Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 112

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 112

Katya POV

“You are a bloody creeper sometimes, ” Mateo chuckles at me when they realise I was watching. I shrug, I quickly eat the rest of my cereal before placing the bowl in the sink, Curiosity getting the better of me.

“Does it hurt?” I ask Mateo, he didn’t look pained but I had my doubts, though I was also very curious and aroused at the thought.

“No, well at first but no, why are you interested in trying it?” He asks and I try to stop my lips from tugging up, with them I would try anything.

“Maybe” I tell him, arousal flooding me at the thought. Mateo grins his eyes flickering black as Ares comes forward for a split second.

He walks around the kitchen counter stopping next to me before tugging me toward him, he leans down pressing his lips to mine and I feel my stomach tighten when I deepen the kiss. His tongue invades my mouth before he sucks on it, his teeth grazing it before he pulls away, his lips travelling to my jaw and neck as he nips at my skin making me shiver, tingles spreading everywhere and rushing south between my legs making my panties dampen.

“So does that mean I can take that, since Ezra took your virginity?” He purrs below my ear before squeezing my a$s.

“It won’t hurt?” I ask him slightly unsure.

“No and I am sure Ezra can distract you” Mateo growls softly, his hands squeezing my ass before he lifts me. I grab his shoulders to stop from falling backwards, my legs wrapping around his waist before he turns around and my back is pressed against something hard, more sparks igniting over me as Ezra’s heat seeps into my back. His hands run up my sides and I reach up cupping the side of his neck when he lowers his face toward mine, and kissing the side of my face before one of his hands wraps around my throat the other moving between Mateo and I as he cups my pussy with his hand making me moan.

Mateo rolls my hips against him and Ezra’s hand. Arousal rolling over me when there’s a knock at the door. Ezra’s hand lets my throat go and he steps away from me, Mateo letting me down and I sigh in frustration before walking off toward the door.

Throwing the door open I falter when I see who is standing there. I was nearly tempted to shut the door in his face but instead I took a deep breath pushing it open and motioning for him to enter.

“Hey Pumpkin” He says before going to say something else but closes his mouth and I see Andrei come up behind him before dropping a hand on his shoulder.

“Told you, dear old daddy was fine, though you look like you want to kill him” Andrei says before smiling at him. Andrei steps inside before bending down and pecking my cheek.

“Now where are my brother-in-laws?” he says. I chuckle, shaking my head at him before hearing them walk out of the kitchen.

“Andrei?” I hear Ezra say.

“I know, I was going to come tomorrow, but dad here wanted to see Kat” he tells Ezra, making me wonder when they spoke.

“Are you coming in, or just going to stand there?” I ask my father, he looks at Andrei and I see something flash in his eyes, guilt? I wasn’t sure but he looked ruined.

“You wanted to come, now get in Derrick. I brought you here didn’t I?” Andrei says to him, my father nods, stepping inside and I close the door.

“You missed her funeral” I tell him.

“Kat, I am”

“Sorry? You left me, you just up and left and to do what? Kill your own son?” I ask him.

“Look I can explain, just let me try to explain” He says, reaching his hand out toward me but I step back.

“Did my mothers know of Andrei, did you tell them, how could you turn your back on your own child like that?” I ask him angry for Andrei, no child deserves to learn their father threw them away to create a new family.

“Kat, you know yourself what it is like having mates, they become consuming, all you think about” My father says but I wasn’t buying it.

“He is your son” I yell at him, tears burning my eyes in my anger.

“Kat, I am over it. What’s done is done, you don’t need to worry about me or get angry for me ” Andrei says as I glare at my father.

“It isn’t right” I tell him and Andrei shrugs.

“Won’t change anything sis, just leave it” he says and I sigh but nod but not before I glare one last time at my father.

I walk into the living room sitting on the couch, Ezra sits beside me and I could feel through the bond he wanted to hurt my father, he grabs my

hand when my father sits nervously next to Andrei on the couch opposite us, he looks around the room unable to meet my gaze before his eyes stop staring above my head at the book shelf. I look behind me, seeing my mother’s urn before standing up and retrieving it. I walk over to him and hand it to him and he takes it with shaky hands, holding the cold silver urn between his hands.

“That’s all that’s left of her” He whispers and I press my lips in a line, my thoughts exactly when Mateo brought her home. I nod before sitting back down next to Ezra who grips my knee.

Mateo was leaning in the doorway with his eyes on my father. He places the urn on his lap and I see him swallow, his thumbs caressing the cold hard surface. I tear my eyes away from him looking at Andrei.

“The venom, how exactly do we extract that, you gave him back so I suppose you want it now?” I ask him. He shakes his head.

“Whenever Kat, I am happy to wait” Andrei says.

“Still doesn’t explain how I am meant to give it to you without biting you” I tell him and he laughs.

“Will be like milking a snake” He says and I raise an eyebrow at him before realising he was being serious.

“Really that’s it?” I ask him and he shrugs.

“Can only try, I can honestly say I have never tried to extract venom from a person before but I am assuming it could be done the same way”

“You still not going to tell me what you want it for?” He shakes his head and my eyes dart nervously at my father.

“I am not going to kill him if that is what you are wondering” I nod but my father doesn’t seem fazed by his words.

“But I am guessing it isn’t for science reasons, you intend to use on someone, like Jackson”

“Not Jackson, Jackson I will leave to you” He says looking at Ezra who nods.

“Then what for?”

“ If I tell you, I know you won’t give it to me but it won’t directly affect you” He says and I sigh but nod. We had a deal and I wasn’t going to go back on it.

“What about you?” Ezra asks my father.

“What about me?” he asks.

“Are you staying or going to run again?” Ezra asks not hiding his irritation.

“Stay if I can, if I am allowed. I want to go home” He says.

“I will allow it for Kat, I promised her, but you will pledge to me, I won’t have a rogue on my territory” My father stares at me making me wonder what he will decide.

“Fine, but I have one condition”

“You are in no position to make conditions” Mateo tells him, pushing off the door frame and walking over to him. My father looks at me again.

“What is it?” I ask him curiously.

“When you go to kill Jackson I am coming with you” He says turning to look at Ezra who was glaring at him.

“No, you can’t be trusted,” Ezra tells him.

“Then I am not pledging to you” My father retorts and Ezra growls at him, the sound raising goosebumps on my arms.

“I will allow it, but you do one thing wrong dad, one thing, one lie” I pause, unable to believe what I was about to say, but he needed to know there are boundaries now, he has broken my trust too many times, kept secrets that weren’t his to keep from me.

“One thing wrong, I won’t stop Ezra from killing you” I tell him before getting up.

“Kat?” My father says shocked.

“No, dad I am done with the secrets and the lies, either be honest or leave and don’t come back”

“You don’t mean that, I am your father Kat” he says and I felt bad, I could see the hurt shining in his eyes.

“I don’t need you, you are in my life because I am allowing you to be, father or not I don’t need you or anyone else, you leave again, lie to me again I will have no problems shutting you out of my life. I have enough shit going on, I don’t need the added drama of wondering if I can trust my own family” I tell him before walking out.

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