as another wave washes over me. Heat washing from my toes to my head awakens every nerve ending and I feel my juices spill onto my th!ghs.

“Kat? ” Mateo says, pressing his c*ck against my A$s.

“Yes” I breathe, my voice airy trapped in the bliss of the heat. I feel the coldness of the lubricant as he presses it between my cheeks before sliding his fingers into me easily. I moan pushing against him wanting more, needing more.

“Mateo please” I whine, needing release and he pulls his fingers from me before I feel the t!p of his c*ck press against the tight muscle of my a$s before he pushes in slowly. I thought it would hurt but surprisingly it burned a little but I was so wet, so relaxed and enthralled by the heat it didn’t. Mateo groans, biting into my shoulder as his h!ps hit my a$s. He waits a second letting me get used to the feeling but I become impatient pushing against him needing him to move. Ezra’s l!ps on my chest and neck as he slowly pumped into me.

I tug on his hip, wanting him to sink in harder and faster, needing the friction before rocking my h!ps between them, taking both of them, feeling them slipping from my body, and I feel my skin heat up. The heat within me reached magnitude levels, hungry for more and making me scream out.

My walls flutter and they both pick up their paces,

chasing their own release while I teetered on the edge before diving right over it. My stomach tightening and every muscle in my body tensed as a shudder ran through me. My pu*y pulsating as my orgasm rippled over me leaving me breathless as I moaned. Both of them slow down before stilling and I feel Ezra’s seed once again spill into me before Feeling Mateo’s cck twitch inside me and I know he found his release too.

Exhausted, I close my eyes. I lost count of the amount of time we had s*x already and I prayed that was it. That the heat would die down as I felt myself drifting off once again. I feel them both pull out before also rolling onto their backs. A sigh leaving my lips when I feel a chill rush over me.

Finally the heat subsided as I started to feel my temperature plunge, dropping quickly the heat dying out and I give into exhaustion.

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