Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 114

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 114

Katya POV

“Kat get back here” Ezra calls out as I reach the top step.

“I’m not arguing with you over this Ezra” I tell him when I hear another car pull up outside. I groan, that must be my father. I sigh but turn back heading for the door. Ezra gripping my arm on the way down.

“My dad is here” “ I tell him when I feel his Alpha aura rush over me. “Ezra” Mateo growls at him and goes to walk over to him when he suddenly drops to the ground, Ezra’s aura forcing him to submit while he turns me around to face him before shoving the full weight of his command onto me.

“If it comes down to picking between Mateo and I, you save Mateo and let me die. I won’t lose either of you and you will not sacrifice yourself for us” Ezra commands as I grit my teeth trying to fight off his Alpha command. Sweat starts beading on my skin before running down my spine.

“Do you understand?” Ezra says making me whimper at the command but I won’t give in not when it comes to them. Mateo growls and for once I hated that Mateo stood down and remained as Beta, if he hadn’t they would have been equally matched.

“Kat?” Ezra growls back at me and anger suddenly blazes that he was taking my choice, anger so hot I wanted to tear myself to pieces just to let it out.

“No! ” I screamed feeling my anger rush out of me, Ezra hands suddenly let me go before he drop to the ground my own aura washing over him and I don’t know how the heck I did it, but hierarchy is always the Alpha in control but for the first time I knocked him down with mine, though he didn’t stay down for long as he got back up clearly not expecting me to use it because I wasn’t even sure how I actually managed it without having a wolf.

His aura rushing back over me and I see Maddox appear, anger flashing through his eyes as we battled it out trying to force the other to submit, mine was purely command but Ezra could inflict pain with his it was so much stronger than mine, though now I had used mine and startled him he was struggling to get me to submit to him, he knew he would have to hurt me to get me to back down.

I could feel the war within him raging like a hurricane as he tried not to hurt me. Maddox presses forward and I watch Ezra recede, he couldn’t do it, couldn’t hurt me but knew Maddox would. That was the difference between them, Ezra wouldn’t hurt me, wouldn’t force me by inflicting pain but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t let his wolf do it and goosebumps despite my aura rolling out rose on my arms when I see his eyes flick black, Maddox coming forward.

Maddox had no problem commanding me if he thought he was protecting me and right now I hated that Ezra let him forward just to ascert who the stronger Alpha was.

“Drop the command kitty, I won’t ask again” Maddox purrs before standing completely upright and towering over me, I gulp and I see Mateo trying to get up but can’t, forced to submit to his Alpha and now that Maddox was out he stood no chance unless Maddox let him up.

“No, Maddox. Give Ezra back control”

“He doesn’t want it, now submit and agree” Maddox says stepping forward like my aura was merely annoying him not affecting him. I gulp when I feel it rush over me like a tsunami, crashing violently on top of me and forcing me to the ground like Mateo. I hear him whimper beside me wanting to stop Maddox. Sweat dripped off me onto the floor, my breathing becoming harder. When there was a knock at the door. Maddox falters and I manage to look up. He growls before looking back down at me.

“This isn’t over kitty, I will make you submit so just give in” Maddox says.

“Give Ezra control” I spit out through gritted teeth. The door handle twists before opening and my father steps in, he looks at the scene before him and growls.

Maddox turned to face him. “Give me a reason Derrick and I will gladly tear you limb from limb” Maddox challenges him. Daring him to say something in my defence and I knew he would. So I let go, dropping my aura so it wouldn’t cost my father his life, Maddox and Ezra were looking for a reason to kill him and I wasn’t about to give them one knowing Ezra and Maddox wouldn’t bother using a command on him, they would just go for the k!ll. So I submit, a whimper leaving my lips as my command drops. I see my father go to move to attack him.

“Dad don’t” I gritted out before baring my neck to Maddox in submission. He growls but then drops the command knowing I gave into what he asked. I let out a breath and so did Mateo, both of us fighting to catch our breaths and Maddox just turns and walks off.

My father grabs my arms hauling me to my feet while Mateo uses the bannister. He growled menacingly before stalking after Maddox and I

know he was fuming, though no match for Ezra or Maddox I knew he would have a few choice words for him and wouldn’t be surprised if he smacked him one, he was furious, beyond furious Mateo was almost homicidal and I had never seen him so aggravated before.

“You ok?” My father asks and I nod, letting him lead me to the kitchen. He goes to place me in the chair but I shake my head wanting to go outside, I need to cool down. I sit on one of the sandstone blocks that surround the sitting area. My father walks back inside before returning with a bottle of water.

“What was that about?” my father asks.

“Just some gemini prophecy sh*t” I tell him and he nods looking at me nervously before sitting beside me while I drink down my water.

“You go home?” I ask him and he nods.

“It’s a bit weird being there by myself though” He says. I nod, I hadn’t been back to the house. I couldn’t do it, couldn’t bring myself to go in there so it has remained how it was left before she passed.

“I know you are angry with me, I am sorry Kat. Your mother and I shouldn’t have kept things from you but I knew you would hate me if I told you, she would hate me if she knew”

“Did Andrei hurt you when you were there, ” I honestly couldn’t blame if he did.

“No barely could look at me, Anthony surprisingly wasn’t to much of a d*ck either, he was more worried about Andrei’s mother”

“What did she say to you?” I ask, wondering how that went down meeting your ex with her chosen mate there.

“She said nothing I didn’t deserve” He says, rubbing a hand down his face and I knew that was going to be all he said about her.

“I thought Anthony had something to do with you mums death, I was shocked when I realised it was Andrei” He says.

“How could you though, how could you just leave them to fend for themselves”

“My intentions were good when I went and sought help from Jackson, then when I turned up to the packhouse and saw your mother everything slid downhill from there. I was scared she would reject me if she knew I had a child to another” He says.

“I did go look for Andrei but then I stumbled across Anthony and took him back to the packhouse to meet Jackson he was also looking for a new pack, I couldn’t find Andrei and his mother, I was going to make sure they found somewhere safe but I couldn’t risk katherine rejecting me, knew bringing them back, there would be a chance she would”

“Was he your mate too?” I ask but my father shakes his head.

“No, just Katherine’s, I thought it odd when she kept going to see his wife, always wanting to be over there” Anthony had a wife?

“Then she came home one day and told me Anthony was her mate, I was furious, he had a wife and she was willing to see past that, he had two daughters too, and she didn’t seem fazed which made guilt eat at me, angered me. I knew I did the wrong thing but by that time I had to keep up the lie, realising she didn’t care and would be disgusted with me for abandoning my family. Anthony I found out told her straight away and she didn’t mind, neither did his wife, she understood mate bonds were sacred and both were willing to share. Katherine would have marked her just so he wouldn’t have lost his family or been put in a position to choose”

“Then why didn’t you come clean?” I ask.

“Because I was a coward and I also didn’t want to share her, not with anyone so I asked Jackson to force her to reject him”

“So Anthony’s wife and daughters, what happened to them?” I ask him. My father looks away.

“I swear Kat, I didn’t know. Jackson was meant to banish them for me, it wasn’t until a month later that I found out he had them kept in the cells beneath the packhouse. Jackson was sick in the head, we all know that, but not even I thought he would stoop that low” My father tells me. I saw the regret in his eyes, the way he swallowed down his emotion before clearing his throat.

“Jackson killed them, didn’t he ” My father put his head in his hands.

“ If only that was it” My father says and I feel my stomach drop.

“Pardon” I ask and my father looks up and I see tears stream down his face.

“Your mother kept saying something was wrong that she could feel he was close, she rejected him yet she could still feel him, feel his anguish. I asked Jackson where he banished him too, told him I had a change of heart and would let Katherine accept him. Jackson said Anthony wouldn’t want her back and I didn’t understand why when Katherine said he felt broken after the rejection for some reason she could still feel him and I think it was because she was a luna wolf. Like a 6th sense or something,

then Jackson told me he never left and I asked to see him. Jackson took me to the cells and I was angry thinking that is why she could feel him still because he never left with his family. Only when I got down” I watched his lips quiver before my father started crying, hysterically crying before he suddenly got up throwing up into the bushes behind us.

“Dad?” I ask him, handing him my water bottle and he rinses his mouth out and I suddenly didn’t want to know but knew I had to hear it. My father regathers himself sitting down.

“Anthony had two teenage daughters. He was 14 years older than your mother and me. Jackson let the unmated wolves have them, his wife was dead next to him while he was tied up and forced to watch them do unspeakable things to his daughters. Then Jackson had them k!lled, both of their n@ked bodies were left to rot in the cell along with their mother next to where he was chained on the wall. Anthony begged Jackson to kill him and he was going to, but I knew your mother would feel it, so I asked Jackson to set him free and banish him, in return I would convince your mother to heal his wife”

“Then we found out we were expecting you, your mother continued to help Clara right through her pregnancy until your mother Shirley came, and your mother hated me for making her reject Anthony yet not once did she ever ask me to reject her because she was her sister and Katherine wasn’t like that, she could never hurt anyone like that, the only reason she even rejected Anthony because she knew Jackson and I would k!ll him if she didn’t, she did it to protect him but in the end my selfishness destroyed him” He pauses scrubbing his face with his hands before talking again.

“ I was shocked when I found out Anthony started his own pack, was happy for him that he found some sort of peace after I destroyed him though I was shocked to learn he marked Andrei’s mother, took him in like it was his own son, he could have killed them to get back at me but he didn’t, instead he raised him, proved he was better man than me. So when your mother died I assumed it was him finally getting back at me for what I did, only it wasn’t and after meeting him again, I found it was Andrei and couldn’t go through with it, I hurt him enough and he was my son. Anthony said he had no room for hate, but Andrei had plenty of it and it wasn’t unjustified, this is my karma for the things I have done Kat, Andrei isn’t to be blamed, this all falls on me” My father tells me and I don’t know what to say.

I was disgusted and heartbroken for Anthony, but my father was right. Anthony was the better man, he could have got even but instead he rose above it,

and raised the man that caused his heart aches son.

“I understand if you hate me Kat, I understand if you want me to leave and I will if you want. But I am sorry, sorry for everything” My father says. The Moon Goddesses words come back to me and I find myself repeating them.

“Everyone has skeletons in the closet, you just choose which ones you can live with”

“Kat?” My father says.

“You chose wrong dad, you chose wrong and now you live with it, now you live with knowing the secrets are out, knowing what you did. You are my father, but living with that, living with knowing what you did that is your punishment and the Moon Goddess will punish you for what you did, you will pay, just like I will when the time comes. We all choose our skeletons, choose what haunts us, if Anthony can forgive you, then so can I. But Andrei dad, I may not have known of him, but just know if it comes down to choosing sides, I will side with him because like you said this is your Karma. One thing I have learnt through all this bullshit, through all the lies, is never choose anyone over your mates, not even yourself no matter how selfish and torn you feel you choose them, always them, you didn’t but I know I will” I tell him before getting up.

“So you will let me stay?” He asks and I look back at him.

“Yes so long as Ezra permits it, I want you in my life but I don’t need you in it. If Ezra wants you gone though dad I will stick by him, at the moment he is letting you stay for me so don’t give him reason to throw you out because I won’t stop him next time, you want to be in mine and Andrei’s life earn it”

“Andrei doesn’t want me in his life Kat”

“If that was true he would have k!lled you already” I tell him.

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